Miracle Throne

Chapter 654: Abyss crisis

Chapter 654: Abyss crisis

“What is going on?”

Chu Tian had been attending an event, but because he heard something had happened, he rushed back.

Meng Qingwu gave some images and data to Chu Tian with a serious expression, “We don’t know the specifics yet, but we have received information from the Purgatory World. There has been a disaster in the Purgatory World and it has caused over ten million casualties. Our mines established with the other empires has also been destroyed. This underground situation seems very serious.”

“What? Ten million Purgatory World lifeforms are dead!”

When the other Miracle Commerce people heard this, they were stunned.

What concept was ten million people?

The Purgatory World was that far from the surface, but even the surface world felt the vibrations from the Purgatory World. God knows what kind of matter happened in the Purgatory World just now.

The Purgatory World had been attached to Miracle City and was a large region of the Miracle Alliance, with Mei Ji as the Purgatory World president. Now that a large matter had occurred in the Purgatory World, the ones suffering a loss was not just the Miracle Federation. This was because Miracle City had already introduced the Purgatory World to the other countries in the first Miracle Summit and now they had already opened mines down there.

Now with the disaster in the Purgatory World, other than the losses Miracle Commerce and the Purgatory World locals suffered, there were several other countries, especially the six empires allied with Miracle City that all suffered heavy losses from this.

“Chu Tian, what is going on here?”

“I received an urgent report, there’s been an explosion in the Purgatory World.”

“What is going on here, what if the Purgatory matters harm our business? The Purgatory World materials are a very important strategic resource for us, we need them when making the Miracle Helmets! This will seriously affect our output speed!”

As expected.

When the Purgatory World matter happened.

Chu Tian’s communication device kept ringing nonstop.

The emperors all wanted an explanation. This Purgatory World matter had made them suffer large losses and these people could only find Chu Tian for an explanation. Who let the Purgatory World be Chu Tian’s developed territory? Since it was Chu Tian’s territory, they could only ask him!

Chu Tian said to everyone, “I also don’t know the specifics right now, but the Purgatory World president has gone to investigate. The report says that there was a change with the Purgatory’s World’s Devil’s Gate Ruins that caused this explosion.”

The Burning Heaven Emperor said with an enraged look, “Just what happened? How could it just randomly explode!”

“It was hard for us to build that mine in the Purgatory World!” The Wild Beast Emperor was not very satisfied with this matter either, “President Chu Tian, I know that you have been very busy lately, but you must properly investigate this matter. You have to see if this was caused by someone or if it’s natural.”

The others all showed their agreement.

“This matter might now by that simple.” Chu Tian could already guess the reason, but Chu Tian didn’t dare draw any conclusions on this matter, so he said to everyone, “I’m afraid I have to ask everyone on a trip to the Purgatory World with me.”

There was no other way.

They had to go down to the Purgatory World!

Luckily the six emperors had Transport Towers in their palaces. Therefore, although it was a trip to the Purgatory World, it was no different from going into their back gardens. Chu Tian invited everyone to Darkness City’s Transport Tower and after five minutes, Chu Tian and the six emperors arrived at Darkness City’s Transport Tower.

These people gave emotional sighs at Miracle City’s technology again.

Without this Transport Tower, if they wanted to go to the Purgatory World, they had to spend quite a bit of effort!

When they had just arrived in the Purgatory World, they found that it was different from before. The flame burning above their heads had turned a demonic green colour and this made the Purgatory World much dimmer. Other than that, there was also an evil aura that filled the air of the Purgatory World.

The dragon great elder said in a deep voice, “Such powerful evil energy!”

The Wind Moon Empress nodded in agreement, “This feeling wasn’t here before, it seems like something really big happened.”

A Succubus came over, it was Mei Ji who was in charge of the Purgatory World for Miracle City, “We have already investigated this, this accident was caused by a large scale energy explosion from the Devil’s Gate. All life in a thousand miles around the Devil’s Gate has been exterminated, but we still haven’t investigated the reason why.”

“Un, understood. You can leave first.”

Chu Tian guessed that it was the Devil’s Gate and without saying anything else, his eyes turned white. A powerful spatial energy spewed out and surrounded the surrounding six emperors, causing everyone to teleport outside the Devil’s Gate area.

“President Chu Tian’s strength has greatly increased again!”

“That’s right, that’s right, there are few people on the continent that can match this spatial technique.”

Chu Tian said with knit brows, “Now is not the time to worry about this, look in front of us!”

Everyone looked forward and they were all stunned. It was just a field of black. The ground seemed like it had been crystallized and from the mountain peak to the ground, it had all turned into black crystals. These crystals were like ice releasing cold air as they kept releasing black steam, giving people a very strange feeling.

The Netherworld Sea’s Nether King said in a deep voice, “A power that can crystallize everything in a thousand miles, this already surpasses our limit. Accurately speaking, it surpasses the limit of this world. This matter definitely is not simple.”

“Spatial Eye!”

Chu Tian used a special technique, his eyes could see any angle in space. He could see the Devil’s Gate Ruins letting out light from afar and the Devil’s Gate all around the Purgatory World were in the same situation. There was black energy rising from them that finally fell into the center, where there was a giant vortex swirling.

“That’s right, it’s an Abyss Gate!” Chu Tian stopped looking and gave a sigh, “If the Devil’s Gates in the Purgatory World was working again, for example if there was an incomparably giant array on them and they sucked in enough energy from the Abyss, the tunnel to another plane would open and outside lifeforms could break through it.”

Time and space were twisting.

From the whirlpool of twisted shadows, a kind of evil power kept seeping out.

That’s right, the reason was this.

Chu Tian looked at the large array on the Devil’s Gate and felt this situation was very bad. This was because the feeling coming from the eye of the array was an evil Abyss aura. With this kind of aura present, there was only one problem and that was the Abyss Gate was going to open soon.

The Wild Beast Emperor couldn’t understand, “What are you saying? What is going on here?”

“You’re saying…..” The Nether King had a deep base of knowledge. His body trembled slightly, this was a very human action, “This energy is coming through the center to create a planar passage?”

Chu Tian said with a nod, “This thought is right.”

The Burning Heaven Emperor’s eyes popped out, “You’re saying that through this door, we can go to other worlds?”

This thought was too optimistic. Chu Tian remembered the history of the continent and he remembered that when the Abyss Gate opened, humans had already developed Source Energy Technology for seven-eight thousand years. They had tens of thousands of warships and various weapons that were thousands of times more advanced.

He was in a rush to open the Abyss Gate, but he shouldn’t have been this rushed. This was clearly not a normal situation. Could it be that when he destroyed the Devil’s Gate Ruins’ foundation last time, it caused the Abyss to come to the continent in advance?

Chu Tian was very clear on how terrifying of a world the Abyss World was.

If the continent were to explore the Abyss in their current state, they would be destroyed in an instant!

Chu Tian needed at least twenty years to develop before he had the confidence to fight the Abyss. If the Abyss Gate was opened beforehand, the continent would meet its doom.

“This situation is even more serious than we imagined!” Chu Tian looked at the six emperors around him and said, “We can’t do anything with just the six of us, we need to gather everyone past the 6th Heaven Domain Layer and come here together!”


“That’s right, everyone! The more the better!”

Chu Tian’s only happiness was finding this in time. If they waited another few days and the Abyss Gate opened a slit, the result would be completely different. This continent’s civilization and countries didn’t seem weak, but if they went into the Abyss, they couldn’t even last a few years.

These people didn’t know how terrifying it was for this planar passage to open.

Which one of these emperors wasn’t a genius among geniuses? But why did everyone’s cultivation stagnate at the peak 9th Heaven Domain Layer and they couldn’t break through? That was because there were laws restraining the strongest powers. Otherwise once someone broke through the Heaven Domain Realm, how could there be peace in this world? Any person could use this incredible power.

Chu Tian knew the value of this planar passage, but the consequences outweighed the value. If they opened the passage now, it was no different from walking the path of death.

Chu Tian didn’t want the foundation he worked hard to build to be broken in a single night!