Miracle Throne

Chapter 36: One Versus Three!

Chapter 36: One Versus Three!

Amidst the current flared up and lively atmosphere of the Summit Meeting, Luo Yi slowly clenched his fist, his face the ruddy shade of pig liver.

Damn it all!

This was supposed to be his stage!

And now it seemed like Chu Tian was the sole star of the show!

What was the use of training so hard for one whole year at Zhong Zhou College? Today was supposed to be the day he shined, using Tian Nan City as his stage to gain influence and reputation, so as to establish a solid foundation.

And out of nowhere came this Chu Tian!

Someone more powerful than him!

This boiled Luo Yu’s blood.

“This person is wildly cruel and reckless. We cannot have him remain here.” Luo Yu’s brain was filled only with envy and hate. “What say we join forces, and avenge Brother Ye?”



Du Feng and Li Tian Gang didn’t even have to think before blurting out the same thing. Of course this wasn’t really revenge for Ye Han. What a ridiculous notion. Ye Han’s death was a good thing. But still, Chu Tian was too scary, someone even more powerful and fearsome than that legendary talent, Nan Gong Yun. If they didn’t eliminate him now: when?

They had to kill him!

The three of them together would definitely do the job!

“Me first!”

Li Tian Gang shot up towards the air with a loud shout, sweeping his leg in preparation. His energy metamorphosed into a powerful green leg, as if a whip, or as if a blade. It struck the floor, splitting the cement apart.


Li Tian Gang’s attack hadn’t even landed, both of his feet spinning wildly in the air as if a tornado. His attack was fast and complicated, making even the most observant onlookers cross eyes in confusion.

Hurricane Leg Skill, fast as wind, dense as rain. It had the sweeping force of a thousand military men.

Li Tian Gang used the vertical momentum from above to the ground, while Du Feng rushed head-on, his two fists balled with bubbling energy.

Scorching Fist!

After seeing Chu Tian’s cavalier attitude, Du Feng knew that Chu Tian could not be controlled. Furthermore, he had killed Ye Han of the Ye clan, which meant that the grudge was an impassable, eternal one. If he extended any more olive branches, he would incur the wrath of Ye Xiong.

So… it would be easier to kill him.

As Du Feng and Li Tian Gang rushed to attack from the front, Luo Yu had taken stealthy steps to appear behind Chu Tian, obviously getting ready to launch a sneak attack on him.

The audience began protesting loudly.

“Three against one?”

“You’re all shameless!”

“How despicable!”

Chu Tian, using his hyper-sensitive insight, was easily able to evade the onslaught of the two attackers in front of him. Facing upwards, he let off a long and loud whistle. “No grace or style in your moves, and such a weak strength, and you wanted to protect me during the match?”

Du Feng bounded over with an outstretched fist, fired up by his humiliation and fury. “Block it if you dare!”

“Why not?” Chu Tian’s right arm began glowing with a white-hot energy. His entire arm began flushing red and his pores began releasing translucent white steam, having gathered an even larger amount of energy. “Get outta my sight!”

His fist as speedy as an arrow!

Its power like a bullet from a gun!

Fist Smashing the Nine Heavens!

This kind of fist was a common foundational martial arts move, but for thousands of years, nobody had been able to improve upon it. It was fairly easy to master, with a low speed and low power. It was a low-level, preliminary move martial arts fighters had to master.

Double Fist Collision!

Frightful columns of smoke and fire began spewing everywhere, shattering and raising rocks in proximity to mid-air, surrounding them from the audience’s view. A loud cry sounded out from within, before a body was thrown out, crashing like a rag doll around ten or meters outside the arena. It was Du Feng’s body.

His right arm had several bones jutting out, and it seemed like the distinction between flesh and blood was gone.

One hit KO!

Officially defeated in front of everyone!

Chu Tian jumped towards Li Tian Gang next, his leg as if piercing through the very fabric of the universe. And like an unavoidable whip, it struck Li Tian Gang square on the chest.


Li Tian Gang’s body, as if a nail being hammered, crashed through the ground. His body was already half inside the arena stage. His bones were probably mostly broken.

“And you’re arrogant enough to want to kill me with only that little bit of energy you have?”

“And you’re absurd enough to be called talents with only that little bit of stamina?”

Chu Tian’s booming voice reverberated through everyone’s hearts.

Ye Han, Du Feng, Li Tian Gang. It didn’t matter, because...

One move!

One move was all it took!

Everyone who had initially been speculated as the strongest of the talents was like a stray dog or an old chicken in front of Chu Tian. They couldn’t even withstand one hit.

At this moment, Luo Yu took a slim chance. He withdrew a three-feet frosty blade from within the folds of his robe. A bright, sharp, metallic gleam under the sun revealed it to be a flexible sword. It bit Chu Tian across the back viciously as if it were a metallic and venomous snake.

“Weapons aren’t allowed in the Grand competition!”

“This guy’s cheating!”

Three against one was already unfair, and now Luo Yu was using weapons? With such a blatant disregard for the rules of the competition, was the Talents competition still the Talents competition?

“Hurricane Sword!”

Luo Yu’s energy was focused wholeheartedly on his flexible sword and from the very tip, it released a large net made of silver sword essence. Even if what was in front was a sturdy metal lump, it would have been punctuated with several holes within milliseconds!

Chu Tian’s heart stopped beating for a fraction.

This flash of silver from the sword’s shadow, every column of translucent sword energy… tangible and intangible, interweaving in an indistinguishable mass, impossible to separate!

His one year at Zhong Zhou college wasn’t for nothing. His energy far surpassed those three before him combined.


Chu Tian had already initiated the mode of getting into ”Hyperfocus. A million things happening all at once, and everything was slowing down for Chu Tian. Even the movement of a millimetre could be seen clearly by him. He calmly observed each ray of light from the sword, studying them. He allowed his body to dart forward, backward, all in quick and successful evasion.


A few icy shadows of the blade brushed by him. One of them scratched him across the chest, but it was only a shallow scratch on the skin.

Luo Yu’s eyes widened.

He could even block this?

Chu Tian was obviously not just any plain demon. He would definitely have to be killed.


Chu Tian hadn’t even had the chance to steady himself when another series of sharp jabs flew at him.

Too dangerous!

Luo Yu’s body already had the strength of realms. Whether it was energy, speed, or power, Chu Tian wasn’t his opponent. Moreover, Luo Yu had a blade in his hand. If any blade of sword energy hit his body, Chu Tian would definitely die.

“You’re dead!”

“Wind Sculpting Thrust!”

Luo Yu wasn’t giving any chances to Chu Tian. His flexible sword was brimming with energy, turning it into a sword as stiff and straight as a normal one. Like a meteor out for blood, it shot at Chu Tian with unbelievable speed.

The crucial moment between life and death...

Chu Tian closed his eyes.

What? Could Chu Tian be powerless in defending himself, and was already making preparations for his death?

The moment that Chu Tian closed his eyes, a strange energy slowly began to materialise. It was as if a more powerful and superhuman sense organ was being opened. Even though he had his eyes closed, he could feel everything around him.

The flow of the breeze, the changes in the air, the microscopic movements of materials, the frequency of energy, and even the emotions of every single one of the people present. A million things, a million beings. Everything, from the spirits to the material, he could feel them, and he could understand them as easily as the back of his palm.

Nan Guan Yi noticed this change. His eyes flew wide open, as if he had seen a ghost in broad daylight.

Heart’s Eye!


This feeling was Heart’s Eye!

For sure!

Heart’s Eye and Hyperfocus were the same, they are both realms belonging to the souls and spirits.

This kind of spiritual realm had no direct relation to strength, but in them, they had the power only countless could beg and dream of, but could never even come close to achieving.

Heart’s Eye Realm was even higher in power than Hyperfocus. It was said that there were only a handful of people Zhong Zhou who could master Hyperfocus, but within the entire kingdom, no one could initiate Heart’s Eye.

But Chu Tian did it!

And he wasn’t even eighteen!

He wasn’t even schooled in the Realm of the Awakened Soul!

Tian Nan was a small town. Even though people would sometimes hear urban legends about Heart’s Eye, no one had ever seen nor could ever see it for themselves, and only Nan Yi Guan from Nan Guan clan felt it.

This boy’s future was limitless!

Nan Yi Guan didn’t want to interfere, but when Chu Tian initiated Heart’s Eye, he changed his mind. No matter what: he had to protect Chu Tian. Even if he was kicked out of his mayorship, he would have done a spectacular thing to escort this legendary being back to his clan.

The second Chu Tian closed his eyes, Luo Yi was filled with an uneasy feeling. From within to without, from flesh to spirit, from thought to physicality, there was nothing exempt from Chu Tian’s vision.

And even… his own thoughts, the very thoughts that flit through his mind, were bared for the opponent to read.

What was this?

What power was this?

Luo Yu was taken aback and filled with an uneasy doubt, but his body kept going. The blade glinted in the sunlight, still on its quest to draw Chu Tian’s blood!

The second Chu Tian closed his eyes, he had read through Luo Yu’s entire body. There was no flaw in his being that he couldn’t see, and even the long sword in his hand was bared visibly in all its gaps and shortcomings.

These gaps and flaws were not visible to the human eye.

Chu Yuan gathered his energy onto the two fingertips of his right hand. The two fingers began glowing light gold. He waited patiently, with closed eyes, until the sword came piercing at him, violently bringing a frosty chill with it.


The silver blade was held prominently between the two golden fingers!

Chu Tian gently moved his fingers. Pa! And the silver blade broke off on the spot.


Everyone in the crowd drew in sharp breaths.

Luo Yu stood there with a dumbfounded expression, his eyes fixed on his broken sword. He was unable to comprehend it. The cold killing intent pierced through his heart, and at that moment, Luo Yu began fearing for his life.

“I surrender!”

“First, you want my life. Then, when you realize you can’t win, you surrender. Do you think there’s such an easy thing in life?” Chu Tian lightly flicked his finger and broken blade shards flew out, as if stars shooting through space and penetrating through Luo Yu’s chest. “You only have your useless self to blame.”


A trickle of fresh red blood flowed down from above.

“No, no!”

Luo Yu clutched his left chest as blood flowed out. His face was grasped by an unwilling indignation as he roared his pain, before slumping unmoving to the ground.

One move!

Still one move!

Chu Tian, facing a stronger opponent, a far crueller opponent, easily broke off his weapon. He definitely won like a badass.

“Chu Tian!”

“Chu Tian!”

“Chu Tian!”

Countless people began cheering loudly, filling the air with deafening shouts.

This was definitely a moment for the history books in Tian Nan City!

Ye Xiong and the others, even though they weren’t aware of Heart’s Eye, were still stunned by Chu Tian’s performance. They had never met a youth that stirred such alarm among them!

“This boy. Must. Be killed.”

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