Miracle Throne

Chapter 657: Striving to turn the tide

Chapter 657: Striving to turn the tide

In front of this terrifying creature, what did an emperor count for?

Those proud emperors finally realized that their lives were just a drop in the ocean of the world. Everything they could see was nothing more than a tiny part of the world.

When had they ever thought that there would be anything above them?

The emperors were busy dodging as the terrifying eyes seemed to be following them. As long as it locked onto an emperor, it would release its power. First it hit them with spiritual and soul attacks and when those emperors were slowed down, it would shoot the beams of death at them.

Hong, hong, hong!

Each attach would shake space itself.

Each attack contained an incredible power.

These experts who thought they stood at the peak of the world, when they met this kind of suppressive power, they could only barely defend. Even when they defended with all their might, it was hard for them to block this terrifying creature’s attack.

The sky itself seemed like it was being torn apart.

The emperors were all beaten back until they spat out blood.

Many of them had been seriously injured.

When the emperor level characters stopped blocking them, countless beams of death shot out backwards, to the sky, and all over. The space all around was filled with rips. Hundreds of beams swept over Miracle City’s vanguard and instantly killed a third of them.

The mighty airships didn’t even have a chance to show their might.

They fell to the ground with a beam of light that wasn’t dazzling.

It was completely vaporized.

The several hundred meter long colossus was instantly turned into granules that couldn’t be seen with the naked eye. It completely disappeared from the sky, like it hadn’t appeared at all.

In this moment, the sword wielding emperor roared out and giant swords in his hands reached hundreds of meters, as countless sword souls covered them. Each one condensed an extreme power that could split the sky, which slashed out at the tentacle. In the end, when the tentacle met the emperor’s powerful attack, not only did it not dodge or defend, it took the initiative to whip out.

The eyes on the surface of the tentacle disappeared and they formed Abyss Runes. The tentacle covered in dark purple Abyss Runes slammed against the sword glow and everyone heard a glass shattering sound.

Actually what shattered was not glass, but rather space itself.

When the elites under the Heaven Domain Realm felt the shock, almost all of them spat out blood. The giant swords in the emperor’s hands shattered and he spat out a spout of blood into the sky. He was sent flying far off like a rocket and it seemed like he had completely lost his battle strength.

This emperor was called the Sacred Sword Emperor.

He was the number one sword cultivator on the continent.

A sword cultivator was known for fierce attacks and an expert that had a cultivation at the emperor level, he definitely had countless fortuitous encounters and a super powerful talent. This emperor’s attack power was ranked in the top three of the continent and it definitely wasn’t third. Such a powerful existence didn’t even have the ability to scratch the tentacle, rather he was sent flying with a single attack.

That several hundred meter long tentacle covered in purplish black Runes rose high up and slammed into the ground. The several dozen miles area under it was shattered and the shockwave traveled several hundred meters. Miracle City reinforcements were forced back and the Space Gate collapsed under the tremendous power of the attack. A shockwave even passed through the Space Gate to Miracle City, smashing several buildings nearby. The mountains were shattered and the entire Miracle City shook, not recovering even after several dozen minutes.

The emperors were all heavily injured.

When they saw the several dozen miles wide hole, as well as the cracked ground, and the mountain of corpse fragments, each emperor was deeply shocked. They thought they were unparalleled in this world, standing at its peak. In order to steal a few inches of land and for some status, they almost fought with Miracle City.

But now the brutal truth was in front of their eyes.

What was this creature? Its main body couldn’t come in and just relying on a single tentacle, it was suppressing all the experts of the continent.

Too terrifying!

Too strong!

This strength was basically not on the same level.

If this creature could appear on the continent, there was nothing in this world that could defeat it. There was only a single tentacle now and it was enough to fill them with shock and despair.

After this tentacle released an earth shaking attack, it didn’t continue. Probably in this creature’s eyes, these fellows weren’t worth wasting time with. The tentacle stood high up again and the length of six hundred meters drilled into the ground. The Runes all over it lit up and an earth shattering power spread in all directions.

Wherever it went.

Mountains and ground cracked.

Several dozen miles of land cracked in an instant and the terrifying wave of energy kept moving forward.

The Wind Moon Empress held her chest as she shouted with a pale face, “What does it want to do?”

“This is bad!” The dragon elder was an elder dragon who had lived for ten thousand years, but he still showed a look of fear and shock, “It seems like it wants to destroy the seal of the volcanoes to continue opening the Abyss Gate!”

Because the Abyss Gate was too small, this creature couldn’t come in. If it could destroy the seal on the volcanoes and allow the Abyss Gate to become a bit bigger, if it could reach two or three hands in, it would be unparalleled in this world. No matter how many people came, it would have no fear.

“Stop it!”

The emperors had already given up all other thoughts to try and stop the monster from breaking the seal of the energy volcano. They all burned their essence blood, their life, and even used source spirit secret techniques to sacrifice their cultivation and their life to increase their cultivation temporarily.

They had no choice on this matter.

If this terrifying invader entered this world, the entire continent would be finished!

The emperors strengthened their cultivations with their secret techniques and attacked at the same time, but even then they could only barely suppress it. This state couldn’t be maintained long. The Wind Moon Empress was burning with the flame of life and there were traces of white appearing in her hair. Her nation collapsing beauty face twisted and she used all her strength to shout, “Chu Tian, we can’t hold for more than a few seconds, quickly think of a way!”

The emperors were already filled with despair.

Their bit of strength seemed like it couldn’t stop this thing at all.

They could only pin their hopes on Chu Tian who wasn’t stronger than them. They hoped that Chu Tian could think of a way or perhaps create another miracle.

Chu Tian was already heavily injured and seeing the emperors fighting a losing battle with the Great Abyss Demon, he let out a sigh. He never thought that this matter would become like this. This strength of their current plane was too weak, if they opened their plane ten thousand years ahead of them, the consequences would be unimaginable.

This was all because Chu Tian was active in the Purgatory World, weakening the Purgatory World’s seal.

Chu Tian also never thought that this would happen.

The giant tentacle had already drilled into the earth and the cracks in the ground kept spreading. Under the attack of this terrifying power, the surrounding environment couldn’t help changing. The ground turned into large canyons, the giant mountain peaks crumbled, and the seals on the energy volcanoes were instantly destroyed.

“I don’t care who you are, since father is in this plane, you should give up on taking a single inch! Scram back to where you came from!”

Chu Tian released his Nine Eyed Demon God Source Spirit, but nine eyes were closed. There was one eye that had been closed since the beginning that opened, but even so it could only barely open by a slit.

Chu Tian pupils disappeared.

It became a transparent colour.

This emptiness was not empty, this emptiness contained all things, including the world and all living creatures. The tentacle was fighting the emperors, but it suddenly felt something and actually swept out. It changed directions and began attacking Chu Tian.

Too late!

This power surpassed elements, material, spirit, soul, and space, it was above all things. It surpassed the world and dominated all living things, controlling everything. It was a power that surpassed everything!

Even powerful gods couldn’t stop it!

Chu Tian’s target did not seem to be the Great Abyss Demon’s tentacle, but rather he used the power of destiny to directly close the Abyss Gate. There were wails of pain that came from the tentacle. When the gate in space and time closed, under the ripping of spatial energy, the terrifying tentacle couldn’t retreat at all and was cut in half.

Chu Tian fell out of the sky.

He had already fallen unconscious.

There were few survivors on the scene. Everyone looked at the cracked ground and were stunned for a long time before coming back to their senses. The losses in this battle was too big, at least over a hundred Heaven Domain Experts had died. The nineteen emperors had suffered heavy losses and their injuries were quite serious.


“Seal the gate!”

The emperors worked together to seal the location of the Abyss Gate, stopping it from opening again. This sudden battle had ended, but the price they paid was too heavy. The various countries had lost countless experts, their army had almost been completely annihilated, and the emperor level characters had all been heavily injured. It would be hard to recover in the next ten years.