Miracle Throne

Chapter 85: Cutting to kill

Chapter 85: Cutting to kill

Chapter 85: Cutting to kill

Luo Feng faced the sky and roared, a stone tiger source spirit appeared. The strong stone tiger source spirit began to cover his body, forming a strong rock armour.

A fist shot forward.

Just like hitting a mountain’s peak.

A dull bang rang out, shaking the whole hall!

Despite shattering the rock, Chu Tian was still knocked back several steps. A sharp pain came from his right arm as he suffered an injury from the reflected power.

The stone tiger source spirit was a defensive source spirit. Fortunately, Chu Tian had practiced the «Starlight Immortal Body». His flesh and blood had been refined by starlight so they were very strong. Otherwise in this kind of unknown situation and with this kind of full force attack, his bone could have been fractured.

“A trivial 9th Body Refinement Layer cultivation, simply overestimating yourself!”

Luo Feng’s stone tiger source spirit covered his entire body. The cracks on the stone armour instantly began to regenerate. His face had a disdainful taunting expression, but his heart was filled with surprise.

Chu Tian clearly wasn’t an Awakened Soul Cultivator. But that one fist attack, it was close to the level of attack from an Awakened Soul Cultivator.

This little brat truly has some skills!

But what use was that?

The stone tiger source spirit emitted a strong spirit energy that protected the body. Luo Feng as a 1st layer Awakened Soul Cultivator had the ability to resist even peak 1st layer Awakened Soul Cultivator attacks. Even same level cultivators couldn’t hurt him, how could this little wet behind the ears brat harm him!


The stone tiger source spirit gave a loud roar, causing the entire main hall to shake!

The bodyguards all became dizzy, they almost couldn’t keep standing.

“Luo Family’s martial art, ‘Tiger Roar’!”

Nangong Yi quickly rushed to the side, standing in front of the Meng Qingwu sisters to protect them. Fire red spirit energy began to spill out, protecting the two girls from the shockwave attack.

The ‘Tiger Roar’ was a kind of sound wave attack. Awakened Soul Cultivators used this attack to injure Body Refinement Cultivators in a large area, at the same time, it also caused them to become dizzy. Meng Yingying had been heavily injured. If she was hit by a powerful attack like this ‘Tiger Roar’, perhaps her injuries would become even worse.

“Today is the day you die!”

Luo Feng stone tiger source spirit covered his right hand, condensing into a wild tiger’s head. With an earth shattering roar, it created a vicious shockwave as it shot out at Chu Tian.

Before the fist could reach!

The vicious tiger’s roar was like a wave in the ocean, suddenly surging forward and tearing apart Chu Tian’s clothes.

Luo Feng knew Nangong Yi was present so he wouldn’t have many chances. So he used put all his strength into this single attack, to take off Chu Tian who had infuriated his family head!

Chu Tian took out the Netherworld Sword from his back. Casually swinging it, he broke apart the fist wind.

The cloth that was covering the sword, while the sword was being swung, was completely destroyed!

A single blue and white ancient long sword. The sword’s blade was smooth, just like a mirror. A cold bone biting chill like ice came from it, filling the air with an aura that made people’s hearts beating faster.

“What is that thing?”

“That sword can break apart my fist wind!”

Luo Feng didn’t have any time to think about it before his giant tiger fist shot out again.

Chu Tian released his sword source spirit. Once the Netherworld Sword felt the sword source spirit’s power, it instantly began to shake. As if it had just been awakened from a long slumber, a purple and black glow was released from it.

One slash!

Chu Tian only used one slash!

A radiant sword light cut through the void!

A hand flew high up into the sky!

“Ah! My hand!”

Chu Tian’s slash had shot out, cutting off Luo Feng’s hand!

Luo Feng couldn’t understand, not matter what he was a 1st layer Awakened Soul Cultivator. This fellow only had a trivial Body Refinement cultivation, how could he fight with him? What made it even harder for him to accept was the fact that the sword could cut through the power of the stone tiger source spirit. Breaking through the defence that he was proud of!

“Your defense seems to be only mediocre!”

The Demon God’s Sword source spirit continued to release spirit energy. The Netherworld Sword’s glow began to increase in intensity, its power had once again increased another level.

Luo Feng was so scared that his soul almost left his body, “Stop!”

The sword light shot out like cutting down a stalk of wheat.

A divided head fell onto the ground.


He only used one slash!

A Body Refinement Cultivator had defeated an Awakened Soul Cultivator, this was a very terrifying matter. Chu Tian not only defeated Luo Feng, but he did it with such ease. He killed him with a single slash!

“You……dare behead Luo Family’s Law Enforcement Elder!”

“You guys fabricated an order which is a crime. So even if I kill you, what would happen?”

“No, NO!”

The Luo Family members didn’t even have the chance to resist.

Chu Tian shot out several rays of sword light and behead them all!

Meng Qingwu and Meng Yingying were shocked into silence. Their minds were very clear.

Chu Tian was very arrogant, but he was not a bloodthirsty person. There were many people that had offended him. If the situation was not bad, Chu Tian never killed anyone and only crippled them.

This time he didn’t even hesitate, he killed all the Luo Family members!

This time Chu Tian was truly angry!

When Chu Tian was killing them, Nangong Yi didn’t even have the chance to stop him!

Chu Tian strength also shocked Nangong Yi. Chu Tian had already been close to the peak 9th Body Refinement Layer, his strength was not any weaker than his daughter Nangong Yun.

It had to be known.

Nangong Yun had stopped at the peak 9th Body Refinement Layer, but it wasn’t because she couldn’t breakthrough. When she was still 16-17 years old, she could already breakthrough to the Awakened Soul Realm.

Nangong Yun had stayed in the Body Refinement realm for an extra two years because she had wanted to build a better foundation. She had already broken through the boundary with her family’s «Burning the Heavens Art» and she only needed to build up her body. These days she had been practicing Chu Tian’s «Starlight Immortal Body», she had already made a large breakthrough.

Nangong Yun had spent this much time building her foundation in the Body Refinement Realm, so it wasn’t strange that Nangong Yun could fight against Awakened Soul Cultivators.

Chu Tian’s strength suddenly increased!

How did he become so strong in such a short time?

That ghostly treasure sword, it did not seem simple!

Chu Tian was someone from the Chu Family, so it wasn’t strange for him to have a sword source spirit. But Nangong Yi could feel an ancient and mysterious aura coming from Chu Tian’s sword source spirit.

This source spirit was not simple, perhaps it could even compete with Central State’s super genius Chu Xinghe!

This kind of shocking person, someone who wasn’t inferior to Chu Xinghe. He was unexpectedly treated as an abandoned bastard by the Chu Family. It was hard to imagine what kind of things were in the Chu Family’s leader’s heads!

Chu Tian did not even look at the corpses on the ground. He instantly put away the Netherworld Sword and walked up beside Meng Yingying. He grabbed her wrist without saying anything and began to inject his spirit energy, carefully inspecting her conditions.

Meng Yingying had broken tens of meridians.

Her five visceras had also been quite injured!

This kind of injury was obviously very serious!

Although Xiong Tianyan’s treatment had suppressed Meng Yingying’s injuries, Chu Tian could see that because of her five visceras being injured, she was suffering from a lot of pain right now. She had been suppressing it and pretending that nothing was wrong.

She really was a silly little girl!

If it wasn’t for the fact that she had practiced the Starlight Immortal Body, Meng Yingying might have already died.

Chu Tian took out the less than half bottle of Life Essence Water, “First drink this.”

Meng Yingying didn’t know what Chu Tian had taken out, but she had a hundred percent confidence in Chu Tian. Because of this she didn’t hesitate as she drank all of it.

“How mysterious!

“It doesn’t hurt anymore!”

“Healed, my injuries have healed!”

Meng Yingying began to jump up in joy. Immediately holding out her arm and pointing at it, “Isn’t this little bottle of water is too strong? It’s really too good!”

Chu Tian was a little regretful, “It was because I implicated you guys.”

“This doesn’t count for anything, it’s alright that no one is hurt.” Meng Qingwu gave a gentle smile, “If you still didn’t know, the Chu and Ye Family both sent out quite a few experts. Right now they are guarding the Ye Family manor, all of them are aiming for you. Luckily you weren’t around these past few days, otherwise the situation might have been worse.”

Nangong Yi said after her, “But you don’t need to be too worried, my letter has already reached my family. The family’s higher ups will start pressuring the Main City. You don’t need to worry, at that time, they won’t be able to do anything to you.”

The Nangong Family was one of the Three Large Families of the kingdom.

The Ye and Chu Family were large clans in the area, but compared to the Nangong Family, they weren’t even on the same level. If the Nangong Family made a move to pressure them, these families would have to restrain themselves.

Meng Qingwu and Nangong Yi both wanted Chu Tian to endure.


Chu Tian’s dictionary did not contain this word!

“Yingying, do you believe in me?”

Meng Yingying didn’t hesitate, “Of course I believe in you!”

Chu Tian nodded his head, “Then good! We’ll go right now!”

“Where do you want to go?”

“To take revenge!”

Meng Qingwu and Meng Yingying were speechless. The Ye Family manor had that many experts gathered, even the Mayor had to be careful. Chu Tian wanted to charge right in, wasn’t this seeking death?

Meng Yingying hurried to stop Chu Tian, “What kind of silly thing do you want to do, I’m alright now! They overwhelm us in terms of people, we are no match for them!”

“You were injured to this extent. You might be able to endure, but I have no way of enduring it!”

“But I……”

Chu Tian’s attitude was very strong, “I’ve already killed the Luo Family fellows. It doesn’t matter how many I kill, it is better to do thing to one’s heart’s content. Today I’ll kill them all! Since I’ve already offended them, I’m not scared of creating more hatred! Who’s scared of them!”

This kind of sentence did have a bit of truth.

“Don’t be afraid!” Chu Tian fiercely grabbed Meng Yingying and said, “You just have to watch! I will make those bastards pay their price!”

He had finished speaking.

Chu Tian walked out with large steps.

Seeing Chu Tian’s stubborn and ruthless appearance, a soft spot in Meng Yingying’s heart was touched and her eyes suddenly became moist.

Because she had suffered a bit of bullying.

He was willing to go out for her, without any hesitation as he went forward to provoke powerful enemies.

As Meng Qingwu watched Chu Tian’s disappearing back, her eyes began to become a little blank. She was a little jealous of Yingying. From her youth to now, she had always portrayed a strong image, but she was still a woman. She still had the desire to have someone protect her in her heart.

“This little brat!”

“He really pisses me off!”

Nangong Yi finally understood why Chu Tian was so compatible with Nangong Yun. These two fellows were carved from the same mold.

If Nangong Yi made a move with his strength, would he need to fear those fellows?

Of course he wouldn’t need to fear them!

Nangong Yi was worried that things would become even more messy!

After all, the Luo, Chu, and Ye Families were three out the four Central State Great Families. They have been strong for many years, they have been overbearing for a long time. If this matter wasn’t handled carefully, wouldn’t that be completely destroying any ways of retreating?

Then it would be hard for Nangong Yi to help protect Chu Tian!

Hidden in these three families were quite a few experts. Even Nangong Yi would not be their match. How old was Chu Tian, what level was his cultivation base? If this matter continued to grow bigger and bigger, how would he deal with it in the end!

These things Chu Tian didn’t care about.

Everyone in South Sky City thought that Chu Tian was scared off, how could Chu Tian accept this kind of insult? Wasn’t it only around ten Awakened Soul experts? For the current him, this didn’t count as anything!