Miracle Throne

Chapter 34: Diamond Vein Slashing Finger

Chapter 34: Diamond Vein Slashing Finger

Why are so many talents in the mainland that can overcome extremely difficult challenges?

That’s because on the foundation of Strength Refining, these talents have superhuman qualities. This is an unusual innate gift. It could be a superhuman intelligence, or superior makeup, or it could be because they master the rare Spirit Realm.

Intricate Realm, how can it be the Intricate Realm?

Spirits and souls, along with the flesh and senses, dovetail together perfectly. They are flawlessly synchronized. And from this, come to fruition the rare and amazing ability to control.

One millimeter can be as clear and distinct as one mile. Every whisper of breeze can be heard. One can perfectly seize the exact change in every strand of energy and every microscopic change in temperature. Every pore closing and opening, each strip of muscle’s movement, all could be entirely and completely controlled.

This was the legendary Intricate Realm!

Someone who has mastered the Intricate Realm’s obscure meaning can easily and without effort control the attacking style and intention of his opponent. Furthermore, in the practicing of alchemy, he would have an extremely high success rate. It was beyond what degree of perfection normal humans could obtain.

There was practically no one in Tian Nan City, including the big shots making appearances in the event, who had yet to master the obscurity of the Intricate Realm.

And someone who had no discernible background or name for himself actually did it! What kind of impossibility was this? If he were to go to Zhong Zhou, he would definitely be the cream of the crop - to be fought over by all the major clans.

Chu Tian closing his eyes to let Du Yun have his ten moves wasn’t brash or insolent, it was self-confidence.

Du Yun had never encountered such a mysterious matter. Without changing tactics, he forged ahead with a few more bullheaded punches, all to no avail. The opponent easily evaded them and his own direction was thoroughly thrown off.

“Ten moves is up.”

“It’s my turn.”

Chu Tian congealed his energy on his fingertips. The five tips of his hand slowly glowed a pale gold. He grasped the right arm of Du Yun, and with a squeeze, energy flowed out.

As if he had been pierced with a dagger, it went straight through his flesh, rawly cutting through his meridian network. Du Yun’s entire arm lost its strength, as though it were decapitated.

Chu Tian’s right hand had two fingers that were slowly turning pale gold. These flashed out in an attack with the force of a hurricane. Upon touching Du Yun’s body, each finger released a column of energy as well-crafted as a dagger strike.

Diamond Vein Slashing Finger!

One finger for each vein!

It had its foundation in martial arts...

But it was extremely powerful and lethal.

Within the space of a breath, Du Yun had lost his entire body’s energy. Chu Tian lightly pushed a palm against him, and Du Yun, as though a piece of paper, floated out several meters before crashing on the ground.


“I don’t believe this, it’s impossible!”

Du Yun stood up howling. He switched onto his energy, but with a startled realization that the meridian veins of his body had been rawly ruptured, and he couldn’t produce even an ounce of energy. Never mind battling, he couldn’t even stand up properly.

What… what kind of martial arts is this!

Only heaven knew that there was such a tricky and fierce martial skill among them!

Finished, finished. What is this!

Chu Tian looked at Du Yun, who was about to crumble. He beamed at him. “Your meridian veins are slashed, if you don’t seek medical attention within the minute, or if you attain further injuries, you could become a vegetable.”

“You-you-you…” Du Yun was in a daze.

Chu Tian dusted his hands, his face placid. “I’m disinclined to fight you anymore. I’m going to count to three, you could just head down yourself, or else, bear the consequences.”

What familiar words!

Chu Tian had returned the exact words back to him, sealed package and all.

This was not only a slap to Du Yun’s face, it was a slap to Du Zhen Tian’s face!

Du Zhen Tian’s face was completely red, obviously boiling with fury. That kind of intimidating fury reduced the people around to him to the tiniest of breaths. There was a savage desire to kill as he looked upon Chu Tian.

What menace!

No words needed to be spoken!

This kind of desire to kill would frighten a smaller being into wetting his pants.

Chu Tian was completely indifferent. He was completely focused on enunciating every word in his countdown: “Three… two… one!”


“Please don’t!”

“I’m leaving, I give up!”

“Please don’t cripple me, I don’t want to become a cripple!”

Pu-tong! Du Yun kneeled down. Under the gaze of a million, he slowly crawled off the arena. He was thoroughly disillusioned and disheartened. Chu Tian was too scary. Better than becoming a vegetable, he would rather choose to submit to the temporary humiliation!

But still, this would create a devastating, psychological after effect. Even if the meridian veins recovered completely, he would be hard-pressed to improve greatly.

Chu Tian wasn’t a shallow petty person.

But still, someone who constantly bullies and insults others, will attract the insult and bullying of others.

This kind of guy wasn’t worth going easy on.

“Bastard!” Du Zhen Tian bellowed. “Egotistical kid! How dare you shame our Du clan. I want you to die!”

“You’re wrong, I didn’t shame you,” Chu Tian calmly countered. “You brought shame upon yourself.”

Brought shame upon yourself!

Brought shame upon yourself!

With these four words, each word was a strike to the heart!

And yet, he was right. Unarguably right.

Chu Tian, by saying this in front of millions and completely dishonoring the Du Clan, was definitely someone not afraid of dying. This unknown person, from now on, was destined to become the center of attention in Tian Nan City.

Nan Guan Yi was stunned into silence.

What did this youth have to be so completely fearless?

Xiong Bing nodded indulgently. “Haha, lofty and unyielding character, I like it!”

Zhang Li Qing had a faint smile on the corner of his lips. “Of course. This is Chu Tian’s personality. If he was fearful, he wouldn’t be Chu Tian.”

Nan Guan Yi looked at Xiong Bing and Zhang Li Qing with a curious glance. Strange, but it seemed these two guys were fairly familiar with Chu Tian.

At this moment, Du Zhen Tian felt like his arteries were about to explode in flames and practically about to blow smoke from all over his bodily cavities. Had it not been for the presence of the mayor, he would already have been up on stage, personally crushing this guy in front of millions.

Ye Xiong and Li Zhang Yun exchanged a look - a mirrored look of grave fear.

Chu Tian was more evil than anyone had ever imagined. Someone who was only sixteen or seventeen and had already attained Intricate Realm - such kind of person was unheard of, and had been unheard of for centuries. It was either crippling him for the Ye clan, or killing him as soon as possible. Who cared about offending Zhang Li Qing and Xiong Bing!

Even though Chu Tian’s performance was remarkably outstanding...

Chu Tian’s display was nonetheless at the fifth-level of bodily refinement quality. But because he had the ability to use the Intricate Realm, that he could easily challenge and triumph over someone with the bodily refinement of the sixth level was not really a surprise.

The three popular choices for champion were still Ye Han, Li Tian Gang, and Du Feng.

All three of them were bodily refined at the sixth-level peak, almost more than half a foot within the seventh-level. Their energy were more than double than that of Du Yun’s, and were each of the clans’ most prized and main focus for training, and so their martial arts skills were top-notch as well.

Whether in speed or strength, Chu Tian would definitely not have it easy.

A few more rounds of matches.

Ye Han, Li Tian Gang, and Du Feng were absolute in their dominance, calmly and easily sweeping through the opponents, before surfacing as the unsurprising winners.

And so, these three, Ye Han, Li Tian Gang, and Du Feng emerged as the three most eye-catching talents. Along with a mysterious Chu Tian, the four of them successfully advanced to the semi-finals.

Finally, the deciding matches were about to begin!

Tian Nan City’s Talent Competition varied from normal competitions. The competition was not on a one-on-one basis because true talents were not only supposed to fight based on raw strength. They needed intelligence, foresight, luck, and most importantly, the flexibility to adapt to challenges.

Based on previous competitions...

The last stage was a mixed fight.

Three or four people in one arena, it wasn’t one on one, and it tested the ability of the fighter's’ ability to extend themselves to a bigger picture.

The judges would then judge based on each fighter’s performance, and rank them accordingly. Of course, the ranking was never enough to satisfy the other contestants, and they would challenge the ranking.

The four people were resting below the stage.

Waiting for the beginning of the deciding match.

Ye Han stared at Chu Tian with eyes that could burn holes through steel. “I never thought you’d actually make it into the finals. I stick to my word though. Are you prepared for me to shatter your bones into ash?”

Chu Tian chuckled. “My bones are very hard. You? I’m afraid you won’t even be able to bend them.”

Du Feng sauntered over, his eyes shining with a peculiar expression. “Chu Tian. You harmed my brother, ruined my clan, and gained the eternal hatred of Du clan. You have to pay the price, are you sure about that?”

Chu Tian was taken aback. “That guy is your brother?”

“Yes, Du Yun is my brother,” Du Feng said, crossing his arms. He thought he had scared Chu Tian enough. With a rough tone, he continued, “But I’ll give you a chance. Join Du clan, use the power you showed earlier for the Du clan, and redeem yourself! Then maybe I’ll consider forgiving you.”

Up to here, he looked at Ye Han. “I could even protect you in the deciding match. I hope you have enough self-awareness. With your strength, in this deciding match, there is no possibility of getting out alive. If you want to keep your life, you’d better depend on my protection.”

Ye Han looked annoyed. “Du Feng, you’re probably overextending yourself, aren’t you?”

“We should just kill this guy and get it over with. Why are we wasting time talking with him?”

Li Tian Gang was filled with resentful envy towards Chu Tian.

That he could master the Intricate Realm’s obscure meaning at such a young age, no matter who won today’s competition, he would surely become the center of celebrated attention. Li Tian Gang had been babied and prized by his grandfather since birth, and thus had cultivated a humongous ego. How could he stand idly by when a mysterious nobody suddenly came out and seemingly concealed him in his shadow?


Must kill!

No matter what Ye Han and Du Feng were thinking, Li Tian Gang only had one thought on his mind: Chu Tian must be eliminated!

Tian Nan City definitely could not have a second Nan Gong Yun.

This creature who was more powerful than he.


Li Tian Gang would not have it.

These three guys scheming away, they really take me for some innocent lamb waiting to be slaughtered? Ha, they should measure their abilities first.

Without saying anything out loud, he closed his eyes to meditate in recuperation, clearing his mind to a peaceful blank.

Translated by: lxnuy & Fatty_Uncle

Edited by: patrick_the_father_of_dragons