MMORPG: Martial Gamer

Chapter 1521 - Arrogant Expert

Chapter 1521: Arrogant Expert

“Oh… Great name!” Wang Yu nodded.

“Really? Why is it great?” Prairie Fire asked.

Wang Yu whispered back, “I don’t know. It’s a casual remark.”

Prairie Fire, “…”

“Don’t you feel awkward bringing four ladies out wherever you go?” a curious Wang Yu asked.

When Wang Yu walked around, he would constantly feel uneasy if he had two or more ladies walking alongside him.

Prairie Fire shrugged his shoulders, “It’ll be fine once you get used to it!”

“Sorry, I’m late!”

Just when the two of them were chatting, yet another warm and sweet voice could be heard from the entrance of the bar. Wang Yu turned around to see a young girl walking in.

The girl had a goose-egg face and had the charm of an Orient female. Moreover, she was wearing a light green ancient gown with a few flower petals on it. She was holding an umbrella and looked very Chinese.

Wang Yu asked doubtfully, “This is?”

“This is Heavenly Fragrance!” Prairie Fire continued his introduction, “She is our Priest!”

Shortly after, he introduced Heavenly Fragrance, “This is Iron Bull!”

“Iron Bull!!” Heavenly Fragrance was so excited when she heard the name that she ran over, “Great God Iron Bull, I finally get to meet you!”

“Oh… Priest…” Wang Yu extended his hand to shake Heavenly Fragrance’s extended hand before commenting, “Your outfit… seems a little odd, huh?”

<<REBIRTH>> was a Western Fantasy game and while there were some Eastern cultures in the game, it wasn’t easily detectable. Wang Yu’s outfit was more Eastern than Western but that was solely because a Pugilist was more of a job from the East.

As for a Priest, it was definitely a Western fantasy job. Heavenly Fragrance’s outfit was certainly not matching of a Western Priest.

“What do you know?!” At this moment, Exceptional Beauty interrupted, “Do you not know about fashion? Yet you call yourself an expert? Tsk!”

“Fashion?” Wang Yu was slightly taken aback by this comment.

Fashion was a content that <<REBIRTH>> came up with to earn more money. Playthings like that wouldn’t increase any attributes and even if there were an increase, it would be minimal and insignificant. Even so, they cost quite a bit of gold.

Such items would only be bought by female players or those slightly more alluring male players. The b*stards from the Quan Zhen Sect wouldn’t even waste a second looking at them. Even the two female players from the Quan Zhen Sect wouldn’t be too interested in items which did not add value to their attributes.

In terms of gaming sense, Wang Yu learnt most of his knowledge from the Quan Zhen Sect. Since the Quan Zhen Sect had no interest in such items, Wang Yu was naturally not familiar with them.

In actual fact, the ladies at this table were all well-dressed with the latest fashion but Wang Yu couldn’t tell. Only Heavenly Fragrance’s outfit was more extreme which was why Wang Yu popped the question.

“Prairie Fire, is he for real?” Seeing how dazed Wang Yu looked, Exceptional Beauty continued questioning Prairie Fire, “Isn’t he an expert? Why does he not know something so basic? Were you duped?”

“Haha!” Prairie Fire laughed, “Some experts only know things of the highest level. Of course he would not know about the basics.”

“F*ck!” Exceptional Beauty pouted her mouth and started whispering to the other ladies at the table.

Shortly after, the other ladies all turned to look suspiciously at Wang Yu.

Wang Yu had sharp ears and keen eyes. He could even hear the buzzing of a housefly within fifty metres, let alone the conversation of these girls.

Even if he couldn’t hear, Wang Yu could sense their doubtful glares.

Of course, Wang Yu was a grandmaster of his generation so he was naturally not going to argue with a bunch of girls. He merely turned to Prairie Fire, “Can we leave now?”

Prairie Fire also felt that the atmosphere in this place was increasingly getting awkward so he hurriedly replied, “Let’s go, let’s go!”


Exceptional Beauty grunted coldly at Wang Yu once more before standing up.

Sensing the deep enmity this lady had towards him, Wang Yu was also very depressed about it. He had no idea how and when he became an enemy to this lady.

What he didn’t know was that Prairie Fire’s squad was pretty reputable. Even though for some reason, they didn’t participate in the professional tournament, they had exchanged blows with quite a number of professional experts in the past and they had always attained victory.

Because of this reason, these ladies were all relatively confident in their own abilities. They never thought that professional experts were incredibly impressive so even Wang Yu, the champion of the professional tournament, was not regarded highly by them.

This was a classic example of viewing the sky from the bottom of a well. They were convinced that they were invincible after defeating a few second-tier professionals.

Additionally, Prairie Fire introduced Wang Yu as the number one expert of the country which triggered the arrogant Exceptional Beauty. Therefore, it was reasonable for her to feel challenged by Wang Yu.

Presently, Exceptional Beauty’s train of thought was ‘Just who does he think he is? The number one expert of the country, yet he doesn’t know about fashion? I have defeated so many professional experts and I’m not about to lose to another one!’

Prairie Fire’s quest was located at Dragon Island and the teleportation formation which led to Dragon Island was in the courtyard of Sky Dragon City’s City Lord Mansion. It was controlled by Apocalypse.

Dragon Island was a region scattered with level 70 to 150 monsters. The average level of players now was level 60 and Wang Yu heard from Mu Zixian that when players were at level 50, there were already quite a number of small squads which went for treasure hunting in Dragon Island. This was also why she was willing to spend a large amount of money to purchase the Dragon Massacre Medicine.

After all, dragons were known existences in Western fantasies which loved collecting treasures.

As long as players worked well together, came prepared with the proper equipment and consumed the medicine, it wouldn’t be hard to survive in level 70 monster zone. At the very least, they would be more than capable of earning the teleportation fees.

Previously, Sky Dragon City’s City Lord Mansion was not big and after Heavenly Dragon’s massacre of the city, they rebuilt the mansion. Back when Master Breezy was the City Lord, he wanted to parade his wealth so he bought more land to build a luxurious mansion which eventually fell to the hands of Nine Solitary Spears.

The present City Lord Mansion was bustling with activity as there were treasure-seeking squads all over the place.

A few Sky Dragon City’s players were surrounding the teleportation formation as they were in charge of collecting the teleportation fees.

Teleportation fees were neither cheap nor expensive as it was priced at 100 gold per person.

It was undoubtedly not cheap to ordinary players but to treasure-seeking squads, they were not considered expensive. With the drop items of the monsters in Dragon Island, how could they expect to profit if they didn’t invest first?

Very soon, it was Wang Yu and Prairie Fire’s turn.

Prairie Fire and the ladies handed the gold over while Wang Yu simply pointed at the badge on his chest.

The Apocalypse’s players quickly bowed and paid their respects, “Iron, Boss Iron Bull… Please go ahead, go ahead.”

Back then, the Quan Zhen Sect and Nine Solitary Spears had a deal which ensured that the Quan Zhen Sect’s players wouldn’t need to pay to use the teleportation formation. Moreover, Wang Yu was the true City Lord of Sky Dragon City so who would dare to ask him for money?


Wang Yu nodded his head as he casually walked into the teleportation formation.