Miracle Throne

Chapter 83: Reaching the limits of one’s patience

Chapter 83: Reaching the limits of one’s patience

Natural born blocked meridian, their meridian was blocked. Having to way to cultivate, destined to spend their life as a normal person.

Or at least it was like this in the Southern Summer Country.

Chu Tian obviously didn’t know Cai Die’s status and he didn’t pay any attention to Xiang Hu’s shock, “Natural born blocked meridians cannot absorb energy, therefore that person cannot cultivate, yet you have such a strong cultivation base. I think, there must have been an expert that gave you many Heaven and Earth treasures and directly helped you absorb them. A master of this rank is not a simple person, so Cai Die, your identity is also not very simple!”

Cai Die had an awkward face.

It seemed like he didn’t know my identity.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t be acting this way.

Cai Die was not willing to discuss her family, but she was very curious as she asked, “You haven’t told me what use the Blood Marrow Lingzhi has yet!”

Natural born blocked meridians is a kind of birth defect. In other words it is an innate disease. Since it is a disease, it can be cured. Your situation is not bad. I want to use medicines to improve it and this Blood Marrow Lingzhi is a kind of medicine that can do that.”

“Impossible, natural born blocked meridians are incurable!”

“Trust me, just try it.” Chu Tian gave her a rolled up scroll, “This is the formula. After you go back, collect the required materials and then receive help from a 5th Awakened Soul Layer expert. I guarantee in ten days you’ll become a normal person!”

Cai Die’s face went blank.

She really had the chance to become an ordinary person?

Cai Die had left home because she couldn’t bear to be stared at by other people’s strange looks. She also didn’t want to see her father waste large amounts of resources on her.

“I’ve done what I’ve wanted, it’s time for me to go now.” Chu Tian stretched out his back, “You guys take care of yourselves. The mountain stands still but the water still moves, there will be another opportunity for us to meet again one day!”

After he finished speaking.

Chu Tian pulled on the reins and whipped with the horsewhip. The horse neighed and started galloping, sending dust flying up. He had finished the things he wanted to do and he no longer had any interest in the black market, so he he didn’t even turn his head as he left.

The little fox was sitting on his shoulder. It raised a small claw, saying goodbye for its master.

Cai Die was holding the bottle and the formula, her face was filled with excitement and expectation. Being able to run into Brother Lu, this strange youth, was truly lucky.

The physique that even her father couldn’t cure.

Was this youth’s method truly effective?

No matter what, Cai Die had already made her decision to give it a try when she returned. She had an intense feeling that this young man was not a normal person, perhaps a miracle could happen to her.

Xiang Hu was very scared, “I never thought, you…….You would be……”

Cai Die gave a faint smile and giving a silent hand signal, “This is a secret, you can’t tell anyone else.”

Xiang Hu was excited and anxious.

When the two of them were preparing to go back into the black market.

“Brother Lu!”

“Brother Lu!”

A purple coloured figure quickly ran over. Her figure was slender, her curves were exquisite, and a fine gauze covered her face. Her body exuded a dignified and holy aura, she was truly a beautiful girl.

Only, her face was filled with anxiety as she ran up beside the two of them.

“Where did Lu Ren go?”


Yun Yao was truly impressed!

Lu Ren was a once in a millennium expert!

Perhaps even Heavenly Sword Young Master Chu Xinghe couldn’t compare with him!

This kind of person was beyond what people could expect. He would be someone whose value could not be measured!

The Yun Family was a family of scholars. If they could recruit Lu Ren into their family, it would be the greatest fortune for the Yun Family. Perhaps even the entire Central State’s fortune!

Easily improving the Yun Family’s techniques.

Pointing out all the profound parts with a few words.

Yun Yao had been stuck in the 3rd Awakened Soul Layer for a long time. Moreover she had no way of seeing any hope of breaking through. It was because of this reason that Yun Yao was far behind the other three Young Masters.

Who could guess that with interest nothing will bloom, but with neglect a flower would blossom.

This bottleneck that Yun Yao didn’t know how long it would take to breakthrough, this Lu Ren fellow would easily solve it. Yun Yao could finally advance forward and gain the qualification to compete with the other three Young Masters!

Xiang Hu had a strange expression as he said, “You’ve come late, he already left.”

“You really don’t know how to treat people.” Cai Die was a little unsatisfied, “Brother Lu has saved your live several times. When he left, you didn’t come send him off?”

Yun Yao was stunned.


He had left like that!

Yun Yao’s expression was very complex. There was a bit of absentmindedness in it. The dense fog that covered the endless wild, it was just like that young man’s identity. No one was able to figure it out.

Would this be for eternity?

Lu Ren kept saying he would go to the Yun Family to collect his debt, how could Yun Yao not see through it?

Lu Ren was an odd person. His attitude was free and unfettered, his methods were unconventional. He didn’t work for self benefit, rather he did things based on his mood.

Yun Yao hoped that he would come!

If you think carefully about it, to come to the Yun Family to collect his debt. That was not something that he seemed like he would do!

What they couldn’t think of was that Chu Tian had used a disguise when meeting them. One hand it was to protect himself from being assassinated by the Ye and Chu Families. On the other hand it was to keep himself safe during this adventure.

So, even if Yun Yao and Cai Die wanted to search for him with this name and appearance, it would be impossible for them to find Chu Tian’s real identity.

Chu Tian had not given them the slightest bit of information about himself from the beginning.

Because of the dangers that came with this adventure into the ancient tomb, Chu Tian had to expose some of his trump cards. For example his Shadow Source Spirit, he didn’t want anyone to know about it.

Cai Die’s identity was not simple.

Yun Yao was one of the most well known geniuses of Central State City.

Xiang Hu’s birth was average, but he had experience. If he went with the two of them to Central State City, the future path of his cultivation would be much smoother.

As for whether they could meet again?

Chu Tian had never even considered this question.


Three days later.

A young man wearing an ash coloured long robe with a ordinary treasure sword on his back, slowly walked into South Sky City. Over ten tall black robed people were neatly following behind him, they were like loyal followers behind him.

Ten days!

A full ten days!

What would the situation be with everyone!

South Sky City seemed to have a very strange atmosphere. Soldiers were patrolling all around and the streets had less people walking around.

What had happened?

Why did the atmosphere become so depressing?

Chu Tian felt that something was off. Without even taking the time to think about it, he immediately ran home to find out. When Chu Tian arrived in front of the Meng Family’s gate, his eyes almost popped out.

What was happening?

Where was the house!

In front of Chu Tian were black ruins. The house had been burnt down, but there was still a bit of heat coming from it. It could be estimated that it had been done not that long ago. Over ten soldiers were tidying up the ruins.

“Little brat, what do you think you’re doing? Didn’t you read the sign on the road? You can’t enter here!” A captain was holding a cigarette in his mouth. His face was filled with impatience, “Quickly leave, stop interfering with our work!”

“Captain, what happened here?”

“Why do you care that much? What does it have to do with you!”

Chu Tian pulled out a gold coin to hand over.

“Aiyo, little brother, I knew you weren’t a simple person. You must have just came?” The captain’s eyes lit up when he saw the gold coin, his hostility instantly disappeared, “Little brother, don’t stick your nose in other’s matters. Who can afford to mess with the Central State Ye and Chu Families! Doesn’t this prove it? If you offend them, they’ll destroy your house.”

Chu Tian asked with a calm face, “What happened here?”

The captain took a breath in of his cigarette, then he threw it onto the ground and stepped on it, “Not to mention, who told Chu Tian to act so wildly? Completely disregarding the consequences of the insulting the Ye and Chu Families? Can these two families be easily insulted? They sent over ten experts to come take back their marketplaces in South Sky City. Creating such a foul atmosphere in South Sky City, making it hard for all the people living here!”

Coming to this.

The captain’s face also became depressed.

Chu Tian asked again, “Then how was this place attacked?”

The captain gave a slight snort, “You still need to ask? South Sky City was leafed through, turned upside down, but that little brat had disappeared! How could Ye Xiong not be angry? He vented his anger onto the two young misses of the Meng Family. These two young misses are good friends with Chu Tian, he’s planning to hold them hostage to make Chu Tian appear!”

A soldier on the side said, “What use is it? Chu Tian was probably scared off!”

Another soldier angrily said, “Wasn’t that brat supposed to be crazy? How could he run away this fast this time? Because he ran, the two beautiful Meng Family girl’s are being implicated!”

“You can’t say it like that, a man can’t stay in a dangerous situation. If you knew that ten Awakened Soul Cultivators wanted to kill you, would you not run?”

“Pei, if he wants to run he should at least bring the beautiful girls with him. This little brat raw away all by himself!”

“You’re right, he truly makes people disappointed!”

“And I thought he was brave. It turns out he’s nothing but a coward.”


The dozen soldiers kept talking.

The Meng Family sisters had been implicated. This made the soldiers very angry.

Several large families began to retaliate, covering the entire city in a depressing shadow. This made everyone suffer.

Chu Tian angrily rubbed his forehead, “How are the Meng Sisters right now?”

“Mayor Nangong, Master Zhang, and General Xiong showed up the most crucial moment and saved the two Meng Family young misses.” The captain took out another cigarette, “The conflict was broken up at this time!”

“Where are they now? Are they hurt?”

“I say, who are you? Why are you asking this much!” The captain was not very happy, “The two young misses are seeking asylum in the Mayor’s palace just yesterday. It’s said that a Ye Family expert had sneaked in to attack the young miss, but the second young miss blocked it and was injured by a palm attack. It seems to be very serious, no one knows if she has died yet.”


“She’s probably dead!”

“You try suffering an Awakened Soul Cultivator’s palm and live for me to see!”

“You’re right, that is an Awakened Soul Cultivator. A Body Refinement Cultivator has no way of surviving!”


They hurt Yingying!

Chu Tian had been thoroughly angered.

Chu Tian released a terrifying aura and scared all the soldiers.

Chu Tian wiped his face with a hand and a faint light flashed. His face changed and instantly returned to his original appearance.”

“You, you…….”

“You are Chu Tian!”

The soldiers almost fell down in shock.

Didn’t they search through South Sky City and found that Chu Tian had already escaped?

Why did this fellow appear now. Coming back to bring about his own destruction!

These people had thoroughly insulted Chu Tian. If Chu Tian let out his anger, it was easy to take their lives!

“You guys listen to me!”

“Chu Family, Ye Family?” I, Chu Tian am not scared of them!”

“I will let them know, the price they have to pay!”

Chu Tian coldly snorted and walked in the direction of the Mayor’s palace. Since he had already taken off his disguise, then he would have to see this through to the end!

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