Monster Factory

Chapter 500: Earth-shattering News

Chapter 500: Earth-shattering News

From the moment Zhang Yutian entered the room, his feelings of impatience and enthusiasm grew stronger and stronger because when he came he had in mind, after chatting with Ye Qing, that Ye Qing after a long discussion with him, he will choose the beautiful image to work with him.

Yes... In the 21st century, in the face of highly integrated global industrial technology, no one could fight alone, because he will only become an outlier in the industry and a rival in the eyes of his peers. Unfortunately, only by uniting he can be invincible. Just like Apple and Foxconn.

After getting off the plane, Zhang Yutian rushed to the Zendai Himalaya Center in a hurry. Sure enough, when he had reported his identity, the staff had respectfully invited him in. The staff had also said that Mr. Dai and Mr. Ye were in the VIP lounge, waiting for his presence.

As he walked across the red carpet and between signature walls, Zhang Yutian, who was energetic, was recognized by various media at a glance, because he had just shown his face on the China News Channel not long ago, where he had naturally done an excellent interview.

As soon as Zhang Yutian was surrounded by reporters, was also very cooperative in accepting an interview.

These media were all invited by Baojia Group. They have obtained the guest invitation list in advance and left it to the reporters to choose the interview candidates and interview topics in advance.

At this moment, Zhang Yutian, who was not on the invitation list, appeared in the center of the venue, and the reporters asked one after another what Zhang Yutian came doing to this time.

"I was invited by Mr. Ye." Zhang Yutian talked and laughed into the microphone: "We, Amano Heavy Industry, and Monster Heavy Industry have a high degree of overlap in development strategies. The meeting with Mr. Ye was actually for a discussion. We two will speak about the cooperation matters."

"Cooperation?". The reporters exploded and asked with fiery eyes: "Mr. Zhang, what kind of cooperation is it? Is it the robot?"

"Please allow me to keep it confidential in advance, and when the results will be certified, I will notify you as soon as possible." After speaking, Zhang Yutian hurriedly squeezed out of the reporters and walked to the VIP lounge expectantly.

"Speaking of Zhang Yutian, Zhang Yutian will be there."

As soon as the door was opened, and Cao Cao came in, the prestigious president Dai Xianmin of Baojia Group greeted him first and said politely: "I just told everyone that Mr. Zhang Yutian is also coming." The words have not yet settled, and Mr. Zhang Yutian was here.

"Hello, President Dai."

Zhang Yutian pretended to be a little out of breath: "President Ye invited me, how dare I will be negligent, I quickly booked a ticket and came, if it weren't for the smog at the airport, I would be here an hour earlier."

"It seems that Mr. Zhang has a very close relationship with Mr. Ye." Dai Xianmin laughed and said: "It's no wonder that soon after Mr. Ye launched the Explorer industrial robot, Mr. Zhang's Amano Heavy Industry launched a very similar all-round robot."

As expected, Dai Xianmin didn't like Zhang Yutian, otherwise, he would not say him to imitate the products of Monster Heavy Industry.

"Why?" Zhang Yutian didn't feel embarrassed at all: "I met President Ye very early, and this time I was invited by him to discuss an important matter with him."

"Important things?"

The bosses here had suddenly pricked their ears. Monster Heavy Industry is a rising star in the industry, and Amano is backed by the world's largest industrial robot company. If the two parties get together to discuss major issues, the national machinery industry is going to be really upset.

"Oh~ it's nothing too important." Feeling the gaze from many people, Ye Qing stood up and said with a smile: "I invited Mr. Zhang to come here. In fact, I want to announce something in front of everyone."

Now, even Dai Xianmin is interested.

"Mr. Ye, should we discuss the details first?", Zhang Yutian raised his eyebrows, his heart filled with happiness, in his heart, he was really convinced that Ye Qing was really determined to cooperate with them, and this was in front of a number of big men in the industry he would like to announce this thing. It's great, there were a lot of big names, and there were reporters from all walks of life outside. This strategic cooperation could definitely stir up the entire country. So, he said proudly in his heart: "It is very useful to talk about their cooperation in front of the seniors in the industry."

Ye Qing laughed and walked to Zhang Yutian.

Zhang Yutian nodded again and again. The venue they were at was the venue for the signing of a cooperation agreement between Monster Heavy Industry and Baojia Group.

For that, Zhang Yutian had continued convincing himself: "If we can announce the official cooperation between Monster Heavy Industry and Amano Heavy Industry here, this will behave a lot of color and meaning."

But in the beautiful fantasy, Ye Qing's plain voice sounded in the VIP lounge.

"Today I invited Mr. Zhang from Amano Heavy Industries to meet him, mainly because of a phone call at noon. I received a call from the manager of our company's purchasing department. He told me that there was a problem with a batch of chips DM1550 that we had previously ordered."

Ye Qing had suddenly looked at Zhang Yutian with a serious look and the latter became a little inexplicable, and Ye Qing's voice has also become serious: "The purchasing manager told me that Fresenius, the manufacturer of the DM1550 chip, had a new boss. The new boss is Mr. Zhang Yutian the boss of Amano Heavy Industry."

Some people knew this news, and some don't. But the name of Fresenius Company, they have all heard of it. This is a manufacturer specializing in industrial chips. Although the company is not very large, in this field, Fresenius has sold several chips for many years. Fresenius was acquired by Amano Heavy Industries, but… What does this have to do with Monster Heavy Industry? And what is going to be announced by Mr. Ye? And what does it have to do with Fresenius?

One by one, they raised their ears and waited suspiciously.

"Amano Heavy Industries, after acquiring Fresenius Company. The first thing it did is to cancel the order of 10,000 DM1550 chips for Monster Heavy Industry. The DM1550 chip is exactly one of the indispensable key electronic components of the Monster Heavy Industry robot series. Mr. Zhang told me on the phone that Monster Heavy Industry is their competitor, and it is reasonable to cancel this batch of orders and suspend production of chips for half a year."

The scene suddenly became quiet, and Zhang Yutian was suffering from severe Alzheimer's, and he looked at Ye Qing with straight eyes. On the way here, Zhang Yutian imagined a lot of pictures. But if he fantasizes for another year, he would never think that Ye Qing would reveal all his activities in the presence of so many industry leaders.

"Mr. Zhang has still asked me on the phone, and the DM1550 chip will be out of stock for half a year." Ye Qing's voice continued: "In the next six months, how can Monster Heavy Industry solve the problem of chip shortage? Does he want to compromise, and Amano can immediately resume chip supply? And so! I asked Mr. Zhang to come over, and in front of the seniors in the industry, I personally tell him, how to solve the problem of chip shortage of Monster Heavy Industry."

At this moment, Ye Qing's eyes looking at Zhang Yutian became extremely sharp, with a plain tone like a cold steel knife.

"I don't ask for help, we can make the chip ourselves. I also will say to Mr. Zhang. We not only produce our own DM1550 chip. We will also produce a total of three major industrial chips upper the Fresenius Company acquired by Amano Heavy Industries."

"Zhang always attaches great importance to Monster Heavy Industry and regards Monster Heavy Industry as his biggest opponent. Before the chip, he has also shown hostility to Monster Heavy Industry many times. Then our Monster Heavy Industry, how can we not respond?"

"So... Monster Heavy Industry will use better quality and cheaper alternative chips to seize Fresenius' sales share in the global market. I want to show Fresenius and Amano Heavy Industry to see the true strength of our Monster Heavy Industry."


These big names in the industry collectively caught petrochemical magic and only their eyes can move. Their eyes moved to Zhang Yutian, whose expression was more horrified than seeing a ghost.

I don't know the reason why the two staff members guarding the door drove off or were bought by the pervasive reporters.

At this moment, the two wooden doors were quietly pushed open for a moment, and several reporters were squatting behind the door with the same horrified expression.

They rely on! Earth-shattering news.