Miracle Throne

Chapter 33: The Three Talents

Chapter 33: The Three Talents

“How dare you!” Ye Xiong was beside himself with fury. “Ye Wu already surrendered, and he still cruelly disabled both his arms. This is a blatant disregard of the rules of the competition. Unforgivable! He should be punished!”

Li Zhang Yun hurriedly chimed in. “I suggest that the mayor disqualify him, and to have the Ye clan choose a satisfactory consequence.”

Xiong Bing, upon hearing this, burst out laughing. “Yes, indeed, indeed. I agree. The competition has its rules. Once a person surrenders, the other person can’t injure or harm him anymore. Chu Tian should rightly be disqualified in this situation.”

Zhang Li Qing’s eyes widened, and he made to stand up. “Xiong Bing, you…”

Xiong Bing added, “As I know it, during the elimination rounds, the poor boy Lu Fei had already surrendered, and yet Ye Han still struck him to his death. And so, I propose that before disqualifying Chu Tian from the competition, you should disqualify Ye Han as well. Fair is fair.”

Ye Xiong’s gaze darkened.

His plan had backfired.

Zhang Li Qing chimed in. “Ye Wu is arrogant and egotistical. This is worthy of blame. What does the mayor think?”

On one side: Ye Xiong and Li Zhang Yun.

On the other: Xiong Bing and Zhang Li Qing.

Nan Guan Yi felt as if his head was about to explode. In the end, he waved a hand. “Forget it, forget it. Let’s let all this pass. The important thing is to continue the competition.”

Ye Xiong could only swallow his furious pride.

Chu Tian had humiliated the Ye clan not once, not twice, but three times. And now, in front of everyone, a prominent disciple of the Ye clan had been defeated in a matter of seconds. Ye Xiong’s temper was about to go wild.

But Ye Xiong had also noticed that Chu Tian’s energy didn’t exceed the fifth level. This was definitely the advantage of Ye Han, who was at the peak of the sixth-level.

Ah, never mind!

Ye Han would definitely help restore the clan’s honorable reputation!

“And victory goes to… Chu Tian!”

After Nan Guan Yi announced this, he sneaked a glance at Chu Tian. Nan Guan Yi could somehow subtly feel that Chu Tian hadn’t revealed all his strength. This youngster was far from simple!

Second round was starting: Du Feng versus Qiu Jian!

Qui Jian was a talented fighter from a second-rate clan. His training was around fifth-level peak, and he had been around the level of the defeated Ye Wu. Du Feng was the young master of the Du clan, his expression was a facade of cool detachment, expressionless whatever the situation. No matter who the opponent was, he could defeat him in one strike, far from slovenly.

“The match starts now!”

Qiu Jian suddenly rushed in rapid advancement, a stealthy tiger pouncing for the kill, a ferocious lion hunting its prey. Every step was measured and bubbling with energy, causing the ground below him to crack into giant gaps. His body and clothes were practically glowing from the energy that was also emitting crackling sounds.

Ten Step Tiger Lion Punch!

This was an extremely mighty fighting technique!

Within ten steps, every step increased the energy by one degree. When the ten steps are completed, the energy will have had fermented to its climax, and then-- that was the time to release it as a deadly killing energy on the battlefield!

Qiu Jian clearly understood that Du Feng was strong, and so, he thought to maximize his strength all in this one hit. With a hysterical roar, he flew at him, two fists held in front, breaking through the air with the vigor of a howling brute. The frosty air brought from the momentum of the fierce punch enshrouded Du Feng within seconds, completely blocking off all paths of escape.

Du Feng didn’t even counter with an attack. He let Qiu Jian finish his ten steps, wearing a trace of a disdainful smile on the corner of his lips.

“Too weak.”

His cool tone broke through. Raising his left leg in a ferocious kick, he lifted his right arm for a punch, bringing with it the weight of a mountain and the vigor of fire. The fist hadn’t even reached its destination, the wind of the punch had already reached it. Energy rolled about, and fire materialized.

Scorching Fist!

The fire punch instantly broke through Tiger Lion, and landed a heavy hit on the chest with a high degree of devastating offensive power, throwing Qiu Jian off the arena onto the green grass outside. His fighting style was always fast, and his punching techniques were equally fierce, drawing everyone’s unwavering attention to him.


Countless shredded bits of black fabric burst and rained down from the sky.

When Qiu Jian hit the ground, he was already thoroughly unconscious.

“And the victory goes to… Du Feng!”

One hit KO!

Everyone gazed at Du Feng with admiration and respect.

Someone who wasn’t even twenty and had refined his strength to the sixth-level, most likely had a vastly broad and blindingly bright future ahead of him. He could probably break through the Realm of Awakening Souls, and turn himself into one of the most revered fighters of all time.

This was indeed, truly, the most illustrious of the Du clan disciples. He definitely wouldn’t be at a disadvantage against Ye Han.

Glorious Sweep versus Scorching Fist, which one would be stronger?

The vast crowd was excited, already looking forward to this summit peak showdown.


Third round: Li Tian Gang versus Xiong Yuan!

Li Tian Gang was the grandson of the Alchemist Club’s President Li Zhang Yun, barely seventeen years old, but his strength was unsurpassably oppressive. His technique called the Gale Kick practically ushered him to where he was now because no one could withstand it for more than two seconds.

Xiong Yuan was the disciple of Tian Nan City’s Xiong family. The Xiong clan was a military aristocracy, with a high reputation in Zhong Zhou. It had been nearly two years since they had reproduced a startlingly talented person, and even though this Xiong Yuan had a decent amount of strength, it was a far cry from Li Tian Gang’s abilities.

You have to know, alchemists’ connections were extensively broad.

Li Zhang Yun highly favoured this grandchild. Ever since he was a little boy, he had been instilled with the foundations of high-quality spirit panaceas and had been kept occupied with martial instructors and masters that were considered the best of the best. From a young age, he had already been destined for strength that would shock most people.

There was zero suspense.

The match began.

Li Tian Gang swiftly commenced his attack. He was obviously the speedy type of fighter. With his momentum, he geared for a Gale Kick, and it was as though a violent hurricane had suddenly swept across. Xiong Yuan couldn’t even begin to prepare a stance for his attack, and he was already swept off his feet with hundreds of kicks that seemed to come at him from all four directions, and he instantly gained serious injuries.

Such speed! Such strength!

Ye Han’s palm technique was fiercely tyrannical.

Du Feng’s fist technique was wildly ferocious.

Li Tian Gang’s kicking technique was as fast as lightning.

These three people, whether it was in their bodily refinement, or in their martial arts practice, had dominated the entire scene.

It was not difficult to predict that the champion would be one of these three without a sliver of doubt. At least… that’s what people thought.

Xiong Bing, upon seeing his own disciple defeated without having the capability to even raise a hand, had a cloudy expression. But the outcome in a competition was unavoidable, and Xiong Yuan was indeed not as skilled as his opponent so there was really not that much on the line.

A few more rounds.

All these matches were rather intense. Among them, there were quite a few talented youth, but compared to The Three Talents, there was a general sense of vapidity as people spectated the other matches. Well, rules were rules. The matches had to go on.

Nan Guan Yi studied the new matchup formation list. His eyes flashed with a glimmer of unreadable emotion. “This round, Du Yun versus Chu Tian!”

Du Zhen Tian smirked.

Another easy round to win.

A head of another clan laughed. “Du Feng, Du Yun… that the Du clan is able to produce two such talented youth, truly I congratulate you.”

A flash of satisfaction shone across Du Zhen Tian’s face.

Du Feng and Du Yun were a pair of brothers.

Du Feng had the strongest body strength, and had already bodily refined up until the sixth-level peak. Du Yun was relatively weaker, but he was already at the standard of getting ready to get to the sixth-level peak. A mere Chu Tian shouldn’t be any obstacle in his way.

Du Yun turned to his older brother. “Big brother, I’m going.”

“Go and show no mercy,” Du Feng said in a regal manner. “Other people might have to give face to Ye Han, but we, the Du clan, need not do so. You must perform your best to help improve the reputation of our Du clan.”

“Yes, big brother!”

Du Yun floated with confidence. Chu Tian was nothing to him.

Someone no one had ever heard of - a minor character. From the way he defeated Ye Wu a while ago, he was only probably around the fifth level at most.

That this guy could offend the Ye clan to this degree, and that the Ye clan was helpless to retaliate, was the biggest joke of the century! Today, I should eliminate this headache of the Ye clan, Du Yun thought.

Chu Tian walked up the stage accordingly.

Du Yun lightly leapt up into the air on the tips of his toes and landed gently on the stage as a butterfly would. With his delicate posture and graceful pace, it immediately attracted the crowd’s cheers.

This feeling of having a million eyes solely on him, this was what Du Yun lived for.

“Chu Tian, let’s stop it here.” He used a pitying gaze on Chu Tian. “I’m not the useless piece of wood that Ye Wu is. You’re not my opponent and I’m disinclined to fight you anyway. I’m going to count to three, you could just head down yourself, or else, bear the consequences. Three…”

Chu Tian studied him with a ruminating glance. A faint smile. “Ten moves.”

Du Yun was taken aback. “You think you can survive ten moves against me? What a joke! I can decimate you in one!”

Chu Tian shook his head solemnly. “You misunderstood. What I mean is, I will close my eyes and let you perform ten moves. If you can touch my clothes, I’ll surrender and consider myself lost.”

Letting him… ten moves?

And with eyes closed!

Everyone was stunned.

Chu Tian’s defeat of Ye Wu was, for many, merely an underestimation of an opponent by Ye Wu. Besides, comparing Ye Wu’s strength to Du Wu’a was like comparing clouds to clay.

And Chu Tian was going to close his eyes and let Du Yun perform ten moves?

And just touching his clothes would mean he lost?

Even the most conspicuous Three Talents wouldn’t dare say such things!

Du Zhen Tian’s face was ashen. Chu Tian’s arrogance and confidence was a slap to the Du clan’s face. He stood up and boomed, “Enough! What are you waiting for? End this fight, don’t waste time on such rubbish!”

“As you wish!”

The clan head had spoken.

Du Yun did not dare take his time or be negligent. Clenching his right hand into a fist, he released his energy, and congealing them into a hit directed straight at Chu Tian’s chest.

Heart Gouge Hand, one of the deadliest moves. Using this technique from the very start of a battle meant that he wanted to use this as a one hit KO move, and from then on, forever defeat the ridiculous insults of this Chu Tian.

What made everyone hold their breaths in disbelief, however, was that Chu Tian really closed his eyes.

That biting cold wind from the claw was but a second away, when Chu Tian elegantly stepped sideways by a few millimetres. He coolly avoided the attack, and Du Yun hadn’t even managed to touch a single fibre on Chu Tian’s clothing.


What’s happening?

Du Yun didn’t hit Chu Tian, and he almost tripped himself. His face was the shade of a ripe tomato, and his eyes shone with blatant disbelief.

“Damn it!”

“I don’t believe this.”

Du Yun steadied himself and attacked with another move. The result was as before. Chu Tian looked like he wasn’t in any real danger, as he could dodge it with little effort.

“Two moves down,” Chu Tian reminded him helpfully.

Du Yun’s rage flared up. He threw a series of fast punches, shadows of densely packed fists, thunderous hurricanes aimed at his opponent. Let’s see him dodge that, he thought, subsumed with fury.

There was no extra movement.

No miscalculation.

Like a graceful butterfly with the weaving movements so natural to those who easily navigate through the thorny thickets of a forest, using the tiniest fractional movements and the most relaxed stance, Chu Tian flawlessly avoided the attacks again and again.

Everyone was stupefied.

This kind of dancing performance, with a kind of beauty in his stance, it was art. There was no other way to describe it.

Had they not witnessed it for themselves, it was hard for them to believe that there could be something like this on this world.

Chu Tian was only using strength at the fifth-level, and yet a sixth-level-refined opponent could do nothing to him.


“Intricate Realm!”

Nan Guan Yi, Ye Xiong, Du Zhen, and all the others stood up.

Everyone had varying shades of astonishment splashed across their faces. “Intricate Realm” was not a refining level. It was a one in a million level, a level that belonged to the level of spirits and souls.

They, the Soul Awakening refined warriors hadn’t even grasped the obscure meaning of Intricate...

How could a boy like that possess it??

It was almost too absurd to imagine!

Translated by: lxnuy, Fatty_Uncle

Edited by: patrick_the_father_of_dragons