Miracle Throne

Chapter 24: You’re Already Dead

Chapter 24: You’re Already Dead

You’re Already Dead

When Meng Ying Ying saw the sinister and vicious looking middle-aged man, she immediately recognized him, grinding her teeth and fiercely glaring at him, shouting: “Han Song, so it was you!”

That’s right!

That middle-aged man was Han Song!

After the Blackwater Commerce had been destroyed and Han Song had escaped through a secret passageway, these few days he had spent a huge amount of money to buy a group of killers, secretly concealing himself and waiting for the opportunity to exact revenge.

At this time an evil viciousness brewed inside Han Song’s owlishly sinister eyes: “The brat is mine, the female is yours. I only have one request, ravage and torture her severely. Don’t let her die too comfortably!”

TN: For some reason, owl has a vicious connotation and not a wise one

The black-clothed people revealed evil expressions, smirks on their faces as they agreed.

“Relax, this kind of stuff is all part of our profession.”

“We will definitely promise your satisfaction!”

Seeing this, Meng Ying Ying’s little face turned pale white. She made mental preparations in her heart, that even if she had to kill herself she wouldn’t be taken prisoner.

The people in black were all at the sixth level of Body Refinement!

Han Song had even reached the seventh level!

A person who used pills to forcefully increase their cultivation yet lacked the battle experience and proficiency with their magic power had no way of beating an average cultivator of the same cultivation level. Moreover, Chu Tian was only at the peak of the fifth level of Body Refinement! And what was more, these people were trained killers that normal cultivators had no way of contending against!

Could they win? Impossible!

The gap between the two sides’ strength was too big!

Han Song’s heart was filled with the exhilaration of getting revenge: “Hahaha, you’ve landed into my hands so quickly. You thought that by using medicine to increase your cultivation, you could beat us? My hate towards you won’t be relieved today unless I cut you into thousands of pieces!

Chu Tian did not waste any words. The effect of the pill was short and every second was precious. His legs furiously pushed off the ground, charging forward like a meteor, “Ignorant old man, let me see what you’ve got!”

Was this guy crazy?

Actually looking for death on purpose!

“You guys move aside!”

“I’ll take care of this personally!”

Han Song had cultivated for half his life and was considered an expert in Tian Nan City, so he had no fear of Chu Tian, who hadn’t even gone through puberty yet. Intent on getting revenge, he angrily roared as he flagrantly charged head on, his right fist gathering a surging magic power. His entire arm exuded a faint metallic luster as he loomed towards Chu Tian, grinning all the while.

This was a type of unyielding Yang martial arts – Golden Diamond Fist!

TN: The Chinese separate everything(well a lot of stuff) into Yin or Yang. Yang is hot and fiery stuff, or just warm things in general, and Yin is darker and more cooler, like this world vs. otherworldly; sun vs. shade; + vs -; male vs. female; dark vs. light……etc

It was as if Han Song was visualizing Chu Tian’s bones broken and crushed to pieces: “Go die!”

Chu Tian had already entered the state of hyperfocus. Every movement suddenly became slow. The whole process from when Han Song gathered power to his hands to when the power was coming out of his fist were all clearly imprinted in his mind. Considering from the point of his current strength and magic power, he couldn’t directly resist, or he would die miserably.

Once the Golden Diamond Fist had been used, the arms became as hard as fine iron. The strength also increased and could exert a greater force. It was a both offensive and defensive martial arts, but it had a very apparent weak point.

“Too slow!”

Magic power was emitted from all the pores on Chu Tian’s body, flowing around his body like a stream and causing the speed at which Chu Tian was advancing to suddenly increase. With this combined with the strong deduction ability of hyperfocus, Chu Tian furiously flashed his body to the side, dodging Han Song’s vicious fist and its emanations*.

*TN: How to describe fist wind?! And sword wind?! And whoosh wind?! And staff wind?! And wind in general?!……… /_

Damn! He dodged it!

Han Song hurriedly pulled his body backwards. Chu Tian seized the fleeting opportunity to condense his surging magic powers into his right arm which then like a fired rocket struck heavily onto the chest of Han Song.

Hurling Heaven Fist!

In an instant, Hang Song’s clothes were torn to shreds, and the burst of pressure sent him flying through the air, crashing him to a big tree. Countless leaves showered down and the huge, sturdy tree broke with a loud snap!

Han Song had been hit flying by Chu Tian in one move!

Everyone was shocked!

It was logical that a person who had temporarily increased their cultivation with medicine could not skillfully use the real power of a person at the peak of the fifth level of Body Refining. Even if he really had the power of the peak of the fifth level of Body Refining, it was still impossible for him to send Han Song backwards. This gap was stepping over two levels!

Simply evil!

This was a genius even scarier than Nangong Yun. If he was not gotten rid of today, there would be no more chances in the future!

Han Song wiped off the blood at the corner of his mouth and started grinning hideously: “Your fist technique is pretty good, the speed is very fast, but your strength is too weak…… you cannot defeat me!”

No matter how amazing your combat prowess was, it was still limited by your cultivation!

Chu Tian’s quick and furious fist could not break the protective magic power of a seventh-rank cultivator that was protecting them. Even though Han Song had been not lightly injured, it wasn’t serious enough to be in danger of losing his life.

Han Song coldly said: “You had a good future, yet acted recklessly to fight for the Meng family. With the enmity from killing my son, hatred from exterminating my clan, we cannot live under the same sky! I will use the most brutal method in the world to torment you. For tens of days, hundreds of days, thousands of days, I will make you beg to die instead of live! I will make you regret being born into this world!”

“You talk too much.” Chu Tian eyes flashed with a hint of ridicule, saying with a callous tone, stressing every word, “In fact, you are already dead!”

You’re already dead?

This boy has gone crazy, hasn’t he?

Otherwise, how could he say such a thing?

Using his whole power to attack had only caused light wounds, yet he could say these boastful words!

Han Song felt that something was off. Suddenly, his eyes widened and became perfectly round as unbeknownst to him a talisman array had been imprinted onto his chest. The talisman array’s pattern shone, clearly a sign that it had already been activated. From the red talisman lines it seemed to be a fire-type array.

When did he stick it on?

Not good!

Hang Song’s spirit flew out. He had no time to throw the talisman aside, because he had suddenly heard Chu Tian’s cold voice: “Explode!” A horrible death knell sounded in Han Song’s heart!

“No ——!”

The array exploded. The raging flames rolled up to many meters tall causing Han Song to be exploded away like a piece of paper!

Hurling Heaven Fist was the cover-up, the real attack was this formation array!

Supporting professions were many in the continent; jobs such as runemasters, alchemists, and weapon refiners all formed into one faction. Many supporting professions leaned more closely to production. The only exception were runemasters, who helped fights. The most famous runemaster in Tian Nan City was then Zhang Li Qing.

TN: Runes are drawn to make talismans; talisman masters/makers are called runemasters

It was impossible for Chu Tian to not make any preparations. These couple of days, he had made a couple of talismans for himself for usage in special situations where he needed to defend himself. The talismans that Chu Tian personally made had far greater power than those in this time period. Even when using the magic power of the fifth level of Body Refining to activate this “Detonation Talisman”, it was enough to get rid of Han Song with one attack!

Han Song heavily smashed onto the ground. His entire chest had been blown up till it had been ripped apart and disemboweled. Covered in burning flames, he angrily howled as he struggled to rise up. However, with this kind of injury, even Awakened Soul cultivators would die!

“I…… I’m not willing!”

In this moment, he was suddenly very regretful. Why had he been so insatiable, why did he move against the Meng family, Blackwater Commerce had already been like the sun at high noon, if they had stably continued to do business, the outcome today would not be like this!

Just a moment ago he was incomparably arrogant!

Now he couldn’t die in peace.

The change was so big, how could a person stand it?

This youngster’s methods were really horrifying!

The black-clothed people revealed cautious and vigilant expressions. Chu Tian felt the cold and pervasive killing intent all around him, his brows starting to wrinkle together.

The most difficult opponent had been disposed of, but Chu Tian didn’t have so many talismans. Moreover, he didn’t have that much magic power to activate them, so the same trick couldn’t be reused.

He probably couldn’t prevent a bloody battle of life and death!

The Crimson Lotus Pill’s effect lasted around fifteen minutes. This time was enough for him, giving him a twenty to thirty percent chance of winning. But this was under the condition of a direct fight. If the assassins held Meng Ying Ying hostage to threaten him, Chu Tian wouldn’t even have a twenty percent chance of success.

No matter what, to let go and have a battle was better than standing still and waiting for death!

“You’ve killed even that old fox Han Song, seems like you really have some methods. However, using that talisman’s consumed not a small amount of your magic power, how will you deal with us then?” The black-clothed people closed in bit by bit, “We urge you to obediently stop resisting, we will show mercy towards you and give you a chance to take your own like. As for that woman, after our dozen or so brothers have had our fun, we will naturally deal with her quickly.”

Chu Tian slowly breathed and regulated his internal magic power, making his body maintain its peak condition: “Where did you get all that nonsense from! I will put my life here, if you have the ability come and take it!”

Even when facing absolute disadvantage, even when facing the threat of death, Chu Tian didn’t back down at all.

Meng Ying Ying felt dazed. She believed that with Chu Tian abilities, if he wanted to escape by himself, he definitely had the power to do so!

But at this moment, this boy who was normally cheeky, impertinent, and lascivious became overbearing, extremely frivolous, and full of raging decisiveness, as if a young hero who didn’t know fear for anything, duty and honor-bound to stand in front of her. That body couldn’t be considered big, yet it was like a giant mountain, trying to stop the raging torrent for her.

Chu Tian, you really are very stupid!

A crystal tear flowed from the corner of Meng Ying Ying’s eye!

“Good boy!”

“Go up!”

“I just don’t believe that at only the fifth level of Body Refinement, he can still deal with our group attack!”

The black-clothed men were just about to perform their combined attacks.

Right at this moment, from the left, in the direction of the forest, a brutal and bloodthirsty atmosphere gushed out. It was accompanied by a low and bloodthirsty roar: “Roar——!”

There were spirit beasts!

Everyone grew surprised, immediately looking over.

A pair of emerald green eyes appeared inside the forest, except they were filled with cold, cruel and brutalness. This was impressively a giant mutated black wolf. This wolf was around as tall as a person, it’s body was extremely huge. It’s most apparent specialty was that it’s back birthed a pair of huge wings.

A black Double Winged Wind Wolf!

This was the first time Chu Tian exposed an expression of horror.

Because an adult black Winged Wind Wolf was generally equipped with the battle prowess of the peak of the ninth level of Body Refinement. Not to mention these people, even Xiong Tian Yan was maybe not its opponent. Perhaps even if Nangong Yun, with her frightening battle power, was at the scene, she would still need to go through a bitter battle to take down this wolf.

When the other people were surprised, Chu Tian decisively used “Phantom Swallow Step”, becoming as if a gust of wind, carrying Meng Ying Ying onto his shoulder as his body moved past, leaping into the forest. In the blink of an eye, he had slipped hundreds of meters away.

“Damn! He ran away!”

“Quickly go chase!”

The body of the double-winged Wind Wolf was suffused with a discolored black and green magic power glow. Two flashes of murky green wind blades shot out with a speed hard to see with the naked eye. Two of the black-clothed people had just wanted to go chase Chu Tian, but were sliced in half at their waists mid-air.

This beast was so powerful?

Nevermind that youngster, if this wolf isn’t killed, today not a single person will be able to escape!

The Winged Wind Wolf roared as it lunged, charging towards them like a phantom. With a single swing of its claws, it crushed one of the black-clothed men’s head on the spot. Continuing on, it pounced onto another black-clothed man, casually ripping his chest apart.


A sword stabbed towards the Winged Wind Wolf’s back, but the result was that the wolf’s back wasn’t even pierced. A large amount of profound runes emanated from the body of the Winged Wind Wolf the surge of power suddenly returning the blow, the long sword breaking inch by inch. The broken pieces were like flying daggers, all piercing into that person’s body. The demon wolf then rammed him a distance of around 10 meters away.

The black-clothed people were completely dumbfounded.

“We cannot beat it!”


These weak and puny humans had even dared to attack it; this had thoroughly angered the Winged Wind Wolf, why would it let any one of them go? With the surge of the murky green magic power, it became as fast as the wind, as if arrows furiously shot out. With its flashes back and forth, pitiful cries called out continuously from the middle of the forest, everywhere blooming with flesh and blood.

There was no suspense!

The army of black-clothed people was completely wiped out!

The demon wolf started wantonly enjoying human flesh and blood. When it’s stomach was full, it sniffed its nose in the woods…… two of them actually escaped?

The Winged Wind Wolf had an extremely cruel temperament. It didn’t have the habit of letting any prey go, immediately following the smell, chasing towards them.

This was a magic beast at the peak of the ninth level of Body Refinement, how could Chu Tian compare with its speed?

The Winged Wind Wolf was already full, so it’s attitude was like a child playing to catch prey. It didn’t use its full strength, purposefully not catching up to them. It didn’t kill the two people, only occasionally sending out one or two wind blades to tease the prey. It’s eyes were filled with interest, as if it extremely enjoyed watching the humans fleeing with difficulty.

This was absurd!

This fucking beast was toying with Laozi as its after-meal toy!

Even against the black-clothed assassins he had a twenty to thirty percent chance of winning. Now this was fucking good, their chances of winning was completely zero!

Damn, why do I have so much bad luck?