Ms. Doctor Divine

Chapter 418 - Complication

Chapter 418: Complication

Huaijin was in his twenties, and she had spent two decades in this court.

She used to be a girl with love and innocent wishes, but now, she was living a very discreet and careful life as the Queen, and Huaijin was growing up smoothly.

She had thought that she was totally immune against the tricks, but did not expect that there were still loopholes, which she herself had not discovered.

If not for Chaoyan’s visit, she would not have noticed the trick herself.

She was the Queen and she was standing in the way for so many people. It had been more than two decades, and the battle had not yet ceased. She had gotten tired, and she was extremely tired today.

Susu was an innocent girl, but the reason why she was selected by the Queen among all the maids, was because she was slightly smarter and more intelligent.

Seeing the Queen getting so tired, she knew… She knew that it was more than because of Lady Chaoyan’s dissatisfaction towards the tea, but… But because there was something wrong with the tea!

Susu got so frightened that she kneeled down directly. “Queen, it was my fault, I should have discovered it!”

Susu felt her heart throbbing!

It was her fault for thinking that Lady Chaoyan was not nice. If not for her, all would have been done for!

“Just get up.” The Queen looked at her. “It wasn’t your fault.”

Susu staggered and got back to her feet. Tears gushed out of her eyes.

She was young and had little experience. She could not calm herself down when such a thing happened so suddenly. She said tearfully, “I will apologize to Lady Chaoyan next time I see her, instead of glaring at her!”

The Queen smiled briefly.

Susu was indeed a very innocent girl. She was always very happy when she had her next to her, as if she had seen what she was like years ago.

However, after the smile, she started to get worried again.

“Susu, if I ask you to serve Lady Chaoyan, will you be willing to do that? She can keep you safe throughout your whole life.” The Queen asked as she looked at Susu.

Instead of saying anything more, Susu shook her head directly, “No, I don’t want to! I want to stay by your side, always!”

Then tears gushed out of her eyes.

The Queen caressed her head and said, “Alright, just stay.”

She was willing to let Susu leave the court.

Chaoyan was young, but she was cautious and she was not going to mistreat Susu. Whereas Susu might have an unpredictable future being here with her…

Anyway… She could just stay, leave the rest for the future.

The Queen got up and started to write the letter as she sat by the table.

It was a very brief letter. She passed it to Susu. “Pass this to Aunt Nan, she knows where to deliver the letter.”

Susu wiped away her tears, then she walked out with the letter.

The Queen became absent-minded as she watched the dangling candle.

The Queen shivered as the King placed his hands upon her shoulders slightly. The King moved his hand and asked in confusion, “Qirong, what are you thinking?”

The Queen was relieved at the sight of the King. She shook her head slightly, “Nothing, really.”

“Mother said that Lady Chaoyan has agreed to offer the ancestral prescriptions. Do you think that those prescriptions might be fabricated?”