Miracle Throne

Chapter 80: Mysterious little fox

Chapter 80: Mysterious little fox

The fox faced Corpse King froze for a few seconds, at the same time on its strange beautiful fox face, it was already a pale colour and the skin became even more wrinkled, quickly aging, the dry white hair began to fall, like a half waning leaf.

What was happening to this Corpse King?

But this was an entity that defied the heavens, a lifespan could not be this long, since it left the black jade coffin, it was slowly becoming weaker, now it was like an old woman on the verge of death, but her stomach swelled more and more, like a woman who is in the final months of pregnancy.

What kind of secret was this fox faced Corpse King hiding?

Chu Tian was incredibly interested, but he had no way to find out.

The Corpse King’s strength was too strong, it had accumulated more than ten thousand year’s worth of Yin Qi, it could forcefully resist the ancient tomb’s seal and exhibit power that was beyond the ancient tomb’s suppression!

Chu Tian had no plans, but fortunately he was lucky. Chu Tian’s main source spirit was not normal, although it had not fully awakened, just depending on its aura it could exhibit a strong fear inducing effect.

But he didn’t know how long it would last.

It was better not to stay for long.

Chu Tian rushed for the exit, he happened to pass by Yun Yao’s body, Yun Yao was already in a stupor from her severe wounds, but it seemed like she still hadn’t died, so he picked her up and continued to run away from the main hall.

“If we can live through this, don’t forget, you owe me two lives now.”

Yun Yao’s face was as pale as paper, her face was covered in blood, her clothes had been turned red, but it seemed she still had a bit of consciousness, her lips slightly moved, but words did not come out.

It’s about time!

Chu Tian recalled his source spirit, both feet fell into the pathway, carrying Yun Yao as he ran away.


The minute the Shadow Source Spirit disappeared, the fox faced Corpse King recovered, only a low roar rang out and the entire Corpse King Palace trembled. A evil spirit’s aura surged forward, flooding every inch of the Corpse King Palace, just like a thousand year old peerless beast had just awakened.

The fox faced Corpse King charged out several steps.

It seemed like it was slow, but it was incredibly fast!

Every time the fox faced Corpse King took a step, it would reappear several meters away, in just a few steps, two seconds hadn’t even passed but it had already chased all the way to the pathway.

Too fast!

Chu Tian had no way to escape the speed of the fox faced Corpse King’s.

At the same time, the fight at the cliff still had not ended.

The cultivators that Yang Kun brought had already all died, there were only the Black Yin Corpses that were fighting with the Corpse Monsters. How could the Black Yin Corpses be a match for the Corpse Monsters, they could only temporarily suppress the Corpse Monsters with their numbers advantage, but their numbers were slowly decreasing, there was already less than half left.

Flame Ghost, Ice Demon, and Cai Die were hiding behind a giant stone, their faces filled with anxiety.

“They’re coming out!”

Cai Die’s eyes flashed, shouting out in surprise.

Chu Tian was holding Yun Yao as he moved at an extremely fast speed, he rushed out from the pathway in the cliff, had the Corpse King been taken care of? The three of them did not even have time to be happy before they felt a kingly aura arriving suddenly.

Endless scarlet energy flowed out from the pathway.

A terrifying red figure, leaped out from the pathway.

Under the cliff, once the thousand year Corpse Monsters felt the Corpse King’s aura, they all began to roar. Although they didn’t have a consciousness like the Corpse King, the Corpse Monsters still had the power to think.

This Corpse King’s terrifying aura made them all feel restless.

The fox faced Corpse King’s slaw shot out.


A Corpse Monster was torn apart on the spot!

“Hou, hou, hou!”

The other Corpse Monster screamed out and several Corpse Monsters came to an understanding, the simultaneously stopped attacking the Yin Corpse and started to encircle the Corpse King.

The Corpse Monsters would actually fight with the Corpse King?

This was a great opportunity!

Chu Tian held the bell up high, instill spirit energy into it as he swung it, the several Yin Corpse loitering around instantly gathered around Chu Tian.

Because of his weak cultivation base, Chu Tian could not control over a hundred, but being able to control around ten was not a problem, at least he could keep them around him as bodyguards, in a dangerous situation they could be used as meat shields, giving him time to escape.

“Why are you guys still here?”

“Do you not want to live! Quickly escape!”

Chu Tian saw Cai Die’s group of three run over, he immediately shouted at them, the strength of the three of them was too weak, they weren’t enough to fill the gap in the fox faced Corpse King’s teeth.

Who knew how long the dozen Corpse Monsters would be able to last.

The fox face Corpse King moved like a ghost, disappearing in a black mist, charging right through the Corpse Monsters, when the mist condensed once again, its hand dripped blood and in them were corpse cores.

Flickering several times.

Disappearing several times.

It was like the fox faced Corpse King was talking a walk, passing through the dozen Corpse Monsters, in its hand were a dozen blood soaked corpse cores. The Corpse Monsters were standing still like statues, after a few seconds they all fell down.

They were instantly dealt with!

A dozen tyrannical and incomparable Corpse Monsters, were dealt with instantly!

The Three Thousand Floating Coffins vibrated once again and another batch of Corpse Monsters began to come forward.


The Corpse King faced the sky and roared!

A terrifying wave of energy surged out!

Cai Die, Flame Ghost, and Ice Demon, the three of them instantly fainted.

Chu Tian consciousness was not affected, but his body was stiff, it was hard for him to move.

At this time, the star chart of the Three Thousand Floating Coffins, seemed to be hit by some kind of interference, as if someone had just thrown a wrench into a rotating gear.

Ka, ka, ka, ka, ka!

A strange obstructed sound rang out.

And the entire array stopped functioning.

Chu Tian’s eyes popped out, this Corpse King had unexpected stopped the array, the floating coffins had stopped functioning, that meant no more Corpse Monsters would join in the fight.


Could he even escape!

Not to mention it was hard for Chu Tian to move right now.

With the fox faced Corpse King’s strange movement technique, there was no place that a person could hide!

From its birth until now, the entire process had occurred in less than a quarter of an hour. The fox faced Corpse King old appearance looked awful, its entire body was withered, like a dry old corpse.

The fox faced Corpse King’s demonic eyes, became dimmer and dimmer, it said with difficulty, “My time…..Is almost over!”

Chu Tian was a little stunned.

He could also see, the fox faced Corpse King was about burn out.

But before it burnt out, the fox faced Corpse King still had enough time to kill Chu Tian tens or hundreds of times!

But, at this time.

The fox faced Corpse King did a shocking thing.

It took the Netherworld Sword and sliced open its stomach!

The skin was split open, endless black coloured ten thousand year demonic qi spilled out of it abdomen. Chu Tian understood that the thing that had been cultivating in the Corpse King’s stomach for ten thousand years, was being that had a mixture of Demonic Qi and Monster Qi.

The aura that Chu Tian saw was pure!

Like when the world was first born, when it first took shape, it was primitive qi formed at the beginning, this kind of energy came before ancient energy and it was stronger compared to it, it would be enough to create a Heaven and Earth being.

The fox faced Corpse King’s hands formed a seal.

The endless demonic aura began to gather, finally forming a giant white egg.


The minute the egg broke, a furry little fellow jumped out of the egg, from its figure, it looked like a little fox, its white body was spotless and it was only the size of a fist.

“This is……”

Chu Tian’s face became solemn, a being born from primitive energy, it would not be simple, it could even be comparable to an ancient Spiritual God.

The fox faced Corpse King stretched out a finger, a black ripple condensed into a rune that fell on Chu Tian’s chest, leaving behind a simple contract seal, just like a tattoo on his chest.

“Master Declaration Contract?”

On the Corpse King’s wild face, an incomparable reverent expression was present, the little fox in its hands was placed on the ground, its right hand dug into its chest and took out a golden corpse core from within, then giving it over to the little fox.

The little fox swallowed the corpse core.

After the fox faced Corpse King lost its corpse core, it became even weaker.

“This is a descendant of the Saint Lord!” When the fox faced Corpse King raised its head, the demonic glowing eyes had already been extinguished, it said word by word, “Now…..I leave to you…...My life…...Is over!”

Its voice stopped!

The face of the fox faced Corpse King had a relaxed expression, is if it had been rid of a ten thousand year burden. Its body was like a clay figure as large cracks began to appear on it, then it slowly broke down into fragments.

“Wei, Wait a minute!” Chu Tian had never seen anything as strange as this, “Explain everything clearly before you die, what Saint Lord!”

The Corpse King’s body had completely disintegrated, like dust blown away by the wind, it disappeared into the endless void, as if it had never existed.

The fox face Corpse King’s life was so short, the significance of its existence was just to be a vessel, to create this unbelievable little creature!

After the little fox swallowed the fox faced Corpse King’s corpse core, its body trembled and then it slowly opened its eyes.

Its eyes glowed brightly just like a precious gem, it seemed to exude a special charm.

“Zhi, zhi!”

After the little fox woke up, it looked left and right, finally seeing Chu Tian, it gave a happy cry before jumping forward.


The little fox’s body changed to mist.



Like it had teleported, it appeared in front of him, grabbing onto his right leg.


“Isn’t this the Corpse King’s ability?” Chu Tian was shocked, he quickly kicked his leg, “What kind of thing! Don’t grab onto me! Scram!”

The little fellow stubbornly grabbed onto his leg.

Regardless of how much Chu Tian kicked, he couldn’t get rid of it!

Chu Tian was thinking in his heart, what kind of thing is this? Even with his advanced knowledge from 30000 years in the future, he still had never seen this kind of thing before!

Thirty thousand years to a civilization was an incredibly long time.

Thirty thousand years for the world went by in a flash.

Before the human civilization, who know how many other civilizations there were. Who knows how many eras, from prosperity to destruction then to start again, unceasingly changing.

Chu Tian was from time of a peak civilization, but that did not mean he could understand all the mysteries of the world.

Chu Tian had discovered that the ancient tomb was not simple, several thousand years ago there was a sect here that could even surpass a large kingdom, but why did they build their sect in an area with such thin spirit energy?

There was a chance it was related to the ancient tomb!

The amount of time this ancient tomb has existed, perhaps it was longer than they imagined.

The little fox jumped onto Chu Tian’s shoulder, calmly sitting down as it licked its furry paw, its body was covered in spotless white fur, its eyes shined bright like precious gems, it looked like it was well behaved.

Forget about it.

Since the fox faced Corpse King gave it to him.

Perhaps it was something arranged by destiny, Chu Tian would accept it and raise it as a little pet.

Chu Tian arrived at the place the Corpse King vanished, picking up his Netherworld Sword, he also picked up the dozen blood red corpse cores.

“Zhi, zhi!”

When the little fox saw the corpse core, its eyes instantly began to shine.

“You want to eat it?”

The little fox instantly nodded its head.

Chu Tian wondered, how could this little fellow understand human speech, if Chu Tian was a traveller from tens of thousands of years in the future, this little fox would be something left from tens of thousands of years in the past!

Chu Tian was an experienced person, of course he would be able to understand the language, but this little fox had just been born, how could it already understand the human language?

“Alright, I’ll give you one.”

Chu Tian handed one over, the little fox held the corpse core in its claws joyfully. It ate the entire core in 2-3 bites, then it stared at the remaining corpse cores.

“You still want more?”

The little fox nodded its head.

Chu Tian gave it another one.

The little fox ate it in 2-3 bites, then it stretched out its front two paws, its sparkling eyes stared at the corpse core as drool dripped down from its mouth.

I don’t believe it.

Your fist sized stomach, can actually hold this much stuff!

Chu Tian gave it another one, the little fox finished it in 2-3 bites again.

It was impossible, the corpse core was condensed from Yin and Corpse Qi, the amount of energy condensed in the Corpse Monster’s core was incomparably strong, yet the little fox that had just been born had taken the corpse core, it was technically a living life form, how could a living being eat a corpse core raw? Wasn’t this seeking death!”

Of course, this little thing couldn’t be measured with common sense.

What kind of normal living being would be able to survive in the Corpse King’s body for over ten thousand years?

“You can’t, you can’t eat anymore!” Chu Tian put away the corpse cores, “I still have a use for these corpse cores, your meal standards is so high, are you trying to eat me into bankruptcy! Don’t blame me for not reminding you, I, Chu Tian won’t raise anyone who doesn’t want to work, tell me, what use do you have? How about this, you teach me that movement technique of your, then I’ll let you eat until you’re satisfied!

The little fox disdainfully turned his head.

Fuck, this little fox is this arrogant!

At this time the ancient tomb shook, it was probably related to the Corpse King dying, the ancient tomb was extremely unstable, it was sealing itself off ahead of time.

“We need to go!”

Chu Tian shook the Soul Controlling Bell, controlling a dozen soldier puppets, beginning to harvest the corpse core on the ground, in total he harvested around a hundred Black Yin Corpse Cores.

Chu Tian made the Yin Corpses pick up the unconscious Cai Die and Flame Ghost brothers.

Then he left the ancient tomb as fast as he could, returning back to the black market.

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