Miracle Throne

Chapter 35: Madman Chu Tian

Chapter 35: Madman Chu Tian

A few more minutes before the deciding match!

The final match was a mixed battle format, increasing its difficulty by leaps and bounds. Here, it was not enough to consider the strength of the contestant but also the contestant’s ability to size up the situation at the drop of a hat.

“The match everyone has been looking forward to is about to begin,” a middle-aged judge announced, “but this year’s big deciding match will be different from previous years!”

The entire crowd exploded in noise as everyone turned to each other in confusion.

What? The rules have changed?

The judge continued his announcement. “Someone everyone knows will be joining these four youths, so as to add a new and exciting variable in this deciding match. This is also a challenge and test to our four talented youths.

A voluminous roar from the crowd.

Now this was exciting!

The four young people who were aiming for champion already brought a lot of excitement with it, and now that there was going to be a new addition on stage: the possibilities were endless!

The judge boomed, “He is last year’s champion, the talent who left Tian Nan City, who got into the prestigious Zhong Zhou College, and within ONE year, was able to surpass tens of thousands of students in his astounding ranking of 328! Please welcome, Luo Yu!”

Upon hearing the name, the crowd went wild.

Last last year’s winner was the monster Nan Gong Yun, and last year’s winner was the talent Luo Yu.

Luo Yu wasn’t as simple as he was made out to be. He had breezed through last year’s competition, practically with the championship handed to him on a silver plate. From then, he went on to Zhong Zhou, and disappeared without news. It was more than a surprise that he was back now.


A body clad in white landed on the arena from at least ten meters in height, as if a miracle dropping down from heaven, raising a cloud of dust surrounding the place he stood.

“Luo Yu!”

“Luo Yu!”

“Luo Yu!”

People began cheering and howling his name.

This was a twenty year-old youth in a stark white martial uniform. He looked impressive, standing out within any crowd, and there was a dragon eagle’s insignia on his spotless robe.

The insignia of a dragon hawk was the representation of Zhong Zhou College!

Luo Yu was indeed a student at the prestigious college. According to many, in the outer courtyard, Luo Yu was Rank 128. One should know that the entire school had twenty or so thousand students!

Even within Zhong Zhou college, he was an impressive talent!

Ye Xiong, Li Zhang Yun, and Du Yun were slightly ashen-faced. Ye Xiong turned to the mayor with a stony expression. “Mayor, everyone’s allowed to join only once. Luo Yu was last year’s champion, why is he jumping in the mix?”

Nan Guan Yi let out a helpless laugh. “Please, please, don’t get angry. This is not my decision. This is the decision of those above me. As you know, the Luo Clan in Zhong Zhou…”

Ye Xiong seemed slightly appeased.

If this were true, Nan Guan Yi wasn’t to blame. Nan Guan Yi was only the mayor of Tian Nan City. The Nan Guan clan in the Zhong Zhou district wasn’t really that strong. Even if Nan Guan Yi was the mayor of a city, he was strictly controlled by higher and more powerful forces at all times.

Nan Guan Yi said, “Luo Yu’s identity is merely that of a guest in this competition. More likely is that the clan wants to give him another chance in the limelight. But the real ranking for the champion this year will definitely still be among the four of you. Luo clan has already emigrated from Tian Nan City, what they want is a name, and not the benefits after the match.”

And so it was so.

Luo Yu stood in the very center of the arena, his two hands behind his back. He swept a glance at across the four finalists, before laughing out loud. “So this year’s quality is only so-so. Looks like Tian Nan City’s low on talent. Don’t waste my time anymore, you can all attack together.”

The crowd was filled with furious hushed whispers.

This guy was too wild. It was completely belittling Tian Nan City. One against four??

Ye Han, Du Feng, and Li Tian Gang’s faces flashed with a brief look of smouldering fury. But they had to admit, Luo Yu’s strength was strong indeed. For someone who could enter the top 200 of the outer courtyard at Zhong Zhou College, he would probably have a body refinement at around the seventh-level. If they tried to battle him one on one, they honestly wouldn’t be at his level.

Ye Han stood forward. “Before the fighting begins, I want to remove the small fry who aren’t worthy of being in this competition.”

Of course Luo Yu knew what he was getting at. He glanced at Chu Tian and waved a hand. “Fine. This trash isn’t worthy of fighting me, and I know you have some old grudges to settle. Is two minutes enough?”

“One minute is enough!”

“Okay, hurry up then!”

From the expressions and tones of the two people, it felt like Chu Tian was a slice of fish waiting to be chopped up on the board.

Chu Tian lightly blew out a sigh. Why are there so many idiots on this world?

Ye Han’s face shone with a smile of excitement and cruelty.


Ever since Chu Tian had instructed Nan Gong Yun to humiliate him, Ye Han had been obsessed with getting revenge. But because Chu Tian had the protection of Zhang Li Qing, Nan Gong Yun, and Xiong Tian Yan, Ye Han hadn’t been able to avenge himself.

But everything was different now!

Today was the Tian Nan Summit Meeting. Under the eyes of millions, who dared interfere? Chu Tian had once humiliated him in front of a street full of people, and now he would avenge himself, and humiliate him a million times that in front of the city!

“You’re only a slave!”

“A slave is a slave! You’d never be able to wash that off, never in your entire life!”

Ye Han intentionally raised his voice. Everyone’s faces were splashed with shock. This person, this talented youth… who possessed the Intricate Realm… was a slave?

A mere slave! How could he be so bold?

A mere slave! And he dare stand toe to toe with Ye Han?

Ye Han continued jabbing him verbally. “Maybe you’ve worked hard to be free of your shameful past identity, but today, the contract is in my hands! If you don’t want to admit it, I’ll help you admit it today!”

Chu Tian was calm and collected. He gave a slight smile. “I’ve noticed something… people who are lesser in ability are almost always usually the noisiest. In having the talent of chattering, I am truly no match for you.”

Ye Han was unable to swallow his fury.

He had planned to provoke and upset Chu Tian, to make him lose his cool, and invoke fear within him, or even just make him angry! But why? Why could he be so calm? That deep gaze like a well without waves? Even with a hint of ridicule, as if watching a funny monkey?

In the end, the person who completely lost his rationale was still Ye Han himself.

“Bastard slave! Die!”

Ye Han’s energy flared up along with his temper and his entire gown flapped up with a pa-pa noise as his energy rushed through his two arms, giving off an impressive, intimidating image.

One hit: Glorious Sweep!

Glorious Sweep!

Ye Han, under the cloud of anger and humiliation, was actually able to surpass the power of his usual Glorious Sweep move. Even Luo Yu showed a brief, slight frown. This kind of frightening power... never mind against a slave, even when used against a person of Luo Yu’s level, it would surely have some effect. Power straight from the soul!

Li Zhang Yun was stunned. “Young master is truly a genius in martial arts. He’s already mastered the quintessential essence of the Glorious Sweep! He’s without opponent now!”

Ye Xiong nodded, his face radiating with pleasure. Chu Tian was good for something after all, having unintentionally helped Ye Han improve in his martial arts spiritual training!

The Meng Qing Wu sisters began shouting. “He’s still concentrating his energy! You can still attack now, quickly! Before it’s too late.”

Chu Tian remained motionless, allowing his opponent to finish gathering his energy.

Was he shocked into inaction?

Xiong Bing and Nan Yi Guan furrowed their brows in concern. Looks like Chu Tian had his work cut out for him!

Zhang Li Qing began concentrating his energy. Should he need it, even if it meant breaking the rules of the competition, he would personally see to it that he interfered. After all, Chu Tian did save his life.


“Let’s see how you can block me.”

Ye Han’s power reached its peak, having successfully gathered sufficient amount of energy. With a heavy sweep of his arms, he aimed his power straight at Chu Tian. Never mind flesh and blood, even steel and stone would have a hard time coming out of this attack in one piece.

Chu Tian’s surrounding glowed white with pure shining energy. The energy surged in a split second, swelling at the blink of an eye. And the body refinement was… at the peak of the sixth level!

Chu Tian had been hiding his true strength!

Within a short few days, Chu Tian had depended on alchemic panaceas to rapidly increased his own strength. Based on rank, he was no weaker than any of the other three. He had only been suppressing his energy and training after all!

Ye Han glowered. “So what if you’ve been hiding your true strength? I refuse to believe you can dodge this! Die!”

Chu Tian bended both knees and shot forward like a lethal arrow, using a destructive, almost savage power against Ye Han.

One leg!

Only one leg!

And all the collected energy dissipated!

All the intimidating power-- extinguished!

PENG! Ye Han incinerated the rock drum with a hole a man could fit through. This simple move defeated Ye Han.

Someone who had been blinded by fury just seconds earlier was now lying on the ground in a supine position. He wouldn’t have even known what was happening, much less how he was defeated.

“Didn’t you say you were going to crush my bones to dust in front of everyone?”

“Didn’t you say you were going to enslave me?”

“Did you not call me trash?”

“Who is the real piece of trash?”

Ye Han had completely lost his energy to defend himself. His face shone with fear. No matter how fast his mind raced, he couldn’t wrap his mind around how a mere slave like Chu Tian could possibly defeat him and have such powerful battle strength.

Chu Tian’s punch was like a wild tornado wreaking devastation, shattering every inch of Ye Han’s bones. Didn’t Ye Han want to break every one of Chu Tian’s bones?

And the result was broken bones in his own body.

How ironic.

This arrogant, despotic, egotistic Ye Han had become a human punching bag, a toy, in Chu Tian’s hands.

“Bastard! I will kill you! I will ruin you!”

Ye Xiong leapt up, releasing a crazy amount of energy.

Chu Tian laughed loudly. “If I kill him, you’ll kill me. If I don’t kill him, you’ll still kill me. I’d be better off dragging someone with me then.”

“You dare??”

Ye Xiong released a muddy golden energy glow, and a large wolf materialized behind him, sending intimidating chills up everyone’s spine.

Don’t dare?

What a joke!

There’s nothing I can’t do in this place!

Ye Han felt the deadly lethality. In a strangled voice, he choked out loudly, “No, mercy! Mercy!”

Chu Tian didn’t even stop to think before bringing down an arm on Ye Han’s skull. Without so much as a squeak, Ye Han died on the spot.

Ye Xiong almost blacked out. He had a lot of sons, but the most useful and the one with the most potential was Ye Han. And now that Chu Tian had killed him with one hit, how could he not fly into a rage?


A dull golden energy molded into a gigantic palm, hurling towards the arena.

The attack of someone who has refined Awakening Soul Realm!

Body Refinement Realm was completely no match.


In mid-air came a wild blast, and a majestic and frosty snow white werewolf appeared out of nowhere. In an instant, the temperature plummeted and the wind died down. Xiong Bing’s tall and sturdy body directly blocked Ye Xiong, and one punch from the former killed the latter’s attack mid-trajectory.

Ye Xiong roared, “You! Xiong! How dare you block me?”

Xiong Bing laughed out loud, three hearty ringing guffaws. “Your son is a gem, does this mean that other people’s sons are nothing? Ye Han is cruel and brutal. He’s been terrorizing Tian Nan City’s citizens, I’ve long since grown weary of it!”

Li Zhang Yun stood out, a huge verdant python energy spirit released beside him. “I will help you kill this thief.”

“President Li, we haven’t come across each other like this in quite a few years. Let me have everything you got!” Zhang Li Qing released his energy, a fierce and fearsome eagle that soared high above the clouds, its imposing manner diffusing throughout the blue dome of heaven. “Soaring Sky Eagle! Destroy!”

The eagle shot down with impressive speed.

The python was shattered on the spot in the talons of the eagle.

Li Zhang Yun’s expression drained of color. He never thought that Zhang Li Qing would have a higher cultivation level than himself.

Actually, Zhang Li Qing was no weak fighter. It was just that he never battled with anyone all these years, reserving his energy and strength mainly for suppressing powerful toxins.

Some two days ago, Xiong Tian Yan had produced an antidote, and Zhang Li Qing reduced the poison by seventy or eighty percent. After his energy was liberated, his body returned to normal, and it seemed like it even improved.

Several Awakened Soul Cultivators immediately raised their crossbows and swords.

Everything was unfolding at an alarming pace.

The crowd was stunned. They had never seen this kind of scene happen before.

It was only a small spark, only a small Chu Tian, only a nameless youth!

Great. What started off as the battle among the young ones became a showdown among Awakened Soul Cultivators.

The scene was utterly out of control.


“The winner hasn’t been announced for the final match yet!”

He shouted towards Luo Yu, Du Feng, and Li Tian Gang loftily. After Chu Tian killed Ye Han, he ignored the pressure of countless Awakened Soul Cultivator fighters. He maintained his brassy attitude, not the least bit scared of anything.

“Don’t waste my time anymore...

“You three pieces of trash...

“You three can attack together!”

This was a resounding slap to their faces!

A heavy and juicy smack across the cheek!

Luo Ye’s eyes could shoot daggers. Weren’t these his own words earlier?

Chu Tian faced the threat of a few Soul Awakening fighters.

His life was practically hanging by a thread.

In this scene, if it were anybody else, they probably wouldn’t even be able to stand on their two feet.

Other things aside, against the threat of an Awakened Soul Cultivator , the Body Refinement Cultivator was simply no match.

Chu Tian didn’t care. He completely ignored them, still with a uniquely arrogant attitude, challenging the three talents.

The gratification!

The audacity!

The hot-bloodedness!

Like a brilliant shooting star sweeping across a barren sky, beaming light across the entire skyscape of Tian Nan City. His brazen arrogance, his ferocity, his frivolity, his lofty and casual attitude: each one was like an explosion that shook up the entire world of his audience.

Chu Tian!

Chu Tian!

Chu Tian!

Like the eruption of a volcano, his name filled the air. Countless people began screaming and shouting and chanting this name.

Someone who used to be unknown, even someone lowly and looked down upon, was sweeping the entire competition! He had publicly looked down upon the talents of Tian Nan City, and shot stunned surprise into the hearts of his viewers.

This was a world where strength was king.

See here: someone like Ye Han, who was cruel and vile, but had god-given talent and strength, was still able to win innumerable followers and respect. What more of Chu Tian? He who was of lowly, even base, status and background would definitely win the encouraging hearts of the masses especially since they could relate to him.

There was no sliver of doubt...

That whoever the winner of today’s match was...

This name would forever be remembered and celebrated by the citizens of Tian Nan City!

Translated by: lxnuy & Fatty_Uncle

Edited by: patrick_the_father_of_dragons