Miracle Throne

Chapter 64: Escaping from danger

Chapter 64: Escaping from danger

His peak 9th Body Refinement cultivation stirred, spirit energy spouted out in excitement, the shape a white crane appeared, spreading its wings wide, sword light soared into the heavens, splitting the sky.


The Yin Corpse’s sharp claw swept across!

The jet black nails collided with the sword’s edge!

The two colliding powers dispersed, Bai Zimo and the Yin Corpse were both sent flying back!

How strong.

Unexpectedly they were evenly matched!

Cai Die, Xiang Hu, and Di Jian felt a glimmer of hope, if Bai Zimo can fight evenly with this Yin Corpse, there was still hope for this fight.

As long as Bai Zimo can hold off the Hundred Year Old Yin Corpse, the other four can make use of that time to clear out all the ordinary Yin Corpses, then the five of them can collaborate against the Hundred Year Old Yin Corpse and have a chance of winning!

But Bai Zimo did not think this way!

In a single clash!

Bai Zimo felt his vital energy act up, he almost couldn’t keep hold of the sword in his hand. This Yin Corpse’s strength was beyond his imagination, if he stayed here to fight, he would eventually be defeated.

What kind of person am I?

How can I take this kind of risks for these kinds of people?

This Yin Corpse was so strong, Bai Zimo did not have confidence in winning against him, even if he collaborated with the other four, if he really beat him, Bai Zimo would still be injured.

His true goal was the ruin of the ancient sect.

Looking for corpse dan, exchanging for resources, this was only because it was convenient.

If he was injured for this reason, then it would not be worth it!

I have to find a way to escape!

The Yin Corpse rushed forward once again.

Bai Zimo held up his sword, with great strength, the white crane source spirit shot forward, gliding with extreme speed, plunging right at the nearby Di Jian, his eyes shining with a cold light.

“You…..What are you doing!”

Di Jian felt the other party’s terrifying aura against his body, showing a panicked expression, unable to resist in time, Bai Zimo pierced through Di Jian’s shoulder.

Bai Zimo regarded Di Jian as a shield to be thrown out!

Cai Die and Xiang Hu were both surprised as they said, “You bastard!”

“You waste holding me back, I won’t accompany you, play by yourself!”

Bai Zimo’s white crane source spirit, had the ability to soar for a small period, accelerating a hundred meters away, going as fast as he could to abandon them, suddenly making his getaway!

Ran away?

They never would have thought!

There could be someone who would be so shameless in this kind of situation!

It didn’t matter if he ran away the moment it became dangerous, but using his companion’s live to buy time so he could run away!

“Quick go help!”

Chu Tian knocked away the two Yin Corpse blocking the way, running as fast as he could to Di Jian’s side.

Too late!

Di Jian was not prepared to be thrown in front of the Hundred Year Old Yin Corpse, his cultivation was originally lower than Bai Zimo and he was not suited for close combat, how could he block it?

The first claw!

The short swords were knocked flying!

The second claw!

His chest and abdomen were teared apart!

The third claw!

Digging right into his chest!

This kind of fierce quick attack, even Chu Tian had no way to block it!


Di Jian let out a pitiful yell, his blood soaked body fell onto the ground, surrounded by a crowd of corpses seething with excitement, slowly closing in, this scene truly filled people with terror!

Had Di Jian died?

A lively person had died just like that!

The corpses began to go crazy!

If it continued it would be over!

Chu Tian did not have any ways, he could only walk forward, trying to stop the Hundred Year Old Yin Corpse, he was hit in the shoulder knocked back several feet by the Yin Corpse, the starlight covering his body, unexpectedly had been torn!

Such a strong strike!

Chu Tian felt pain from his ripped shoulder, the sinister strength of the Hundred Year Old Yin Corpse had penetrated his defensive cultivation technique, opening a wound on his shoulder. Although the wound was not deep, the blood flowing from it turned dark, clearly he had been infected with the corpse poison!

Yin Corpses flooded in from all four directions.

Chu Tian loudly shouted, “Block the ordinary Yin Corpses, I’ll deal with this one!”

Cai Die and Xiang Hu were startled.

A trivial 8th Body Refinement Layer boy had taken a hit from a Hundred Year Old Yin Corpse and had not died?

This was a monster with strength comparable to an Awakened Soul Realm cultivator!

At this time in the Yin Corpse’s eyes, showed a glint of bloodlust, opening his fang filled mouth, he quickly shot out a black mist that almost instantly enveloped Chu Tian.

The two of them looked on in amazement!

The most threatening part of Yin Corpses came from their corpse poison.

The poison in the fog, even Awakened Soul Realm cultivators might not be able to endure. He was only an 8th Body Refinement Layer cultivator, was there any hope for him?

Chu Tian quickly whipped out a bottle of medicine from behind him, opening the lid, drinking it all, only feeling a stream of clear cold dispersing throughout his body, temporarily resisting the poison penetrating his body.

Chu Tian rejoiced over his preparations, otherwise once he suffered this corpse poison, he would have no way to fight back!

Even so, he did not dare be careless!

The Yin Corpse was too fast, his strength was even more shocking, suddenly rushing in front of him, his claw struck Chu Tian’s chest. Only seeing a scattering of starlight, Chu Tian flew out like a explosive, flying out of the black mist, his body making a hole in the ground.


The Yin Corpse came out the black mist, its foot shot at Chu Tian lying on the ground.

Chu Tian hits the ground to shoot his body out, barely dodging the kick.


The Yin Corpse’s foot stomp sent out shockwaves, sending Chu Tian flying a good several meters.

Chu Tian was not an average person, he had a rich experience in fighting. Using the momentum to balance his body, he landed with both feet on the ground, fists flying like lightning, shooting out at the Yin Corpse.


Man and Yin Corpse were both shaken.

Cai Die chopped an ordinary Yin Corpse with her sword, when she saw Chu Tian fighting, she could not help but be amazed. She just realized, Chu Tian’s strength was not inferior to Bai Zimo, he could even fight hand to hand with the Yin Corpse on an even scale. Moreover the Yin Corpse had its corpse poison, he had been hit several times, but each time it had been blocked by his special defense cultivation technique!

Too strong!

This youth was only in the 8th Body Refinement Layer!

He could fight evenly with an Awakened Soul Realm existance!

Xiang Hu brandished his giant hammers to send two Yin Corpses flying, excitedly saying, “We need to work harder, let’s block the crowd, we can’t let them bother little brother!”


Cai Die felt her confidence increasing.

The autumn water sword let several beautiful sword lights fly.

4-5 Yin Corpses stood still, simultaneously being split apart.

After several rounds, Chu Tian spirit energy had been depleted, because of his cultivation limit, his total spirit energy was not high, he would definitely lose in the battle of attritions!

He had to think of a method to decide the battle in one strike!

Chu Tian closed off his senses and opened his Mind’s Eye, condensing all his spirit energy, only seeing massive amounts of starlight congealing on his body, finally becoming a glittering translucent glaze!

This time he had used too much spirit energy!

Victory would be defeated in one strike!

This short Glass Body was his strongest move, it was enough to block Chu Yi’s attack and injure him.

He flicked his sleeves.

Two talismans fell down into him palms.


The Yin Corpse brought a terrifying aura, a palm heavily hit Chu Tian’s chest, cracks formed on the clear crystal glaze and the Yin Corpse was sent flying back two meters under the incredible strength.

The time was now!

The talismans turned into two fierce light spears, viciously penetrating into the Yin Corpse’s body.

Too hard!

Chu Tian brought out the last of his strength, but it only penetrates in a little.


The Yin Corpse let out a pitiful cry, unceasingly emitting out black fog, the bright energy was seriously injuring it.


The Yin Corpse shot its fist onto Chu Tian’s body, the Glass Body instantly shattered into pieces, immediately becoming pieces of starlight as blood dripped from the sides of Chu Tian’s mouth.

The Glass Body had been broken!

If the Yin Corpse attacked again, Chu Tian’s life would be in danger!

“Break for me!”

Chu Tian’s hands held a spear each, using all his strength against the Yin Corpse, finally piercing through, the light spears stabbed forward, completely piercing through the Yin Corpse’s body, the power was so terrifying it hit the large stone behind it, creating a large hole!

Both legs stepped on it.

Chu Tian pushed it away.

The Yin Corpse gave a struggling pitiful cry, its body ignited in flames, not before long, the formidably strong Yin Corpse, turned into an unmoving burnt body.

Chu Tian turned around to help Cai Die and Xiang Hu, before five minutes passed, the remaining Yin Corpses were all cleared out.

“Did we really do this?”

Cai Die looked at the Yin Corpses scattered, she could not believe her eyes. Three people had take out 100 Yin Corpses who were pretty strong, including a formidable almost evolved black haired existance.

Xiang Hu was full of admiration for Chu Tian, “Brother, are you still human? You’re simply a monster!”

Chu Tian was dead tired, his body was full of injuries, “Go collect the corpse cores, there should be around 130-140 of them and all of them seem to be high quality!”

Cai Die and Xiang Hu had just escaped from death, they still had some lingering fear. Being reminded by Chu Tian like this, the two of them revealed a joyful expression!

That’s right!

This was a giant harvest!

The two of them worked hard, putting all the corpse cores into their bags!

Cai Die hefted the heavy bag and showed a gratified smile, “Our harvest is truly big this time, by the time we reach the camps we should have around 300 corpse cores. Little brother Lu Ren, we’re lucky to have you this time, otherwise we would have died before arriving at the camp, I’ll give you half the cores from my share!”

Xiang Hu also said, “I’ll also give you half of mine.”

Chu Tian was a little hesitant, “This isn’t really proper!”

Cai Die said with a casual smile, “Those that are strong have more, that is how it works, so stop worrying about it!”

Chu Tian raised their impressions of him, he understood how to have gratitude, at least his moral character was good. Chu Tian really needed corpse core to trade for resources, so he didn’t act polite.

“He, he, you guys have forgotten about me!”

While the three of them were resting, a cold voice rang out.

“Bai Zimo!”

“You…..you still have the courage to appear!”

Bai Zimo wore a set of white clothes, his long sword in hand as he walked over, his eyes swept over the Yin Corpses, then looking at the three exhausted people, his lips turned into a cold smile, “I never would have thought, you would have some tricks up your sleeves, I won’t waste any time, hand over my share.”

Xiang Hu’s angry face said, “Do you even have any face?”

Bai Zimo directly sent out a slash of sword qi.

Xiang Hu hurried to lift his hammers to block, the strength behind it forced him back a few steps, blood poured down from the side of his mouth.

“I’ve changed my mind, these corpse cores, I will take all of them, as for you guys…...I think I’ll just make sure you stay in this Yin Corpse Valley forever, perhaps in ten years, you’ll have changed into Yin Corpses.” Bai Zimo did not want news of today to spread, so he decided to silence them.

Cai Die found it hard to believe, “You want to kill us?”

“Very sorry, young lady Cai Die, actually I quite liked you, it’s a shame I never had a chance to taste your body.” Bai Zimo sized up Cai Die’s body with an obscene look, finally his hands fell onto the autumn water sword, “This is the autumn water sword? This kind of good sword is wasted in your hands, I’ll be able to display its true value!”

Chu Tian slowly stood up, “You are letting yourself be happy too early.”

Bai Zimo locked onto Chu Tian, instantly emitting out killing intent, “You talk too much! I’ll start with you!”

A cold light flashed out!

The treasure sword pierced out!

“You, this kind of fool want to kill me?!”

Chu Tian opened his Mind’s Eye, clearly seeing the distribution of the enemy’s spirit energy, including all it weaknesses, dodging by a thin margin, he avoided the dangerous sword’s wind!

Viciously raising his foot.

Trampling right into the stomach!

Bai Zimo let out a pitiful cry, he was kicked into the boulder and his body smashed the boulder apart.

Bai Zimo continued to spit out blood, the white gown turned red, the jade crown fell off, his hair was disheveled, his face full of distress, “You…..How could you!”

Chu Tian picked up the sword on the ground and walked step by step over to Bai Zimo.

Bai Zimo moved back in panic, “Wait, I don’t want, I don’t want the corpse cores anymore!”

Chu Tian looked at him in pity.

Bai Zimo clenched his fist, his face showed a vicious expression, “My older brother is at the black market, you’re dead if you dare harm a hair on my head! If you dare to kill me, your three clans will be exterminated!”

“What a joke! I don’t dare to kill you?”

Chu Tian raised the long sword.


Bai Zimo desperately shouted as a cold light separated his head from his body.

Chu Tian stabbed the sword into the ground, the last bit of his spirit energy had been used, Chu Tian felt a bit of dizziness, he quickly pulled out a bottle of medicine to drink.

Cia Die and Xiang Hu blankly looked at each other.

“You really killed him?”

“Bai Zimo’s older brother is an Awakened Soul Realm Cultivator, he is very famous in the black market, if he dies I’m afraid we’ll be……”

Chu Tian looked at them as he said. “You guys are too innocent. This fellow betrays people without blinking an eye, you think once he goes back, nothing would happen to me? Since it’s like this, I might as well kill him!”

The two of them stared.

That’s right!

With this kind of person, if they lived they would bring a disaster!

Chu Tian rested for a few minutes, “The Yin Corpses nearby are increasing! Quickly let’s leave!”

Today the Yin Corpse Valley was not normal, large quantities of Yin Corpse were awakening, inexplicably waking up, the number of Yin Corpses increased as the situation became even more wild.

But, even though the quantity of Yin Corpses increased, they did not meet another hundred year old corpse.

The whole road, there were many surprises but no real danger.

When dusk arrived, the three of them had reached their destination, Chu Tian finally saw the legendary black market.

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