Miracle Throne

Chapter 75: Soul Controlling Bell

Chapter 75: Soul Controlling Bell

Chu Tian used Wan Wuyi’s sword to slash at the ancient sword, a loud sound rang out, the treasured sword had broken while the ancient sword did not have a single scratch.

There was no need to guess anymore!

It was without a doubt the Netherworld Sword!

Thunder Spirit Bead, Netherworld Flame, and the Netherworld Sword were the three treasures of the Nether Spirit Place.

Chu Tian had the Demon God’s Sword Source Spirit, the value of the Netherworld Sword for Chu Tian was much higher than the Thunder Spirit Bead and the Netherworld Flame!

Yun Yao resentfully said from the side, “Don’t blame me for not reminding you! The Ancient Netherworld Sword is an evil sword, not to mention if it will accept you, but if it really does accept you. The owners of this sword will slowly be corroded, they will become bloodthirsty maniacs, in the end they will lose themselves, do you really want this sword?”

Chu Tian was a little surprised.

Yun Yao was looking forward to see him die earlier, now she was giving him reminders, it seemed like her attitude had really changed.

It was as Yun Yao said, the Netherworld Sword was just like the Thunder Spirit Bead, it was a soul contracting spirit weapon.

A soul contracting spirit weapon had a consciousness, it could choose its master. Only if one’s strength was greater than it or a long time was spent to tame it, then it would be required to have the spirit weapon to accept one as its master.

If the Netherworld Sword did not accept Chu Tian, Chu Tian had no way of taking it.

Touching it to try his luck!

Chu Tian gripped the sword hilt and the ancient consciousness sleeping in the Netherworld Sword awoken.

A bone chilling cold air surged, it was as if it wasn’t a sword, rather it was a piece of diamond that was as hard as a ten thousand year piece of ice. Icy coldness spread through his meridians, randomly flowing all around his body, as if it was trying to freeze his mind, spirit, and soul.

Chu Tian felt as if he had entered a mysterious space.

Bones scattered across the floor, all around him were sharp soul wrenching howls, a giant evil spirit appeared in front of him. Its face was wild and ugly, its body was covered in white flames, it was sealed in the center of the main hall, unceasingly swallowing the surrounding souls.


When it noticed Chu Tian who had just entered, the burning spirit stood up, it let out a few mocking cries, then it shot out a palm to grab at him, a sound rang out as if a hundred spirits were crying together, the momentum was extremely terrifying.

What a good spirit sword!

Chu Tian was secretly shocked in his heart!

The illusion caused by the spirit weapon, was not inferior to a spiritual attack.

But since it’s like this, that would mean this sword was not ordinary. Since it can use an illusion on its wielder, that meant it could also use illusions to attack people.

This sword!

Father has decided on it!

Chu Tian released his vicious shadow source spirit, the minute the spirit’s hand touched it, as if it was touching red hot iron, it immediately let out a shrill cry and drew its hand back.

The spirit of the Netherworld Sword was covered in an invincible might, rolling on the ground, its entire body was shivering, it was terrified. Slowly its aura became weaker.

Chu Tian walked over step by step, “Where you come from, Father doesn’t know! But now I am your master! You just have to obediently listen to me! Otherwise, Father will just get rid of you!”

The shadow source spirit opened one eye, but what kind of eye was it?

Looking at it with one eye.

It’s mind and spirit were all destroyed!

The weapon spirit gave up on resisting as its body vanished into thin air.

After the weapon spirit disappeared, a large stone pillar remained, it was covered in profound runes, describing an incredible cultivation technique - «Netherworld Flame Sword»!

Chu Tian’s mouth turned into a satisfied smile.

The Netherworld Sword was not only a strong weapon, at the same time it also contained a powerful cultivation technique, only if one was approved by the weapon spirit could they obtain this inheritance. If the Netherworld sword was forced into submission then it would be impossible to receive the inheritance.

The «Netherworld Flame Sword» could be traced back to ancient times, it evolved from a remnant of an unparalleled sword art, unmeasurable sophistry, killing without a trace, but it required the Netherworld Ghost Flame for it to be used.

The «Netherworld Flame Sword» style was similar to Wan Wuyi’s «Secret Yin Wind Sword Art», but it was much stronger than the Yin Wind Sword Art because the «Secret Yin Wind Sword Art» was a pure assassination technique, it did not have a lot of strength.

This «Netherworld Flame Sword» was not the same, not only did it have assassination capabilities, its frontal confrontational strength was not inferior to the Central State’s «Soul Sword Secret Art», it was an absolute strong sword art.

However the «Netherworld Flame Sword» requires both the Netherworld Sword and Netherworld Flame to be practiced.

It would become Chu Tian’s unique sword style.

No one else had a way to learn it.

Chu Tian had gained the Netherworld Sword and a sword art, it would make up for his lack in attack power. Adding in the power of the Demon God’s Sword Source Spirit, its strength would be truly formidable!

But this new cultivation technique was not easy to practice.

He would have to go back and slowly practice it!

Chu Tian came out of the spiritual domain and easily grabbed the Netherworld Sword, “This sword has some skills, but to disturb my mental state, it doesn’t have the qualifications. You come with me, you can’t just take the Thunder Spirit Bead for nothing, I have something I need your help with.”

Chu Tian’s tone was very fierce.

Yun Yao had no way to refuse him.

This fellow did save her, but his attitude was still very annoying!

Yun Yao had no choice but to listen to him for now because if they fought now, the Netherworld Sword would cancel out the Thunder Spirit Bead and she would still no be Chu Tian’s match.

This fellow was truly annoying, but he did save her and Yun Yao had also gotten the Thunder Spirit Bead, she had already given up on taking her revenge.

“Fine, I’ll help on account of the Thunder Spirit Bead!”

The two of them both had a soul contracting spirit weapon, easily killing the monsters and spirits, directly walking through. Finally they arrived at the third floor of the ancient tomb.

A dark chamber, there were over a hundred suspending white coffins, most of them had already been opened, the surrounding floor was filled with dead Yin Corpses, it was a truly terrifying scene.

“Ah, Lu Ren!” A familiar gentle voice rang out, “You’re finally here!”

Cai Die was wearing clothes made of gold thread as she walked over, the bronze masked old man and the Flame Ghost brothers were all sitting on coffins.


Why were there 7-8 people here that he didn’t recognize?

Beside the bronze masked old man were five cultivators, they were probably people he recruited in between, each one of them were not weak, one extraordinary point about them was that each of the five of them used a long sabre.

Their leader was a particularly interesting person.

A 25-26 year old youth, wearing a golden scaled armour, his hands holding a scarlet long sabre, a red head of hair, a tall stature, an aura as fierce as fire surrounded his body.

This person was an expert!

He was at least in the 2nd layer Awakened Soul Realm!

“You came so slow, I almost thought you had died on the first two levels!” The bronze masked old man expression was disgruntled, but once his eyes fell on Yun Yao, it became fearful, “Purple Lightning Young Master? Why are you here!”

Chu Tian didn’t answer his question, but rather he looked at the five people wielding sabres and asked, “These people are?”

“They are people I’ve invited to help.” The bronze masked old man lightly explained, “The five of them are the illustrious ‘Central State Five Sabres’, this redheaded sabre master is called Yang Zhan, he is skilled in the «Blood Rage Sabre» and is skilled in killing, he is an outstanding brave man.”

Chu Tian nodded his head.

The bronze masked old man was not silly.

He knew the Corpse King would be strong, so with an unknown conditions, he unexpectedly found five strong helpers.

The bronze masked old man turned to the five of them to say, “This little friend is the person we have been waiting for, now that everyone is here, we…..”

“Pei!” The redheaded sabre user’s face turned ugly, “You made us wait for this long, just for this little brat? Do you know how many treasures we could have found in this wasted time?”

“That’s right!”


“I thought it was the Purple Lightning Young Master!”

“I never thought we would be waiting for this brat who’s still wet behind the ears!”

The group started to complain, their eyes were incredibly unfriendly.

The bronze masked old man was also very curious, “Where did you guys go?”

Chu Tian did not hide anything, “We went to the Nether Spirit Palace!”

“The two of you went to the Nether Spirit Palace?” The bronze masked old man’s expression changed, it was filled with surprise, “You could still come back alive.”

“Look carefully!” Yun Yao took out the Thunder Spirit Bead to show them, “We didn’t only just come back alive!”

The bronze masked old man saw the Thunder Spirit Bead, his eyes narrowed, then seeing the Netherworld Sword in Chu Tian’s hand, he found it hard to breathe, “Will you sell the sword? Give any price you want! It’s doesn’t matter how much!”

Chu Tian gently swung the Netherworld Sword, leaving black streaks in the air, “This sword is very suitable for me, I won’t be selling it!”

The redheaded sabre user Yang Zhan revealed a greedy look, “Although I don’t know what kind of luck you little brat encountered, to be able to take the Netherworld Sword from the Nether Spirit Palace. But for wasting this much of our time, you should have to give us a bit of compensation!”

Another sabre user said, “This sword is enough to compensate us!”

Yang Zhan looked at the bronze masked old man and said, “Since the bronze masked old man wants this sword, how about we brothers help you take it? When we go to kill the Corpse King, it doesn’t matter if we have this brat or not!”

Such honesty!

At this moment!

The bronze masked old man was a little excited.

The Netherworld Sword was a soul contracting spirit weapon!

This “Central State Five Sabres” was actually a group of bandits, killing people and taking their possessions were their specialty.

Cai Die was very angry, “How can you be like this?”

“Stupid little girl, scram!

“There is nothing concerning you here!”

The five of them used their wolf like green eyes, they were staring greedily at the Netherworld Sword in Chu Tian’s hands.

“You can’t buy it so you’ll kill someone for their treasure?” Yun Yao coldly smiled, “Is this the style of your Great Zhou Country?”

The Purple Lightning Young Master was speaking up for this brat?

Was she on the little brat’s side?

The bronze masked old man, the Flame Ghost and Ice Demon brothers, and the Five Sabres all felt fear.

If the little brat was in a bad situation, they would take the Netherworld Sword from him. His strength was not bad, but in comparison, the Netherworld Sword was much more valuable.

If Yun Yao helped Chu Tian, then it would be a different situation.

Yun Yao with the Thunder Spirit Bead was truly formidable not to mention, once they made a move they would lose two helpers to deal with the Corpse King!

“Wan Wuyi has already died by his hands, can your five broken blades be faster than the Yin Wind Sword? Yun Yao coldly said, “Not to mention with the Netherworld Sword, even if he didn’t have a sword, you bunch of trash still wouldn’t be his match!”


This brat had killed the Yin Wind Swordsman!

Even though the Yin Wind Swordsman had been sealed by the ancient tomb, but he had still reached the Large Success Stage with his Yin Wind Sword Art, could it still be easily resisted?

If the bronze masked old man fought Wan Wuyi.

He would only have a 50% chance of success!

If these five blades fought Wan Wuyi alone, they would be killed without even knowing how they died!

“He, he, he, he, this old man is a business man, buying and selling needs to be done fairly, something like forcing someone to sell is something I would never do.” The bronze masked old man glanced over at the five of them, he said in an impolite voice, “I hope you’ll be careful with your words, this kind of words won’t be permitted, otherwise you can’t blame me for being impolite!”

Yang Zhan coldly snorted.

But he didn’t say anything else.

But, it was clear from his eyes, he didn’t believe that Chu Tian could kill the Yin Wind Swordsman.

A little wet behind the ears brat, how could he be this strong?

It was probably the Purple Lightning Young Master saying things to scare people and it was probably depending on the Purple Lightning Young Master’s help that he could even make it to the third floor. But, just depending on the fact that he had relations with the Purple Lightning Young Master was enough to make the Yang Zhan five brothers afraid.

Chu Tian did not do anything, he pretended as if nothing had happened, “Yi, Cai Die, what is that clothing you’re wearing?”

“I got lucky, I found it on the second floor!” Cai Die embarrassingly smiled, “This is a Royal Fire Treasured Gown, if it was auctioned in Central State City, it would be worth 210000 gold coins and other than the treasured gown, I also picked up many other treasures.”

Cai Die seemed very satisfied.

Chu Tian understood, these things were relics from past cultivators, they were pretty good for ordinary cultivators, but for Cai Die, these things were not all that great.

But Cai Die was excited for the treasure hunting process.

The people that came to hunt for treasures, there was no one with a better attitude than Cai Die.

Yang Zhan’s group held in their anger, they didn’t know if this brat had some kind of mental disorder, he would actually treat them like thin air.

Chu Tian was not afraid of the five brothers.

But now was not the time to be angry.

He didn’t care what the bronze masked old man thought.

Because he need the Infant Soul Fruit, Chu Tian did not have much time, the Infant Soul Fruit was the only thing that could let Chu Tian quickly break through to the Awakened Soul Realm!

“Our current situation is not good.” The bronze masked old man gave a dry cough, then he lightly coughed as he said, “The Giant Spirit Scholar has already gathered a large group of people to explore the Corpse Storage Hole.”

Chu Tian curiously asked, “Corpse Storage Hole?”

“From the rumours I’ve heard, the Corpse Storage Hole is the warehouse where the ancient school stored the corpse soldiers. After the Yin Corpses were refined, they would all be placed in the Corpse Storage Hole. This hole is very complex, it is a highly tabooed area, it is very dangerous, but it also stores a precious treasure - the Soul Controlling Bell.

“I’ve heard about this thing before.” Yun Yao still had a cold expression as she said, “The Soul Controlling Bell can awaken the Corpse Soldiers and control these strong human shaped weapons!”

The Yin Corpses of the ancient tomb were not a small matter!

Even if 3-5 were able to get out, they could easily sweep people away!

“The Soul Controlling Bell, Yang Kun wants this thing, this time he’s made many preparations.” The bronze masked old man solemnly said, “That man is very cruel, once he obtains the Soul Controlling Bell, the corpse soldiers will awaken and everyone else in here will be attacked by the corpse soldiers.”

Yun Yao coldly snorted and said, “Let’s kill him!”

The bronze masked old man shook his head and said, “Yang Kun has achieved the Large Success Realm the «Giant Spirit Golden Body», this is a very strong body refining cultivation technique, you are all people from the Southern Summer Country, you should be more clear about this compared to me.”

Yun Yao, Cai Die, and Yang Zhan all knit their brows.

Yang Kun’s reputation as a rogue cultivator was incredibly large!

The higher the achievement in the «Giant Spirit Golden Body» was, the stronger his mortal body would be, a stronger physique, copper skin and mercury blood, his body will be as hard as a diamond, his strength will be as strong as a dragon. Although by entering the ancient tomb, his spirit energy will be suppressed, but relying on his monstrous body strength that could compare to a Demon Beast, among the Awakened Soul Cultivators, it was guaranteed he was the strongest.

Even though Yun Yao had the Thunder Spirit Bead, she still wasn’t confident in fighting him.

After being suppressed by the ancient tomb, they could at most use the strength at the peak 9th layer Body Refinement Realm.

“If it was still a bit earlier, we could perhaps struggle against him, but now he’s already gone and we can’t catch up with him in time.”

In this broken ancient tomb, there were many palaces, many tombs all around them.

How many treasures were buried here? Even after all these years it still hasn’t been cleared out?

Chu Tian thought for a bit, “Don’t think about it that much, we’ll talk after we go to the main hall and take care of the Corpse King!”

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