Miracle Throne

Chapter 73: Spirit King

Chapter 73: Spirit King

Each of the four them had their own axe to grind.

Mo Yan was a wily old fox, Wan Wuyi had plans deep in his heart. Yun Yao held a grudge against Chu Tian in her heart, Chu Tian not only had to defend against the three of them, he also had to think of a way of getting a share.

This alliance was too fragile!

Mutually respecting each other, not daring to make a move!

Mo Yan coldly said as he was walking, “Purple Lightning Young Master has a rare thunder source spirit, if you obtain the Thunder Spirit Bead, then your strength could be increased quite a bit, then you would have nothing to fear in this ten thousand corpse ancient grave.”

If Yun Yao obtained the Thunder Spirit Bead and increased her strength.

Then it would be dangerous for everyone else.

In Wan Wuyi’s eyes flashed a ruthless glow, his fear towards Yun Yao deepened.

Yun Yao retorted by asking, “The Netherworld Flame that the Spirit King has refined for a thousand years, the Netherworld Sword that was the ancient sect’s precious treasure, which one of these would be worse than the Thunder Spirit Bead? Your, Mo Yan’s «Controlling Flame Art» synergizes with the Netherworld Flame and if Wan Wuyi’s «Secret Yin Wind Sword Art» synergizes with the Netherworld Sword, would it be any inferior?

Mo Yan and Wan Wuyi did not say anything.

Chu Tian was a little upset.

Their goal was clear, but if you take all the treasure, what’s left for father?

However Chu Tian did not express his feelings, the existence of the Spirit King, just being able to escape was already a problem, not to mention being able to obtain treasures.

When they entered the large doors, the main hall was dim, the ground was filled with skeletons, shattered armour and broken swords were scattered across the floor.

These skeletons were the remains of previous explorers, cultivators from the treasure hunts in the past years, they all lost their lives her.

It truly gave people a sense of foreboding.

In the center of the main hall, three impressive evil statues stood there, each one had a demonic glance, filled with glowing purple light, like the eyes of a spirit god, staring right at them.

Yun Yao was excited, “That’s the Thunder Spirit Bead!”

Inside of the glowing stare was a bead, around the size of a fist, glittering and translucent, its light gave off a sort of pressure. It was covered in bright glowing lightning arcs, even from a distance, one could still feel the strength coming from it.

Chu Tian rubbed his chin, “Thunder and lightning law bead? It hasn’t been damaged after all these years, it could be considered quite a precious treasure, no wonder Yun Yao wants this thing!”

Mo Yan and Wan Wu Yi’s minds filled with suspicion.

The Nether Spirit Palace had three treasures, Thunder Spirit Bead, Netherworld Sword, and Netherworld Flame, why did on the Thunder Spirit Bead appear?

A cold wind swept through the main hall, the skeletons on the ground began to glow. The space that was just empty, several fanged, blue faced human figure appeared, each one gripped a trident.

“This many Spirit Demons!”

Yun Yao’s expression turned ugly!

The Spirit Demons appeared, the blue ghost flame also ignited, shooting out at them.

Mo Yan knit his brow and said, “Everyone, attack together!”

Yun Yao summoned her thunder and lightning source spirit, hundred bolts of thunder shot out, like a meteor shower, unceasingly raining down on the Spirit Demons. Yun Yao’s strength was not weak, but with this man Spirit Demons, how could she block it by herself.

Chu Tian had to make a move and two light attribute talismans ignited, instantly changing into two spears of light, viciously shoot out at a Spirit Demon that made it through the net.

The light shine out!

The Spirit Demon was pushed back several meters.

Chu Tian stood in front of Yun Yao with a long spear of light in hand, the remaining Spirit Demons were are scared, immediately slowing down.

“This brat is not simple, I’ve never seen this kind of Symbol Technique before.”

“He can use the strength of light unexpectedly, using to directly attack the ghosts!”

Wan Wuyi and Mo Yan were startled, they were beginning to feel more and more curious towards Chu Tian’s origins, if he was a cultivator of Central State, how come they’ve never heard of him. Perhaps he wasn’t a person from Central State, perhaps he wasn’t even a citizen of the Southern Summer Country?

The Spirit Demons were hard to deal with, but that was mainly because of their incorporeal bodies.

This limited the power of normal weapons and strategies.

The Spirit Demon have been in the center of the ancient tomb for countless years, being suppressed by the ancient tomb, having its cultivation sealed, but its foundation was solid, it wasn’t easy to kill.

Mo Yan had to make a move, his hands gathered together, a black flame appeared, a dozen black fireballs shot out from his body, falling like rain on the Spirit Demons.

Mo Yan practiced an ancient cultivation technique, the «Secret Imperial Flame Art». His source spirit was also flame attributed, so he could control a variety of flames. As an alchemy master, this helped in increasing the quality of pills refined, as an Awakened Soul Cultivator, his collected flames could help him promote his battle strength.

Mo Yan and Yun Yao suppressed from range.

Chu Tian and Wan Wuyi, boldly rushed forward, attacking from close range.

The dozen incomparably vicious Spirit Demons were blocked by the four of them, Chu Tian swallowed a bit of thousand year Yuan Essence Grass to restore his spirit energy, then he shot forward, his dual spears stabbing through Spirit Demons.


The first Spirit Demon had been taken care of!

Wan Wuyi was truly worthy of being known as the most renowned rogue swordsman in Central State, his cultivation technique «Secret Yin Wind Sword Art» was an evil cultivation technique, so it was able to interfere with the soul attacks of the Spirit Demons.

“Blood Demon!”

Wan Wuyi was a swordsman, but he did not have a sword source spirit, rather he had a evil spirit that invigorated his vital energy!

“Yin Wind Slicing the Soul!”

The fierce blood demon, shot forward 10 meters, a blood blade appeared in midair, directly cutting a Spirit Demon in half.

Yun Yao revealed a startled expression, “The source spirit can use sword techniques?”

The Spirit Demon had a spiritual body.

Source spirits also had a spiritual body.

Wan Wuyi’s flesh body did not move, his source spirit used his sword techniques, directly attacking the enemy’s soul. With this he could slice the Spirit Demon apart in a single slash, he was much more efficient than Chu Tian.

“Yin Wind Retreat!”

Wan Wuyi’s body flickered, disappearing into cold wind, vanishing before them.

Chu Tian stared in disbelief, “We haven’t killed the Spirit Demons yet, where did he go?”

Wan Wuyi flew past the Spirit Demons, only appearing before the three demonic statues, he lept up twice, jumping on top the statue.

Yun Yao understood what he wanted.

Whoever struck first had the advantage in taking the Thunder Spirit Bead!

She angrily cursed, “This bastard!”

“Stop!” Chu Tian realized something, “That bead can’t be removed yet!”

A joke?

You want me to wait for you to take it?

Wan Wuyi ignored Chu Tian’s warning, his sword flew into the statue’s eye, a precious purple gem flew out.

Wan Wuyi wildly laughed, his hand shot out to grab it, gripping onto the precious gem, “The ancient treasure Thunder Spirit Bead, I’ll just accept it!”

Chu Tian angrily scolded, “You idiot!”

Dong, dong, dong!

The main hall began to shake.

On the surface of the three demonic statues, cracks began to form, as the cracks slowly became larger, an ancient and terrifying aura leaked out from the three statues.

Mo Yan was stuck between anger and shock, “What is going on?”

Chu Tian sighed, “The Thunder Spirit Bead was put here to suppress the Spirit King, now that the Thunder Spirit Bead has been removed, the Spirit King is free!”


Spirit King!

Wan Wuyi turned around, seeing the three demonic statues, cracks forming from head to toe, a purple black aura was leaking out of the cracks.


“What Spirit King!”

“Father has the Thunder Spirit Bead, why would I fear it?”

Wan Wuyi inject spirit energy into the precious gem, trying to awaken it, to awakens its strong abilities. Who would have guessed, the wild will of the precious gem would reject Wan Wuyi.


Lightning shot out in all directions!

Just like beautiful fireworks!

Wan Wuyi was directly send flying, the Thunder Spirit Bead turned into a ray of light, directly escaping his hands!


“Come back to me!”

Wan Wuyi was injured by the Thunder Spirit Bead, how could he still have the strength to catch it. The Thunder Spirit Bead was fast, it quickly flew out of the palace.

Chu Tian instantly jumped into the air, before he could grab the Thunder Spirit Bead, the Thunder Spirit Bead once again shot out lightning, directly slamming onto Chu Tian’s body.

“A broken bead has this kind of temperament! It’s simply going against the heavens!

Chu Tian released his starlight to resist the strength of the Thunder Spirit Bead, he held the bead in his chest for a few seconds, the strength of the Thunder Spirit Bead slowly decreased, finally returning to normal like it was entering a deep sleep.

Chu Tian returned onto the ground, he was panting in exhaustion as he took out another piece of Yuan Essence Grass.

The Thunder Spirit Bead was a shocking soul weapon!

Soul weapons were a grade higher than spirit weapons, it requires a soul to be awakened in the spirit weapon, most spirit weapons will not have a soul, but there are some stronger spirit weapons that over the years will develop their own consciousness, they can even practice special techniques letting their souls become stronger.

The Thunder Spirit Bead has been in the ancient tomb for over a thousand years, this kind of long period, ordinary treasures would have turned to dust already, but the Thunder Spirit Bead, not only was it not damaged, it had also developed a soul.

It truly was a miraculous treasure!

Chu Tian was prepared to put away the Thunder Spirit Bead and then run from this place!

Who would have thought at this time, an appalling laugh would suddenly ring out through the main hall, “Jie, jie, jie, jie…….Living people, living people…….!”

The three demonic statues were all broken apart.

The surrounding fog seethed with excitement as a formidable aura was felt, it was wildly emitted forming an intense pressure, instantly covering the entire area, making it hard for people to breathe.

“Jie, jie, jie, jie!”

A giant red form appeared in midair.

Yun Yao screamed in panic, “What is that thing!”

The strong spirit instantly appeared, a terrifying pressure that made it hard for people to breathe. Its body suddenly vanished without a trace, appearing in front of several cultivators.

[TL Note - Well apparently there were other people here….rip mob characters….]

These people could not even see its movements before their flesh and blood was sucked dry.

After the Spirit King killed these cultivators, its eyes fell on Chu Tian. It was an intelligent being, the Thunder Spirit Bead on Chu Tian’s body made it feel discomfort, so it decided to quickly take out this discomforting person.


Its form flickered!

The Spirit King appeared in front of him.

A pair of a sharp red claw swept out, even the air was distorted, Chu Tian unconsciously activated his Glass Body.


A shrill shattering sound!

Chu Tian’s five organs were all shaken as he was directly sent flying around 20 meters, “Fuck, that hurt like hell!”

The Thunder Spirit Bead in his hand was like a ticking bomb, not only does the Thunder Spirit Bead reject him, it would also attract the attention of the Spirit King, it was too dangerous!

Chu Tian didn’t have any other ways, he quickly threw the Thunder Spirit Bead over to Yun Yao, “Quickly take that to deal with him!”

Yun Yao was very clear on how strong Chu Tian’s defense was.

The spirit that could beat up Chu Tian like that, how could anyone else block it.

Yun Yao caught the Thunder Spirit Bead and the soul of the Thunder Spirit Bead regained consciousness, this time it didn’t wildly resist, instead it gave off a warm feeling, like a child returning home to hug its mother, it was a sort of blood relation.

This really was a high quality treasure!

The Spirit King screamed into the air, before launching itself at Yun Yao.

Yun Yao was faster than Chu Tian, her body covered with lightning as she quickly withdrew, all while stimulating the Thunder Spirit Bead.


The thunder turned into giant pythons, coming out of the bead, like a thousand thunder snakes charging forward, shooting right for the Spirit King.

Who would have known, the Spirit King let out a fiendish smile, it emitted a blue white flame, holding onto the thunder pythons.

The strange blue white flames, spread across the thunder.

The shocking thunder was actually burnt away!

Turning into a twinkling ash as it floated away!

“Burning away energy!”

“That’s the Netherworld Flame!”

“Dammit, it refined the Netherworld Flame!” Mo Yan was shocked and angry as he said, “It’s over, it has the Netherworld Flame, our attacks are no use, we’re not a match for it!”

Chu Tian could also see the Spirit King’s true face, the Spirit King’s body was white as paper, it had a red gown draped over it. It was floating in midair, with ten blood red fingernails, its eyes were also blood red, like a scarlet ocean.

“It just woke up so it’s weak right now, use the Thunder Spirit Bead to wear it down!”

Yun Yao invoked the Thunder Spirit Bead’s power, an endless amount of thunder was formed, instantly covering Yun Yao’s body, dozens of lightning bolts, like dozens of poisonous snakes, shot out at the same time right at the Spirit King’s body.

The Spirit King lifted a hand and shot out the blue white ghost flame, forming a barrier with the flame, it was wildly resisting the thunder, unexpectedly they were evenly matched.

Mo Yan launched out, his hands were covered in black flames as he attacked from behind the Spirit King. The Spirit King turned around and raised its other hand, even though it was being suppressed by the Thunder Spirit Bead, unexpectedly it could still block Mo Yan’s attack.

The three of them were stuck in a deadlock, the Spirit King’s almost corporeal body slowly became paler, it was slowly being consumed.

At this time.

The Spirit King screamed into the sky!

Yun Yao and Mo Yan’s bodies trembled, as if they had been hit by an invisible giant hammer, they spit out a mouthful of blood before falling down.

The minute the Spirit King broke free.

It ignited the Netherworld Flame.

“Not good!”

Mo Yan and Yun Yao both had a look of panic.

Who would have thought at this crucial moment, Chu Tian would rush forward and stand in front of the Spirit King, an ancient might was released from Chu Tian’s body, spirit energy surged forward as a large shadow condensed behind Chu Tian.

What is this?

Yun Yao was shocked!

Was this Chu Tian’s source spirit?

But, wasn’t his source spirit a sword source spirit?

Once the Spirit King saw the large shadow, it immediately showed a panicked expression. Fear could be felt from the depth of its soul, with its intelligence, it could not understand what this terrifying existence was!

“You can die now!”

The shadow source spirit turned into strength as it all flowed into his body.

Victory or death in one move!

Chu Tian’s fist released countless profound runes, as if an ancient might was all condensed into a single fist.


After the Spirit King was hit by this invisible energy, a large part of him had caved in. With a mournful cry, its body disappeared into pieces!

Mo Yan let out an astonished expression, “His fist…...it can directly hit a spiritual body!”

Can a human body make contact with a spiritual body?

This was something that went against logic!

But Chu Tian had achieved it, his fist had hit the Spirit King’s body, he had turned the Spirit King into pieces with this tyrannical strength!

A normal ordinary youth, how could there be that many secrets hiding in him?

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