Miracle Throne

Chapter 46 : Arrogant Domineering

Chapter 46 : Arrogant Domineering

Two youths, one armed with a sabre, the other with a sword stood in confrontation in front of the restaurant. The two were both handsome and looked unnatural. One look and one could tell that they were both cream of the crop.

“Third brother, your Three Gale Swords’ potential is exquisite. I willingly acknowledge my defeat.”

“Ha, ha, Ninth Brother, there is no need to belittle yourself. Your Searing Flame Sabre skill is becoming more and more sharp, I could almost not resist it.”

“I also started practicing the Reverse Waves Sabre skill, but I haven’t found the right person to test it on so I don’t know how strong it is.”

“Ha,ha, how clever, it seems like brother has also hidden a skill.”

“Let’s go again!”

The two chatted while treating everyone around them as if they were nothing but air.

The onlookers were awestruck, the two men were people they did not recognize, but from their competition, it was clear that they possessed cultivations that were not the slightest bit inferior to the top talents of South Sky City.

At this time, an angry roar resounded from the distance.

“You bastards!”

A mass of flames dropped down from the sky and sunk into the ground. Its burning hot strength quickly spread and soon there were two deep holes left in the ground.

Nangong Yun’s body was covered in flames as she slowly stood up. Lingering sparks were all over her body, her long red hair danced in the wind making her look just like an angry goddess. The shadow of the Fire Phoenix Spirit was partly visible which made it hard for people to look directly at her.

A strong, imposing manner!

A terrifying aura!

Onlookers hurried to move back out of fear.

The youth holding the sword’s face showed a hint of fear, “Fire Phoenix’s strength? You are the famous South Sky City’s talent, Nangong Yun!”

The outside of YingYing Hot Pot City was seriously damaged. The ribbon cutting platform had collapsed, the store signs were destroyed, several staff members and guards were on the ground rolling in pain, and the grounds were a mess.

However it was lucky that it was only the exterior that was damaged.

The interior should have no problems.

However this still caused Miracle Commerce a lot of problems.

Nangong Yun was so angry that she almost lost it, “Why did you do this?”

The two youths looked at each other, in their eyes was a flash of mischief and they replied with a smile, “For fun!”

For fun?

For fun?!

These bastards actually caused this trouble before the grand opening just for fun?

“This beautiful young lady, why are you so angry?” The sabre armed youth laughed and waved his hand and said, “Didn’t we just break a few things and injure a few servants? How much money do you want to be compensated, we’ll pay double and let it end there!”

“Compensate? Can you do it?” Nangong Yun roared in an uncontrollable rage, “I want your lives! Look at this palm!”

“Nangong, not so fast!”

Chu Tian, Meng Qingwu and Meng Yingying walked out of the crowd.

Meng Yingying saw the damage to the restaurant, tears instantly formed in her eyes. For several days, she had worked hard to decorate the dining room. Each furnishing and ornament, Meng Yingying had personally hung up.

She had not thought that after a little while, it would all become like this?

How could she not be sad?

How could she not be heartbroken?

Meng Yingying was so angry her tooth roots were itchy.

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Seeing her little sister’s heartfelt efforts being destroyed, Meng Qingwu also felt very angry!

However, she suppressed her anger and calmly asked, “Who are you people? We haven’t offended you in any way!”

Meng Qingwu was cautious by nature. Without knowing the background of the two, she did not dare act rashly. What if it was a trap?

The sword holding youth did not even look at her and in a clear resounding voice said, “Who we are, you as a small person aren’t qualified to know. Be sensible and quickly leave, stop ruining my mood!”

The sabre armed youth laughed wildly, “Ha, ha, third brother, you really are cold hearted aren’t you? Such a nation destroying beauty and you won’t talk to her? Beautiful girl, if you give me a kiss, I’ll tell you who we are!”

The sword holding youth carefully sized up Meng Qingwu, “Oh? I never thought that a small place like this South Sky City would be able to give birth to such national beauties. You have no future in a small place like this, come to the Central State with me and I’ll guarantee you will live a quality life.

The sabre armed youth smiled wretchedly, “Daytime lady, nighttime **, don’t forget to take care of this little brother.”

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They were too arrogant!

To so openly insult Meng Qingwu like this.

Even Ye Han could not compare to them!

But, it was not possible for a normal person to be this arrogant and domineering. The two did not have a simple background!

They should have come from the Central State, only people from Central State City would have this kind sense of superiority. It must also be their first time in South Sky City, or else it would have been impossible for them to not recognize Meng Qingwu.

This was very strange!

The first time they come to South Sky City, why would they make things difficult for Miracle Commerce?

Nangong Yun found it unbearable, “Sister Qingwu, they’ve gone too far! For people like them, I can kill them with one move!

“Nangong Yun, we know you and how strong you are. Today’s matters do not concern you, you better not meddle in other people’s business.” The sword holding youth who did not know the relation between Nangong Yun and Hot Pot City, instead loudly said, “If you don’t want me to cause trouble for Nangong Yi, obediently move out of my way!

“That’s right!” The sabre armed youth loudly shouted, “Chu Tian, I never thought you would degenerate to this state, having to live off these women! If you’re really a man, stop hiding behind women and come out!”

The three girls were surprised!

Did these two people recognize Chu Tian?

Was their goal also Chu Tian?


It wasn’t someone from the Ye Family or the Du Family, rather it was Chu Tian’s old enemy?

The sabre armed youth sneered and said, “I’ll count to three, if you don’t obediently roll out here and kneel to apologize to us, we’ll burn down your store!

It really was an old enemy!

Chu Tian was puzzled, but some things you did not really need to understand that well. He walked out without any hesitation.

The sword holding youth said, “Don’t you understand my words? Kneel!”

Chu Tian faintly smiled and said, “You seem to like comparing martial arts, how about we exchange moves?”

The eyes of the two youths flashed in surprise, like hearing a big joke, they simultaneously burst into laughter.

“A waste like you, unexpectedly dares to challenge us?”

“How funny! This is really too funny!”

The corner of Chu Tian’s mouth moved into a sneer, “One after the other or do you want to come together?”

This was not a mistake!

Was this really Chu Tian?

The one who was so timid and meek in the past, the fellow who was quiet as a mouse?

The easily bullied fellow from the past, who did not even dare to fart?

The person in front of them, looked exactly the same, but his temperament was like heaven and earth!

The sword holding youth felt insulted, he could not help but become angry and said, “Ninth Brother, this bastard not only dares to not kneel when he sees us, but also dares to challenge us. This is simply going against the heavens, you know what we should do right?

“I understand, let’s waste him to help him properly remember.” The sabre armed youth sneered and walked over, “Do you want to pretend not to know us? Is it possible? This bastard will forever be a bastard! Even if you run to the ends of the earth, that fact won’t change! See my sabre!”

The sabre armed youth exploded with a shout, his long blade burst with a white aura, just like a consistent white rainbow. The blade tore through the air, creating a deathly scream, as if tearing through space, as it mercilessly flew to cut off Chu Tian’s knees. “First I’ll break your legs!”

Nangong Yun clenched her fist.

Meng Qingwu blocked her, “He can deal with it.”

The sabre armed youth was at Body Refinement 7th layer just like Luo Yu was at the summit. It was clear however that the sabre armed youth was not from South Sky City otherwise he would have known that Chu Tian had already defeated Luo Yu and he would not have been so careless.

Chu Tian’s lips turned into a sneer, he shouted once and used a single right finger, “Scram!”


The impartial finger, points at the sabre above!

Like a clap of thunder, the white sabre’s aura was directly crushed!

The sabre armed youth staggered back, taking 6-7 steps, finally coming to a stop. He saw that on his hundred refined steel blade, was a hole the size of a finger.

With a single finger, he broke the sabre aura!

Furthermore, he left a hole in the sabre!

This was formidable strength!

“Waste me? Just with you?” Chu Tian, using his faithful finger, emitted a strong invisible aura, and shot at the sabre aura once again. The hundred refined steel sabre directly broke and it hit the chest of the sabre armed youth, directly cutting several meridians.


The youth spurts out a mouthful of blood, panic-stricken he shouted, “Ah, stop!”

Chu Tian’s ten fingers turned into a pale gold gold, separately imbuing each finger with strength. He shots his finger aura through the youth’s body, sealing off several main meridians.

The youth was continuously being run through with the finger aura and he fell down with a scream. He could not feel his meridians at all. Unable to summon any spirit energy, his face turned deathly and he shouted, “Wait, I admit defeat, don’t hit me anymore!”

“Admit defeat?”

“You really are a spineless person for someone who acts so tough!”

Chu Tian seemed like he just heard the funniest joke!

The two wrecked the restaurant the day before the grand opening. Not only did they cause great troubles for Miracle Commerce, they also wanted to waste Chu Tian on the spot. Now that they could not beat him, they just want to give up?


Another finger aura was shot!

The last meridians were crushed!

The sabre armed youth desperately screamed, “NO!”

The sword holding youth could no longer keep calm, “You dare injure my Ninth brother! Die!” A long handled sword swept across and a light blue sword aura roared out!

Chu Tian disdainfully used a single palm to split the sword aura.

“You are also mediocre!”

Both legs leaped gently, like a gust of wind, he flew up.

Not good!

The sword holding youth firmly prepared in midair, he shots out 45 sword auras and formed a sword aura net in an attempt to stop Chu Tian’s attack.

“Too weak!”

“Can’t even block one attack!”

Chu Tian broke through the net with one palm. The minute he broke through the net, he immediately grabbed the sword holding youth and directly crushed his dantian!


The sword holding youth pitifully cried out and fell down to the earth like a meteor. He hit the ground heavily, his sword fell down at his side.

Chu Tian’s eyes flashed a teasing look, “A Body Refinement 7th layer and a peak Body Refinement 7th layer, with such little strength you dare run rampant before me? With such little skill you dare cause trouble for my Miracle Commerce?

The onlookers revealed faces of amazement.

South Sky City summit was only two days ago!

Chu Tian’s strength seemed to have grown by a lot!

Two masters at Body Refinement 7th layer attacked together, unexpectedly were easily taken care of. Moreover by the looks of them, both of their cultivations had already been wasted!

Nangong Yun looked startled. This little boy was too abnormal, being able to improve his cultivation again in such a short time, how did he do it? Next time she had a chance, she would make him spill his secrets!

“How is this possible?”

“Are you really Chu Tian?”

The two youths both had panic-stricken faces as they stared at him.

The person in the past that did not even have any cultivation. Chu Tian, that piece of waste, how did he become so strong?

The person in the past who they could destroy at any time, the one who they used to toy with was now toying with them unexpectedly?

There was too big of a contrast!

It was simply unacceptable!

“Third Brother, no, no…. My meridians have all been broken!”

“My spirit energy has also been scattered. Chu Tian, you’re really ruthless!”

The two did not think that this would unexpectedly be the result. They were this generation’s natural talents, but this minor matter actually turned them both into disabled people, unable to cultivate ever again!

Regret, fear, hate….bubbled in their hearts, Chu Tian was simply a devil!

“Ruthless?” Chu Tian revealed a pondering look, “You wanted to waste me and you don’t think that’s ruthless? You damaged my Miracle Commerce’s property, you should be grateful that I didn’t directly kill you!”

“Bold evil spawn!”

From a nearby teahouse came a piercing sound, a teacup flew out of the window, flying straight at Chu Tian with high rotational speed. There was still another expert!

Chu Tian’s iron fist shot out, a crisp crack, the teacup was shattered apart!

Chu Tian was forced back a tiny step….Judging from the strength of the attack, he was afraid that the person was in the 8th Body Refinement layer.

Nangong Yun gave a cold snort, “Little hiding rat! Come out for me!”

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