Miracle Throne

Chapter 7: The Violent Chu Tian

Chapter 7: The Violent Chu Tian

The Violent Chu Tian

As it began to grow closer to dawn, the business had finally trickled down to nothing.

Meng Ying Ying weighed the heavy purse in her hand. Today, even though they hadn’t gotten the best spot, they had still pocketed quite a sum of money. But just as she was getting ready to close the stall to go home to count the money earned for the day, she suddenly heard a babble of high pitched noises.

“Ah, Boss, your meat is not fresh!”

“I just ate two pieces, and now my stomach feels terrible!”

“This meat definitely has a problem, you must give us a clear explanation!”

Four customers dressed in leather armour kept shouting. Among them the one with arm completely tattooed was probably their leader. He had a sturdy stature with a hideous face, a ferocious-looking man. With one look you could tell he was no good person.

Meng Ying Ying, afraid that it would affect their business, immediately went to explain: “Our ingredients are all extremely fresh, there is no possibility of having any such problems.”


The fully tattooed man pounded the table: “Fuck, I don’t care, after eating your food my brother has hurt his stomach, you guys have to be responsible for this!”

“That’s right! Do you know who our Brother Long is?” Another thug stood up, and shouted very arrogantly: “If our elder brother Long were to say the word, then you guys wouldn’t even need to think about doing business here anymore!”

This “Brother Long” had power of the 3rd rank Body Refinement Realm. He had rich combat experience and was fairly strong. He would often lead a gang of thugs, bullying the small and weak in order to extort money from them. There was no evil he dared not commit; he and his gang were also the local region’s resident bullies; ordinary people would never dare to provoke them.

The profit from their stand was too eye-catching; this made it too hard for the greedy not to notice them. These people were probably looking for trouble.

Meng Ying Ying had not thought about how to cope up with this kind of situation. Her temperament was docile by nature; naturally, she did not want something small like this to ruin her business. She thought in her heart that these thugs were only here for money, thus, as long as they didn’t go too far, then paying them off might not be too bad.

Meng Ying Ying said politely: “We are new here and we don’t know the rules. If there is something we did wrong, then please let us know.”


This chick already gave up resisting?

This means she probably doesn’t have any strong background!

“You are pretty sensible!” Brother Long did not leave it at that, but became more daring: “How about this, compensate us 1000 gold and hand over those frying pans. We guarantee there will be no more trouble from now!”

Meng Ying Ying’s face changed drastically: “You guys are just blackmailing us! How could we have 1000 gold coins?”

“Actually, I didn’t want to make this difficult for you.” Brother Long looked at Meng Ying YIng with great interest; his wretched gaze showed a hint of immoral thoughts: “Then how about this, you just come and spend a night with us few brothers, then we won’t bother about this money anymore!”

The other thugs also began to have luscious thoughts.

“Ha ha, Brother Long, you are too generous!”

“I know right! Even Tian Nan city’s most expensive lady wouldn’t cost 1000 gold per night!”

“With that said, this chick isn’t half bad at all! She has big breasts and a perky butt, not at all inferior to those fancy courtesans!”

Even though she wore a mask, one could still see that her skin was a delicate and tender white. That her pair of thighs were long and well proportioned. That the size of her bust was astonishing. Such a graceful and charming body could only be found in rare beauties. This was not the first time they have done something like this, but this was the first time they had chanced upon this kind of extremely high-quality product.

Meng Ying Ying’s anger made her face pale, and at the same time, she also saw the base eagerness in their eyes and could not help but become nervous: “You guys have gone too far! I am going to report you to the law enforcement!”

“Ha ha ha ha!”

“There’s no rush, after we finish playing, then go report!”

“Who can say, after you play with us, that you won’t play with them again too!”

The few thugs laughed unscrupulously. Only an idiot would say something this naive. The local gang had already bribed all those that needed to be bribed, why would they need to worry?

Chu Tian already knew the situation had turned for the worse. He quickly finished collecting all the customers’ bills, picked up his frying pan, and walked over.

“Ooh, are you this chick’s boyfriend?”

Chu Tian has not said a single word from the start. This made the thugs think that Chu Tian was also just a weak idiot. Moreover, Chu Tian’s magic power was very weak and could not pose as a threat to them.

One of the thugs drew out a knife, pointed at Chu Tian intimidatingly and said: “Let me tell you this, your woman has caught Brother Long’s interest, he wants to borrow her for a night. It is your honour that Brother Long wants to play with your woman. You should know what is good for you, or else..”


Chu Tian swung his right hand slammed the pan onto the other’s face!

The intense heat from the magic array burned the thug’s face so that it left many big blood filled blisters on him; some of the skin even started to peel off. Chu Tian followed this up with a heavy kick to the crotch, sending him flying a few meters away.


“I’m finished! I am completely finished!”

The thug fell onto the ground and painfully rolls around on the floor. His one hand covered his burnt face while his other hand held his shattered balls. Panic and despair could be heard from his cry.

Everyone was stunned.

This kid is ruthless!

Directly attacking without sound, one move causes disfigurement, one move ends lineage, violent to the extreme, making people shiver!

“Fuck!” Brother Long carried an enraged expression on his face: “Not even a 1st rank body refinement and dares to cripple my subordinate, he is seeking death! Go! Kill him!”

These two thugs are 2nd rank body refinement, everyone can see that Chu Tian is not their match. Everyone can tell that the one he took down before was due to pre-emptive strike. It looks hopeless for Chu Tian now that two of Brother Long’s subordinate attacks at the same time.

“Wait!” Meng YIng YIng panicky said: “Let him go, I will pay that 1000 gold!”

“Too late!”

“Today, we must cripple him!”

One of the thugs thrust his legs against the ground, leaps straight toward Chu Tian. He swung his fist that is covered in a faint white glow of magic power toward Chu Tian’s face.

Chu Tian is only a little stronger than average, how can he withstand the power of a 2nd rank body refinement?

Magic power could not only be used to activate magic arrays, it can also be used raise one’s strength, speed, defence, etc. Their magic power is few times that of Chu Tian. Their punch carry few hundred kilograms of force, it can easily punch a cow to the ground; killing Chu Tian is simply too easy!

Chu Tian did not even move. To others, it looked like Chu Tian could not react in time so could not move.


Meng Ying Ying screamed.

Chu Tian remained calm. He sent out a well-timed fast kick, as if he could predict the future. When Chu Tian lifted his legs, it landed perfectly on that thug’s crotch. The fist stopped just a few millimetres away from Chu Tian’s face; the shock wave from the fist made a mess out of Chu Tian’s hair.

This was a very weird sight.

Chu Tian’s power and speed could not be compared to his opponent. It looked as if the opponent purposely delivered his crotch onto Chu Tian’s leg.


The thug fell to the ground, agonizing cries echoes once again.

Chu Tian stomped on the thug’s face, breaking his nose.

At the same time, another thug jabbed his knife towards Chu Tian.

Chu Tian moved his feet and slightly leaned his body. The knife passed by Chu Tian’s face with very little distance.



The knife in the enraged thug’s hand danced. Each strike was fast and came towards him at a tricky angle, making the spectators covered in a cold sweat. This person was obviously a master when it comes to knives. However, Chu Tian was like a butterfly flying through a flower garden, managing to avoid every cut by a millimetre distance; even though it looked extremely dangerous, it was in fact very relaxing.

Chu Tian sneered.

He is full of openings!

If he cannot handle this kind of trash, why don’t he just bang his head against a wall and kill himself.

The thug attacks once again. Chu Tian boldly steps forward, easily avoids the strike, and raises his right knee right into the thug’s groin. The thug fell to the ground, his face turned green; he twitched and screamed as he held his groin with both hands. Large amounts of blood and stinky fluid leaked out. It appeared that despite his knife skills, he could not escape the same fate that befell the others.

“My god!”

“This kid’s attacks are too ruthless!”

“That was weird, it looked as if those two thugs willingly delivered their balls to him to be busted!”

Chu Tian was able to beat opponents a few times more powerful than he was and he even made it look easy. This impossible feat shocked many people.

Brother Long was also baffled by this. Even though those two subordinates had not been through a hundred battles, they still had served in the army for two years. Whether it’s combat experience or magic power, they should not have lost to this kid who hasn’t even grown hair yet.

Meng Ying Ying’s face became red from excitement: “Nice hit! Well put in his place!”

This guy knows all sorts of weird things and could even fight this well; he is full of surprises!

Brother Long became furious and unsheathed a gleaming sword from his waist: “You pest! Today I will show you that no tricks of yours will work when faced against true power!”

Brother Long was at 3rd rank Body Refinement Realm. Naturally, his magic power stronger than his few subordinates; thus, his power, speed and defence were on another level.

Chu Tian shrugged: “I’ll give it a try!”

Brother Long furiously roared while viciously dashing toward Chu Tian. His sword drew in a cold arc and stabbed towards Chu Tian’s chest.

Brother Long’s strength was no joke; that one strike imbued with magic power was both fast and vicious. It could easily split open boulders. This strength was not something that the other thugs could even try to match.

Chu Tian twisted his body and dodged the strike, leaving a paper thin gap between the blade and himself, and then passed through on the left side. The faint sword aura managed to shave off a few strands of Chu Tian’s hair.

Simply too dangerous!

“Hahaha, too slow!”


Brother Long fully released his magic power. He relentlessly attacked, each cut creating its own sword aura.

Chu Tian, like an agile swallow, leisurely dodged the attacks with minimum movement.

What is happening?

Brother Long showed an expression of disbelief. Chu Tian is dragged down by his low cultivation level, his speed is not fast.

Every movement, as if it had been precisely calculated, is incredibly precise.

Therefore, it took the least movement possible for Chu Tian to avoid each vicious attack; he was like a slippery eel. Brother Long was left with no choice in face of such actions, and could do nothing about it.

“My god!”

“This is hyperfocus!”

A single person’s cry out made everyone realize!

Tian Nan city has hundreds of thousands that have stepped into the body refinement realm, however only a few dozen have crossed into the spirit awaken realm. Among them, not even two could achieve “Hyperfocus”! This kid had not even entered the body refinement realm, so how could he have achieved “Hyperfocus”?

This “Hyperfocus” is a state of mind where the cultivator has perfect control of both their body and realm, allowing them to move with robotic accuracy. If a cultivator can enter the “hyperfocus” state, then every millimetre would look like a meter to them. They can control their heart rate, and even the contraction of their pores.

Hyperfocus is an ability.

The cultivator must have enough natural talent, have gone through strict training, and possess adequate knowledge before they can enter such a state. This ability does not only help the user in combat, but it can also be used in refining medicine and making talismans.

Those in Tian Nan city that can achieve “hyperfocus” can be easily counted with one’s hands; every one of them is a top-level expert. This kid has not even crossed into the body refinement realm yet, how can he enter such a legendary state of mind?

Even Brother Long became flustered at this moment.

Never would he have thought that this dubious kid could achieve that legendary hyperfocus ability. No wonder he can accurately predict attacks and use minimum movement to dodge those attacks, allowing him to use such little power to defeat those many times stronger than he is.

“I don’t care if you can enter hyperfocus or not, today you must die!”

Brother Long kept fighting regardless of Chu Tian’s ability; he roared frantically and released his maximum magic power. The long sword faintly glowed, instantly doubling its speed as it cleaves toward Chu Tian.

Like a leaf in the wind, or a butterfly in a flowerbed, Chu Tian dodged the sword aura that made a big cut on the ground by shifting only a few centimetres. Chu Tian waved his right hand to restrain Brother Long’s lower jaw like a pincer; at the same time, he moved behind him and pressed against the back of his head.

How is this possible?

Brother Long’s face carried a frightened expression. Because his movement was so large, he could not pull back: “Stop!”


Everyone heard a crisp bone-breaking sound.

Brother Long’s neck became twisted at a strange angle. His eyes rounded , his pupils dilated, his mouth became agape, like a fish out of water, struggling to breathe before all signs of life disappeared.

Meng Ying Ying showed a frightened expression: “Chu Tian, how could you kill him?”

“When you kill, you must prepared to be killed.” Chu Tian simply killed a 3rd rank body refinement cultivator as if it was like drinking water; he did not even bat an eye: “Moreover, if this kind of scum lived a day longer, then perhaps more innocent people would eventually be harmed.”

“He deserved it! These kind of people deserve to be killed!”

“That’s right! He deserved it!”

People began to cheer.

The sound of armour clashing could be heard from within the crowd. A few warriors wearing armour and helmets quickly surrounded the area. They were the law enforcement!