Miracle Throne

Chapter 39: End of the Summit Meeting

Chapter 39: End of the Summit Meeting

Does Miracle Commerce only have 2 products?

If that was what you’re thinking, you’ve made a big mistake!

Meng Qing Wu stood on the center of the square, meeting everyone’s gaze, started speaking in a calm and unhurried manner, “With these products, it’s without a doubt that the standard of living of the citizens in Tian Nan City will increase exponentially. With just this, it is sufficient to propel the Miracle Commerce to be a large enterprise, however that is not our goal it is rather just a checkpoint in our journey to become something greater!”

That alluring voice, even more bewitching than that of the Siren, enchanting those who hear her voice causing them to unconsciously focus all their attention to the speech.

(T/N: Siren)

“Miracle Commerce is one which prioritizes the advancement of the human race!” Meng Qing Wu’s voice cut through the crowd like a knife through ice, causing the listeners to shiver unconsciously. “We wish that our efforts will allow the human race to enjoy eternal glory on this land, allow us to create the grandest civilization since the start of time and a commerce that will forever be engraved in history as the greatest!”

“Siiiii” (fx: sound of air sucked between the teeth, indicating hesitation)

The entire square turned silent from admiration. How much courage is needed for her to make such a speech!

Humans, they are not the only race on this continent, they are also definitely not the strongest. However, they are the most numerous, territories spanning millions of miles, As many city as the stars in the sky.

Nan Xia Country (T/N: Tian Nan city is part of Nan Xia country) is just a small kingdom of 200 million people. Those truly almighty figures will not even spare a glance to such a small country.

A small commerce within a small city under the governance of a small kingdom, actually believe that they can allow the human race to prosper, doesn't it seem too idealistic?

Even the cheeks of Meng Qing Wu had flushed red.

As you might expect, the entire speech was taught to her by Chu Tian. The content of the speech was definitely exaggerated, however since exaggerating isn't breaking the law then there’s no harm in doing more. This is especially so when the commerce has just been established; for the commerce to prosper it requires others to pay attention to it and a method to do so is for your words to astonish or shock others.

Meng Qing Wu is not a simple person, she fought through her embarrassment and gathered her passion, “The Miracle Commerce exists for the sake of creating miracles, the Miracle Commerce exists for the sake of changing the world, the Miracle Commerce will not be satisfied with just conquering this city.. THIS IS ONLY THE BEGINNING!”

Thunderous applause swept through the crowd!

Meng Qing Wu seeing that the atmosphere of the crowd was just right, proceeded with the main part of the speech, “South Cloud Commerce will assume full responsibility for Talisman, drug development, production, and sales! Everyone, let’s witness the birth of the new South Cloud commerce!”

Talisman production and alchemy production is undoubtedly one of the most profitably industries. Due to this reason, the competition is harsh and it's difficult to stand out from the competition. It is this reason that caused the South Cloud Commerce to suffer from a mountain of debt and ultimately end up in such a pathetic state.

“The Miracle Commence would like to announce the latest product from our research!” Meng Qing Wu spread out her arms in an inviting gesture, “I would like to invite SCC chief talisman adviser Zhang Li Qing and chief alchemy adviser Xiong Tian Yan on stage!”

This sentence was sufficient to shock the entire crowd! These two men are the top in their field in Tian Nan City, and they publicly announced that they are joining SCC. Who still dares say that SCC will go bankrupt soon? Who can say that SCC will soon sell ass? (T/N: A chinese saying where you have to sell your body/ass to get money because you have nothing valuable to sell)

With this partnership, SCC will have numerous advantages and insider information. It will surely rise like a phoenix and build a stronghold in Tian Nan City!

Zhang Li Qing leisurely walked up the stairs. Usually he would prefer to don his plain grey robe, often looking thin and pallid; instead today he put on a set of formal robes, face filled with spirit and vibrancy; seemingly younger by a couple of decades.

“Teacher Zhang!”

The crowd excitedly cheered. He is the idol of numerous teens in this city as well as one in a very high position, commanding respect and admiration.

Zhang Li Qing let out a gentle smile and cupped his hands to thank the crowd. As the crowd settle, he begin his part of his speech.

Soft yet firm and forceful, “Firstly, to be able to stand on this stage i would like to express my gratitude to Miracle commerce and the president for the help you’ve given me. Allowing an old man like me to stand again on my own two feet and use what little ability i have to assist the commerce. Once again, thank you!”

Suddenly, he turned around and gave a deep bow to Chu Tian and the rest.

This is simply too shocking! An awakened soul cultivator, a talisman master! To humble himself as such, is truly deserving of admiration.

“In truth, I’m already an old man. So old that I almost can't keep up with the change of the seasons; whatever the future may hold, I may not be able to witness it with my own two eyes… However, with what remaining strength I have, I will contribute to the making of Miracle Commerce. Carrying the bricks and tiles(T/N: 添砖加瓦 :To do one’s bit to help), passing on my lifetime worth of knowledge, giving this kingdom.. My last contribution!”

Waves of applause spread through the crowd.

Belittling himself as such, just this fact alone is enough for the commerce to be on tomorrow’s headline.

At the same time, a few members of the talisman association walked up the stage, carrying an enormous scroll. Slowly unveiling the contents of the scroll, revealing a complicated yet exquisite talisman blueprint.

“Is this really a talisman blueprint?” The crowd thought. Nan Gong Yi and Xiong Bing almost had their eyes pop out, their mouths hanging open from this flawless “artwork”.

“This is the new talisman blueprint created after 2 years of research, with the help from the Miracle Commerce. This piece of level 1 talisman - Stone Skin, will be exclusively produced and sold by SCC. I believe this is one of the best level 1 talisman that graced this continent in the recent decade!”

“The stone skin talisman is very easy to control and has no side effect. It allows the user skin to be as tough as stone, increasing resistance to fire as well as reduce the impact from fist and weapons.”

A torrent of words spill out from Zhang Li Qing’s mouth, from its value in research to its versatile function, attacking it from various angles, causing the audience to gasp in shock.

This is truly an excellent talisman, surpassing the current technology by decades! One of the reasons of the stagnation of SCC is from the severe oppression of their competitors. However, the main reason is that their talisman is too outdated! The design of talisman is always changing, if you can't keep up with the improvements you will naturally be eliminated in this race. (T/N: Eg nokia, sony ericsson vs iphone, samsung)

Previously, SCC did not have an talisman master, neither did it have resources to spare for research. For a long time, SCC sold mainstream talismans that are not prone to changes , conforming to the crowd and not having any specialty or niche, losing its competitive edge.

The tides have turned with the exclusive sale of the stone skin talisman, leading the design race by years of research causing the competitor to be unable to replicate. Now is when the counterattack of SCC begins, no longer passive rather attacking aggressively with their newfound qualifications and ability.

Xiong Tian Yan step forward and continue, “Greetings, I'm the elder of the alchemy association, temporarily taking the position of chief alchemy adviser of SCC.”

While his reputation may not exceed Zhang Li Qing’s, his ability has already gained him a reputation in the field of alchemy and boundless prospects.

“I am not good with words! Therefore I only want to say one thing, Miracle Commence is definitely a majestic commerce. I do not have the qualifications to choose to join it, it chose to allow me to join! I am extremely humbled and honoured, as well as pressured because my ability is still lacking to hold this responsibility!”

Xiong Bing was flabbergasted! When did his younger brother became so modest?! Impossible! He is naturally aware of his younger brother’s gunpower like temperament and is usually arrogant, humbling words can't possibly exit from his mouth!

Xiong Tian Yan continued, “I will hereby reveal SCC’s new pills, the Crimson Lotus pill and the Lian Qi pill!” (T/N: 练 = Liàn = Train , 气 = qì = vital energy. I'm sure naming this Lian Qi pill will come to bite my ass in the future as there will definitely be more than 1 kind of pill that increases the cultivation….)

The Crimson Lotus pill is a rare lifesaving pill, while the Lian Qi pill is a priceless treasure to quicken the cultivation process!

Chu Tian did not publish other pills and talisman due the the infertile land within Tian Nan City. Ingredients required to manufacture them cannot be found within this city. Secondly, the market for pills and talisman have long since saturated, with some large commerce maintaining their monopoly of the market.

With the emergence of SCC, some of the market share will definitely flow towards them. As the saying goes, taking away someone’s rice bowl is askin to killing one’s parents! Before SCC gains enough power, it's best to hide its ability and remain lowkey. If one is too greedy and not leave some leeway for the other commerce, the consequence is hard to imagine. Even a rabbit will strike back when cornered, not to mention these old foxes.

Releasing these products is sufficient to promote the reputation of SCC yet also preserving the other commerce.

Once the foundation of SCC is stable, then by slowly nibbling and penetrating, like a frog in boiling water, weaken their defenses. When they finally realise, it will be too late!

“Oh my god! Unbelievable!!”

“No matter of low the innate talent, upon consuming the Lian Qi pill they will be able to cultivate?!”

“The side effect of the Crimson Lotus pill is so minor? Our mercenary group has to order as many as possible!!”

The excitement level of the crowd reached its peak and does not seem that it will drop anytime soon. Tian Nan summit meeting has became a one man show belonging to Miracle Commerce!

No one noticed that in a corner, concealed a middle aged man. In his black robe and hood concealing his face is precisely Ye Xiong! On the surface, Ye Xiong has already left the summit, however he sneaked back to gather information.

It can be seen how sly a person he is.

The existence of Miracle commerce, threatened the status of the Wolf commerce, and even as far as threatened the entire mercenary group and Ye family’s status!

He is well aware of the ability of Meng Qing Wu, she specialises in administration and management work, it is impossible for her to invent all those products!

Could it be Chu Tian? It is increasing hard to see through him!

Ye Xiong filled with murderous intent, like a wolf stalking its prey, eyes flicker with hatred. In his mind, he thought of how to kill that fellow. Poison? Assassination? No matter what it’s best that he dies as soon as possible!

Nan Gong Yi is a hinderance, it will not be easy to get rid of Chu Tian under his protection.

“A person cannot appear out of nowhere..” Ye Xiong contemplated for a while before ordering the servant next to him, “Order all the intelligence division to find out everything about Chu Tian. I want to know everything! Within these two days I want to see the report!”


After the announces by the Miracle commerce, Ye Xiong lost interest and soundlessly walked into the dark alley..

Translated by: Timothy

Proofread by: seriouspotato