Miracle Throne

Chapter 56: Symbol arrangement techniques

Chapter 56: Symbol arrangement techniques

If it wasn’t Blood Spirit Poison then what was it?

“Trying to fool me!” Li Changyun face was full of disdain, “Whether it was the ingredients, or the colour, or smell, it was all like the Blood Spirit Poison. Or else is there anything that was fake?”

“These ingredients are for refining the Blood Spirit Poison, but I slightly altered the material proportions. If the proportions are changed, then the medicine won’t be the same.”

“What did you say!”

“You were too negligent, so you didn’t notice, but I put over five times the amount of lamenting grass during the refining.”

Li Changyun complexion paled, “What does that matter!”

“The Blood Spirit Poison was just a camouflage, it was concealing the Lamenting Poison that was the real killing move! The Lamenting Poison is colourless so having the Blood Spirit Poison act as a camouflage was flawless.”

Lamenting Poison?

What was the Lamenting Poison!

Li Changyun had never heard of it, so he forced himself to stay calm, coldly smiled and said, “Don’t bluff, you only refined one bottle of poison from beginning to end.”

“This is because the two poisons were refined in a refining array!”

Xiong Tianyan included, all the alchemists were completely shocked!

One refining bottle, one refining array, one set of ingredients, how could he refine two different poisons?

If Li Changyun’s double refining could be referred to as advanced techniques, then Chu Tian’s refining two different compounds at once was just never heard of before!

Chu Tian continued to say, “You used figs as one of the ingredients for your cure because that is one of the ways to cure the Blood Spirit Poison. However you didn’t know that adding figs while detoxifies the Blood Spirit Poison, it actually strengthens the Lamenting Poison by ten times!”


Li Changyun started to swoon, his vision became fuzzy, and he could not stand up steadily!

“The Lamenting Poison is exhibiting its effects.” Chu Tians calm voice echoed in his ear and then his voice sounded again, “Old fool! You’ve lost!”


Li Changyun had lost!

Li Changyun was actually poisoned!

Alchemy technique that was marvelous and beyond the understanding of the average man.

The same materials in different proportions being refined in the same bottle, using the same refining technique. Without separating them into an order, Chu Tian refined both of them at the same time.

One is clearly visible!

The other was hidden!

The most fearful thing about Chu Tian was that he already knew what Li Changyun would use for his antidote, so through complex pharmacological effects, he made it so that it would enhance the effect of the poison!

“No, NO!”

“This isn’t possible!”

Li Changyun crazily roared.

At this time, his vision was fuzzy, his brain was dizzy, he couldn’t differentiate between north, south, east and west. In his ear, the sound was distorted, like a evil ghost wrapping around his body, sending out lamenting cries.

“Ignorant little child!”

“How could I possibly lose to you?”

Li Changyun was hysteric as he roared into the sky and a giant Python Source Spirit shot into the sky from behind him.

“I want you to die!”

The Python Source Spirit roared and released spirit energy, but before the moment before it could launch its attack.


Li Changyun pitifully called out and spat out a large mouthful of blood and fell straight down. The Python Source Spirit began to erode, as its body broke down cun (2.5 cm) by cun and in an instant it was reduced to mere ashes.

The Source Spirit was also wounded?

How did this happen!

Chu Tian just stood motionless in place because he had already predicted everything, “Oh, I almost forgot to tell you, the Lamenting Poison is a violent spiritual poison and not a fatal poison. But without treating it first, if you rashly use your source spirit, it will leave a scar on your source spirit permanently damaging it!”

Li Changyun fell to the ground, his face was white and he was slowly dying, “You, you…..”


Really powerful!

Chu Tian was just playing around with an Awakened Soul Cultivator!

Nangong Yi clenched his fist excitedly, “Li Changyun has lost! According to the stakes, he is now exiled forever! Immediately carry it out!”

Li Changyun spat out a mouthful of blood.

He dead fainted.

Nangong Yi swept over everyone with an excited look, “In the domain of Alchemy, Chu tian can defeat the Alchemy Guild Chairman in one fell swoop, who can still say that he is a cheat that gained fame from deceiving people?!”

Can a conman beat a person like Li Changyun?

Isn’t this a huge joke?

“Why are you all gawking? I am only a little thief that stole your technology, please properly punish me!” Chu Tian had a taunting expression, “Don’t you still have two opportunities! Don’t be scared, don’t be frightened, feel free to use any method!”

Chu Tian with one person’s strength.

Brazenly shouting at several large families!

Nangong Yun puffed in laughter, “Great! President’s aggressive attitude, this old lady likes this kind of men! Hurry! Teach them all a lesson!”

The Nangong witch had a mouth without a lid, saying whatever she wanted to say.

Meng Qingwu and Meng Yingying couldn’t bare to look at her.

Ye Family, Du Family, Luo Yuanshan, and Chu Yi, their expressions all became very ugly!

They faced Chu Tian by throwing ridicule and insults at him, but looking at this discussion, they started realizing a serious problem. This time they weren’t aware of what Chu Tian was truly capable of, instead they lifted the stone only to smash in on their own feet!

Chu Tian loudly shouted, “What wrong? It’s only a game! Are you already scared out of your wits?!”

“Stop being so wild! I’ll come face you!” Luo Yuanshan was so angry that his face turned blue, “I'll compete in Symbol Arrangement with you!”

Going from competing in Alchemy to Symbol Arrangement?

Luo Yuanshan was very famous in the Main City for his skills in Symbol Arrangement, not any less than Zhang Liqing was in South Sky City. Luo Yuanshan did not believe that this little brat Chu Tian could be skilled in both Alchemy and Symbol Arrangement?

Once Zhang Liqing and Nangong Yun heard this.

Their faces broke out in smiles.

Competing in Symbol Arrangement? This fellow was really going to have a bad time!

Chu Tian stroked his chin, “This will be difficult, you are a person of Central State Main City so you don’t have any property in South Sky City. So if I use my life to play with you, what can you give my in return?”

“You can win one game, but it was nothing more than a blind cat hitting a dead rat, don’t be so sure it’ll go your way this time. This time, you have no chance of winning!

Chu Tian shook his head, “That won’t do, if you don’t put up any stakes then I just won’t compete?”

Luo Yuanshan clenched his teeth and took out a shining crystal card, “This card contains 500000 gold coins, more than enough to pay for your bastard life!”

“Not enough!” Chu Tian rolled his eyes, “I want the Du Family’s model manufacturing plant!”

“What?” Du Zhentian was surprised, he never thought Chu Tian would think of this kind of idea, “My Du Family’s property, how can a little thief like you think about it!”

The Du Family specialized in the weapons business.

Their factory was the most advanced in South Sky City!

This era was far behind, but simple three dimensional printing technology had already taken shape!

For example, to create a scabbard one just had to place the materials in the Source Energy Array and then after starting the array, the materials will start adjusting its shape and create a simple model.

This was the three dimensional printing technology!

In Chu Tian’s time, from small precise parts, to large airships, they could all be made with the three dimensional printing technology. But in this time, they could only create simple models.

If Miracle Commerce had this factory.

They could increase the speed of their electric lamp production, every day they could make tens of thousands without any problems!

The three dimensional printing equipment in Du Zhentian’s hand had a value of around 1 million gold coins, it could greatly compensate for Miracle Commerce’s lack of funds!

Luo Yuanshan and Ye Xiong both knit their brows, this brat really dares to do whatever he wants!

Ye Xiong said, “Does brother Du not trust the capabilities of sir Luo?

Luo Yuanshan also said, “Relax, he will not have the opportunity!”

Du Zhentian was feeling a little regretful.

He wish he knew early about these turbid waters!

Du Family did not have that deep of a grudge with Chu Tian, but rather Du Zhentian feared that with Chu Tian’s growth he would eventually interfere with the Du Family’s business. Now that things were like this, he had not taken care of Chu Tian and had formed enmity with the Mayor, Zhang Liqing and Xiong Bing.

“Fine, I’ll bet!”

Du Zhentian didn’t have any other choice, he could only clench his teeth and agree.

Luo Yuanshan coldly looked at Chu Tian and said, “You know that Symbol Techniques are a very important supporting combat ability, how strong the kingdom’s Symbol Techniques are decides the strength of its army. What I want to compare with you is the strength of our Symbol Techniques!”

This kind of remark!

Nangong Yun and Zhang Liqing’s expressions became solemn.

Luo Yuanshan was really sly!

A Talisman’s quality depended on its characteristics, like the effect, creativity, usability, manufacturing difficulty, consumption size, display difficulty, etc.

Luo Yuanshan wanted to abandon all of that.

He wanted to directly compete with Chu Tian in Symbol Techniques strength!

Could this even be compared?

Luo Yuanshan was already an Awakened Soul Cultivator so he could make level 2 Talismans, but Chu Tian was only a Body Refinement Cultivator so he could only make level 1 Talismans.

This was a heaven and earth difference!

Luo Yuanshan had an appearance like he just pulled a clever trick, “What’s wrong? Are you scared?”

Chu Tian said without hesitation, “Isn’t it just comparing the strength of our Symbol Techniques? Then I’ll just compare with you!”

He really wanted to compete in strength?

With this kind of disparity, Chu Tian had no way to win!

After all overwhelming strength was hard to make up with just skill, several people were worried!

A variety of Symbol Arrangement ingredients were quickly delivered over.

The fight between Symbol Techniques immediately began!

Luo Yuanshan wasn’t a well-known Symbol Technique Master in Central State for nothing, he held the crystal pen in his hand and in a single stroke incompleted a level 2 Symbol array on a piece of high level paper. A burning hot aura burst out, its formidable strength almost teared through the paper, each mark, each rune was full of wild strength.

Zhang Liqing face could not help turning pale after seeing this, “Level 2 exploding flames symbol!”

Nangong Yun also understood Symbol Techniques, “Isn’t this the Talisman with the strongest destructive power out of all level 2 Talismans?”

Zhang Liqing solemnly nodded his head, “The exploding flames symbol is a famous Talisman, its strength is sufficient enough to break the might of an Awakened Soul Cultivator and can pose a fatal threat to them.”

Nangong Yun was aggrieved, “This sinister fellow!”

This old thing already had an advantage in terms of cultivation, the difference between level 2 and level 1 was already disgraceful. Luo Yuanshan not only chose to use a level 2 Symbol Technique, he also chose to use the strongest on out of all level 2 Symbol Techniques.

How was this a contest?

The gap between cultivation realms was impossible to cross!

This is just like a Body Refinement Cultivator trying to duel with an Awakened Soul Cultivator!

Talisman level division is based on the ability of the Talisman to consume and release energy, in other words, the strongest level 1 Talisman was only comparable to the weakest level 2 Talisman in terms of energy.

This was the disparity!

The disparity that was hard to make up for!

Chu Tian could certainly distinguish that the type Talisman Luo Yuanshan refined, the exploding flames Talisman was a classic, even after several tens of thousands of years and improvements after improvements had been made, this Talisman still existed, it had not disappeared from the continent.

Its specialty was destructive power!

If both sides’ strength were around the same, if Chu Tian wanted to win, it would be easy. However under the present conditions, if he wanted to win, it wasn’t that easy a thing to accomplish.

Of course, it wasn’t as if there were no methods.

In Chu Tian’s mind he had thought of several ideas…..for example, he could use the “Dust Explosion Symbol”. This was a dual attribute Talisman that can instantly creates a massive amount of dust and then it creates flames which causes an explosion that utilizes the dust to strengthen the effects of the explosion, resulting in astonishing destructive power. Or perhaps the “Laser Symbol”, which compressed energy into a high density, it had a small area of effect, but its penetrating effect was strengthened and it was highly lethal…...

The Dust Explosion Symbol was good.

The Laser Symbol was also good.

Any of the future generations classic Talisman would cause a huge stir if they were used, but…...it wasn’t shocking enough!

Chu Tian needed one that thoroughly shocked the audience and would allow him to win by a landslide, making sure that everyone was convinced, enough to make their eyeballs pop out.

Only if it was this thorough would people be convinced!

With a level 1 Symbol Array, could he achieve this kind of effect?

Chu Tian raised his head to look at the sky and suddenly he had a thought, “Good, I’ve decided, I’ll just that then!”

Both sides prepared their Talismans.

Nangong Yi said, “This place is too crowded and not suitable for testing, let’s move to a more open space!”

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