MMORPG: Divine Monster Transmuter

Chapter 862 - It Should Be Quite Exciting with Five of Us  

Chapter 862: It Should Be Quite Exciting with Five of Us

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The Great Divine-Infernal War had ended.

Jiang Feng could finally rest for some time.

However, before that, he had to return to the Great World of Tianji and awaken his body. Otherwise, he would not be able to leave at all.

The Inner Chi in his body in the Great World of Tianji had already been completely converted into True Chi, but he still had not awakened. He was a little confused, so he asked Ling Luo.

“Are you saying that all of your Earth Souls have been destroyed?” Ling Luo asked in shock after listening to Jiang Feng’s story.

Jiang Feng smiled bitterly and nodded, “Yes, our Earth Souls have all been destroyed. I’ve fallen into a coma and can’t wake up. Some of my friends are also unable to form their Earth Souls anymore. Do you have any way to help us reform our Earth Souls?”

Ling Luo shook her head, “The destruction of the Earth Souls is no different from becoming crippled. There are ways, you have the Dragon Bloodline, correct? The Dragon Bloodline can replace the Energy Nexus, which means that you can reform your Earth Soul. As for the others, I can’t think of any way at the moment.”

Jiang Feng was a little disappointed at what Ling Luo had to say.

His friends’ Earth Souls were destroyed for his sake. If they couldn’t help him reform the Earth Souls, they would be crippled for the rest of their lives.

Looking at the saddened Jiang Feng, Ling Luo then revealed, “You don’t have to be so pessimistic. The Great World of Tianji is also getting updated, correct? Once the Spiritual Chi is restored, many people will awaken. You should have secret treasures with you, right? Even if you can’t awaken on your own, you can choose to use the Secret Treasure to awaken.”

“What will happen after the awakening?” Jiang Feng asked, confused.

“I don’t know about that,” Ling Luo did not have much information herself, so she could only shake her head helplessly.

After speaking with Ling Luo for a while, he then left the temple and returned to the Endless Desert.

At this time, many players had already left the Endless Desert.

Wanke had retaken control of the Greater Leiyin Temple and began to clean the place up.

Yexiuluo and the others took advantage of the remaining four hours to travel around Divine Dominion.

After all, they enjoyed their current strength and abilities.

Naturally, they want to take this opportunity to play around.

Huang Xiaoyu went to look for Zhuge Liang.

After Jiang Feng had left, he had asked about Zhuge Liang that Jiang Feng had previously told him about.

After finding Zhuge Liang, he began to study arrays together with Zhuge Liang.

After Jiang Feng returned to the Shifter Faction, he then saw the higher-ups of the Shifter Faction that was staying behind.

“Xiao Longnu!”

At this time, he saw Xiao Longnu, who was chatting and laughing with Ling Feiyu. He became excited as he hurriedly rushed over and grabbed Xiao Longnu’s shoulder, saying excitedly, “You’re not dead?”

“Silly husband, have you forgotten my identity as the Shifters’ Hierophant? Also, aren’t you overstepping your boundaries, being intimate with other women while your wife is standing here?” Ling Feiyu pouted and said playfully.

“Hehe, that… ha… what nice weather today,” Jiang Feng only then remembered Ling Feiyu’s identity and finally knew how Xiao Longnu had been resurrected. However, he began to feel awkward when he remembered what he was like and how he was treating Xiao Longnu when the memories of his third life resurfaced.

“Pfft~” Xiao Longnu covered her mouth as she blurted out laughing.

Xiao Longnu was wearing a white dress. Her looks were not as good as Ling Feiyu, but she was still very beautiful, especially the pair of dragon horns on her forehead making her look quite sexy.

Xiao Lan looked at the three of them who were chatting and laughing. She felt distraught and she turned around to leave.

Ling Feiyu noticed Xiao Lan was about to leave, and at the same time, she looked at Moji who was some distance away. She then shouted, “Xiao Lan, don’t leave. Moji, come over here too!”

Xiao Lan stopped and thought for a moment before walking towards Ling Feiyu.

Moji had always been quite relaxed. She flew towards Ling Feiyu as she swayed her hips with a fearless expression on her face. She then said teasingly, “What? You want to settle the score with me?”

“Honey, you can go play now,” Ling Feiyu smiled and said to Jiang Feng when she saw Xiao Lan and Moji coming over.

“Are you stupid?”

Jiang Feng naturally guessed what Ling Feiyu wanted to do and rolled his eyes at Ling Feiyu.

Ling Feiyu wanted him to take Xiao Longnu, Moji, and Xiao Lan into his harem. But he didn’t want one!

Although he had some encounters with these women, it was mainly because of his hormones making a mess of him. Just loving Ling Feiyu would be enough. He really didn’t want to start a harem!

Ling Feiyu glared at him and pulled him to the side, and said “I’m not doing this just for you, but also for me.”

“What do you mean?” Jiang Feng was a little confused.

Ling Feiyu said shyly, “Don’t you know that as you become stronger, you are also getting stronger in that department? I can’t take it on my own. Besides, it should be quite exciting with all five of us together. I really want to give it a try after I have my baby.”

Jiang Feng, “???”

In truth, Jiang Feng knew that Ling Feiyu did this so that he didn’t have to feel so complicated.

He didn’t continue the conversation with Ling Feiyu. Instead, after greeting his friends and brethren that had fought together with him, he then left the Endless Desert and headed to the Courts of Hell.

No matter what had happened, Si-Si was still his daughter.

Even if he was going to use his exchange points, he wouldn’t be able to take her out. It was because she had completely merged with Divine Dominion. Moreover, she was also a crucial part of Divine Dominion 2’s update.

The appearance of Si-Si made the Courts of Hell even more perfect.

The Naihe Bridge, the Rock of Three Lives, the Red Spider Lilies, King Yanluo’s Palace, and the Six Paths of Reincarnation were all present. They had already completed the Courts of Hell.

When he came before the Six Paths of Reincarnation, Jiang Feng’s face revealed a sorrowful expression. “Si-Si, I’m sorry. I promised to fight together with you, but I didn’t manage to do it. I’m really not a qualified father!”

“Father!” Si-Si’s voice came from the Six Paths of Reincarnation, “Father, I don’t blame you. Actually, the reason that I appeared was to create the Six Paths of Reincarnation. You don’t have to be sad. Besides, I’m doing very well now. I can control all the ghosts, including their appearances and statuses after their rebirth. Also, the Six Paths of Reincarnation has already been formed. My consciousness can still leave and have fun.”

“Maybe I should look for Ling Luo and ask her to find someone else to form the Six Paths of Reincarnation? You can come with me instead,” Jiang Feng said.

“No, I don’t want to. Besides, no one else can form the Six Paths of Reincarnation. Moreover, Ling Luo is unable to change this as well. Unless my mission is completed, I will never be able to be separated from the Six Paths of Reincarnation, “Si-Si said.

“Alright., I will come and visit you in the future,” Jiang Feng said in a light tone as he gave the Six Paths of Reincarnation a pat.

He could not change Si-Si’s mission. Someone had to sacrifice for the sake of the Divine Dominion’s update. No one could stop that.

Perhaps this was inevitable, he did not forcefully take Si-Si away. After all, doing so would only hurt her, and it would also hurt even more people.

With a somewhat heavy heart, he left the Courts of Hell.

After returning to the Shifters Faction and conversing with everyone, he then returned to the Great World of Tianji.

All immediate matters in Divine Dominion had come to an end. However, the matters in the Great World of Tianji had yet to conclude. His physical body was still there. He had to think of a way to wake up and take revenge on Voldemort.

As for the information that Ling Zhenhong said that he would obtain after reaching the level of Mythic Saint, it was no longer important. That was because he already knew the information.

It was probably about the player slots for the Great World of Tianji, the Nine Divine Pillars, and the other Nine Races.

It was very likely that Divine Dominion and the Monster Transmutation System came from one of these races.