Miracle Throne

Chapter 655: Planar Gate

Chapter 655: Planar Gate

Chu Tian’s influence on the continent was unparalleled right now, therefore once Chu Tian sent his message, all the countries had to place importance to it. The nineteen emperors all came to Darkness City and other than these nineteen emperors, there were also one hundred and twenty peak experts above the 6th Heaven Domain Layer.

It was the first time for most of these people coming to the Purgatory World, therefore they were shocked by what they saw. They were especially shocked after they felt the evil aura that filled the air. This dark energy was powerful enough to crystallize an area of a thousand miles, this was a disaster that nothing on the current continent could compare to.

“This problem is very serious, it is not something individual power can solve.”

“Remember, this matter is not small, it is related to the life and death of the entire continent. So, this time, we have to work together.”

Chu Tian spoke to everyone as the Miracle Federation’s president, but everyone was confused by this matter. An emperor couldn’t help asking, “What is going on here?? Can you explain it?”

Chu Tian directly used Darkness City’s Smart Brain to let the Smart Brain project the images taken from an unmanned drone. Everyone could clearly see that the area surveyed by the unmanned drone was a large piece of black crystal, including many places sticking out. There was a dark volcano that was spewing out a dark as ink energy liquid out and this energy was being pulled to the center of this area.

These people were not normal people.

Everyone could see that these volcanoes spewing dark liquid was continuously compressing power into a single point, creating space and time fluctuations in this area. There was an unheard of super giant array that was floating over the Purgatory World and this phenomenon couldn’t be man made.

“The simple explanation is that our world is being opened.” Chu Tian pointed at the image and said, “These volcanoes spewing dark energy are actually the Purgatory World’s Devil’s Gate Ruins. The so called Devil’s Gate Ruins can be explained as planar holes and most of these planar holes are sealed tight. In certain situations, these planar holes can be used again.”

“A plane being opened from the outside is very hard to do, but it’s relatively easy to open it from within. The current situation is that creatures from another world have discovered our existence and the existence of these holes, therefore they are using the Devil’s Gate to release energy from the Purgatory World. Finally this energy is gathered in this world and it will gradually form a Planar Gate.”

This was everyone’s first time hearing this.

There was someone who asked, “What will happen if this Planar Gate is opened?”

Chu Tian replied, “Each world has their gate to the outside world and once a world is open, one can directly enter it. But once a world is open, there are two meanings to it. One is colonizing a world and one is being colonized. If our continent could become strong enough and took the initiative to open doors to other planes, then can colonize other worlds. But the problem now is that the continent is far from being developed enough to open other planes, so once our world is opened, we will be colonized.”

When this was said.

No one’s expression didn’t change.

Chu Tian continued, “Everyone, don’t think that I’m just saying things to frighten people. When planes are sealed, there is an upper limit in strength, just like how it is impossible for there to be an expert above the Heaven Domain Realm on the continent. Once a plane is open, the spiritual energy from outside the world will swell in and the upper limit in power of the continent will break. But the Abyss World is a plane that hasn’t had an upper limit for tens of thousands of years, so the experts of our world are nothing more than normal people in their eyes.”

But the continent’s normal development path, it would be at least ten thousand years before they were qualified to open their plane because technology would have reached its peak in ten thousand years. The continent had prepared millions of warships, so once they opened their plane, they quickly began invading other planes on the Abyss Battlefield.

What situation was the current continent in?

The continent had less than a hundred warships!

These warships were the most basic level warships made by Miracle Commerce. The low level warships of the continent were completely different from the warships of other planes, it could be said that one hundred low level warships from the continent couldn’t even compare to a single low level warship of another plane. With the continent’s current level, it couldn’t fight on the Abyss Battlefield at all. If they went into the Abyss World now, they would be completely destroyed. The best result would be being turned into slaves by the invaders.

Chu Tian had already explained things clearly and the expressions of everyone had begun to change. There were some people with looks of astonishment that shouted out, “Your meaning is that the Purgatory World explosion is something in the Abyss World making their move?”

“That’s right! It’s like someone finding a coconut tree, the things they are doing to our world right now is trying to break the coconut to reach the sweet coconut milk. So, if we don’t take any action and once they come in, our world will be in danger.”

Although everyone could guess this matter was very serious, they never thought it could be this serious. This kind of terrifying energy explosion should have been an unprecedented treasure, but now Chu Tian was telling everyone that this was not a natural disaster, but rather man made. The consequences of this man made disaster was thousands of times worse than a natural disaster!

The dragon elder directly asked, “Just tell us directly, how can we stop this?”

Chu Tian replied, “I am prepared to cut off the energy of the Planar Gate and I will add another array to seal this plane. This matter is not easy to accomplish because the outsider has most likely used the tunnel to secretly send troops into this plane. As long as everyone works together, there is hope in accomplishing this.”

The Nether King asked in a hoarse voice, “What are the concrete plans of the operation?”

“This is the reason why I invited you all here. You are all the experts with the highest cultivations on the continent, as long as we all work together, we can definitely take care of this disaster.” Chu Tian stood up and pointed at the map, “Not only do we need to stop these Devil’s Gates from secretly transporting energy, we need to also seal off the Planar Gate to the Abyss World. Everyone here will be divided into four groups that will approach Devil’s Gate from four directions and we’ll place the array flags I made around the energy volcanoes of the Devil’s Gates to stop the explosion of energy. As long as the energy flow stops, the Abyss Planar Gate will also stop opening. We will use Miracle City’s Space Gate to send an army to take care of the demons while the emperors will come with me to the center of the Planar Gate to seal it off!”

Chu Tian went through the details of his plan with everyone.

Everyone nodded at each other.

This matter was not small, after all, it was related to the life and death of the continent. This was protecting the eggs of the nest, so even if they had contradictions with each other, they still had to come together to resist the powerful invaders at this time.

After Chu Tian finished the briefing, he began to mobilize Miracle Commerce’s resources. The others did not remain idle, everyone called the experts of their countries and even mandy experts living in seclusion were surprised by this matter. After seven days, the over a hundred 6th Heaven Domain Layer and above experts reached over two hundred. The Purgatory World’s Darkness City had basically gathered the peak fighting force of the continent.

“Chu Tian, there’s something strange. It’s best if you take a look.”

Chu Tian was called to Darkness City’s temporary command center by Meng Qingwu. He saw that everyone was present and they all had gloomy and serious expressions as they watched the image on the screen. This was captured image of near the Abyss Planar Gate from Miracle Commerce’s unmanned drone, they saw the Abyss Planar Gate quickly forming. They saw groups of strange things coming out of the Abyss Planar Gate, quickly reaching thousands in number.

There was a sharp cry.

There was a dragon like being that grabbed Miracle City’s unmanned drone and finally with a large sound, the unmanned drone’s transmitted image cut off.

Eunice said to Chu Tian with a gloomy face, “What does the president think?”

“The opening of the Abyss Planar Gate is faster than we imagined, these are the vanguards of the forces invading our plane.” Chu Tian said with knit brows, “But everyone shouldn’t be worried because this planar passage isn’t completely opened. The ones that can come through the passage now are not very strong and it is impossible for anything past the Heaven Domain Realm to come through, so we can still deal with them.”

“But they will slowly accumulate and our plan will be much harder to implement.”

“That’s right, we should find a way to take care of the gate as soon as possible.”

Everyone already couldn’t sit still. Although the vanguard from the Abyss was not strong, it was enough to see that these were invaders with a plan. These fellows definitely will think of a way to deal with Darkness City after coming in. As long as they waited another few days, the gate will connect to the Abyss and terrifying creatures of the Abyss will be able to invade this world.

“Everyone can relax, we are already prepared. Let’s start the plan now.”

Chu Tian had already prepared their equipment and the elite troops of the various countries had already been gathered at Miracle City’s Space Gate. For this battle that they had been gathered for, no one dared to be negligent because once they were defeated by these creatures, their so called empires and everything they owned would be completely swept away.

Chu Tian looked over everyone present and he began dividing the tasks, “We have a total of two hundred and sixty experts in the 6th Heaven Domain Layer and above, so now will we divide into four teams. You will prepare to appear on the four sides of the energy volcano to use the array that I have prepared and remember, you have to seal it at the same time. As long as the energy volcano is successfully sealed, the Abyss Planar Gate will stop growing, but it will not disappear because of this. A few of us will be responsible for killing our way in and sealing it, completely stopping the Abyss invasion!”


“Let’s do this!”