Miracle Throne

Chapter 57: Heavenly Thunder is billowing

Chapter 57: Heavenly Thunder is billowing

The dark clouds hung over, the heavens and earth were gloomy, winds were raging, and there was a chilling atmosphere.

In the South Sky square, people were surging in, a sea of people could be seen as many residents had come to spectate. They had to witness this contest that could be considered a legend!

One was a seventeen year old mysterious youth.

The other was an Awakened Soul Cultivator, a heavy weight elder.

These two people were from completely different worlds, yet before everyone’s eyes they had started an incredible contest!

Both sides were ready.

What would the results be?

Would this mysterious youth be able to resist being crushed by Luo Yuanshan and once again perform a miraculous counter attack?!

The contest area was around 200 meters in diameter with all bystanders evacuated to the sides, only Chu Tian and Luo Yuanshan stood inside, separated by 100 meters, staring at each other, both prepared.

Luo Yuanshan’s clear voice said, “Do you want to go first, or should I?”

“I don’t have any problems with my person, possess a righteous spirit, am brave and peace loving, and I respect my elders and cherish youths no matter what.” Chu Tian indifferently shrugged, “So, as the elder, you should go first!”

Luo Yuanshan didn’t bother being polite and calmly extracted his Talisman, holding it in the middle with two fingers, he tightly closed his eyes, the wind blew across his body and a wave of red Spirit Energy seeped out around him.”


A red lion figure, suddenly appeared behind Luo Yuanshan’s back - The Berserk Flame Lion Source Spirit!

Luo Yuanshan’s source spirit had a fire attribute which meant that when he uses fire attribute Symbol Techniques, it added even more power to it.

The Talisman absorbed the spirit energy like a sponge, the array lines began to glow red and the energy fluctuations began to grow stronger and stronger until it reached its critical point.


A burning hot air spewed out!

The Talisman completely self-ignited.

“Exploding Flame Spell!” Luo Yuanshan wildly exclaimed, “Go!”

The ignited Talisman began to emit flames, a small fireball appeared in his hands, rotating at high speeds. It grew from fist size, to sink size, to water tank size, continuing to rotate at high speeds and stirring up the surrounding air.

Even the people standing in the distance.

Could still feel the burning air at this moment!

Luo Yuanshan’s ten fingers continued to emit spirit energy that formed two Source Energy Arrays, stabilizing the giant fireball and holding onto the top and bottom of it.

At this moment, the fireball’s strength was at its peak, it was like a small sun, bursting with light!

The crowd’s face changed, an Awakened Soul Symbol Master’s strength was truly terrifying!

“Do you see this? Overconfident little thing!” Luo Yuanshan wildly laughed, “This is the strength of an Awakened Soul Realm Cultivator! What can you use to compare with me!”


Luo Yuanshan had a thought!

After Chu Tian beat Li Changyun, Nangong Yi already had a reason to protect him with, so even if he won this Symbol Technique contest, it wasn’t a guarantee he could take him away.

Then why not just, directly use this explosion to kill him?

He had to die!

By any means!

“A little thief like you can think about challenging me?” Suddenly Luo Yuanshan threw the fireball right at Chu Tian, “You don’t need to embarrass yourself, you can die right now!”

This move put everyone in a daze, this was clearly a competition of Symbol Techniques!

Luo Yuanshan did not care about the rules and directly used his Symbol Technique to attack Chu Tian!

A single Body Refinement Cultivator, how could he block an attack from an Awakened Soul Cultivator? Luo Yuanshan obviously wants to cause Chu Tian’s death! It was simply murder, moreover everyone felt that it was despicable how he use a sneak attack to kill someone!

A dignified Awakened Soul Cultivator was sneak attacking a Body Refinement Cultivator!

“Not good!”

Nangong Yi and Zhang Liqing were both shocked.

Nangong Yi’s source spirit was the Volcano Source Spirit, its destructive power was alarming to the point of being able to fight higher level people, but the Volcano Source Spirit was slow at gathering strength, it had no way to respond to this kind of situation.

Zhang Liqing released green spirit energy and changed into the majestic goshawk, with extreme speed, he soared into the sky and dived towards the fireball, grasping it in his hand.


The fireball was grasped until it broke, a terrifying wave of flames burst forth, flooding out like a great flood. Facing the flame wave, Chu Tian’s two eyebrows knit together and he clenched his fists, his whole body exuded a slight glow and his palms shot out a mighty push.

The next minute!

The flame wave completely submerged him!

“NO!” Meng Yingying called out in alarm, “Chu Tian!”

Meng Qingwu’s face turned white and her beautiful eyes turned round.

Nangong Yun angrily stomped her foot, a phoenix cry sounded through the nine heavens as she shot up through the sky with a pair of phoenix wings on her back, she suddenly dropped like a meteor and attacked.

“Sinister old dog!”

“I need to kill you!”

Nangong Yun’s fists fell like a violent storm, each fist contained ancient and arrogant strength, like a powerful meteor shower.

Luo Yuanshan complexion changed, the flame lion let out a roar and suddenly let out a punch forward.


Both of them respectively took several steps back.

Luo Yuanshan showed shock, to repel Nangong Yun’s fists, he felt that his vital energies were agitated. This trivial peak 9th layer Body Refinement girl, could unexpectedly rattle an Awakened Soul Realm Cultivator. She wasn’t just surmounting a level, she was surmounting an entire realm!

Is this the strength of a God Level Source Spirit?

It is truly terrifying!

Nangong Yun wasn’t an Awakened Soul Realm Cultivator, but she could fight with Awakened Soul Realm Cultivators!

Nangong Yi knit his brows, “Yun’er, stop it!”

Nangong Yi knew the extent of his daughter’s strength, her direct power was not inferior to an Awakened Soul 1st layer cultivator, it might even surpass that. But the total amount of spirit energy that Body Refinement cultivators had was far less than an Awakened Soul cultivator, so fighting short term is fine, but if they are unable to immediately kill the enemy, they would eventually lose in the long run because they’ll run out of spirit energy.

Nangong Yun stared with her phoenix eyes, “You also saw it! This bastard sneak attacked Chu Tian!”

Luo Yuanshan coldly said, “He would have lost anyway, I just sent him on his way a little early!”

“You’re the one that deserves to die! I’ll just deliver you on your way!”

Nangong Yi shouted, “Chu Tian is fine!”

A flash of thunder flashed in the sky and the sound shook the earth, they could only see the rain water fall down. The place where the fire ball had exploded left a giant pit, surrounded by scattered flames.

“Cough, cough!”

Chu Tian’s head was covered in ashes as he crawled out of the pit, his clothes were charred black and his handsome face was completely black. His eyes in contrast were shining bright like the morning star.

He smiled with his black face, revealing a set snow of white teeth, “I never thought before that you actually cared about me that much!”

“No way! You didn’t die? Your life force is truly stubborn!” Nangong Yun let out a breath of relief and patted her chest to calm down, “You scared me to death, it doesn’t matter if you die, but if you did, where would I get my pay check from from now on!”

Fuck, the sentiment was actually self sentiment!

Luo Yuanshan’s sudden sneak attack was truly dangerous, but in the crucial moments, Zhang Liqing had destroyed the fire ball, letting it burst early.

Chu Tian had practiced the Starlight Immortal body which greatly increased his defensive capabilities, so he could resist the strong backlash. Although he had some wounds, they weren’t life threatening.

Nangong Yi’s voice became ice cold, “Luo Elder is a member of the supervising palace, yet would commit such a despicable act. From my point of view, I don’t think there is any need for this competition to continue.”

The crowd all nodded their heads.

One by one they all started whispering to each other.

That’s right, Luo Yuanshan had acted like a villain!

Since these group of fellows had proven that they’re nothing but villains, what was the point of competing still? Chu Tian had already proved himself, no one believed the slanders against him anymore.

“Sir Mayor, we can’t do that!” Chu Tian suddenly shouted to interrupt, “This old dog harmed me quite a bit, it isn’t my style to not get repayment for this debt.”

With great difficulty Nangong Yi had found a way out for him, but this little brat did not appreciate it, he was simply impossible for people to understand, “You still want to compete? Did you brain break!”

Isn’t this nonsense?

Compete, he had to compete!

500000 gold coins and a factory worth 1 million gold coins, if these golden geese flew away, then it would be hard for you to compensate me!

Chu Tian stared at Luo Yuanshan, “You used your Symbol Technique to attack me once, so I’ll use my Symbol Technique to attack you once, you won’t oppose that right?”

Luo Yuanshan disdainfully smiled, “Relying on you? What a joke! I really want to see, what methods you have that can hurt me!”

“Then open your eyes and look well!”

Chu Tian grasped the Talisman, both hands injecting spirit energy!

Most of the spirit energy poured into the centre of the Talisman.


The Talisman gradually activated, faint electric arcs shot out.

Everyone looked on with amazement, it couldn’t be a thunder and lightning attribute talisman right?

Chu Tian waves his hand, the Talisman flew high in the sky, from it bursted out purplish red lightning, with unbelievable speed, suddenly headed for Luo Yuanshan.

It was really thunder attributed?

This rare attributed Talisman, only certain people in Central State could manufacture this. They never thought that Chu Tian would be able to create this kind of Talisman!


The lightning and thunder hit Luo Yuanshan.

“Ha, ha, ha….” Luo Yuanshan’s body was covered in thunder sparks, but regardless of how the thunder spread, it was unable to penetrate his spirit energy shield, “A rare attributed Talisman, of course it would have a strong attack! This strength is just like a level 1 Talisman, with such basic Symbol Techniques, you actually think you can beat me?”

Chu Tian stood unmoving as he began to count down, “Ten, nine, eight…..”

Luo Yuanshan was surprised, he found that the surrounding electric arcs were not dissipating, but rather moving to form a faint complex rune!

What was happening?

Although it wasn’t very strong.

This phenomenon was very strange!

“......Three, two, one!”

Chu Tian had finished counting.


“What is that?”

“You guys look at the sky!”


The crowd erupted with screams.

Luo Yuanshan looked up, an old bald face was reflecting blue and white light. He did not know when, but the clouds above Luo Yuanshan’s head unexpectedly had accumulated a large amount of thunder.

Natural thunder and lightning!

The strength of heavenly thunder, its might could not be measured!

Luo Yuanshan felt his body lock up in terror, a sense of fear filled his soul and covered Luo Yuanshan’s body.


Luo Yuanshan finally reacted!

Can he run?

There wasn’t enough time!

A bolt of thunder had finished gathering and fell from the sky, carrying out the will of the heavens and earth, directly struck right in the square, accurately falling on Luo Yuanshan’s body.

The spirit energy shield, was blown away with one hit, just like paper!


The heavenly thunder had cleaved the earth.

Luo Yuanshan’s body had been split to pieces!

Nangong Yi had an amazed expression, Luo Yuanshan was split to death by thunder, he actually got split apart by thunder!

Chu Tian looked at the broken corpse on the ground and coldly said, “The Guiding Thunder Talisman is a level 1 Talisman, by itself it is not strong, but it can attract heavenly thunder. I had no intentions to kill anyone, you only have yourself to blame!”

Ye Xiong and Du Zhentian were paralyzed with fear!

Chu Tian could unexpectedly summon heavenly thunder!

How was this possible?

Heavenly thunder was a great power, even a top Awakened Soul cultivator could not freely control it. But Chu Tian could do it, he summoned the heavenly thunder and used it to kill Luo Yuanshan!

Chu Tian’s gaze swept over the crowd, “Whoever dares to annoy me, I’ll go to your house and place a dozen Guiding Thunder Symbols there, letting him have a taste of the heavenly thunder! Today’s idiot could be your group of idiots tomorrow!”

Overbearing! Crazy!

Shameless threats!

Everyone was absolutely terrified!

Don’t even mention a dozen heavenly thunder strikes, just one was enough to destroy them!

Actually Chu Tian was just scaring them, the effects of the level 1 Guiding Thunder Talisman was astonishing, but it could not be freely used. It could only be used during a thunderstorm and it could only bring together one thunder strike.

The thunder also struck at a set location.

Actually if Luo Yuanshan reacted a bit faster and left the area a bit sooner, he wouldn’t have been killed by the thunder strike!

But how could these people think of these things?

Right now they were all terrified!

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