Miracle Throne

Chapter 62: Hunting and killing Yin Corpses

Chapter 62: Hunting and killing Yin Corpses

Black Stone Town center, cultivator gathering, noises all around.

Once the news of the Great Zhou Country caravan came, everyone wanted to seize this opportunity, seizing some cultivation resources from a large nation’s sect.

The Yin Corpses were very fierce, it was too dangerous to hunt them alone.

So rogue cultivators temporarily formed teams.

Like this they would stand a chance.

“Is Young Lady Cai Die recruiting members?”

“Although she is a newcomer, with Young Lady Cai Die’s strength and appearance, her reputation is already not small! Now they have a spot open, do you guys want to go and try out?”

“Are you stupid? They are all abnormal, all four of them are at the 9th Body Refinement Layer, with your 7th layer Body Refinement cultivation, are you looking to be laughed at?”

“Shh! Be quiet! Don’t you see Ding Feng is here? Do you dare compete with him?”

The originally eager cultivators backed off in fright.

A girl and two man stood in an open area.

The girl had a delicate long sword on her back, wearing a rainbow place dress, gentle temperament, solemn and gentle. Although she couldn’t be considered extremely beautiful, her eyes were bright and had a special flavour to them, she was a very attractive woman.

To her left was a strong robust man, he held a giant war hammer. To her right was a dark skinned thin youth, he had two short swords and on his back was a long bow.

The rainbow clothed girl said to everyone, “Our team is lacking one person, we are looking for someone with a 9th layer Body Refinement cultivation!”

This phrase.

Everyone couldn’t help sighing.

How many people in Black Stone Town had a cultivation of 9th Body Refinement Layer?

The rainbow clothed girl then said, “We are looking for corpse cores in the valley, the distribution will be even, is there anyone that wants to try?”

Everyone was quiet for a while, then a tall strong man walked out, arrogantly saying, “Since these useless things do not have any balls, then why not just give this last spot to me, Ding Feng!”

“Is he Black Iron Palm Ding Feng?”

“His Black Iron Strong Palm Technique is incredibly strong!”

“Yeah, let’s not fight him!”

The crowd was full of discussion, everyone was afraid of this man.

Cai Die could feel Ding Feng’s strong aura, her heart knew this was an expert, but still she gave an exploratory shout, “Is there anyone else who wants to try? Here we talk with strength, whoever is the strongest is the one we’ll choose, is there anyone who wants to try?”

Dian Feng crossed his arms in front of him, his face full of arrogance, “Young miss Cai Die, do you think that there is anyone more qualified than me? Instead of wasting time on this pile of trash, we should go and kill some Yin Corpses!”

This sentence enraged many people.

“How arrogant!”

“Let me have a try!”

A large man holding a sabre jumped out, a cold sabre wind flew out, the sabre glow fell down weaving into a flower, aiming right at the top of Ding Feng’s head.


“Such insignificant skill!”

Ding Feng’s hands were covered with a metallic glow, a palm hit the sabre’s edge, directly causing the iron sabre to bend.

The large man’s face filled with panic, “I’ve lost!”

Hearing this Ding Feng did not stop his hand, his hands shot out at the same time, heavily hitting the man’s chest, a clear bone breaking sound could be heard.

The large man was sent flying ten meter away, his chest was caved in, more air was leaving instead of entering, just like he was suffocating, he was afraid he would not be able to live.

“This is the fate of those who challenge me!” Ding Feng coldly smiled as he said, “Who still refuses to accept this? Come out for me!”

The crowd as frightened as the all stepped back, everyone had a face of dread.

“How strong!”

“This is the Black Iron Strong Palm Technique?”

Ding Feng was a very well known Body Refinement rogue cultivator, because of his lucky encounter which let him learn the Black Iron Strong Palm, he had already practiced it to the point, where he could bare handedly fight against sabre edge, this strength was not small.

This person also had a cruel personality, if you knew him, never provoke him.

The large guy was asking for bad luck!

Cai Die was a little disappointed with Ding Feng being so ruthless, it was not a life and death match, was there a need to be so heavy handed?

But Ding Feng’s strength, she approved of!

Cai Die’s gentle voice sounded out, she did not want anyone else to be injured, “You have a strong palm technique, your cultivation base is also at 9th Body Refinement Layer, completely meets our requirements, we welcome you to our group.”

Obtaining the beautiful woman’s praise, Ding Feng was satisfied in his heart, “How could these wastes be qualified to be Young Lady Cai Die’s companion? This spot, naturally belongs to me!”

Such wild arrogance!

Ding Feng was strong, people felt indignant but did not dare speak out.

Ding Feng enjoyed this kind of awe, swaggering as he walked over, but from the crowd a soft voice sounded.

“Wait a minute.”

A young youth walked out of the crowd, he was less than 20 years old, a mediocre appearance, his eyes were bright and clear.

Ding Feng stopped his steps and turned around, with a black face showing his anger, “Little brat, do you know the consequences of making me wait?”


This asshole was truly arrogant!

Chu Tian knit his brows and clearly said to him, “I think I’m more suited to join this team, so I’ll have to ask you to leave!”

Wasn’t this seeking death?

A young teenager dared to say these kinds of words in front of Dian Feng!

This youth was too impulsive, completely enraging Dian Feng, Cai Die with good intent tried to persuade him, “This little brother, we are only looking for experts of the 9th Body Refinement Layer, your cultivation does not seem weak, but you are still a bit from the 9th Body Refinement Layer…..”

“Didn’t you say before, here we talk with strength!” Chu Tian’s turned and he strongly said, “I think that here, I am the strongest!”

Everyone held in a cold breath.

The robust man with the hammers beside Cai Die broke out in a smile, “This little brat is a little interesting!”

“You dare to be this wild in front of me?” Dian Feng breathing became heavy, his eyes became sinister and frightening, “I don’t know if I should admire you courage or your stupidity…..Since you’re looking to die, then I’ll just help you!”

His hands were covered in a black metallic gloss!


The Black Iron Strong Palms fell upon the youth’s body!

The youth’s body let out a clear ringing sound, Ding Feng’s palms had not landed on his body, rather a large ancient bell.


Chu Tian’s body flashed with starlight.


Ding Feng pitifully called out as he flew for several feet, he had received internal injuries, both arms had been fractured, this scene made everyone feel shock!

Ding Feng’s palm strength was this surprising? His full strength palm had hit the youth’s body, but instead of killing the youth, he had been sent flying with internal injuries!

Chu Tian from beginning to end had not looked at Ding Feng, his body was covered with the splendor of stars, arriving in front of the rainbow clothed lady, “I am Lu Ren!”


What kind of weird name was this?

Cai Die found it hard to cover up her panic, “You should have practiced a strong defense cultivation technique, perhaps you’ve already reached the large success boundary? You can resist the attack of higher levels, you are incredibly fierce! Completely qualified to join us!

Large success boundary?

That’s strange!

Chu Tian’s «Starlight Immortal Body» had not even reached the small success boundary yet, but this shocking matter, it was better to keep in his heart.

In the Central State area where had this kind of person come from, why had they never heard of him before?

This kind of ancient defense cultivation technique, they’ve never heard about it from their elders!

“I’m called Cai Die, this giant is called Xiang Hu, this stuffy gourd is called Di Jian!”

Cai Die was probably over 20 years old, she was a temperamental beauty.


Chu Tian stared at Cai Die’s face for over two seconds, before revealing a pondering smiling face.

This woman was wearing a disguise, but the method compared to his, it fell far too short!

Perhaps this Cai Die was disfigured?

Did she disguise herself to become beautiful?

Chu Tian secretly stated his criticisms in his heart, but did not have the interest to pursue this matter, “Didn’t you say you had five people? There’s still a person missing!”

“The other person is called Bai Zimo, he has been to the black market several times, so he is familiar with the terrain, his cultivation base is also the highest, he is already at the peak 9th Body Refinement Layer! He is one of Central State’s well known geniuses, he can fight skip levels and fight people, just like you!”

“Let’s go, we’ll go see him.”

The small town entrance.

Bai Zimo was wearing a magnificent white silk gown, a long sword with an inlaid gem on the handle was around his back, wearing a jade crown, his skin was fair and clear, you can tell from his appearance, he was far from what a rogue cultivator looked like, he seemed like one of the large families’ junior.

Bai Zimo was impatient from waiting, “Why are you guys so slow!”

“What are you guys doing!” Once he saw the young Chu Tian, Bai Zimo knit his brows and a look of disgust appeared on his face, “I let you find a helper, how come you came back with this trash!”

“He doesn’t even have a 9th layer Body Refinement cultivation, he’ll only hold us back! This kind of waste is better not to have! Let him leave immediately!”

In this world, strength was respected.

Bai Zimo’s tone was this rampant, but he was still justified.

Cai Die had an awkward expression, “Zimo, don’t be angry, little brother Lu Ren is a bit young, his cultivation is a little weak, but his battle strength is not lacking. He practices a special set of body cultivation technique, even Ding Feng’s Black Iron Strong Palm could not break it!”

Xiang Hu’s tall stature walked up, “Brother Bai, we personally saw it, Ding Feng thrust out a palm, little brother did not dodge, he used his defense cultivation technique to injure Ding Feng!”

“Humph is that so? If you say it like this, Ding Feng was a disappointment to his name!”

Bai Zimo said this, but in his heart he felt fear and envy.

This boy could hurt Dian Feng like this, in just another few years he would not be any worse than himself!

Bai Zimo was not satisfied in his heart, “Alright, since that is the case, in a worst case scenario you can be our meat shield.”

“Let’s go!” Bai Zimo turned around without looking at Chu Tian, “We have to get to the black market before night!”

Cai Die busily advised Chu Tian as she said, “His personality is like this, don’t mind it!”

Xiang Hu also tried to comfort him, “That’s right, not only is Bai Zimo’s cultivation high, his family members are in high positions in the black market. His birth was good, his strength is good, him becoming arrogant is normal. It’s said, he’s been to the black market several times, with him leading the way, we can avoid the dangerous areas, definitely be able to arrive peacefully.”

Chu Tian slightly nodded his head.

He didn’t really mind that much.

Being rampant is fine, but he had to have self knowledge, he had to have basic principles!

Bai Zi Mo’s manner was truly arrogant, but his mouth was just a little mean, Chu Tian’s mouth was worthwhile to point out, was just like a life and death struggle.

Cai Die, Xiang Hu, and Di Jian, the three of them were at the 9th Body Refinement Layer.

Bai Zimo was at the peak 9th Body Refinement Layer.

Only Chu Tian was at the peak 8th Body Refinement Layer.

However the so called genius Bai Zimo, his strength was only at the same level as Chu Yi, although he would be a little difficult to deal with, Chu Tian did not put him in his eyes.

Outside Black Stone Town, a wasteland of dead trees, deadly silent and dilapidated, a lifeless picture.

The silent short youth Di Jian, began to talk for the first time,

“Everyone be careful, there are several Yin Corpses in front!”

The cultivation technique he practiced was special, it gave him strong detection abilities, when Yin Corpses appear nearby, he could always find them before the others.

From the stone rubble, out came several man shaped monsters, their body covered with a dark qi, the looked absolutely terrifying.

Their bodies did not have any moisture, just like dry withered corpses, their bodies were covered in white fur, they had sharp jet black nails, a pair of demonic green eyes, their faces were distorted not single bit resembling a human.

This was a Yin Corpse?

The Yin Corpse’s cultivation could be determined from the color of the hair on the body, the hair was born from the Yin qi the corpses absorbed, Body Refinement Realm Yin Corpses had white hair, Awakened Soul Realm Yin Corpses had black hair.

Some people had once said they saw a blood coloured Yin Corpse, of course this was just a rumor, black Yin Corpses were already several hundred years old, a blood Yin Corpse would be at least a thousand years old, if a blood Yin Corpse appeared, not to say the black market or Black Stone Town, all the surrounding towns would be in trouble!

“Judging by its Yin Qi, the most it can be is 30-40 years old!”

“Alright let’s move!”

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