Miracle Throne

Chapter 59: Standing still to let you chop

Chapter 59: Standing still to let you chop

Even if it was an Awakened Soul cultivator, they would still be reduced to flesh and blood, let alone a Body Refinement cultivator?

Chu Yi’s sword, was not a common sword, adding in the strength of his source spirit, the sword qi slashed out, strong as galing wind, fast as lightning, it could even easily cut iron and gold!

Perhaps Chu Tian’s body was stronger than steel?

Nangong Yi could see through it, Chu Tian practiced a high class defense cultivation technique. He did not need to control his spirit energy, once he invokes it, the spirit energy would transform and instantly turn into starlight that would protect the body from harm!

This cultivation technique shocked everyone, without moving, just having the intent, the intent will protect the body, absolutely impregnable!

Before their spirit energy depletes, they can emit starlight and sweep through same level cultivators by ignoring their attacks, the best life preserving cultivation technique!

Chu Yi’s eyes burned red, “Sure enough, this cultivation technique is not inferior to complete ancient technique. You’ve encountered a fortuitous chance and obtained this ancient inheritance.”

This wasn’t exactly right.

It wasn’t an ancient inheritance, it was an inheritance from the future.

“I acknowledge the fact that I’ve underestimate you, with this cultivation technique on your body, you have the qualifications to challenge me.” Chu Yi’s breathing gradually increased and his eyes filled with envy. “But, you still aren’t my opponent! That last attack only contained 30-40% of my strength, if I attacked for real, you would be dead!”

Such a strong sword!

It was only 30-40% of his strength?

Chu Yi had been taught by several Awakened Soul Cultivators since he was young, using the best ingredients to build his base, practicing the strongest cultivation technique in the family, and promoting his strength with the best resources. A person being trained like this, could he still be weak?

Chu Tian’s mouth cracked into a smile, “Hearing you say this I’m actually relieved! Actually I only used 10% of my defensive strength!”

“You stubborn fool! Stop putting up such foolish resistance!” Chu Yi’s face was full of greed, “Give me everything you have and waste your cultivation, then I won’t kill you!”

Chu Tian teased him with dirty words, “How embarrassing, if you want to kill me then kill me, please don’t hold it in, what if you hold it in too hard and get sick? Come, please kill me!”

“You brought this upon yourself!” Chu Yi’s eyes turned red again as if bursting with anger, he faced up and shouted, “Sword!”

A fuzzy green shadow of a sword appeared behind him, a boundless aura was emitted that made Chu Tian feel a strong might.


This person had some skills!

This was the difference between big and small cities, or the difference between having resources and not having resources.

Comparing big city cultivators with small city cultivators, bigger cities had more resources and relationships, so the quality of cultivators from there was much higher than small cities.

Chu Yi could not compare with Nangong Yun.

He would be around the same level as Xiong Tianyan!

Although Chu Yi didn’t use his full strength, the strength of the spirit energy Chu Tian displayed was already equal to the 9th Body Refinement layer, that strange and tyrannical cultivation technique covering him was able to block the Chu Family’s sword techniques!

The inherited ancient technique was the best, he had to prepare for the worst case scenario. He had to at least kill Chu Tian, or else he would become a problem in the future!

Chu Yi had a strong intuition.

If the did not kill him this time, then there wouldn’t be another chance!

“Soul Sword Secret Art!” The sword source spirit lit up and Chu Yi shot out a dozen sword qi at an incredible rate, forming a small storm of sword qi, “Storm Wind Style!”


Too fast!

Chu Tian entered into hyper focus and quickly started to evade. Dodging most of the sword qi, but still 34 had hit his body.

Starlight protecting the body!

The minute each sword qi hit, they instantly burst into starlight.

So close!

Everyone was worried!

If Chu Tian had not practiced the Starlight Immortal Body, even if the sword qi slashes had not killed him, they would still have injured him.

The Starlight Immortal Body could stop attacks, but it consumed large amounts of spirit energy. Chu Tian from the start was not in his best condition and his cultivation was only at the peak 8th Body Refinement layer, how could his total spirit energy compare with Chu Yi’s peak 9th Body Refinement layer cultivation!

“Ha, ha, ha!”

“You are nothing!”

“I haven’t used my special technique yet!”

“It would be easy if I wanted to kill you, easy as pie!”

Chu Yi wildly laughed as he fiercely attacked, Chu Tian was obviously at a disadvantage.

“Taste this move of mine!”

“Soul Sword Secret Art! Cloud Sweeping Whirlwind!”

The sword source spirit released a strong green glow and broke apart, the countless green lights released from the breakdown process gathered around Chu Yi’s body to form a whirlwind.


Chu Yi stood in the eye of the storm and threw the whirlwind at Chu Tian.

The high rotation sword qi was like a meat grinder, tearing wildly at the starlight covering Chu Tian’s body, everyone could see that the starlight slowly began to dim!

Chu Tian’s body protecting starlight was already extremely weakened!

“You’ve defended against me twice. The Soul Sword Secret Art is the strongest cultivation technique in Central State, you competing against me, you have no way to win! I’ll give you one last chance! Submit or die!”

This brat really had this much nonsense to say?

“Are you done talking?!”

Chu Tian felt very impatient, he suddenly stopped dodging. Just like a javelin, standing straight in the ground, “This little strength! Aren’t you embarrassed saying you want to kill me?”

“You think you’re some kind of master?”

“You think the Chu Family cultivation technique is that glorious?”

“You think that your Chu Family’s cultivation technique is the strongest technique in Central State?”

“Actually in my eyes, it ain’t worth shit. Your Chu Family’s sword techniques, can’t even compare to a monkey swinging a stick!”

“You think I can’t kill you?” Chu Yi was extremely angered, if not for obtaining the cultivation technique, he would have already split him apart. After being provoked for so long, his patience had reached its limit!

Chu Yi gripped the sword with both hands, the sword was covered with a dark red layer, like a flame flying through the sky, “To kill you, one swing is enough!”

Such strong sword qi!

Such imposing manner!

As if it was able to break through everything!

Chu Tian disregarded the vigorous sword qi in front of him, his eyes flashed a sharp glint, every one of his words fell as heavily as a gold bar and he fiercely laughed, “Ha, ha, ha, ha! This is your so called secret skill? Good! I’ll give you a chance! Old me will stand here and let you cut him once!”

The audience was scared!

Standing still to let him chop? How arrogant!

While Chu Tian was talking the starlight suddenly increased in splendor, rising again to cover his body. At this time, Chu Yi was holding a long ranged sword attack, a great pressure covered Chu Tian’s body.

This move again?

Chu Yi coldly laughed in his heart!

After a series of probing attempts, Chu Yi had already grasped the strength of the starlight!

Sword user, sincerity was strength, this was the key of the Soul Sword Secret Art!

Chu Yi was confident, his sword would cut through. With the power of his faith, this one move would become even stronger!

Over the years, he had fought with many geniuses!

Under same level circumstances, who could block this attack and withdraw with his body intact? What kind of thing was Chu Tian? A trivial 8th Body Refinement Cultivator!



Chu Yi shot out all his strength.

The minute the red glow almost came in contact with his body, Chu Tian’s starlight suddenly gathered, just like glittering translucent glass, it uniformly covered his entire body.

Chu Tian exclaimed , “Scram!”

The sword qi surged to cut!

The ground split inch by inch!

A resounding sound rang out!

The treasured sword cracked!

Instead Chu Yi was launched back about 10 meters!

The sword broke?

The shocking sword attack had not taken Chu Tian’s life, but instead the sword had broken!

Meng Qingwu, Meng Yingying, Nangong Yun, Xiong Tianyan, and Zhang Liqing all showed an excited expression, was this the strength of the Starlight Immortal Body?

Such abnormal defensive power!

Although they already knew the cultivation technique Chu Tian taught them was not weak, they never thought its strength would be so formidable!

Chu Tian let out a long breath, “The Chu Family’s secret sword art, is only so so.”

The transparent layer gathered around his body, like glittering starlight crystals, slowly started to disperse!

On this topic, he truly had to thank Chu Yi, if not for his help, Chu Tian would never have reached gained knowledge on the Glass Body Realm. Currently Chu Tian had not reached the small achievement realm, but he was not far off.

The residual sword qi in the area, all disappeared. The starlight covered Chu Tian, looked like a formidable deity.

He let Chu Yi feel despair!

He lost!

He had also lost!

Chu Yi’s peak 9th Layer Body Refinement cultivation, adding in the Chu Family’s《Soul Sword Secret Art》, he still could not defeat a single injured Chu Tian!

Chu Yi’s full strength sword swing, upon hitting Chu Tian’s body, his treasured sword was the one that broke!

There was a huge disparity in the strength of both sides!

It was almost impossible to imagine!

Chu Tian held his hands behind his back and coldly said, “The three opportunities have passed, do you have anything else to say?”

Chu Yi was angry out of shame, “Go die!”

Chu Yi suddenly sprang, from his hands he threw 4-5 Talismans, each Talisman was inscribed with a different symbol. Wind blade, fire ball, poison cloud, all shot towards Chu Tian.

Chu Yi also seized the opportunity to draw a dagger.

This dagger’s edge was completely green, it clearly was a poisonous weapon. Like a sinister poisonous snake, it fiercely pierced toward Chu Tian’s chest.

Countless sword qi condensed together to form a large sword above.

A single collective sword qi shot forward!

Just like an abnormal phenomenon!

Chu Tian felt a strong sense of crisis, this sword was clearly more lethal, the short period of Glass Body had already completely drained Chu Tian’s spirit energy, Chu Tian had no method of defending against something of this intensity again!

If this strike went through, Chu Tian would be in danger!

Everyone started to loudly curse.

What Chu Yi was doing was too despicable!

He couldn’t win against Chu Tian, so he had decided to rely on underhanded tricks!

“Too slow!”

Chu Tian opened his Mind’s Eye, clearly seeing the distribution of spirit energy on Chu Yi’s body. With a pair of pincer like claws, he gripped onto Chu Yi’s arm, holding onto the spirit energy’s weak points. His ten fingers shot out spirit energy sealing the meridians in the arm and then forcefully twisted.


Chu Yi’s right arm broke and he sent out a pitiful and sad cry, “You win! You win! I admit defeat!”

Chu Tian coldly said, “Don’t you think admitting defeat now is a little too late?”

“I am the fourth elder’s son! You dare to kill me?”

Chu Tian raised the green dagger and stabbed directly into Chu Yi’s heart.

Chu Yi eyes were still staring as he fell backwards. Twitching a few times before he stopped moving.


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