Miracle Throne

Chapter 81: Returning to the Black Marke

Chapter 81: Returning to the Black Marke

The Black Market Camp, rumours flew all around, the ancient tomb had opened early and closed early, filled with a strange aura, several hundred cultivators had entered to explore it, in the end only a few returned alive back to the camp.

The famous people of the Central State, the famous cultivators, all traces disappeared, as if they had disappeared into thin air.

In the mysterious ten thousand year old ancient tomb, no one knew what had happened, but after opening up this time, the next time it’ll open up, perhaps it would be in another several hundred years.

The plan of the bronze masked old man had failed, not only had he failed to obtain a Corpse King corpse core, he had also lose his life, this result was truly enough to make people cry.

Chu Tian had contributed a lot.

The Infant Soul Fruit, Chu Tian had to obtain, this thing was too important to Chu Tian. If he had the help of the Infant Soul Fruit, Chu Tian had the confidence to break through to the Awakened Soul Realm in a week, otherwise he would be in life threatening danger.

Chu Tian found the Flame Ghost and Ice Demon brothers.

The two brothers were dejected, they were in their sect’s market, preparing to leave.

Their loses this time was too serious!

The elder had died, it was not safe to keep their cargo in the Southern Summer Country, it was better to go back to the sect and receive their orders. When the two of them saw the youth walking over, they couldn’t help but stare, an ordinary appearance, normal clothes, a little furry snow white fox was sitting on his shoulder, a mediocre appearance with no special features.

The two brothers did not dare to underestimate him.

The two of them knew Chu Tian’s potential was high, perhaps it wouldn’t even be less than the super talents that the sect had trained, not to mention that Chu Tian had saved the brother’s lives, he could be considered their savior.

“Brother Lu, why are you here?”

“Are you guys preparing to leave?”

Flame Ghost and Ice Demon looked at each other and said with a dejected face, “The elder has already died, our plan this time has failed, we have no rights to take over the caravan, we should return to the sect and receive orders.”

Chu Tian mysteriously smiled, “Just because we haven’t obtained the Corpse King’s corpse core, it doesn’t mean that we failed.”

The two of them stared, “What do you mean.”

Chu Tian took out a bag from his chest, opening the bag for them to see, they saw that the bag was filled with over ten corpse cores, each one was red as blood, each one giving off an incomparable corpse qi.

“This is……”

The Flame Ghost brothers revealed a pleasantly surprised expression.

Isn’t this a Corpse Monster’s corpse core?

How did Chu Tian obtain this many Corpse Monster’s corpse core?

Yesterday in the ancient tomb, it was unknown whether the Corpse King did it intentionally or not, after it roared out with the mysterious energy, it knocked out the surrounding people. Everything that had happened, including the origin of the little fox, these people had not seen it.

The small fox suddenly jumped up, its snow white hair stood up, raising a small claw as it had a fierce look of protest on its face. It knew the intention of its master, it wanted to make a deal with the corpse cores!

How could he do that?

This was the nourishment of the little fox!

Chu Tian disregarded the protest of the little fox, “There are over ten Corpse Monster corpse cores here, these Corpse Monster corpse cores were formed over ten thousand years. Although compared to the ten thousand year Corpse King corpse core, from the its quality, it far surpasses normal Corpse Monster’s corpse cores, I think these corpse cores combined would not be inferior to the Corpse King corpse core!”

Flame Ghost and Ice Demon revealed a look of disbelief.

What did Chu Tian do?

He didn’t talk about how he escaped the corpse king and even more he took out this many blood coloured corpse cores!

With this many blood coloured corpse cores added together, it was not that inferior compared the the Corpse King’s golden corpse core!

Flame Ghost and Ice Demon revealed wild faces of joy, this was truly a pleasant surprise, with these Corpse Monster corpse cores, after they returned to the sect to receive orders, they would definitely obtain a giant achievement!

The bronze masked old man sacrificed his life for a giant achievement.

In the end they never would have thought, it would end up in the two brother’s hands.

“Many thanks Brother Lu!” The Flame Ghost Brothers quickly expressed their gratitude, “This favour, we will remember!”

“If you ever come to the Great Zhou Country, if there’s anything you need, you just need to say a single word and us brothers will not decline!”

Chu Tian shook his head and said, “No need to thank me, I did this for the things I need.”

The Flame Ghost brothers obviously knew what Chu Tian meant, the bronze masked old man had promised, as long as he helped the bronze masked old man out with obtaining the corpse core, the three Infant Soul Fruits would belong to Chu Tian.

“The benefits you bring to my sect far outweigh just three Infant Soul Fruits!” Since the elder was longer here, Flame Ghost was already in charge, “Each scarlet corpse core can be exchanged for one Infant Soul Fruit, the rest of the elixirs, you can freely exchange for!”

Chu Tian’s heart was moved, “Then I won’t be polite.”

The little fox stared at his master giving his between meal snacks to others.

“What are you angry for!”

Who knew the little fox would angrily sit down, turn on its legs and turn its head to the side.

Fuck, it’s ignoring me!

“How can you eat it, if your master doesn’t become stronger how can he support you?”

The little fox let out a slight snort.

“You’re still not convinced?” Chu Tian lightly tapped the little fox’s head, “Investment, this is an investment don’t you understand!”

The little fox gave a cry of pain as two claws covered his head.

Chu Tian ignored this little guy, first he had to get the three Infant Soul Fruits.

Actually to Chu Tian, just getting the Infant Soul Fruits was enough, the other Elixirs would not be that effective for him, but since it was offered his principle would not let him reject it, so Chu Tian continued to pick without being polite.

“Blood Marrow Lingzhi?” Chu Tian found a jade like Lingzhi, “This is also a rare level 2 Elixir, it’s not any inferior to the Infant Soul Fruit, I want this!”

“Black Jade Purple Spotted Ginseng? Thousand Year Lava Lotus?” Chu Tian nodded his head in satisfaction, “I want these two as well!”

Chu Tian selected a few more level two medicines, all of them were Elixir ranked treasures.

This fellow had a sharp eye.

All the medicines he picked are the best they had!

Flame Ghost and Ice Demon were a little heartbroken, the bronze masked old man had died, even if the caravan was not dissolved, most of them would be replaced, even if they lost all the things here, the people responsible would not be found out.

The two of them would be bringing this precious batch of blood coloured corpse core back, it would definitely be a great merit for the Sect, at that time what would these resources count for?

Chu Tian took most of the precious Elixirs away, suddenly he didn’t know what else was good so he asked, “Are there any good healing medicines here?”

“Healing medicines? Actually there is one!” Flame Ghost personally took out a jade box, “This is a pill that an elder in a foreign country bid a large price for, it is called the Good Fortune Pill, even if all of one’s bones are broken, it can still heal it all without any repercussions. The elder presented it as a tribute to the sect, if Brother Lu needs it then you can take it.”

Not bad, not bad!

These two brothers were quite generous!

Chu Tian impolitely accepted the pill, since there was nothing else he wanted he prepared to leave.

“Brother Lu please wait!” Flame Ghost called out to stop him, “Brother Lu has a large amount of black corpse cores, since corpe cores are not useful in the Southern Summer Country, could you sell them all to us?”

“Zhi, zhi!”

Chu Tian did not say anything.

The small fox on Chu Tian’s shoulder instantly stood up, screaming at the two of them giving them a scare.

Corpse cores were its food.

The high quality blood coloured corpse cores were already exchanged for a bunch of useless materials by its master.

This little kid was already incredibly unhappy, now that its remaining snacks were about to be taken away, what would the little fox eat? How could it be happy!

“Be quiet!” Chu Tian patted the little fox, then he said to the two of them, “What kind of price will you pay?”

Flame Ghost hesitated for a few minutes before saying, “We’ll pay 10 low grade Source Stones for each one.”

10 low grade Source Stones?

That was worth around 100000 gold coins!

In South Sky City, this was an incredible amount of money!

Chu Tian had around 200-300 corpse cores, how much money could this be converted into?

The company needed money, Chu Tian did not hesitate, “How about this, I’ll sell fifty of them to you, the rest I still have a use for.”

He had to take care of the little fox’s meals.

Otherwise, where else would he be able to find things with high energy concentration?

Chu Tian would be bankrupted trying to buy food for it!

The small fox saw that his master kept the majority of them, so he decided to accepted it, still it was very unhappy, sitting on Chu Tian’s shoulder, its furry claws raised, it was acting like a little delinquent.

“Brother Lu, your spirit beast is interesting!

“I’ve never seen such a clever spirit beast before.”

“That’s right, it should have come from the ancient tomb, perhaps it’s some kind of ancient extinct species!”

The little fox spat once, using its two claws to make an ugly face, expressing its disdain for the so called ancient extinct species.

The Flame Ghost brothers were surprised.

How was this just smart?

It was simply exquisite!

If the two of them knew, that the little fox had just been born, who knew what kind of surprised expression they would have.

“Don’t mention it, it’s just a normal fox, it doesn’t have any special skill, here is fifty black corpse cores.” Chu Tian did not pay any attention to the little kid’s protest, he gave the goods over.

A full five hundred low grade Source Stones!

Chu Tian’s mood was too good!

Truly too fucking satisfying!

But at the same time it was very regrettable, it he didn’t need to take care of the little fox’s meals, he could sell the several hundred corpse cores all together, Chu Tian would have easily became rich!

But no matter what.

This trip to the black market, his harvest was truly huge!

A bunch of spirit stones, three Infant Soul Fruits, a bunch of Elixirs, the Netherworld Sword, the Netherworld Flame, the Netherworld Flame, the Soul Controlling Bell, a dozen corpse soldiers…...that’s right, he still didn’t know what use it was, but there was also the little fox that only knew how to eat!

Estimating the time.

It had already been several days.

Chu Tian had hid for long enough, it was about time to return, the time was right, it was time for him to break into the Awakened Soul Realm.

When Chu Tian returned to the room, the room had two beds, Xiang Hu was lying on one of them, a purple clothed beautiful girl was lying on the other one, the two of them were both unconscious, they did not show any signs of waking up.

“What’s the situation like?”

“Xiang Hu has already been stabilized, the Purple Lightning Young Master’s situation is not good.” Cai Die heavy heartedly said, “Her body’s meridians were all destroyed by the Corpe King’s attack, perhaps she might even last until tomorrow. Even if she is healed, her cultivation will drop and perhaps will suffer from chronic injuries!”

Chu Tian gripped Yun Yao’s wrist, sending some energy to check, the situation was bad, it was more serious than he imagined, if she wasn’t treated soon, Yun Yao had the chance of become a cripple.

Forget it.

He’ll save her until the end!

Chu Tian opened the jade box and took out a pill, feeding it to Yun Yao.

Cai Die revealed a shocked expression, “Isn’t this the Good Fortune Pill? This kind of pill is something even my father would cherish, you’re gonna just give it to her to eat!”

Good Fortune Pill?

It’s name was very straightforward.

In fact the refining method was also very straightforward.

Chu Tian didn’t care that much, he helped Yun Yao with her recovery, helping her remould her meridians to become even more tenacious than before, Yun Yao’s misfortune had turned into a blessing.

“Hai, hai……”

Yun Yao coughed a few times, her long eyelashes trembled, slowly walking up, when she saw Chu Tian and Cai Die, her face filled with shock, “I…...didn’t die?”

Cai Die sighed and said, “You almost died, but Brother Lu saved you with a Good Fortune Pill!”

Yun Yao’s face filled with disbelief.

Why was it like this?

Chu Tian spread his hands and said, “You owe me this much, who’ll pay me back if you die?”

Yun Yao was very weak, but she stared at him as she said, “The Good Fortune Pill is very precious, but my Yun Family is not poor, if you come to the Central State Yun Family, I’ll repay you double!”

Chu Tian disdainfully curled his lips, “What kind of people the Central State Four Great Families are in, you think I’m not clear about? Each one will eat a person and not spit the bones out! Repay a debt? It sounds nice, but more like biting the hand of the one who feeds you!”

“Nonsense!” Chu Tian didn’t even spare a glance at the Yun Family, Yun Yao felt very unsatisfied, “My Yun Family is not like the other three Great Families, we don’t do business, we aren’t involved in government, we don’t join armies or have our own private troops, my grandfather Yun Tianhe is the vice headmaster of the Central State Academy!”

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