Miracle Throne

Chapter 26: Spring of Life

Chapter 26: Spring of Life

Forest grasslands, which flourished throughout the whole range for thousands of miles, contained growing life. Due to this extraordinary situation, it allowed a spring to be nurtured from underneath. This was the spring of life.

Springs of life are a gift of nature.

It is a natural station of healing!

The spring doesn’t need any form of processing, it can be used directly to heal, detoxify, and relieve fatigue from the body.

While defending one’s territories from the magic beast, no matter how serious the injury, as long as you are breathing, dipping inside the spring of life will allow injuries to quickly recover. Long-term repetitive immersion in the spring can enhance physical strength and clearly improve cultivation.

This is the magic of the spring of life!

Masters of the spring of life use it as a material for refining medicine. So when refining restorative medicine, it often dramatically increases the effect of recovery.

The spirit energy of the spring of life in Chu Tian's opinion is not too strong, but in South City, it is necessary for powerful factions to battle for these precious resources and scramble over it.

“The water is red, weird person!”

Meng Ying Ying soul was already hooked on the dozens of herbs, so she did not pay much attention to the strange spring.

“Blood-Woven Flood Python cave was entrenched here for decades. Whenever it was hurt, it came here to be treated by the spring water. In addition, every time it evolved, it was conducted this moment in the spring. Because of this, a large percentage of blood essence of the python, the bloodline of the dragon was left in the spring!”

Meng Ying Ying found a few parts of the blood python, Chu Tian said that it wasn’t a problem, it seemed as if this was the place where the magical beast cultivated itself.

Chu Tian began to take off his pants.

Meng Ying Ying eyes flashed: “Die Rogue! What are you doing!”

“I am soaking in the hot spring!”

“In our situation now, you are still soaking in the hot spring!”

“This spring has a healing function, and it also contains plenty of dragon blood. This effectively improves your physique and washes your marrow, which results to naturally increasing your aptitude in cultivation. You lack that natural talent so you should bathe yourself to improve for the better.”

“Bah! Can you immediately stop facing me? How can you undress in front of a girl? Don’t you feel ashamed?”

Chu Tian seriously says: “That isn’t right. Originally, life in the world is naked, but I returned back to nature... to our initial state. What is there to be ashamed of?”

What is this shit!

Meng Ying Ying felt like she was going to explode!

Chu Tian while undressing said: “Your thoughts is what is wrong, it is full of dirty things, so you feel ashamed! Look at me, I am a pure young man. Even if you stand in front of me and strip, I will not even bat an eyelid. Don’t believe what I said, you can try!”

Meng Ying Yin was furious: "Twisting word and forcing logic! Rogue!"

“You see how the day has been difficult, I just got a great opportunity to relax. This spring is large enough for the both of us to soak together inside. Let’s massage each other’s back. How can you be unhappy? A pure virgin handsome man stripping naked. There is no need to be so profane!”

“Bah!” You think you’re handsome! People don’t want such a cheap and bad guy like you!”

Meng Ying Ying felt very excited about the hot springs and its effect of improving physical qualities, but this is guy is too vulgar, you’re a Virgin? I am also a Virgin! Besides I don’t believe you, you are so evil who knows how many girls you have cheated.

“Hurry up!”

The little girl turned slightly red and fled with embrassment.

Aiya, can’t leave this girl alone, still need to properly enlighten her!

Chu Tian did not mind even a little, he quickly took of his pants and soaked inside the spring. Refreshing!

Feeling a stinging sensation that heated his body and the rich energy contained in the spring, the water was rapidly repairing his injuries, quickly restoring his fatigued body from intense exhaustion. Immediately restoring Chu Tian to his maximum state. The entire process was both comfortable and incomparable!

The blood of the dragon slowly seeped into his body, and it started to improve his physical condition.

The strength of the body.

Yuan Li concentration.

The effect is almost immediate!

This body's innate talent is quite low, but Chu Tian didn’t give it much thought. Talent isn’t static, it can be improved through a variety of ways, such as through this pool full of the dragon’s blood in the spring of life.

Soaking for only about an hour, Yuan-Li recovered.

Chu Tian's bones, meridians, flesh, and blood washed by the dragon’s blood seemed to have undergone a metamorphosis. Reborn!


And breakthrough!

Chu Tian has made two consecutive breakthroughs within just two hours!

Here the Ling Yao progressed step by step with the help of the spring. Chu Tian smoothly proceeded to the 5th realm of body cultivation and afterwards left the spring.

What is with this son of a bitch. Is this just merely playing around for him?

“Ying Ying, your turn!”

Chu Tian’s using the small spring won’t be very effective, so it was better to call Meng Ying Ying to come in.

As Meng Ying Ying embarrassingly comes close to the spring, she suddenly turns around, waving her fist fiercely with a threatening tone: “You listen to me. While I am soaking, if you peek, I will have to dig your eyeballs out!”

Women are the ones with the most poisonous hearts!

Chu Tian then helplessly left.

Seeing Chu Tian bitterly leaving, she felt a pang of guilt. Was my attitude too much?

She thought about it but realised that there was no other way. This was the type of guy to take advantage when an opening was given to him. If she weren’t so fierce, he probably would play dirty tricks on her.

Meng Ying Ying took her clothes off, revealing her graceful and attractive body, and slowly immersed herself into the warm spring.

Chu Tian just soaked in this spring!

She thought of this, her heart suddenly being confused, and she felt suddenly like a small deer. A little embarrassed, a little shy, but also a little bit excited.


Why would I ever think of such a thing!

Meng Ying Ying quickly eliminated these distracting thoughts and began to relax her body. If anything, Chu Tian’s words have usually been reliable.

The spring of life has such an unbelievable power!

It contains dragon blood essence which is definitely a medicine meant to improve the physique!

Around ten Ling Yao is considered precious because it can help promote one’s cultivation. The spring of life can directly improve the physique. When assessing its effect on Meng Ying Ying, these magic potions could not even compare to the effects of the spring.

To say nothing of the effect of the spring on the physique, it can also result to an increase of strength.

Meng Ying Ying is actually at the peak of 4th rank Body Refinement, as the spring of life contains a lot of the essence found in the dragon’s blood so it helps wash the meridians and marrows. This increased her strength, which allowed her to successfully breakthrough to a 5th rank Body Refinement cultivator.

Another breakthrough!

This was like a dream!

Meng Ying Ying emotionally was brimming with tears!

But at this moment, Meng Ying Ying suddenly felt that something cold was passing through and swimming next to her thighs. She was startled, bowing her head to look ever closer. Her round eyes suddenly stared blankly.

“Hu hu hu!” Help me!”

“There is a monster!”

Chu Tian immediately rushed in: “What happened!”

The wasn’t much light in the cavern. Meng Yi Yi stood up from the water, delicate creamy skin, shoulders as smooth as silk, plump breast covered by wet hair, and one can faintly see the towering peaks and ridges as well the deep ravines….. two people and four eyes staring opposite to one another.



The inconsolable girl produced a shriek filled with shame.


Ten minutes later.

Chu Tian carried a baby blood python, about two fingers thick and less than two meters long, but the whole head was already smashed. This was the same one Meng Ying Ying encountered in the spring of life.

“The culprit has been executed!”

“You…. How could you beat it to death!”

Because Meng Ying Ying soaked in the spring of life, her skin became smoother and white, while her cheeks remained flushed red. Her eyes slightly looked away, and she mumbled: “ This is a good magic beast, you could have cultivated it and trained it, or at least you could have refined it. Killing it is such a shame.”

Chu Tian with a vicious face brutally said: “Bah, let alone this mosquito of a blood python dragon. Even if it were a real dragon, who dares to peep into the bath of Miss Ying Ying. It deserves its head to be smashed, but to say the least this guy was born in the spring of life, it will certainly be as nourishing as snake soup!”

Meng Ying Ying glared at him: “ You saw my body with the light, why isn’t your own head also smashed!”

“Can this even be the same? I desperately bursted inside to save a person. My intention was clear, heaven and earth could see this. Besides, I longed to see for the first time a girl bathe, even though my innocent reputation is ruined for you, there is no need for any compensation for the damage to my reputation. You cannot make such false accusations to me.”

A little girl with two angry eyes shooting flames:” You are saying that you are the one who suffered losses?”

“It’s all right, my suffering is actually a blessing, I already got used to it!” Chu Tian after seeing the little girl’s violent expression quickly said: “ Don’t get excited. The light didn’t show everything, only the upper body. Your body is really good, keep it up!”


“I am furious!”

Meng Ying Ying like an angry cub ferociously threw herself upon Chu Tian, relentless, with her claws scratching at his face.

Chu Tian repeatedly begged for mercy.

The two people then reached an agreement.

Meng Ying Ying with a fierce face threatened: “What just happened, God knows I know and you know, if you dare tell anyone, I will fight you!”

Chu Tian felt his handsome flower face, and said with a sigh:”My handsomeness is spoiled!”

Meng Ying Ying covered her mouth to hold her laughter back. She proudly looked up and said: ”Now you know better, you won’t have more ideas of taking advantage of me. Anyway we should pick a few Ling Yao and bring them home, we have been missing for most of the day, and my sister would be worried about us!”

Chu Tian obediently picked up the Ling Yao herbs.

Meng Ying Ying unconsciously touched her chest, she always thought that being too big was too cumbersome, often prayed to not continue to grow further; however now she didn’t feel the same anymore, she suddenly felt proud and quite happy about it.

Chu Tian likes this type of body?

Though compared to my sister, there is still a big difference!

Although they suffered quite a bit and repeatedly faced dangerous situations, the foraging was rather rich! These medicinal herbs were worth tens of thousands of golden coins, only it was a pity that they couldn’t bring the the Black Winged Wind Wold and the Blood-Woven Flood Python. Otherwise those materials would be valued tens of thousands of thousands of golden coins.