Miracle Throne

Chapter 42: Luring the Mayor

Chapter 42: Luring the Mayor

Mayor's residence

Two people will sign the contract for the resources exchange.

Only after the contract signing is finished would Nangong Yi believe it to be true.

There was unexpectedly such a stupid fool in this world? Would they really exchange a rundown oil mine for excellent quality resource sites?

The mayor only persuaded them a bit before this fellow was completely willing to the exchange!

Of course, the mayor was very happy. Perhaps he could never have, in his wildest dreams, imagine that after a year, he would extremely grieve over this decision.

The mayor was secretly delighted at that moment.


Chu Tian picked up the pen and paper and scribbled something down.

Chu Tian was thinking hard while writing down a dozen or so recipes, “Have a look at this for me mayor, which of these ingredients can be found in Tian Nan City? I have an urgent need for them.”

These materials were actually very common

After all, Tian Nan City was not a region with poor natural resources. There was no problem with writing down extra just to be on the safe side.

I haven’t seen most of these before, Tian Nan City has the materials for the eight item.” Nangong Yi continued to read the list aloud and then picked up some inexpensive items, then said in a clear voice, "There is money in the mayor’s estate. If you really need it, I will have some people deliver it to you."

A thought suddenly occurred to Chu Tian, "Great. Thank you for your trouble, Mayor."

Very good!

With the materials, it would be possible to extract the crystal oil!

After all this was a generation where natural resources were still plentiful. Nobody cared about mineral deposits they did not know how to use, since there was plenty of other, more important resources. Why would they be interested?

Thanks to Chu Tian’s foresight, he would certainly be able to snatch it from other people’s faces. He would take hold of the mainland’s rare natural resources, and use them all for himself. From this he could create his eternal glory and a place in history.

Nangong Yi cautiously took a glance over the names of the ingredients, “Blue topaz sand, crystal dust, moonlight grass, red coral juice, strong solvent… strange. Blue topaz powder and crystal dust are ingredients for refining tools. Blue topaz powder greatly increases the sharpness of weapons, while crystal dust increases the strength. Moonlight grass is an alchemical ingredient; red coral juice is an ingredient for making talismans. How can these possibly be put together? It’s neither for refining tools nor for alchemy.”

Chu Tian did not expect Nangong Yi to understand the items this much, “Apparently, Mayor is quite well-read.”

Nangong Yi replied bluntly, “I have studied refining. I don’t dare to claim great mastery, but I was relatively reputable in the capital.”

The conversation sounded modest, but it really was not. After all, what kind of place was the capital? To say that one was relatively reputable in the capital, one might as well say that they are the number one figure in refining tools in Tian Nan City.

Chu Tian was curios about the techniques for refining tools in this period. He asked thoughtfully, “Does the mayor possess any masterpieces to show? Allow me to broaden my horizons.”

Nangong Yi took out a dagger from his pocket. The dagger was about two and a half feet and scarlet-colored, the blade was curved similar to a viper fang. All in all it was sleek and also sharp, with a talisman engraved on it.

“This Flaming Serpent Dagger was made by me.”

This dagger was what Nangong Yi considered to be his masterpiece. This small city’s bumpkin, could produce this kind of exquisite quality? Chu Tian stood rooted on the spot in surprise. Afterwards, he bowed his head and gave his respects, while the Mayor was not at all pretentious.

Unexpectedly, Chu Tian only spoke lightly, “It’s okay.”

What do you mean okay?

Do you not have eyes, young man?

Nangong Yi knitted his brows, “Is it possible that President Chu Tian also understands the refining that was used?”

“I have briefly skimmed it. I don’t really understand it, however, I can see a few problems.”

Chu Tian took the Flaming Serpent Dagger and closed his eyes slowly, fingers lightly stroking the blade of the dagger, while a burst of invisible waves slowly diffused.


[note: previously Heart's Eye]

He once again activated Heartsight.

Nangong Yi, overflowing with excitement, could not help but take a step back. Nangong Yi knew that Heartsight was capable of looking into the human emotions as well. It was not quite mind-reading, rather what one could perceive with Heartsight were evil intentions, good intentions, happiness, anger, sorrow, joy and so on.

The Mayor had just exchanged a worthless oil mine for a large amount of quality resources, and was feeling guilty.

Fingers lightly stroked over the back of the dagger.

Chu Tian opened his eyes, “Using melted volcanic crystals as the core, forged with red grain steel for the body, tempered in water for forty-nine days with the flame lizard blood and blaze beast scales. In addition to sealing the spirit of a Red Flame Serpent, there were three blessed methods used, which are….”

Not a single thing was missed.

This truly was quite surprising.

The Mayor muttered to himself, “The legend is true. Once Heartsight is activated, one will be able to clearly understand everything: the spirit, matter, energy—nothing can escape from Heartsight.”

How frightening!

If used in battle, this power would be able to give insight to the enemy’s weaknesses and intentions, giving the user the upper hand. This ability could even be used for treasure hunting. Treasures whose outward appearance were simple and unadorned, something an ordinary person simply would not have the means of identifying, would not escape the notice of Heartsight.

Nangong Yi was both envious and jealous.

How he resented this young eighteen year old.

How can he possess this kind of abnormal ability?

Chu Tian smiled serenely and tried to be enigmatic, “The Heartsight isn’t really mysterious, it’s just a very common ability.”

Could he not pretend?

What a show off!

This made the Mayor extremely angry.

Nangong Yi had a bitter smile on his face, “President Chu Tian is surely joking. In the whole country, who else possesses- Heartsight?”

“This country is rather small.” Chu Tian paused for a bit, and slowly explained, “Hyperfocus is good, Heartsight is also not bad, ultimately, both are generated by the ability of one’s spirit and consciousness, which is commonly referred to as Spiritual Sense.”

Nangong Yi, as a member of the Nangong Clan, was experienced and well-informed. However, he had never heard of this before. “Spiritual Sense? Can you tell me the specifics? “

“Spiritual Sense and strength do not possess a direct relationship, but they each do have separate domains of inferiority and superiority,” Chu Tian paused a bit, and then continued, “The first domain is what is known as Hyperfocus, which is distributing Spiritual Sense to the organs of the body. The second level is the so-called Heartsight. During this time, the spirit and the consciousness can separate from the body, transcending the capability of the physical body’s sensory organs in order to sense changes in materials, abilities, and even minds.”

The young man was indeed enigmatic!

In just a few words, he unexpectedly opened up an unheard of domain.

Nangong Yi showed a dazed countenance. “Could it be that there is something that exceeds the Heartsight’s, an even more advanced Spiritual Sense? ”

Chu Tian nodded his head, and said, “Of course there is. A genuinely powerful Spiritual Sense can discern, within a thousand feet, a single flower and a single grass, a worm and an ant. Without exception, ghosts and evil forces, evil spirits and demons, all have nowhere to hide.

“Once one achieves a greater realm of Spiritual Sense, one can move a thousand miles, then come and go freely. Even more than that, one can transform the energy of an entity, manipulating the thoughts of other people, change ideas, even kill people without leaving a trace. With the highest level, according to the legends, one could bloom and wither flowers at a whim, almost like Divine beings.”

Even Chu Tian has not managed to achieve the highest realm.

That was the realm spoken only in theories, even he had limits like an ordinary person.

Nangong Yi was a little bit dazed.

He’s never heard of this before.

The human body could actually possess this kind of ability?

“What realm has your Spiritual Sense achieved?”

“Haha, Mayor looks at me with too much regard. Spiritual Sense is not directly related to the cultivation base, however it is influenced by spiritual strength. Since my cultivation base is quite low it is limiting the growth of my spiritual strength. Although I can activate Heartsight, it requires a great deal of effort and causes strain. I can only use it for a short period of time.”

It was still unbelievable!

The words Chu Tian spoke sounded unbelievable.

Nangong Yi happened to possess a somewhat sharp intuition, so what this person had said was definitely not made up.

For the first time, Nangong Yi learned how huge the world was, but also how insignificant he himself was.

From his manner of speaking, the progression of Spiritual Sense seemed to be as easy as drinking boiled water. He could currently only activate Heartsight, the reason being his strength was still inadequate.

Chu Tian heaved a sigh, “In refining tools, Spiritual Sense is especially important. Forgive me for speaking so bluntly, but if one isn’t in the domain of Hyperfocus, even with the innate skill, it would be difficult to achieve great success.”

After saying that, Chu Tian returned the Flaming Serpent Dagger back to Nangong Yi. “The spirit of the Flame Serpent inside that dagger is very weak. I suggest that you prepare some Spirit-Cultivating Grass to keep it in for around one to two months. The dagger’s power is bound to double.”

Nangong Yi’s expression became complicated, hesitating for a few seconds before speaking, “I have a favor to ask.”

Chu Tian feigned his surprise, “Mayor, how can I be of service?”

Nangong Yi turned to Chu Tian with a hand cupped into his fist, “Can you possibly teach me the art of Spiritual Sense?”

Chu Tian laughed and said, “Spiritual Sense is not the same as fundamental strengths. It doesn’t have a specific technique to practice on, and the levels of the spirit is deep and faintly discernible. It mainly relies on personal insight and transformation. Once one reaches their moment of truth, something will come out of nothing.”

Actually, the method for cultivating Spiritual Sense does exist.

However, the difficulties of this method are rather high. Relying on the natural resources of the Country of Nan Xia as a foundation would not be sufficient and Chu Tian has other plans he was not yet prepared to reveal.

“Hey, are you saying that...I’m doomed without even a possibility of a chance?”

Chu Tian looked at Nangong Yi with a disappointed expression, “Mayor, you do not need to belittle yourself. It is not your skill that lacks. What you are lacking is a bit of luck.”


Everyone lacks luck!

Being born required luck, practice required luck, fortuitous meetings required luck. Who does not lack luck?

Chu Tian suddenly changed the subject, “Perhaps I can offer a technique capable of refining one’s spiritual ability. Although it cannot directly cultivate Spiritual Sense, there is still a bit of supplementary purpose, for people who are lacking, they only have to remain committed to practicing for a short time, and the domain of hyperfocus should be no problem.

Nangong Yi gave an ecstatic countenance, “Really?”

Chu Tian’s eyes flashed with a sliver of craftiness, “However, Mayor, this method is not readily available. I haven’t even taught the method to anyone before, so it is necessary to have a comparatively long time to arrange my thoughts. I need to meditate in order to summarize the experience, only then will I be able to write it out.

“How much time do you need?”

“Probably around a month.”

Nangong Yi was very impatient, “That long?!”

Chu Tian was serious, “Spiritual Refining is no small matter. One small accident could lead to endless trouble. At best you’d become disabled, wounded, and insane; at worst you’d be dead. I cannot be careless, so I must properly sort out my thoughts.

The young man spoke half truths and half lies.

He definitely had some kind of method.

Nangong Yi firmly believed it.

But did he really need a month?

Probably not necessarily.

This young man was deliberately delaying so as to let me, within this one month’s time, protect him by any means and at all costs.

The temptation was honestly rather great.

This is a set of skills that aid in refining Spiritual Sense. It's value might exceed the technique the Nangong Clan passed down through the generations—Burning Heaven Technique.

The “Burning Heaven Technique” was a powerful force that was so destructive, but this kind of power was not lacking within the city. The mainland, even more so did not lack this kind of power. Chu Tian’s method of refining the spirit was indeed something worth keeping. Not only does the city does not possess anything like it, other countries also had difficulties in producing something similar. Otherwise, it was impossible for Nangong Yi not to even be a little bit aware of it.


“Don’t be so hasty. If what is necessary is a month, then give it a month!

“If this method turns out to be really useful, my Nangong Clan will surely be very grateful to you!”

Then its purpose had already been achieved.

Regardless of what methods of conspiracy the Ye Family used, the Mayor would put everything at stake to protect him. Unless the Ye Family’s methods were too powerful that even the Mayor would be unable to protect him, Chu Tian was safe.

As for after a month?

What was there to worry about now? If everything ran smoothly, Chu Tian would most likely be in the Spirit Realm already.

At this moment, a servant pushed a handcart in, on it were several of the crystal pots. There was the blue topaz sand, crystal dust, moonlight grass powder, and red coral juice.

The materials were already here.

Chu Tian checked to make sure that there would be no problems, and with great care, moved the kegs filled with crystal oil out. “I will begin doing experiments. If Mayor is interested, then he may watch.”

It was possible that these experiments were related to the crystal oil.

Was crystal oil not an extremely dangerous substance?

Could one just casually touch it?

If this young man were to bring about some kind of accident, this Mayor would have sustained great losses.

Nangong Yi had already been made impatient by the secrets of refining the spirit. Unexpectedly, he did not directly prohibit Chu Tian’s experimentation, and simply stayed back to watch the proceedings. “Mayor will just look around and observe President Chu Tian’s strategy.”

Translated by: Grass Basil

Edited by: seriouspotato