Miracle Throne

Chapter 47: Central State Chu Family

Chapter 47: Central State Chu Family

A middle aged man in a red brocade robe leapt out of the tea house, slightly short black hair, around his mouth was a beard, on his hands were several jade rings; he was obviously a rich gentleman.

The two youths quickly shouted, “Seventh Uncle, save me!”

The middle aged man looked at them with one eye and coldly said, “You two have lost face for our family. Can’t even beat up a bastard, what use do you two have?!”

“Seventh uncle, you….”

The two youths’ faces ashened.

What fortuitous chance did this bastard encounter?

How, after a few months, did he become so formidable?

The middle aged man’s temperament was very arrogant, but his eyes contained a trace of surprise, as he inspected Chu Tian from head to toe, “Everyone thought you died, but who knew the shame of the family was still living? Moreover your cultivation is not weak!”

These weird fellows, where exactly did they come from?

Chu Tian did not carelessly move, this circumstance was truly strange. If you want to fight, you have to understand what is going on. If you fight without understanding the circumstances, you would not understand who you were even fighting, right?

The middle aged man’s face showed mockery and contempt, “You stupid, ignorant girls, why do stand up for someone like him? Do you even know his status, do you know who he is?

Nangong Yun coldly snorted, “Now he is our boss! Compared to you petty people, he is a hundred times stronger!”

The middle aged man retorted, “The Nangong Family is one of the three esteemed families of the kingdom, to actually associate yourself with this bastard, you really disgrace the Nangong Family!”

Nangong Yun angrily rebuked, “If your mouth doesn’t know how to talk, this old lady will help rip it off for you!”

It was really strange!

This fellow clearly recognized Chu Tian!

Not only does he recognize Chu Tian.

He also knew about Chu Tian.

Chu Tian definitely does not remember seeing this person before!

Otherwise, with Chu Tian’s temper and style, this rude fellow would not be able to casually stand there!

There was only one possibility… He was an acquaintance of the original owner of the body, that is the original youth, Chu Tian’s acquaintance.

This could be difficult, because the real Chu Tian disappeared and his memories were all gone. Chu Tian has no idea what happened before.

Who were these people?

Chu Tian motionlessly looked and asked, “What business do you have with me?”

The middle aged man angrily and arrogantly roared, “You are a bastard that should not have been born. The Chu Family blood may flow in you, but you fled the Chu Family, the rebels fled, and ten thousand people died. Moreover. you injured second brother which just adds another sin to your record! You still dare ask this kind of question!?”


What does that mean?

Who exactly was this fellow?

The middle aged man thought he stunned him into silence, coldly smiled and said, “When news came that you were still alive, it caused quite a big stir. The family didn’t believe it at first so they sent me to confirm, but I never thought that it would actually be you and you would even encounter a fortuitous chance! Once you fall into our hands, your good luck will run out here!

Meng Qingwu and the others thought in their hearts, 'this fellow was a Chu Family elder?'

Even so, it did not matter if he was an elder!

One minute. calling someone cheap, one minute calling someone a waste, constantly insulting people, was there an elder like this?

Chu Tian looked with compassionate eyes, looking at this idiot with the giant ego, “Since it’s like this, are you here to kill me?

The middle aged man showed a condescending face, “Rebelling against the family is unforgivable, even if you’re chopped to pieces, it wouldn’t be enough. But, I’ve read that your mother and father have already died, so I’ll give you a chance!

Meng Qingwu suddenly thought.

Chu Family, Central State Chu Family. Was Chu Tian a member of the Central State Chu Family?

Central State Chu Family was a respected family, it was in no way inferior to the Ye Family!

Perhaps, Chu Tian was a member of the Central State Chu Family.

Because of certain incidents and being reduced to a slave, the family thought that Chu Tian had died, so they did not pursue him any further. Now that they received news that Chu Tian was still alive and had established his own company, therefore they sent people over to investigate.

With this kind of explanation, it all made sense!

That was also why these people were so dismissive towards Chu Tian!

It could be said that they watched Chu Tian grow up. they understood too well that it affected their judgement. Nobody could predict that in the future that Chu Tian would turn out this way!

Also, the news about Chu Tian still being alive, some people could have purposely leaked it to the Central State and left out some of the details. Their purpose was to provoke the conflict between Chu Tian and the family, to murder with a borrowed knife!

This was likely a plot to sow discord!

Chu Tian lightly smiled and said, “What do you want me to do?

“You established a company that’s doing pretty well.” The middle aged man showed a greedy expression, “Give me all the shares, waste your own cultivation and return to the family with me to face your punishment. If you do so, I’ll help you beg for leniency and let you escape capital punishment for now! This is your only option to live! I hope you properly appreciate it!

Chu Tian broke out in laughter!

“You still dare to laugh! I am your father’s seven cousin, I am also a righteous person, you are a bastard that should not have been born. It is for your his sake that I’m offering you this chance yet you don’t appreciate it, don’t blame the family for being heartless! The Meng family is a small family from South Sky City, in front of the Chu Family, they can’t even compare to a single piece of dust!

This fellow seemed to understand Chu Tian very well, that was why he was acting like he had already eaten Chu Tian.

“I’m very sorry.” Chu Tian was no longer the old Chu Tian, but he wanted to understand what kind of things had happened to the old owner of this body, so he asked, ”There are some things I’m still not clear on, can you tell me how exactly I betrayed the Chu Family?

The middle aged man’s whole face was full of doubt.

Did he actually forget everything?

What kind of fortuitous chance did this bastard encounter?

“Fine, I’ll help you remember! Your father was a direct line descendant of the Chu Family, high hopes were placed on him, but he actually fell in love with a cheap woman from an enemy family. Despite opposition from the family, he chose to elope with her and gave birth to a bastard like you.”

“Ten years ago, your father and that cheap woman were caught by the family. The family head was kind and only killed that cheap woman. He allowed you father and son to live and even allowed you to study.”

“Who knew that your father, who can’t differentiate between good and bad, would try to flee with you six months ago. Finally he was executed on the spot for betraying the family. You little bastard accidently ran away and managed to live to this day, but since you’ve been discovered by us, you should obediently accept your fate!”

“The Chu Family regulations are very strict, no one can save you this time!”

Both his parents were dead!

They were insulted for many years!

He escaped alone!

Finally was reduced to being a slave!

These were all the things the past Chu Tian had experienced?

Meng Qingwu and Meng Yingying were shocked, they simply could not believe. Chu Tian’s past was unexpectedly so rough?

This usually casual, instinctually optimistic youth.

Actually had such a painful past?

The two sisters sympathized with Chu Tian very much.

At the same time, they felt heartfelt admiration!

“Such dirty things, you actually dare to say out loud?” Nangong Yun was irritated, she could not resist any more, her face turned red, “What a cruel and evil family!”

The middle aged person coldly snorted and said, “The country has its laws, the family has its regulations. The Chu Family’s discipline must be strict or else others would spread rumours! Even the country’s laws cannot interfere with the family’s regulations, Nangong Family definitely cannot interfere with our family matters.”

“Is that so?” Nangong Yun’s eyes flashed killing intent, “Do I need to care?”

The middle aged man’s face revealed a look of dread, “You dare!”

Strange, why would she respond so strongly?

Chu Tian was a bastard of the Chu Family!

Nangong Yun, this kind of character, why would she have relations with this bastard? Her cultivation was very high, perhaps it would be hard to deal with her!

The middle aged man underestimated Chu Tian’s strength, but at this moment, he could not back down so easily, “If the Nangong Family interfered with the Chu Family’s family matters and it was known by the main city, Nangong Yi might lose his position as the Mayor!”

This bastard dared to threaten her with her father!

However what he said was not wrong, it if was a member of the Ye Family here today, Nangong Yun would have no problem killing him with one palm. But a Chu Family member was a different story, they came in name of their family private matter to address grievances.

The large clans of this era generally had high independency. Other families interfering in clan policies were against the laws of the kingdom!

But so what if it was against the laws?

In any case they could not just let Chu Tian be taken away!

Chu Tian walked over, “Nangong, back down.”

“Chu Tian, you…..”

“I’ll do it myself!”

Chu Tian’s jet black eyes quietly flashed.

Also, taking advantage of being reborn, he owed the original owner of the body a favour!

Every bit of karma this original owner had, I, Chu Tian, will bear it all for him.

Chu Tian could feel that, in the depths of his soul, there was a trace of restlessness.

The youth had already vanished into thin air, but still a mark of hatred was left behind.

Revenge for his mother!

Revenge for his father!

Suffering ten years of house arrest!

What kind of humiliation was this!?

But it is all over now. From now on, you just rest!

This enmity, I’ll help you repay it. This hatred, I’ll help you erase it!

The restlessness gradually subsided.

The middle aged man saw Chu Tian’s thick gaze, suddenly felt a chill down his spine, “What are you planning to do?”

“Kill you!”

In a second, smooth as water, he suddenly soared into the sky to kill.

The middle aged man was surprised and quickly tried to resist, however Chu Tian’s strength was greater than he imagined. His arm broke from the palm hit which continued and hit his face, the wild strength sent him flying ten or so meters away.

The middle aged man’s face showed panic!

How was this possible?

Although Chu Tian had been reborn, he was probably at most in the 7th Body Refinement layer. He was a peak 8th Body Refinement cultivator, how was it possible he could not block Chu Tian’s attack?

What was most difficult to be believe was…. Chu Tian actually dared to attack?

This bastard feared the Chu Family, didn’t that fear already long seep into his soul?

The middle aged man was flustered, “You dare kill me? You’ll be making an enemy out of the Chu Family!”

Chu Tian sent out a palm to attack the forehead, knocking the head halfway into the chest cavity, “The Chu Family owes me and I’ll personally get it all back. First I’ll kill you to take back some interest.”

The youth’s soul almost fled their body.

He killed him!

Though Seventh Uncle only managed the branch family, he was still a member of the Chu Family.

This bastard that could not even be considered a part of the genealogy, but he actually dared to kill Seventh Uncle!

“You guys, strip these two fellows and throw them on a busy street for all to see!”

The bodyguards could already see that this fellow was not feeling well, so they quickly stripped their clothes and carried them off on their shoulders like pigs.

Grandmother, what really bad luck!

Encountering this bastard, one’s good mood really would be spoiled!

Chu Tian even dared to kill Ye Xiong’s son, this fellow could be considered bold. Since offending the Ye Family, he even dared to offend the Chu Family, this was real skill!

Nangong Yun surprisedly looked at Chu Tian, “I never thought you would be a member of the Chu Family.”

Chu Tian disdainfully curled his lips, “What Chu Family member? Didn’t you hear what that fellow saying that I am a bastard! These kinds of people that can’t tell right from wrong, Father, I from now on will waste one when I see one.”

Meng Qingwu frowned and said, “This matter is not that simple!”

Meng Yingying asked, “Why?”

“Our Miracle Commerce only established itself these past few days, how did the Central State Chu Family already know about this?”

“Right, there is about a thousand li between South Sky City and Central State main city, to send a message between the two would require several days! Our company was just established, how did they receive the message so quickly?”

Nangong Yun nodded her head, “Only if…. someone intentionally passed the news to Central State!”

“I don’t think it’s just that.” Meng Qingwu’s face showed worry, “The Chu Family clearly sent people to search, but they did not know all the circumstances. They didn’t even know that you , Nangong, are a stockholder in our company, or else they wouldn’t have sent these small characters to verify. In my opinion, somebody deliberately leaked information to the Chu Family, but left out some details. Their goal was to instigate the enmity between Chu Tian and the Chu Family!”


Today’s matters, if Chu Tian could not have handled it, the three fellows would most likely have been blown away by Nangong Yun!

Once these three people have been dealt with, the Chu Family would definitely have been angry. Whether Chu Tian personally handled it, they would definitely not let him get away with it!

Because it was a family’s private matter, the Mayor could not interfere that easily otherwise he would cross the bottom line of the other party. This was a clever murdering with a borrowed knife plot!

As for the identity of the mastermind, there was no need to guess since they could already figure it out.

“First, let’s not worry about these things!” Chu Tian did not really care, “The most urgent thing right now is the restaurant’s grand opening! Let’s pretend today’s matter did not occur, we shouldn’t let it affect us or else it’ll be a big blow to our Miracle Commerce’s morale!”

They were at the point of no return!

Although this was special circumstance, they could not let it affect tomorrow!

This small Source Energy restaurant was not only a restaurant, but it represented the Miracle Commerce’s first official business so it had a big significance. They could not allow any accidents to occur.

Originally they were already nervous.

Then this incident occurred!

They were doomed to get no sleep tonight.

Of course, Chu Tian was the one exception, for what kinds of things had he not seen before?

This did not count for anything!

He went back to his room and fell asleep once he lied down.

Translated by: DXHaseoXD