Miracle Throne

Chapter 71: Wraith Palace

Chapter 71: Wraith Palace

Chu Tian was not a small minded person, but Yun Yao had left an extremely bad impression with him, people could be crazy, they could be arrogant, but they shouldn’t always show it, as if under the heavens, only they existed.

A small country little girl at the 3rd Awakened Soul Layer.

I don’t even act like this and you think you should!

This person, from their childhood they were adored, fostering this overbearing arrogant attitude, then add in the fact they never had any experience in the Jianghu, they do not have any plans, only knowing how to show superiority!

Yun Yao said in a tone that did not allow disobedience, “Inside the palace in front there is a treasure I want, go and help me lead the ghost away, after we finish, I’ll generously compensate you!”

Yun Yao’s tone was disdainful.

An average appearance, average strength peon!

With my prestige and strength, he still dares not obey?

Yun Yao was obviously preparing to take a treasure, but met a hard to deal with monster, so she thought to find someone to distract it and by chance she found Chu Tian.

A monster that Yun Yao didn’t have a chance against?

Could a peasant have any hope of surviving?

This woman clearly did not care about other people’s lives!

Every insult, as long as it wasn’t overboard, Chu Tian could smile and pretend it’s a joke. With his identity, even if he was weakened after rebirth, he still wouldn’t argue with this kind of little girl, how could a dragon pay attention to ants?

At most he would teach her a little lesson.

Now it was different, thinking of making me a meat shield, even using me as bait!

Could he endure this? Chu Tian’s attitude did not let him suffer a loss, she had already insulted Chu Tian once, now she insulted him again, if Chu Tian just ignored this, then he should just write his name backwards!

Yun Yao aloofly said, “Are you deaf? You’re still not moving!”

“Wanting others to risk their life for you with one sentence, do you think you’re a king!”

Chu Tian’s loudly shouted sentence, truly startled Yun Yao.

This brat is actually impressive, he dares use this tone to contradict me.

“I am not a king, my status you should be clear of, I urge you to differentiate between good and bad. In Central State there are countless people willing to go through fire and water for me, to be able to work for me is your honor! Now I’ll give you one last chance! Will you go or not?”

Chu Tian started to laughing, he laughed very happily, “Actually this is very interesting, with your sealed cultivation, where does your self confidence come from?”

Yun Yao’s face fell, “How bold!”

Chu Tian continued to taunt, “Alright, you’re a girl, I know what you’re planning, please don’t take the opportunity to start a conversation! I don’t like your type, taking but refusing to give, quickly scram for me! If not Big Brother will take a minute to teach you how to be a proper person!”

How…….how outrageous!

Yun Yao’s face was white with anger.

Did he eat a pair leopard's balls?

The Central State elders were all polite to her.

One of the Central State Four Young Masters, the only girl out of the four geniuses, moreover she was one of the most beautiful woman in Central State, always the center of attention, had she ever received this kind of treatment?

Was there a person in this world that could be so unconcerned with having face?

Was this young lady worth being insulted by this average appearance, average strength, lowly birth peasant?

Yun Yao’s pupils flashed with a dangerous thunder, “You think I won’t kill you?”

“The people that want to kill me are numerous, in the end they all suffered a bad fate.” Chu Tian heart had a trace of killing intent, “Do you want to try it too?”

Without knowing why, Yun Yao’s heart skipped a beat!

A strong bad feeling could be felt, one that made her suppress her killing intent.

“Relax, you’re still useful to me, I won’t kill you.” Suddenly Yun Yao’s body was covered in lightning, countless profound runes immediately covered her, “But a lesson is inevitable, I have to let you know, the weak will always be weak, first I’ll let you suffer a little pain!”


With Yun Yao’s sweet delicate voice, bolts of purple coloured lightning appeared!

This woman’s source spirit, it was actually a thunder and lightning source spirit!

Thunder and lightning was one of the strongest natural powers!

The battle strength of thunder and lightning would not be weak!

Four-five thick lightning bolts, shot up into the sky, carrying an invincible might, as if it was intelligent, twisting and flying forward before falling down.

Peng, peng, peng!

The thunder fell down on his body!

Immediately striking the starlight!

The lightning was blocked by the outside layer of starlight!

Chu Tian calmly took the lightning attack, without forgetting to taunt back, “Actually there are many types of thunder source spirits, you however have an inferior one! I’ve even seen the Nine Heaven Thunder God source spirit, I don’t know where the superiority of a girl like you comes from! You are truly short-sighted, truly ignorant!”

Yun Yao was startled and angry!

This fellow’s cultivation base was not even at the 9th Body Refinement Layer.

Even if Yun Yao was being suppressed, she was still at the peak 9th Body Refinement Layer. She was confident that at the same level, she would sweep away any other cultivators.

She was not an average person.

She was one of the Central State Four Young Masters!

The most dazzling talent out of the tens of millions of people in this country!

Thunder and lightning source spirit, shock in all directions, letting countless people feel envy!

Other than the other geniuses, no one could compete with her at the same level, but this youth’s cultivation did not even reach the peak 9th Body Refinement Layer.

“You forced me to do this!”

Yun Yao’s self esteem was blown away by that attack and she was thoroughly angry, hundred bolts of lightning shot out from her body, the wild strength directly evaporated a large part of the surrounding fog.

The thunder flowed like water, gathering into her arms, illuminating both arms with thunder blades, a glorious shine, a shocking flash, letting people be unable to stare directly at it.

“”Swift Thunder Slash!”

Yun Yao’s appearance flickered!


Too fast!

Even her shadow could not be seen!

The purple form brought the two thunder blades forward to slice!

Yun Yao was at least twice as fast as Chu Tian, if it was a normal cultivator, they would have no way of avoiding her attack.


Chu Tian gently swayed his body, avoiding by the slightest margin.

The blade was attached to Yun Yao’s arms, when she sliced into thin air, her heart was in shock, such fine movement, there was no way for average people to achieve this.


He actually was able to use hyperfocus!

While Chu Tian was dodging his left hand swept across, just happening to sweep across her face. Yun Yao felt her face was bare, the purple veil had been removed.


Yun Yao felt her cheeks, her face filled with a red blush.

Yun Yao’s true face was exposed, it was the image of a country destroying beauty, not inferior to the Meng Qingwu sisters. It was just a different style, but to each his own.

“Give it back!”

Chu Tian laughed, the ring on his right hand flashed, sending out a fierce sword qi. Yun Yao quickly summoned thunder to cover her body, the sword qi forced her several steps back, but it did not harm her body.

Yun Yao was not simple.

She could block a sword qi attack with a strength at the 1st Awakened Soul Layer!

Chu Tian played with the veil in his hand, his face was full of ridicule, “The Central State Four Young Masters truly do not deserve their reputation, you wouldn’t be a fake right!”

How could Yun Yao still be proud and arrogant?

Being provoked so many times, she couldn’t hold it in anymore!

“Rushing Thunder Palm!”

Countless purple blue lightning began to bloom with a beautiful glow, the wild lightning energy radiated out, melting out a large area of fog, the thunder gathered in her arms, turning Yun Yao’s jade white hands into a pair of lightning hands.

Such a strong aura!

This attack Chu Tian had to be careful of.

He was afraid even ordinary 1st layer Awakened Soul cultivators wouldn’t be able to block this!

With just her attack strength, she would not be below Nangong Yun.

Her figure disappeared, dragging the two lightning glow, instantly appearing before Chu Tian. Yun Yao not only had the power of lightning, but also the speed of lightning!

Chu Tian had no opportunity to dodge, he could only protect his body with the starlight, concentrating to form the clear glazed armour!


The two Rushing Lightning Palms slammed onto Chu Tian’s defenses.

The lightning shot out!

The starlight dispersed!。

Chu Tian felt as if he had been split by lightning.

Yun Yao felt as if she had hit a hard diamond.

The Rushing Lightning Palm has dispersed most of the starlight, but did not hit Chu Tian, she was pushed back several steps, Chu Tian took the chance to punch Yun Yao right in the face, sending her flying for several meters.

“Your strength is only mediocre!”

Chu Tian rubbed his fist, his face filled with disdain.

Yun Yao flowing black hair was in disorder, half her face was swollen, this strike caused shock in her heart, this was impossible!

Why was he able to defend against the Rushing Thunder Palm?

At this moment, Chu Tian stood in the same place unscathed, countless thunder arcs surrounded him, the starlight endlessly sparkled, wild as a heavenly deity descended to earth.

No only was he overwhelmingly strong.

He also was ruthless in taking action!

This kind of country collapsing beautiful woman, Chu Tian didn’t even think about it and directly punched her in the face, this could mean that he wasn’t affected by Yun Yao’s beauty.

Her mind blanked!

Frustration welled up inside her!

Her strongest attack couldn’t hurt the enemy!

This kind of attack on Yun Yao, its effects were too big!

Originally she thought she would be able bullying a pushover, but she never would have thought that she would kick a steel plate!

Why did it become like this?

The geniuses stronger than me in Central State, wasn’t there only three of them?

How could a random nameless peasant show up and beat me!

“Only this kind of strength? Weak! Not mentioning me, I have a friend that could beat you up!”

Chu Tian was naturally thinking of Nangong Yun, at the same level, Nangong Yun was definitely capable of beating up Yun Yao.

“If you have skills then fight me outside the ancient tomb!” Yun Yao gripped her fists as she angrily shouted, “I could kill you with a single finger!”

“Aiyo, you still dare threaten me?” Chu Tian appeared in front of Yun Yao, “What you say is reasonable, but just saying things will not give you the opportunity.”



Chu Tian’s right hand was on the tall peaks, he used his fingers to press down, spirit energy entered into her meridians, sealing several of her main meridians.

Yun Yao’s body trembled.

The snow white cheeks became red!

This bastard dares to tarnish me?

Chu Tian impolitely explored up and down Yun Yao’s body, he had to say that this girl’s figure was good, what should be big was big, what should be small was small.

“Rubbish Four Young Master! Why not just change your name to the Four Great Paupers!” Chu Tian had discovered several bottles of pills, a bracelet, a necklace, and nothing else, he was very angry as he said, “So little valuable things! Aren’t you ashamed to bring this little out? Even I feel ashamed for you!”

Yun Yao’s face turned red with shame and resentment!

She had been robbed!

She was one of the dignified Central State Four Young Masters, the famous super talent, stepping into the Awakened Soul Realm before 20, now she was an Awakened Soul Realm 3rd Layer super expert!

Who would have thought she would be insulted by this fellow at the Body Refinement Realm?

This time if she could live, she had to tear him into ten thousand pieces!

“Relax, I won’t kill you, you’re still useful to me.” Chu Tian opened Yun Yao’s meridians, “I’m interested in the treasure that you found earlier, you’ll distract the powerful being and let me get the thing, after we finish, I’ll compensate you!”

Yun Yao exploded with rage!

Wasn’t this what she said to him?

Chu Tian saying these words.

It was simply slapping her face!



It was simply a great shame!

Chu Tian viciously stood there and said, “What are you standing there in a daze for? You are already my captive! You’re still not moving to help me!”

“You dirty thing! How could I, Yun Yao allow a person like you force me to do things!” Yun Yao was thoroughly enraged, thunder covered her once again, once again coming to fight, “I’ll die with you!”

After several rounds.

Yun Yao had been beaten again.

Chu Tian was holding his chest, blood hanged from the corners of his mouth, his hair and clothes were charred black, smoke was drifting from him, he had apparently been injured.

This girl was too thorny!

Even if Chu Tian could pressure her, his advantage was still not too obvious.

Yun Yao was even more distressed, her hair was completely disordered, her image was gone, the elegant beautiful face had already turned swollen, a hysteric expression was on her face, “If you have the skills then kill me, otherwise you’ll encounter no small trouble if you let me go!”

She rushed over again.

Fuck, her temper is so fierce!

This stubborn personality infuriated Chu Tian!

No problem, dealing with your kind of woman, your Big Brother Tian has his ways!

“You aren’t convinced? Chu Tian easily subdued Yun Yao, his palm slapped across her butt, “Father here will just hit you until you are!”

Yun Yao’s brain turned blank.

He unexpectedly…….hit my butt!

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