Miracle Throne

Chapter 84: Tearing one’s face to pieces

Chapter 84: Tearing one’s face to pieces

Chapter 84: Tearing one’s face to pieces

The Mayor’s Palace, from the main gates to the corridor and the garden to the courtyard, every three steps was a guard and every five steps was a sentry post. The elite bodyguards were patrolling back and forth, they were several times more alert compared to usual.

Inside of a silent room, it was filled with an unpleasant smelling medicinal smell.

A 15-16 year old girl was lying down on the bed, her eyes were closed. Her forehead was filled with pain and with every breath, a chest tearing pain spread over her body.

“Cough, cough!”

Meng Yingying gave two violent coughs and a small mouthful of blood came out. Quickly taking a towel to wipe her chin, her full chest kept fluctuating making her appear very uncomfortable. After a while, it slowly subsided.

Compared to ten days ago, Meng Yingying’s entire figure became thinner. Her fine and delicate face had turned pale and was completely lacking in blood red colour.

At this moment, she forcefully suppressed a cough, to keep everyone else from worrying.

This obedient and weak appearance, there was no one that could not pity her.

At this time from outside the room, the sounds of footsteps could be heard. Meng Yingying scratched off the dry blood from her chin and threw the blood soaked towel under the bed. Pulling up her blankets, she pretended to be asleep.

“Yingying, are you feeling a little better?”

A voice full of attractiveness rang out.

“Quickly wake up, Xiong Tianyan has some medicine for you.” A tall and beautiful girl wearing white clothes walked in. She was carrying a bowl of medicine as she sat down beside the bed, “Quickly drink this, it will help ease your injury!”

Meng Yingying opened her eyes and instantly sat up. Her small face filled with a happy smile as she patted her chest and said, “After sleeping a bit, I feel much better! Elder Sister, don’t worry about me. There’s nothing to be worried about, my body is already alright. I’ve practiced the Starlight Immortal Body! Those fellows want to kill me? Humph!”

The little girl proudly raised her head.

Meng Qingwu gave a sigh, “Stop pretending to be strong, drink your medicine!”

“Wa, what kind of medicine is this! It smells like rotten eggs!” Meng Yingying gave a bitter face, “Can I not drink it?”

“You have to drink it!”

Meng Yingying reluctantly took the bowl, “Right now the city is chaotic, Elder Sister should go and manage the company. I don’t need you to worry about me, I can take care of myself.”

“At this time, it’s better for Nangong to go out instead of me. You just need to obediently listen and quickly drink your medicine.” How could Meng Qingwu not know that Yingying was pretending to be strong? She wished that she could bear the pain for her sister. She suddenly thought of something, “If nothing goes wrong, Chu Tian should be back in next two days. It’s not as if you don’t know his temper, if he sees you like this, who knows how angry he’ll be. Then……I have no way to even think of it!”


Was there a need to say it?

If Chu Tian knew that I was being bullied!

He would definitely get revenge for me without any hesitation!

This was a fact that Meng Yingying did not doubt!

Meng Yingying’s heart felt a little happy, but the way Chu Tian heavy handed way of doing things and his fearless disposition. If he went out now, wouldn’t that equal sending himself into a trap?

Not good!

Not good!

The Chu and Ye Families both had countless experts, a big pile of Awakened Soul Cultivators. With this kind of terrifying lineup, even the Mayor tries to avoid entering a direct confrontation with them. How could Chu Tian possibly go against them?

“The matter of me being injured, we can’t tell him!”

“Relax, I know.”

Meng Yingying lifted the medicine and drank it all in a single breath, then she showed a disgusted face, “What kind of medicine did Old Xiong make? It’s so bitter! I bet that the medicine that Chu Tian makes would taste much better!”

Meng Qingwu helplessly smiled.

This little girl mentioned Chu Tian every other three sentences.

Xiong Tianyan’s medicine was hard to drink, but it was very effective. After Meng Yingying drank it, her injuries already began to feel better. She was very satisfied with the medicine’s efficacy and made the decision to heal up before Chu Tian could come back.

At this time.

There was a commotion coming from outside!

From the direction of Mayor’s main hall, there were quarrelling sounds.

The two sisters instantly became vigilant. Recently the situation was very tense and even though they were in the Mayor’s Palace, it didn’t mean that they would be safe. So the two of them were frightened.

Meng Yingying lifted the blanket and her smooth white feet came off the bed.

Meng Qingwu hurried over to support her, “You injuries still haven’t healed, don’t move around randomly!”

Meng Yingying shook her head and said, “I think there’s been an accident, let’s go take a look!”

Meng Qingwu didn’t have any other ways.

She could only support Meng Yingying as she left the room.

Right outside Meng Yingying’s recovery room was actually the Mayor Palace’s main hall. Everything was in a mess as Nangong Yun wore his Mayor’s robe and sat on his Mayor’s throne. Several Nangong Family guards in heavy armor were by his side.

Inside the main hall, there were several people wearing official looking long robes. Their faces were filled with arrogance as they confronted Nangong Yi.

A white headed old man had a scroll in his hand as he loudly shouted, “Nangong Yi, I am Luo Feng from the Main City’s Supervisor Palace. We suspect that Chu Tian is hiding in the Mayor’s Palace, please cooperate with our search!”

“You bringing me a reason, perhaps you don’t think it is funny?” Nangong Yi coldly laughed, “You came to search the day before yesterday and today you’re coming again. Do you think that the Mayor’s Palace is a garbage heap in your backyard? Before this Mayor becomes angry, scram!”

“Nangong Yi! What kind of attitude is this!”

“South Sky City does not belong to you!”

“My current attitude is still very good, so I urge you not to take things too far!” Nangong Yi stood up and turned around to show his back. He impatiently waved his hand, “See them out!”

The dozen Mayor Palace bodyguards encircled them.


Luo Feng’s spirit energy flowed out as the spirit energy condensed into a source spirit. A pair of palms shot forward and the dozen people were sent flying, all of them suffering heavy injuries.


The remaining guards revealed a look of dread.

Luo Feng was clearly an Awakened Soul Realm expert. If they wanted to take him away, they would have to suffer a large price.

Nangong Yi’s face darkened. A strong and dignified aura was released, instantly filling the entire hall. It made it hard for people to breathe, “Injuring the Mayor’s bodyguards in front of the Mayor, are you trying to force my hand?”

“Nangong Yi, I urge you not to feign ignorance!” Luo Feng did not have a trace of fear. Now that the Ye Family’s experts had arrived in South Sky City, how was it not possible for him to kill Nangong Yi?”

Luo Feng had a stern face as he said, “What we’ve come here to do, you should have a clear understanding!”

“Oh? Please tell me what you are here for!”

Nangong Yi’s voice had a hidden cold meaning.

Right as Luo Feng was about to open his mouth.

Mang Qingwu walked in holding the weakened Meng Yingying.

Nangong Yi’s thick brushlike eyebrows wrinkled, “You two still haven’t recovered, why are you here? Quickly go back!”

“It’s them!” Luo Feng’s eyes glowed with a cold light, greeting the people behind him, “Since we can’t find Chu Tian, then we just have to take these two girls away! I don’t believe that if we viciously torture them, that turtle Chu Tian will still be able to keep hiding!”

“Presumptuous!” Nangong Yi angrily shouted, “You can take people away at will. Can the Supervisor Palace really act this way?”

Luo Feng thought otherwise, “This has nothing to do with the Supervisor Palace, Chu Tian killed the Luo Family’s elder Luo Yuanshan! This matter has already arranged the family head. The Luo Family will not give up on this matter. Nangong Yi, you better know your limits. This is something you can’t meddle in! The Main Mayor is already unsatisfied with you. I urge you not to do the wrong thing or else……”

“Otherwise I won’t be a Mayor anymore?” Nangong Yi coldly said, “Luo Yuanshan said these same words, but didn’t he die without a complete corpse? Do you want to follow in his footsteps?”

Luo Feng gave a surprised face, “You……”

Nangong Yi fiercely said, “This Mayor has already said, as long as I’m the Mayor, South Sky City will not be a place that petty people like you can meddle in! Scram!”

“Good, good, good!” Luo Feng gave a trace of a grin and he took out a scroll from his sleeve, “Mayor Nangong seems to have steeled his heart to go against the Main City! This is an order from the Supervisor Palace. Since Mayor Nangong is insistent on harboring a thief, starting today he will temporarily be suspended from his Mayor position. I will temporarily hold the position of Mayor until this matter is fully investigated!”

Temporarily suspended from the Mayor position?

Meng Qingwu and Meng Yingying’s face turned chaotic!

Although Nangong Yi was only a small South Sky City Mayor, but this was still very significant. Miracle Commerce had just been established and there were too many powers from Central State that could threaten them. This new company had to have a strong umbrella to protect them, only like this could they face everything and survive.

Once Nangong Yi lost his Mayor’s position.

Where would Miracle Commerce find a protective umbrella to hide under?

Luo Feng had a face of filled with happiness as he looked at Nangong Yi. Then he looked at the Meng Qingwu sisters, “Will you two come with me willingly, or do we need to forcefully take you with us!”

Meng Qingwu clenched her teeth and suddenly walked forward a step, “I’ll go with you, just let my sister go!”

“Elder sister! Don’t!”

Meng Yingying’s breath was short and her small face suddenly turned red. Her injury had suddenly acted up and she spat out a large mouthful of blood.

“Yingying! What’s wrong! Don’t scare me!”

Meng Qingwu hurried over to support Meng Yingying.

“Not good!” Nangong Yi was also scared, “Quickly call Xiong Tianyan over!”

Luo Feng gave a large laugh,”Not even one of you sisters can escape. Listen to me Mayor’s bodyguards, grab these criminals for me! The reward will be a thousand gold coins and rising three rank. Disobeying will result in punishment according to military law!”

The Mayor’s bodyguards blankly looked at each other.

But at this time, a familiar voice rang out. It came from the entrance of the hall, “Stop being crazy old fool!”

The Meng Qingwu sisters were shocked!

Chu Tian!

Chu Tian had already returned?

Nangong Yi just gawked, then he gave an awkward expression.

Before Chu Tian had left, Nangong Yi had given him a promise. As long as he wasn’t around to attract attention, he would definitely take good care of the Meng Qingwu sisters.

Who would have thought, the matter would become the situation it was today.

A bell sound gently rang out through everyone’s ears. Although it was gentle, it still clearly rang out. It was as if in a person’s ear, it was like a hypnotic sound, making them feel completely absent minded.

A dusty young man arrogantly walked into the main hall. Wearing an ash gray coloured robe and carrying an ancient sword wrapped in a cloth on his back. Every step he made, the bell hanging from his waist made a clear sound.

His face was fair and handsome. His eyes shined like bright stars and his pupils were like deep black holes.

Luo Feng was surprised, “Who is it?!”

Meng Yingying was sitting on the ground, the front of her clothes were soaked red with blood.

When she saw Chu Tian, her brain went numb and she couldn’t stop the tears from flowing. In these past few days, she had kept forcing herself to smile. Once she saw Chu Tian, all her sadness suddenly spilled out.

It was all wrong!

How could he show up at this crucial moment!

Something big was about to happen!

Chu Tian gave a long sigh.

Luckily Yingying was still alive!

Chu Tian coldly looked at Luo Feng, “You’ve looked for me for several days, now that I’m standing you front of you, you actually can’t recognize me? What a joke!”

“You’re Chu Tian!”

The people around Luo Feng, all of them were shocked.

Chu Tian had arrogantly appeared just like that?

They had searched for him all over and this fellow had finally been found by them!

Luo Feng coldly smiled, “I never thought that you would dare to appear. Do you know that consequences that you’ll face?” Go! Take him away! First break both his hands and feet!”

The dozen Luo Family experts jumped at Chu Tian at the same time.

Each one was a Body Refinement Realm elite!

Chu Tian laughed, “Worthless underlings!”

The sword source spirit appeared. Like a tiger jumping on prey, a fist shot through a Luo Family expert’s chest. His punches were like hammers, his feet like blades. Almost in an instant, they had all been knocked onto the ground, either dead or crippled.

Luo Feng’s face filled with surprise, “You……You dare blatantly kill members of the Luo Family!”

“What does it matter if I kill them? I still have to kill you!”

Chu Tian was filled with a wild rage as he jumped at Luo Feng without any hesitation.