Miracle Throne

Chapter 52: Openly Conspiring to Steal

Chapter 52: Openly Conspiring to Steal

South Sky City’s north side.

There was an extremely luxurious mansion.

Several teams of mercenaries were moving back and forth on patrol, on each of their right sides was a personal beast. Five hundred plump and sturdy battle wolves ready to be mounted to form a wolf cavalry army. A large beast parking yard was to the left, with hundreds of beast carriages parked.

This was the Ye Family’s South Sky City branch headquarters!

These several streets were under the Ye Family’s control, it was difficult for even Mayor to interfere in, the power and influence they held was hard to imagine.

An impressive beast carriage was slowly driving down the spacious street.

The Demon Beast pulling the cart was a blue marked deer beast that had a healthy build, a fine appearance, a graceful stance, and exuded a strong presence. The people that could afford to have this Demon Beast pull their cart were definitely not ordinary people.

The blue marked deer carriage stopped in front of the Ye residence.

A 40-50 year old person walked out.

Several gate guards, upon seeing this person, came over and bent down to salute him, “We pay our respects to sir Luo Yuanshan!”

The stature of the man was short and stout, his head was somewhat balding, but with his hooked nose and hawk like gaze, he exuded a deep aura that gave off a sense of oppression.

The mercenaries guided the beast cart to the parking yard and simultaneously said, “We ask sir Luo to enter the house, the head of the household has been waiting for you.”

In the Ye residence living room sat three people.

One was Ye Xiong, one was Du Zhentian, and the last was a young heroic looking youth of around 30 years old.

“Sir Luo, you finally came, come sit!” Ye Xiong’s eyes flashed a happy look, “Let me introduce you first, this is South Sky City Du Family’s head of the household, Du Zhentian and this is Central State Chu Family’s third elder’s son, Chu Yi!”

“It was Young Master Chu Yi!” Luo Yuanshan gave the youth two extra looks, “Young Master Chu is so young, but your cultivation is already so deep; for the Chu Family to have such a young generation, it really is enviable.”

30 years old and at the peak Body Refinement 9th layer.

Naturally he was one of the seedlings the family focused on.

Chu Yi’s eyes flashed a proud look, but humbly said, “Sir Luo is overestimating me, actually in the Chu Family I could not even be considered in the top ten. Moreover under the light of Chu Family’s number one genius Chu Xinghe, how could I dare to claim to be a genius from the Chu Family?”

“Chu Xinghe? The son of the head of household of the Chu Family, Chu Jiangshan. At the age of 16 he awakened his source spirit becoming the earliest person in Central State to step into the Awakened Soul Realm. Now that he’s 22, it has been years since he showed his strength so no one knows just how strong he really is, and shares the honor of being called the Four Masters with Central States three other super talents!”

Chu Yi was considered a genius.

But if he was compared to Chu Xinghe, the two could not even be compared.

Not only did Chu Xinghe have a top grade source spirit, he also had the《Soul Sword Secret Art》, with his mastery he could sweep away cultivators of the same level and even easily challenge higher level cultivators. The most important thing was that Chu Xinghe was still young and his future potential was limitless!

Central State Four Young Masters!

Awe inspiring fame!

Chu Xinghe was not only one of the Central State Four Young Masters, he was also the strongest of the four, their cultivation was high enough that even members of the older generation could only look on from behind them!

“The Chu Family really has an abundance of talented people, it truly was destiny’s favour bringing brilliant prosperity being just around the corner.” Luo Yuanshan gave a long sigh, then his voice suddenly got louder, “My Luo Family actually had a fellow who didn’t live up to expectations, my nephew Luo Yu was killed by that bastard, he truly lost face for our Luo Family!”

“Chu Family has its brilliant prestige, abundant talent, and many geniuses, but because of an illegitimate bastard we’ve suffered a stain to our reputation.” Chu Yi stood and said to Luo Yuanshan, “I ask sir to be relieved since the Chu Family can not tolerate this piece of sand in our eyes, so this time I’ve come personally to South Sky City to kill that bastard!”

Ye Xiong and Du Zhentian looked at each other.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend!

Chu Tian’s growth was truly too fast, they were afraid that before long, he would be able to threaten their status. If they could collaborate with the Luo and Chu families, even that little brat Nangong Yi would have to give up any thoughts of protecting that cheap slave!

These few busy days have not been in vain, being able to draw in the Chu and Luo families, Chu Tian, that superhuman, should give up any hope of escaping!

Luo Yuanshan played with his ring, “I’ve heard that Nangong Yi was fiercely protecting that bastard?”

Ye Xiong nodded in reply, “That’s right, not only is Nangong Yi’s attitude tough, but he’s also arranged secret masters to monitor us, also his daughter Nangong Yun has gotten very close with Chu Tian…..”

Du Zhentian added, “Nangong Yung is not simple! Her reputation is inferior to the Central State Four Young Masters, but her potential and talent are not any less, in fact she could have long since broken through to the Awakened Soul realm, but she has forced herself to stay in the Body Refinement realm to build up her foundation. It is said that although she is in the peak 9th Body Refinement layer, she has the ability to fight with a 1st layer Awakened Soul cultivator!”

Luo Yuanshan face was grave, “She owns a god level source spirit? I’ve heard rumours of that!”

Ye Xiong added, “Besides Nangong Yun, there is also Alchemy Master Xiong Tianyan who isn’t the least bit inferior. Xiong Tianyan’s talent is extremely good, but he was infatuated with alchemy and neglected practicing, otherwise he would not be inferior to me. Moreover, South Sky City’s general Xiong Bing and Symbol Technique Master Zhang Liqing can both cause trouble for us!”

Du Zhentian nodded his head, “It’s really because of this that we have been unable to do anything.”

Chu Yi could not believe it, “What is this bastard is made of? I just can’t understand anymore. How is it that, in the half a year he went missing, all these earth shattering changes occurred?”

“Young Master Chu, this is exactly the issue.” Ye Xiong said in a suggestive tone, “After vanishing for half a year what exactly happened to him? Perhaps he had a fortuitous chance, or perhaps he found an inheritance. Overall, Chu Tian with his cultivation at the 6-7th Body Refinement layer could easily skip ranks and fight. No matter what fortuitous chance or inheritance he obtained, it definitely is not small!”

Chu Yi’s showed a greedy look, “Is that so? This bastard really has some dog shit luck!”

Yu Xiong continued, “Chu Tian also mastered some profound knowledge and used it to establish a company, especially that Source Energy restaurant. It just started doing business the day before yesterday and it made 280,000 gold coins in a single day!”

280,000 gold coins!!

Luo Yuanshan and Chu Yi both held their breath!

They were both born into large clans, how could they not know how important money and resources were to cultivators?

Fortuitous chance, inheritances, and get rich quick technology!

All evoked a strong greed!

From their expression, Ye Xiong could tell he had achieved his goal.

Ye Xiong got to the main topic, “Chu Tian is a small character, if we used a large sum of money to invite someone to kill him, it would definitely succeed. If Nangong Yi, at that time, comes to find us to cause trouble, we’ll just deny any involvement and he won’t have any methods to bother us.”

Du Zhentian began to understand Ye Xiong’s meaning, “Brother Ye’s meaning is, if we were to do this, we shouldn’t kill him this easily?”

Luo Yuanshan and Chu Yi both secretly nodded.

Letting him die so painlessly, was that not too easy?

“Naturally it won’t be like this!” Ye Xiong showed an evil expression, “Chu Tian has to die, that is a fact, but we can’t let him die so easily, we must make him suffer and bring ruin and shame upon himself. We must seize his assets and after doing so, we’ll split it evenly between four people!”

The key part was four people.

Moreover it wasn’t four families.

Luo Yuanshan and Chu Yi both understood.

Especially Chu Yi, in fact, he only felt anger towards Chu Tian because of the family regulations, but did not particularly care about Chu Tian, but he did not know that Chu Tian had such a successful business.

If Chu Yi did not report this to the family and followed the secret plan, then would he not have this all to himself when they divided the cake?

“Very good!” Luo Yuanshan nodded in satisfaction..

Du Zhentian said, “Zhang Liqing and Nangong Yi will be the biggest obstacles. Zhang Liqing has many connections, he can easily mount a counter attack. Nangong Yi is the Mayor, his cultivation is very strong, and he gets along well with Xiong Bing. Killing Chu Tian is easy, but taking his assets, I’m afraid it won’t be so simple.”

“Actually, I already planned for this!”

“What ingenious plan does Brother Ye have?”

“It’s actually very simple, we’ll just openly take it and that’ll be that!”

Very interested by this, Luo Yuanshan said, “Openly take it? How do we do this?”

“There must be justification to send armies.” Ye Xiong was confident and slowly said in a low, deep voice, “First, we must find a reason, a legitimate reason that will stop Nangong Yi from meddling and if we stop Nangong Yi, the biggest obstacle, that little brat won’t be able to stop us, right?”

Luo Yuanshan quickly asked, “Has Ye Xiong already found a reason?”

“No, I haven’t.” Ye Xiong’s voice raised, “But Young Master Chu can provide us a reason.”

Chu Yi was a little confused, “How do I have one?”

Ye Xiong slowly guided, “Chu Tian was nothing but waste six months ago and he was locked up for ten years prior to that, he didn’t have any opportunity to gain knowledge. But after rebelling against the Chu Family and fleeing, in six months, he suddenly has knowledge to create these inventions, so…. Where did these things come from?!”

Chu Yi was not stupid, he immediately understood, “Chu Family is actually a large academic clan and is very advanced in researching new technologies. When Chu Tian and his father rebelled and fled the clan, they stole the Chu Family’s most important secret technology and used it to establish a new company!”

“Right!” Ye Xiong nodded in satisfaction, “Rebelling then fleeing and stealing secrets, these two offences, in any family, could be considered an unforgivable offense. Young Master Chu represents the Chu Family and since this is a family matter, Nangong Yi has no way of interfering!”

“Even if he interferes it doesn’t matter!” Luo Yuanshan smiled sinisterly, “The Luo Family governs the judicial office in Central State and is in charge of supervising the office of Mayor directly. The Central Mayor has already fallen out with the Nangong Family. Therefore, they are already dissatisfied with Nangong Yi, so if he chooses to not interfere then that’s fine, but if he does choose to interfere, with my judicial elder status, I can directly strip Nangong Yi of his Mayor status and substitute him with someone else. As well after I return, I can also send in a written complaint about him!”

“Good, good, good!” Du Zhentian laughed, “With this written complaint, from his interference with family matters, helping another family’s rebel and colluding to steal secret technology, Nangong Yi will land himself in some serious trouble!”

Ye Xiong nodded, “The most important thing is, with Young Master Chu’s help, we will have proper justification to seize his company.”

“Ingenious plan!”

“Ingenious plan!”

“What’s the first thing we should do?”

“Get support!” Ye Xiong stopped before continuing, “The Ye Family and the Du Family have large local influences, we can forcefully interfere with the media and let them release the news about Chu Tian rebelling against the Chu Family and stealing secret technology. We’ll cause a stir in the public and under this formidable oppression from the public, Young Master Chu and Sir Luo will act and forcefully apprehend Chu Tian.”

If it was like this!

Chu Tian would bring ruin and shame upon himself!

In this time period, there were many families and each family was highly independent, so as long as it did not break the kingdom’s laws, family regulations were considered a legitimate reason.

Rebelling against the clan!

Stealing secrets!

These were all capital offenses!

Regardless of which family, it was all the same!

Under this situation, how the family wanted to handle the matters were all the family’s internal matters. Outsiders, especially officials, were absolutely not allowed to interfere or else they would be severely punished.

Nangong Yi and Xiong Bing wanted to protect Chu Tian?

Not only would it be hard to do, but it would also start a show!

As this big net of a plot slowly unfolded, Ye Xiong’s eyes burned with the flames of revenge. He had spent a long time planning to draw in the Chu and Luo Families’ power. Now that Nangong Yi had no way to protect him, Chu Tian was definitely doomed!

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