Miracle Throne

Chapter 29: Crisis Contrac

Chapter 29: Crisis Contrac

Chu Tian felt invigorated.

A pot of boiling python soup!

Chu Tian drank several large bowls, python meat and python broth is rich in nutrients. It helps the body obtain strength, almost breaking into the 5th refinement realm.

Of course, this day has had already two consecutive breakthroughs, as of now another breakthrough won’t so easy.

However, Chu Tian is not worried.

Cultivation consists of incremental progress. Now is not the time for a breakthrough.

“Chu Tian!” Chu Tian carried the soup pot into the living room. Meng Qing Wu beamed at him with smiling eyes and gave him a thumbs up. “I wasn’t wrong about you!”

Chu Tian set the soup pot in front of the sisters.

Meng Ying Ying, cheeks puffed up like a child, pounded her tiny fist on the table, stood up, and cried fiercely, “Humph! I did not know about any of this! If I knew I would have helped. To go so far as to torment my sister, I, Meng Ying Ying will cut them all to pieces!”

“Thank you miss Ying Ying for sharing that idea, next time I will surely cut them to pieces!” Chutian said while serving a bowl of soup. “Now stop playing, you’re hungry, eat something”.

Meng Ying Ying childishly stuck out her tongue.

A Talisman Workshop has been lost?

One look at big sis and you can see that she is depressed.

How can Chu Tian, as such a time of crisis, act so casually!

Meng Ying Ying moved closer and daintily sniffed: “What is that? It smells good!”

“Blood-Weaved Flood Python soup, it strengthens the body, improves the complexion, and enhances fertility!”

“Tch! I don’t need such things.”

Declared Meng Ying Ying as she grabbed the largest bowl of soup.

“What strong effects!” Meng Qing took two sips and felt warmth course through her body, her face flushing into a pretty red color. She couldn’t help herself and exclaimed: “Is it really the

Blood-Weaved Flood Python? How did you manage to get your hands on something like this?”

Meng Ying Ying let her sister process her story.

“This… is very dangerous!” Meng Qing Wu felt a sense of dread creeping up, “You two have gone too far! The next time you go out the door it will be with a bodyguard!”

What use is a bodyguard?

Those incompetent bodyguards of the house cannot compare to Chu Tian!

“Nan Yun commerce is nothing but a name now, I will prepare to dissolve the business, I will liquidate our estates, all of it will be formally put into the Miracle Commerce.” Meng Qing Wu hesitated to speak out her thoughts. “Chu Tian, what do you think?”

Chu Tian noncommittally said, “Are you really willing to dissolve the company?”

Meng Qing Wu’s eyes filled with grief, she said in a quiet breath “Even if I am not willing, what else can be done? The pharmacy was an utter failure, the Talisman Workshop is also gone, only have bits and pieces of minor assets are left, there is no possible way to run the business anymore. If I we were to continue, we’d have thousands of wages to pay, we are about to run out of money. If we act now and sell the business at this time, after we pay off all our debts, we will still have 45,000 gold left.”

Meng Ying Ying felt great despair in her heart. She alone out of everybody around them understood her sister’s feelings about the business. This was not merely a position she held on to for 6 years, but a legacy their parents left behind!

Chutian shockingly declared, “Do not dissolve the business. In no more than 2 years, Nan Yun Commerce will become colossus that will shock the realm!

Meng Qing Wu trembled, “You, what did you say?”

Chu Tian explained, “You two should understand the position of Miracle Commerce. We are not a business that focuses on one particular field, we are a synthesis of several fields, a conglomerate. While there is no saving Nan Yun Commerce, at the very least we have a foundation. I will prepare to preserve the whole Nan Yun Commerce, and henceforth become a company under Miracle Commerce, being responsible for Talismans and Pharmaceuticals!”

“Right! Chu Tian is very skilled at talisman engineering, and his cultivation strength is very impressive!” Meng Ying Ying stood up and excitedly declared her sister “Nan Yun will establish a warship for Miracle Commerce. It will far surpass the old one in stability and reach! Sister, we have not lost! You can still lead Nan Yun Commerce!”

For real?

It feels like a dream!

Nan Yu Commerce Talismans, the continuation of the pharmacy, from now on to be merged with Miracle Commerce? Chu Tiian will manufacture talismans, the body refinement realm Meng Qing Wu did not completely understand. At the very least, the head of the Scrivener’s Guild, Zhang Li Qing, the operation of the body refinement realm guild, is a supporter of Chu Tian. Nan Yun Commerce can be saved!

Chu Tian smugly said “Nan Yun will surely become the leader in of all the kingdom in the areas of talisman design and pharmaceuticals. Right now the road is long but it can certainly be achieved!”

In face of such a boastful speech, Meng Qing Wu could not help but stare blankly. Never mind becoming leaders in all of the kingdom, just to become the leaders in Tian Nan city alone is unattainable!

“Do not be overambitious, don’t say all of the land. We are a small kingdom, even in a small province, in front of us is a large object in a large dish that is so deeply entrenched.” Meng Qing Wu paused,”The most important thing is to make Miracle Commerce official. It would be best to attract a lot of attention and become a sensation in Tian Nan City”.

Chu Tian thoughtlessly said, “We already have plans for that. I will announce at the summit the establish of the company!”

The Tian Nan summit is a distinguished gathering of the military and political bodies of Tian Nan city. Indeed, it would be a great opportunity. From the powers Chu Tian has revealed so far, on joining the Competition of Geniuses, he will surely achieve a high rank!

Certainly, a good opportunity.



“Terrible news! The house has been robbed!”

A housekeeper rushed into the room.

What is the matter?

Who would care to come all the way here to steal a few things?

Meng Qing Wu asked half-interestedly, “What was lost?”

The housekeeper was perspiring heavily. “Right now it is still unclear, but the thief came from the room of Second Mistress. When we discovered him he had already escaped.”

“How strange, my room does not have any particular expensive things.” Meng Ying Ying was perplexed in thought, suddenly, eyes opened wide “Could it be… this is bad!”


The bowl fell and shattered on the floor.

The soup spread across the floor!

Meng Ying Ying’s face turned white as paper, wordlessly, she ran to her room.

What is going on?

Meng Qing Wu and Chutian looked at each other then quickly followed.

Meng Qing Wu’s room was in complete disarray. Her heart beat heavily in her chest. She rushed to her bedside and opened a secret compartment. There was only an ordinary box inside.



A hundred thousand times no!

Take anything else!

Anything but that!

With shuddering hands she reached for the box.

The box was empty. There was nothing inside.

At that moment Meng Ying Ying felt a hollowness in her heart.

The room was spinning. In an instant a huge disaster has befallen her. (Heaven fell, earth rent. idiom). With a plop she fell onto the floor, her face ashen like death.

“Ah! Ying Ying!”

Meng Qing Wu charged into the room and wrapped her sister in her arms. What kind of grave disaster has befallend Meng Ying Ying. Her face is white, she was covered in cold sweat, muttering under her breath. She seemed to have lost her mind.

“What happened to you!”

Like a ghost, Meng Ying Ying did not answer.

Meng Qing Wu started to panic, “Don’t frighten me! What is going on?”

Meng Ying Ying regained her wits. Tears of despair pattered out of her eyes. “The contract...the contract has been stolen! They stole the contract!”

Contract? What contract?

Could it be!

Meng Qing Wu felt a shudder coursed through her body. In shock, she turned to Chutian who was standing beside her.

Meng Ying Ying wailed, “Chu Tian’s contract!”

Chu Tian’s face contorted in anger, “Crap! This can’t be!”

“Chu Tian, I… I’m so sorry.” Meng Ying Ying was extremely anxious. She spoke in between sobs, “I always intended to return the contract to you. I didn’t expect a thing like this to happen!”

Chu Tian’s slave contract has been stolen?

Within a slave contract is a slave’s spirit. This means that the Chu Tian’s life is in the hands of someone else. With the slave contract they can force Chu Tian to do anything. If Chu Tian were to resist, he could be killed!

Meng Ying Ying committed a grave blunder, but it is too late for regret (idiom: useless to repent after the event). “I’m not very skilled, I’m not smart, I was afraid you would leave me… because of my selfishness I held on to the contract, but I never ever planned on using it against you, truly, it never ever crossed my mind! If only I had know a thing like this would happen, I would have returned it to you!”

Meng Qing Wu also felt very anxious.

A life was at stake!

Meng Qing Wu scolded, “Why did you leave such an important object in an unprotected place?”

Meng Ying Ying felt extreme guilt. Just a moment ago they were so happy and in a moment all their hopes were extinguished.

What a difference in feeling! Like heaven crashed into the depths of hell.

Meng Ying Ying held on to the contract so she could keep Chu Tian with her. Who could have imagined that her own selfishness would cause her to lose him, that she would put him in danger.

Chu Tian has done so much for me.

Chu Tian saved the whole family.

What about me? What did I ever do!

Meng Qing Wu felt remorse at the sight of her crying sister. Her heart was heavy. From when they young, to when they lost their parent, she had never seen her in such depths of despair.

“The thief must be among those relatives. I reckon it is the Xia clan that spied on Chu Tian, discovered his unusual talents, and secretly hired these people to steal the contract.” Meng Qing Wu clenched her fists tightly, her eyes flashing in fury. “I am also to blame for this incident, I also had the responsibility. Quickly, assemble a group of people to catch that thief!”


Can we still catch him?

A flash of determination shone in Meng Ying Ying’s gaze. She suddenly sprung up and ran “I will bring it back!”

Meng Qing Wu, fearing her sister will do something foolish, hurriedly pulled her back. “Ying Ying, what are you doing?”

Meng Ying Ying was resolute. “This is the Xie clan’s doing! I am going to the Xie clan and demand they give me back the contract! I will do whatever it takes! Just give it back to me!”

Meng Qing Wu gave a bitter laugh. “Foolish sister, they stole the contract so they can control Chu Tian forever. It so they can keep Chu Tian’s service forever. The mistake has been made, it is too late.”

“Stop pulling me!” Meng Ying Ying struggled to get free, rushing headlong towards the door. “I am not going to let Chu Tian fall into the hands of evil people! I have to try!”

A silhouette blocked the path.

A pair of warm hands laid across her shoulders.

“Calm down.”

Meng Ying Ying was too ashamed to look at Chu Tian face to face. It was her that caused this, it was her that harmed him. Chu Tian has been so kind to her, has helped her countless times and she need not even ask, has saved her life.


How can she ever repay him?

Meng Ying Ying recalled the times she had been terrible to him, and now she has put in jeopardy his life and independence!

There is no way she could ever forgive herself!

She must redeem herself, the matter the way, no matter price!

Meng Ying Ying brushed the tears off her face, she asked wretchedly, “Do you hate me?”

“Stupid girl, it’s a trivial matter. Get that terrible look off your face. You look like you are about to collapse.” Chu Tian brushed a tear off Meng Ying Ying’s face, patted her thin and weak and shoulders and led her back in, “Now stop crying. Take a bath and go to bed.”


This concerns your life!

Chu Tian groaned. “Forget about that bullshit contract, I never cared about it. You think that if I did they would have a chance to steal it? I, your father, have it all under control”


Meng Ying Ying and Meng Qing Wu stared at him in disbelief.

In this age, a spirit contract is indestructible. When a slave is signed into the spirit contract, it means that their life is forever under the master’s control. It is unheard of to hear about a broken spirit contract.

But Chu Tian had a hundred methods at his disposal to break the contract, the easiest way is just to achieve Spirit awakening realm. He only needs to enter the Spirit awakening realm, and he will be able to steal an external body’s spirit to replenish his own.

Now that the contract has been stolen, he only has to rely on the other ways.

The extracted spirit of a beast can also be used to temporarily substitute a lost spirit.

This beast spirit is a very valuable material. It needs 2nd level beast pill to nurture. Because the preservation period of beast spirit is so short, it is hard to find in the market, particularly in Tian Nan City.

Chu Tian’s luck ain’t bad!

The Blood-Weaved Flood Python spirit came in handy didn’t it?

The contract couldn’t have been delivered to the hands of the Xie clan yet, so Chu Tian must hurry, “I have a secret ability, I can temporarily restore spirit. Give me a quiet room. Quickly, while the contract hasn’t been delivered, before we run out of time”

Chu Tian entered a room. From his chest he pulled out a blood colored beast powder.

There’s no other way!

I will use that!

Blood-Weaved Flood Python is 2nd level magical beast. He only needs to eat the Blood-Weaved Flood Python’s beast spirit, he will be able to borrow the spirit, spirit power. The spirit cut by cultivation can form a whole spirit.

The slave contract is useless now.

Chu Tian drew a talisman, first he placed the beast pill in the center, then he activated the talisman. A translucent void erupted from within the pill.

Chu Tian swallowed the beast spirit!

It has begun!

Chu Tiian has begun Beast Spirit Refinement!