Miracle Throne

Chapter 93: Negotiations

Chapter 93: Negotiations

Chapter 93: Negotiations

The youth was wearing a blue silk robe, embroidered with elegant snow white bamboo leaves edge. He had a semi transparent jade hairpin and his hand held ebony silk folding fan. On the table was a jewel encrusted treasure sword, it’s shape was bright and fancy. This was a typical image of a rich family’s son.

This young man should not be the host.

Chu Tian looked at the high spirited white haired old man. His eyes were filled with compassion and kindness and his clothing were very casual. It made him seem as harmless as an animal, but his eyes helda trace of cunning. When he was staring at Chu Tian, his eyes had a look as if he had just discovered a bar of gold.


The folding fan gently closed.

The blue clothed youth rose and slightly bent forward while cupping his fist, “I never would have thought that Miracle Commerce’s chairman would be a beautiful and moving young miss.”

“I am Jing Hao, Tianchen Commerce’s junior chairman.” The blue clothed youth sized up Meng Qingwu, while his eyes were filled with amazement, “This is my uncle Jing Xian, the vice chairman of Tianchen Commerce!”

Truly unpromising.

This little brat’s eyes popped out once he saw a beautiful girl. How could this be someone who would achieve great things? A single glance was enough to tell that he was of a second generation!

Chu Tian coughed.

Jing Hao looked over at Chu Tian and saw that he was wearing a simple robe and had an ancient sword strapped to his back. He was most likely a guard, “Forgive me for saying, but with chairwoman Meng’s beautiful appearance, how could you bring such an uncouth guard? It truly doesn’t match chairwoman Meng’s elegant appearance!”

“Hao Er, you can’t be impolite.”

The old man placed down a jade teacup. Although his mouth said these words, his tone did not hold a trace of reproval. Tianchen Commerce was a large company, since they had accepted a negotiation invite from a small company, they had already shown a lot of respect to them.

“This person is not a servant, rather he is Miracle Commerce’s chairman, Chu Tian.”

Chu Tian pretended not to hear anything.

Who didn’t know that these two fellows were putting on a play.

“This old man has heard many rumours about chairman Chu.” Jing Xing showed an intrigued smile, “You haven’t been to Central State City, yet you’ve already amassed quite a bit of fame. You truly are a heroic youth.”

Is that so?

His information was not perfect.

If he knew of Chu Tian’s recent actions, he wouldn’t be using this tone to talk to him.

Jing Hao seemed to not believe this, “Then Young Miss Meng Qingwu…..”

Meng Qingwu lightly responded, “I am Miracle Commerce’s vice chairman. I’m here to accompany the chairman in the negotiations.”

This brat wasn’t even twenty years old? He was already the chairman of Miracle Commerce!

And he could have such a beautiful woman following him?

This was enough to invoke jealousy from any man!

Jing Hao’s expression didn’t show anything, but his eyes seemed to show disdain for Chu Tian.

Chu Tian could understand his expression. He was someone of lower birth, but he was younger and more handsome than him. He was more accomplished, stronger, and had a beautiful woman to accompany him. All these things could make people to envy Chu Tian.

Chu Tian impolitely sat down, “Let’s start the official discussion.”

Two black robed corpse soldiers were like statues as they stood straight behind him, they were as silent as stone.

“Good! Then we’ll directly get on topic.” Jing Xing said in a slow tone, “Word is that Miracle Commerce continually orders from us and keeps ordering large quantities, and now it seems they even want to buy the production farm. It seems like the necessity for meteor grass can only be described as ravenous!”

Once the negotiations began, this old fox started with this trick.

It seemed like they wanted to place Tianchen Commerce in the driver’s seat.

Chu Tian didn’t like mincing words so he directly said, “There’s no need to say that much. The meteor grass production basin is important to Miracle Commerce, so please give your opening price!”

Jing Xing stared at him.

Jing Hao at the side gave an offer, “The fixed price! One hundred million gold coins!”

One hundred million?

Wasn’t this a crazy offer?

There was already not that much meteor grass left in the basin!

The entire basin was only worth 20-30 million gold coins, but this fellow actually dared to propose one hundred million? This was simply crazy!

Not to mention Miracle Commerce being a small company, even a large company like Tianchen Commerce couldn’t come up with one hundred million gold coins!

Given such an outrageous price, Meng Qingwu was not happy. She had a calm face as she said, “I’ve already researched it, the profit from the meteor grass sales each year only amount to less than two million gold coins. Now that the quantity of meteor grass is decreasing, the profit is also decreasing every year. Giving us this kind of price truly shows that you have no sincerity!”

Chu Tian gave a cold smile.

One hundred million?

Fuck you!

You think Father’s house has a gold mine?

The total value of your Tianchen Commerce can’t compare to that value.

Jing Xing pretended not to hear. Since Miracle Commerce was that anxious about acquiring the meteor grass basin, they definitely had their own reason.

One hundred million gold coins was impossible, but it was being used to raise the bottom line.

Jing Hao coldly said, “I said one hundred million, then I mean one hundred million. Moreover, we want the money up front!”

Meng Qingwu was slightly angry as she instantly stood up, “You don’t have any sincerity, so what reason did you have for sending the negotiations invitation!”

The small fox jumped onto the table.

It viciously spat out a mouthful of spit as if it was expressing its protest to Jing Hao!

It clearly understood the value of one hundred million. How much food could it buy with it?

Jing Xing revealed an interested gaze, “Your spirit beast seems to have human nature, it could possibly be a descendant of an ancient era. How about you sell it to us? We can discuss the price.”

“This little fox doesn’t seem to be high quality. Even if it were a descendant of an ancient demon beast, its blood is probably very diluted. At most, it would only be worth a few hundred thousand gold coins.” Jing Hao stared and snorted as he spoke, “Tianchen Commerce will not haggle with you. We’ll take off ten million gold coins. If you pay ninety million gold coins, then you can buy the basin!”

The little fox was so angry it revealed its fangs and its white fur stood up.

“There is no way we can accept your conditions!” Meng Qingwu’s anger was not light. She had originally thought that there was a little hope of this being a negotiation, but who would have thought that after coming this far to see these two fellows, they didn’t even have the intention to sell, “Since Tianchen Commerce does not have any sincerity, our Miracle Commerce can only give up. Chu Tian, let’s go.”

Jing Hao suddenly called out, “Please wait young miss Meng!”

Meng Qingwu froze.

Jing Hao said with a sinister face, “We still have a method where you won’t need to pay a single gold coin and you can still obtain the entire basin!”

From the beginning until now, Chu Tian had just sat in place, not moving at all. Even the expression on his face did not change as he waited with cold eyes to see what the two of them were up to.

Meng Qingwu’s black eyebrows knit together.

These profiteers would not allow a loss.

Who knew what kind of excessive request they would make? She didn’t even want to listen to them.

Jing Hao laughed, “You don’t need to pay a single gold coin to take the basin, you just need to sell us stock for five million gold coins. Let us buy sixty percent of Miracle Commerce’s stocks. Then just get rid of this waste and I’ll come and take over the chairman position.

A basin bare in resources in exchange for the future of Miracle Commerce?

Was there a request more shameless than this?

This wasn’t a negotiation.

It was simply extortion!

Meng Qingwu had already stopped listening to them, “Chu Tian, let’s go!”

The Tianchen Commerce guards came forward. Their stance showed that they wouldn’t let them leave.

Meng Qingwu’s expression changed, “What is the meaning of this?”

“The letter Miracle Commerce sent said you wanted to talk about buying the production site, now you don’t even say two sentences and want to leave. Are you trying to play a joke on our Tianchen Commerce? Do you know that every minute you waste, we suffer a loss of over ten thousand gold coins?”

“You can even say this kind of shameless thing!”

Jing Hao coldly said, “You want to leave? That’s fine! Just compensate us for our loss! It’s not much, just ten million gold coins!”

At this time, Chu Tian loudly laughed. He pulled Meng Qingwu back to sit in the chair, “Young miss, don’t be angry.”

Meng Qingwu was speechless, “You can still laugh?”

“I originally wanted to discuss business the conventional way, but we can’t help it if these people want to get physical. The most important thing is to find common ground. Since Tianchen Commerce doesn’t want to play this way, then we won’t follow this rule either!” Once Chu Tian said this, he stood up and laughed, “The two of you, want to force us to buy and sell, to cheat us?”

Tianchen Commerce’s intelligence gathering ability was good, they were set on obtaining this Miracle Commerce fat lamb.

The negotiations were only a pretence. Tianchen Commerce was a company with assets worth over a hundred million gold coins, but they were currently at a bottleneck in terms of development. They needed to spread out into new domains and Miracle Commerce’s technology was just what they need.

Of course.

Tianchen Commerce still didn’t know about what had happened in South Sky City a few days ago!

That’s why Jing Hao felt safe.

“I urge you to be understanding!” He had a dim view of Chu Tian, “Forcing you to buy and sell is already giving you face! This era follows the law of the jungle, experts need no reason to devour the weak! For a newly organized company to sell for such a good price, what are you dissatisfied with!”

Forcing him to buy and sell was giving him face?

This kind of messed up logic!

“Isn’t Tianchen Commerce very strong? Such a large backer being placed in front of you.” Jing Hao said with an arrogant face, “This is the greatest honour for Miracle! This is a great opportunity for you! I urge you to seize this opportunity or else you’ll regret it!”

Chu Tian was not angry, “Is that so? What do you plan to do?”

“Stop acting stupid! I don’t have the patience to play with you! No foundation and weak inside, only having the luck to come up with one or two new technologies! Jing Hao slammed the table and stood up, “If we forcefully take it away, would you dare do anything? Since you don’t have any strength, stop worrying about giving face!”

“You say it well!” Chu Tian narrowed his eyes and his eyes filled with a cold glow, “I approve of this phrase!”

Jing Hao was shocked.

Was this little brat crazy?

“Hao Er, stop speaking nonsense!” Jing Hao had finished speaking so Jing Xing finally spoke. These two fellows, one red faced and one white faced, they split the work perfectly.

Jing Xing’s goal this time was very clear.

If they could achieve their goal through negotiations that would be for the best, but if peaceful methods didn’t work, then Tianchen Commerce wasn’t against using a different method.

Jing Xing sincerely said, “Tianchen is sincere about cooperating. To express our sincerity we are willing to use ten million gold coins to buy Miracle Commerce. This price should be fair for Miracle Commerce.”

Threatening and bribing!

They really did come prepared!

Ten million gold coins was easily enough to make a small company disorientated.

But with a trivial ten million gold coins, they wanted to buy Miracle Commerce with its endless potential?

Meng Qingwu was very indignant. How was this any different from robbing?

Tianchen Commerce had created the pretence of negotiations just to commit this disgraceful act!

Wasn’t the most important thing to merchants integrity and morals?

Isn’t Tianchen Commerce afraid of being despised?

Chu Tian slowly drank some tea, “If I don’t agree, then what will happen?”

“Not agree?” Jing Hao swept his eyes around the surroundings, “First look around, then you’ll realize it’s not up to you!”

Tianchen Commerce had over a hundred elite bodyguards, every one of them had drawn their weapons. They slowly began to gather together, emitting a strong pressure as they came.

Once Chu Tian saw this, the corners of his mouth curved into a smile, “This is a little interesting!”