Miracle Throne

Chapter 66: Birth of a Source Spiri

Chapter 66: Birth of a Source Spiri

Chu Tian’s eyes were locked on the Infant Soul Fruit for a long time.

How could the bronze masked old man not see what he was thinking?

“The Infant Soul Fruit is the main ingredient in the Awakened Soul pill, the Awakened Soul pill is very expensive, if a peak 9th layer Body Refinement cultivator takes it, it increases his chance of breaking through the boundary by 30%!”


This low?

This was because the pill refining technology was too low!

Chu Tian personally refining the Awakened Soul pill, he was confident that his success ratio would be 80%!

So long as he reached the peak 9th Body Refinement Layer, he only need this Infant Soul Pill, without anything else he could directly breakthrough, can immediately become an Awakened Soul Realm Cultivator and become one of the experts of the Central State region!

This kind of large enticement.

How could his heart not beat with excitement!

Chu Tian had his knowledge, the Infant Soul Fruit was precious, the corpse cores hunted in a single day, how could they be enough to trade for a level 2 elixir? If elixirs were so easy to trade for, Awakened Soul Realm cultivators would have also participated and the Great Zhou Countr caravan would have long been sold out, how could they leave anything for other people?

Chu Tian asked an exploratory sentence, “How much for this Infant Soul Fruit?”

“The Infant Soul Fruit out of the materials this peddler has brought, it is the most expensive one!” The bronze masked old man took out the highest quality corpse core out, the one Chu Tian had hunted from the hundred year corpse, “If you want it, bring 100 cores of this quality, or bring a thousand year old corpse core and I’ll consider it.”

A 100 highest quality corpse cores?

Or a thousand year old corpse core?

This was not a joke, this was simply extortion!

Not to mention the difficulty of killing Hundred Year Old Yin Corpses, where would he even find 20 of these kinds of Yin Corpses in such a short time?

As for the corpse core of a Thousand Year Old Yin Corpse, it was even more impossible, if a Thousand Year Old Yin Corpse appeared in the Yin Corpse Valley, perhaps the black market would be doomed and the nearby cities, perhaps even the main cities would be affected!

Were Thousand Year Old Yin Corpses that easy to deal with?

A level 2 elixir was precious, but asking for this kind of corpse cores, it was a little too excessive.

Chu Tian did not want to give up, if he missed this opportunity, he might not have another, “I cannot take out any other corpse cores, but I can take out 500000 gold coins to buy this Infant Soul Fruit!”


The bronze masked old man gave a cold snort.

Chu Tian’s heart became cold.

An invisible pressure covered his entire body.

The bronze mask old man was obviously not pleased, “The inferior currency of a small country, you think our Great Zhou Country caravan would accept this? Stop wasting this old man’s time! Quickly pick something!”

It was like this!

Chu Tian’s initial price of 500000 gold coins, if it was anyone else, they would have been shocked.

Level 2 elixirs were precious, but 500000 gold coins was more than enough. This Great Zhou Country bronze masked old man was not interested at all, he was even a little impatient!


The bronze masked old man’s cultivation was not that much weaker than Nangong Yi.

Chu Tian could not bargain at all, if he accidentally provoked him, he would not even get anything at all!

“Than…..I’ll just take this Source Spirit Fruit.”

The bronze masked old man’s body flickered, even staring Chu Tian couldn’t see clearly, a crystal jar fell into his hands and a hoarse voice was heard in his ears, “You can leave!”

Chu Tian was reluctant to leave the materials as he gave them a last look.

Other than the Infant Soul Fruit, the other materials were also all very precious, they were all over a thousand years old!

Chu Tian let out a long sigh, he was completely disappointed as he left.

Cai Die saw Chu Tian walk out, “Yi, you traded for the Source Spirit Fruit?”

Chu Tian thought it was weird, “What’s wrong? You know about this material?”

Cai Die thoughtlessly said, “I’ve eaten quite a few, but it didn’t taste good at all.”

Source Spirit Fruits are cultivation promoting elixirs, if it appeared in the Central State auction, it would be worth around 350000 gold coins, how could Cai Die regard it as a snack?

Even if the Source Spirit Fruit was not used as medicine and directly ingested, it would still increase cultivation the same way.

Cai Die’s cultivation was not high!

Why was it like this?

Chu Tian secretly opened his Mind’s Eye, sweeping it across Cai Die.

Within Cai Die’s body was stores of massive amounts of spirit energy, obviously from ingesting heaven and earth treasures since her youth. The right thing to say was, her cultivation wasn’t right.

Chu Tian carefully looked, instantly finding the problem.

Cai Die had a birth defect, her meridians were blocked, the veins were all blocked, unable to absorb the spirit energy.

This kind of person’s physique, by normal standards was not worth training, because the amount of resources in Cai Die’s body, was enough to train several Awakened Soul Cultivators.

Even so, Cai Die still obtained this many resources, being able to raise her cultivation to the 9th Body Refinement Layer. This situation showed her family’s strength was strong and she was deeply loved by her father.

Her background was not simple.

Cai Die’s snow like face turned red, “What are you staring at me for! Do I have something on my face?”

“Nothing, nothing.” Chu Tian did not have any interest in Cai Die’s identity, “I plan to use the Source Spirit Fruit to refine a pill, but right now I’m lacking some materials. The black market doesn’t seem to accept gold coins, I want to exchange for Source Stones, do you know where I can trade for them?”

Gold coins were the currency of a small country.

Source Stones were a type of Source Energy Crystal Stones, widely used in cultivation, weapon refining, and alchemy. It was a currency majority of the continent accepted.

“Source Stones are very expensive! The exchange rate between low grade Source Stones and gold coins is around 1:10000, the black market’s Source Stone merchants have an especially black heart, they’ll raise the prices on you, you’ll suffer a loss if you trade for Source Stones here!”

Chu Tian knit his brows, “But they only accept Source Stones here!”

“No need to worry, I’ll let you borrow ten low grade Source Stones first.” Cai Die dug in her pocket and fished out some glowing translucent Crystal Stones, “Take these!”

Ten low grade Source Stones were worth around 100000 gold coins, maybe even more!

This prodigal girl did not even bat an eye as she handed it over!

Chu Tian asked with a strange expression, “You’re so relaxed, aren’t you afraid I won’t return your money?”

Cai Die gave a relaxed laugh, “You aren’t that kind of person, you’ve saved my live, what’s wrong with giving you a few Source Stones? Don’t worry about it, you just keep them!”

Chu Tian found it harder and harder to understand this girl, “You aren’t lacking anything, why did you come to this Yin Corpse Valley for?”

Cai Die knit her brows, showing a melancholy expression and letting out a sigh, in the end she didn’t give an answer.

Cai Die did not seem like a rich girl coming out for excited, her leaving her family, coming here, it seemed she had some kind of difficulties.

She didn’t want to say it.

Chu Tian didn’t want to ask.

“I’ve never like taking advantage of people.” Chu Tian took out 10 crystal cards, “Each card has 10000 coins in them, you keep them.”

“Ai yoh, I never would have thought!” Cai Die sized up the seemingly normal youth, “You were also concealing yourself!”

100000 gold coins was not a small number!

Someone who can take out that kind of money would definitely not be a simple person!

Chu Tian took the Source Stones, buying things would be much easier now, buying the materials he needed in a short amount of time, in total he only spent three Source Stones.

The things in the black market, although the price was high, the quality was also pretty good.

Chu Tian rented a room, he first laid a simple array to prevent qi from leaking out, then he put the Source Spirit Fruit into the pill furnace and began to refine a Source Spirit Pill.

The Source Spirit Pill was a very strong pill!

It was enough to help an 8th layer Body Refinement cultivator break through!

The minute Chu Tian ate the Source Spirit Pill, waves of spirit energy began to spill out, instantly spreading all over his body giving him a feeling of being enveloped by fire!

White spirit energy circulated around his body.

Just like a burning white flame.

But after Chu Tian had absorbed the Source Spirit Pill, he could clearly feel that his strength had improved immensely, very relaxed as he entered the 9th Body Refinement Layer, the same level that Cai Die and Xiang Hu were at.

At this time, from the depths of his soul, he suddenly felt a throbbing!

This feeling was subtle, like a breath, like a beat, like new life was being born, a fetus being born in the depths of his soul, gradually waking up.

“What is going on?”

“Aren’t source spirits born when one steps into the peak 9th Body Refinement Layer?”

“Why did I have this feeling when I entered the 9th Body Refinement Layer!”

This feeling was marvelous, as if an ancient strength, was calling out to him, Chu Tian was not unfamiliar with this - His source spirit was about to be born!

At this time, an intense pain erupted from the depths of his soul.

Just like a million year volcano was erupting!

The source spirit was just like a fetus.

The source spirit was being born from the fetus.

The development of the source spirit was just like childbirth, it was extremely painful. Without personally experiencing it, there was no way to relate, this kind of indescribable pain that surpass the limits of the pain senses, it was a pain that ripped one’s soul!


“Why is it so painful!”

“Old me in the future never experienced this kind of thing before!”

Chu Tian clenched his teeth, he was already sweating profusely, the source spirit development was unexpectedly difficult, it was just like a mother in labor!

Once the source spirit development failed, the opportunity to break through would be lost, even if there was a second chance, the potential of the source spirit would be greatly reduced!

He had to endure this!

If he couldn't endure this trial.

Then how could he talk about dreams, how could he talk about ambitions!

To break through the limitations of life, it was tens of thousands of times harder, Chu Tian had no reason to fail here!




Chu Tian murmured in a low voice, his entire body was covered with ancient runes, like an ancient devil god, filled with an ancient and oppressive aura.

An imposing aura condensed around his body, the countless runes began to gather together, the current situation was unstoppable, a terrifying aura, large and powerful began to spill out, spreading as far as tens of millions of kilometers!

In an instant.

Shining with boundless radiance!

Above Chu Tian’s body, appeared two fuzzy shadows, one was in the shape fuzzy demon god, the other was a jet black ancient demon sword.

When Chu Tian’s source spirits were born.

Everyone under the heavens was shocked!

The entire Southern Summer Country and even the entire continent, all from feeling this aura of this world shaking phenomenon felt incomparable shock!

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