Miracle Throne

Chapter 37: Emergence of Miracle Commerce

Chapter 37: Emergence of Miracle Commerce

Ye Xiong gathered his Devil Wolf’s spirit energy, raised his two hands high, already shattering the rocks in proximity as his energy radiated in an outwards radius. Everyone felt the pure energy whittling past them, even if it couldn’t be seen, as if a sharp energy piercing through space itself, arching and shot straight towards Chu Tian with inhuman speed.


The cold energy of the Polar Bear spirit.

Xiong Bing reached out his left hand. A swirl of biting cold congealed into an icy wall, and in an ear-splitting crash, the force viciously bit into the ice wall, forcibly cracking the ice wall, marring it with wide splits, and yet… it remained intact.

Blocked by Xiong Bing again!

“Xiong Bing!” Ye Xiong howled. “You really think I can’t kill him?”

A scroll full of pictures slid to the floor from a sleeve.

Ye Xiong raised his arm.


The devil wolf energy spirit, as if feeling its master’s rage, violently slashed a huge paw on the scroll, a muddy golden light obliterating the scroll to fine powder that was picked away by the wind.

Nan Guan Yi, Zhang Li Qing, and Xiong Bing were all stunned silent. Did Ye Xiong destroy… Could he have destroyed Chu Tian’s soul contract?

Ye Xiong’s reddened eyes widened as he threw his head back in laughter. “Lowly slave! Die!”

This was an era of slaves. One city with two or three million citizens could have as much as two or three hundred thousand slaves. Even the smallest families with a bit of money could buy slaves for their services. Poor families voluntarily gave up their people to gain a slightly well-off living in return.

The prevalent buying and selling of slaves was on a big part, based on security.

Slave owners had in their possession a stamped contract holding their slave’s life within. This kind of slave contract, once signed, was impossible to break. Whoever had the slave scroll was the slave’s owner.

When the scroll was destroyed...

The slave’s spirit would immediately crumble. No deus ex machina could save them.

Ye Xiong had initially planned to torture Chu Tian little by little until death, but now his mind clouded over with rage and revenge. Who had anticipated Xiong Bing would block him and deny him of revenge? And so he decided to directly destroy the contract and watch Chu Tian’s spirit slowly crumble to disintegration; let him die painfully under the eyes of everyone.

So what if he had shocking, raw talent?

So what if he was crazy talented and once in a lifetime?

He was and would always be a lowly, vulgar slave! Humiliating Ye clan and killing the eldest, prized son, this enemy cannot- must not- be spared!

The audience stared up at the elevated stage.

One second, two seconds… ten seconds ticked by.

And Chu Tian was still standing in one whole defiant piece up on the arena.

Ye Xiong’s fury and shock mingled together. What was this? Why was he not dead?

“Ha! Didn’t expect this did you, you old cur?” Chu Tian grinned, looking far from someone in pain. “Ye Clan’s cuckolds only have this little third-rate trick up their sleeves, but what can you do to me?”

His spirit had been destroyed, but the person was still alive?


Du Zhen Tian was unable to sit idly by any longer.

Even though the Du Clan had no direct grudge against Chu Tian, he was motivated enough to eliminate a possible threat.

“Wild thief! I’ll help you!”

Du Zhen Tian released his energy spirit. His energy spirit was different compared to the others. It was shockingly pitch black double bladed hatchet five times the size of a normal one. It had a fiery destructive aura. Du Zhen Tian grabbed at empty air as if wrapping his fingers around an imaginary handle. The incorporeal black hatchet raised itself up, hurtling itself towards Chu Tian.


Chu Tian stepped aside to avoid the hit.

A black hatchet crashed down from the air down to where Chu Tian had been standing mere milliseconds ago, and the arena splintered and gave way to a huge crack. What a destructive power.

Ye Xiong, Li Zhang Yun, Du Zhen Tian: the three Soul Awakening fighters had simultaneously released attacks. Zhang Li Qing and Xiong Bing alone would be hard-pressed to defend Chu Tian. It looked like he was really in a bit of a tight spot.

Meng Qing Wu and Meng Ying Ying saw this event unfolding from afar, and their hearts seized with worry.

Why else would Chu Tian fight so hard but for their commerce? If they knew the situation would be this risky, they would have rather Chu Tian stay as a nobody and not attract all this dangerous attention.

Everything was too late now.

What should they do now?


The entire plaza was affected with vibration. A fiery and deafening roar filled the air. It was as if the world were coming to an end. The rolling echoes of the roar filled their eardrums with a piercing pain. “Do you still think I, the mayor, am important?”

A frightening intimidation swept across the entire land.

The power of red flame emitted out, a strong heat shrouded the arena, which congealed into a large spirit. The spirit looked like the mouth of a volcano, burning lava roil on it’s surface, spurting hot magma, a poisonous miasma assailed the nose.

The mayor Nangong Yi made his move.

It was a volcano spirit!

The volcano represented the strength of the earth, the volcano represented the strength of nature. A volcanic eruption of sufficient magnitude could cover the entire lands under heaven, causing misery to all living things, and in the end make a whole country perish!

The spirit of the warrior represented the warrior’s ability and potential!

The volcano awakened with world-shaking power, it was as if a calamity was descending onto Tian Nan City, making everybody feel alarmed.

The Nangong clan were all wielders of fire spirits.

Nangong Yun had awakened her godly Fire Phoenix Spirit and became famous in the whole continent.

Nangong Yi held the post of mayor, he was prudent and cautious. Nobody had ever seen him make a move, so nobody knew Nangong Yi’s true strength and thought he was weak.

Even though the Volcano Spirit could not compare to his daughter’s Fire Phoenix Spirit, it still had extreme destructive power. If one were to reach the pinnacle of cultivation, it would not be inferior to the godly spirits.

The power of the volcano.

It was still brewing!

If this power were to be released, the experts on the same level would be no match for it. From the looks of Nangong Yi’s imposing manner, his power was above everybody in the field!

These Spirit Awakened cultivator could not necessarily come out victorious!

Is this the true power of the mayor?

Is this the legacy of the Nangong clan, one of the three great families?

Nangong Yi changed his usual modest and scholarly manner, he reprimanded in a tyrannical manner, “Ye Xiong, you are being impudent! Every year in the Tian Nan General Assembly, casualties are difficult to avoid. Don’t tell me that only your son is allowed to kill other people, and that other people cannot make a move against your son?”

The Volcano Spirit surged, the roiling lava within seemed to be at the tipping point of erupting out, the terrible temperature and pressure made everybody in the square unable to breathe.

Nangong Yi articulated, “Who dares to mess around, don’t blame this mayor for being ruthless!”

How strong!

There was no way to go against him!

Ye Xiong, Li Zhang Yun, Du Zhen Tian were not willing, but they had no choice!

After all, in this world, strength reigned supreme. Whoever was the strongest, they were like the heavens. The three people glared hatefully at Chu Tian and apologized stiffly to the mayor. They all returned to their seats.

Nangong Yi had shown clearly that he meant to protect Chu Tian.

Chu Tian was bound to live a worry-free life in Tian Nan City as long as Nangong Yi remained mayor. The three people did not dare to rashly make a move against Chu Tian.

They really did not dare!

But when did the mayor suddenly become so determined?

Ye Xiong, Due Zhen Tian had dark looks, in the end they declared angrily, “We’re leaving!”.

The two clan head directly withdrew, bringing their people along with them.

Nangong Yi withdrew his Volcano Spirit. For the sake of protecting Chu Tian he had offended two people. Since it already happened he did not care anymore. In a deep and resounding voice he solemnly announced, “Nobody can lay a hand on Tian Nan’s number one genius, Chu Tian!”

“Chu Tian!”

“Chu Tian!”

The people yelled frantically.

Their blood was boiling because of Chu Tian!

They were fired up because of the mayor’s power!

Tian Nan City was only a small city in the continent, yet they had such strong powers. Prosperity was right around the corner!

Nangong Yi continued, “According to Tian Nan City’s tradition, Chu Tian won first place in the Big Competition, the clan or power he represents has won a tax-free year, as well as mining resources. In addition, he has the opportunity to speak first in the Summit!”

These words were spoken.

The loud shouts subsided.

Wasn’t Chu Tian representing South Cloud Commerce?

The commerce was on its last legs, on the verge of collapse, what kind of speech could he make on behalf of it?

The crowd became depressed, Chu Tian had made the atmosphere of the summit very passionate, but now would it end on such a sad note?

Chu Tian followed Nangong Yu, walking on the long red carpet, slowly making his way to the center of the square. The Big Competition was now coming to a close. The main event of the Summit was about to take place. The army, government, and business elite representatives gathered, about to announce the end of the year summary, publicly declaring their plans for the next year.

When Chu Tian stepped into the center of the luxurious square, he faced the large crowd. He did not have any stage fright, he declared in a loud voice, “Today I am here not to speak for anybody else. I am here to speak for myself!”

Chu Tian continued, “Before the mayor, before the citizens of Tian Nan City, I am solemnly announcing, the grandest commerce in the whole kingdom, Miracle Commerce! Today it is established!”

Miracle Commerce?

Never heard of it!

Not a single sound could be heard, what was this all about? What was this arrogant guy saying, calling his own commerce the grandest in the kingdom?

His own responsibility?


Chu Tian was an honest person, when he said these words, he felt apologetic. He had meant to say that Miracle Commerce would become the greatest commerce in the whole world!

Chu Tian did not pay any mind to the discussion of the people, he continued to speak in a loud voice, “Before Miracle Commerce makes a formal public appearance, I want to introduce to two sub-commerce under it!”

The commerce has just been established, suddenly there are two sub-commerce?

Chu Tian announced loudly, “The first, South Cloud Talisman and Pharmaceutical Technology Company, it’s president is Meng Qing Wu, chief adviser is Zhang Li Qing and Xiong Tian Yan!”


Everybody exploded with passion!

What is he talking about? Wasn’t this South Cloud Commerce?

This new commerce just swallowed up an existing name! What made people even more amazed, Zhang Li Qing, Xiong Tian Yan were both well-known as talisman maker and alchemist, unexpectedly joining this commerce on the verge of collapse!

Chu Tian continued announcing in a loud voice, “Second, Miracle Magic Restaurant Management and Co., president is Meng Ying Ying with the vice president as Nangong Yun!

Nangong Yi and Xiong Bing stared blankly for several seconds.

When they saw Xiong Tian Yan, Nangong Yun, Meng Ying Ying, Meng Qin Wu, Zhang Li Qing go up on stage and stand behind Chu Tian, the two people slowly regained their senses.

This must be some sort of dream!

Chu Tian did not give anybody a break, “Everybody must be curious, what is Miracle Commerce? Today, here, inviting Meng Qing Wu Vice President of Miracle Commerce and President of the Talisman and Pharmaceutical Technology Company to please step forward, to show everybody this product!”

Chu Tian withdrew, winking at Meng Ying Ying as if to say, how is it, big brother wasn’t bad wasn’t he!

Meng Ying Ying’s eyes were dancing with light, her mouth was curled into a happy smile, discreetly giving him a thumbs up, expressing her satisfaction and praise!

Meng Qing Wu slowly walked up the stage. She had changed into a snow-white robe, it outlined her perfect figure, she was dignified and beautiful, her bearing was noble, worthy of being called Tian Nan City’s number one beauty!

Meng Qing Wu had operated South Cloud Commerce for six years, she had encountered many events before but she never felt as nervous as she was now.

Time was moving too fast.

From the moment Chu Tian established the commerce, up to it’s public announcement, it had only been ten or more days. Meng Qing Wu worked continuously non-stop but many things still needed to be done, the assembly line was still incomplete.

But some products had already come out, at least for the Summit today there was no problem.

Meng Qing Wu reflected on the events lead up to this moment and her confidence instantly increased.

At this point, a few South Cloud Commerce employees brought out a huge object, carefully bringing it up on stage. It was at least 2 zhang (ten Chinese feet, a Chinese foot is 3.3 meters) high, completely covered beneath a black sheet.

What is this?

It aroused everyone’s curiosity!

Translated by: lxnuy & korezmi

Edited by: patrick_father_of_dragons