Museum of Deadly Beasts

Chapter 555 - Have To Plan Ahead

Chapter 555: Have To Plan Ahead

Lin Jin surmised that the human silhouette probably belonged to a demonic appraiser. After all, they might be acquiring tokens for this very reason.

With this suspicion in mind, Lin Jin had no time to explain. He quickly opened the door of the Visitation Hall and disappeared through it.

Standing in front of door number two, Lin Jin took a deep breath and placed both hands on it.

Once he opened the door, it might either be empty, or he might find something in there.

Lin Jin prayed that he would see something in there. If it was empty, it was likely that the demonic appraisers had gotten to it first.

Lin Jin didn’t hope to see that happen.

In any case, he had to examine the inside of the room through a gap.

With this in mind, Lin Jin pushed even harder on the door.

Having done this twice, Lin Jin was starting to get the hang of it. This time, he managed to successfully open up a gap in the door that was the width of a human palm.

Immediately, he was greeted by a wall of death aura.

Still, it was not as dense as the other door.

The presence of death aura proved there was a zombie inside.

Lin Jin remained on high alert. It didn’t take very long for him to realize that the death aura was only a remnant of the zombie’s presence in this chamber. There was nothing else behind door number two.

Lin Jin’s heart sank.

Oh no.

This situation could only mean that someone else had gotten to the zombie first.

Lin Jin was quite upset.

There was no helping it though. He had already ‘kidnapped’ one and could not handle another. Even if the demonic appraisers didn’t take the second one away, Lin Jin wouldn’t have been able to deal with it.

They almost failed to take down the first zombie, so if they were to fight another one, they would be in deep trouble.

Despite his reluctance to accept the truth, Lin Jin couldn’t do anything about it.

After what happened, Lin Jin grew increasingly wary. The Demonic Appraisal Association had taken away the zombie from door number two. Considering how he had just stolen their zombie from door number three, and their past grudges, Lin Jin had to be extra careful from now on.

They might have already started planning their revenge by now.

Lin Jin sighed.

For now, his only plan was to strike back whenever they attacked. Fortunately, he had assistance from quite a few powerful experts. He was also inside Heavenly Spiral City so even if the demonic appraisers were to attack him here, it wasn’t like they could go all-out. Though, even if they did, Lin Jin was not afraid of them.

He would just have to give it his all on the battlefield.

Lin Jin returned to Peach Blossom House where Shu Xiaolou and Shang’er were waiting for him. He told them everything about the Demonic Appraisal Association.

As for where the zombie came from, Lin Jin could only drag ‘Curator’ into the story. After minor cover-ups here and there, he finally succeeded in bluffing them.

Upon hearing that someone would come for revenge, and how powerful their enemy was, Shang’er looked delighted. Surely, Lin Jin would not send her home now. Shu Xiaolou looked just as excited because it seemed she was fond of fighting.

However, Lin Jin still felt they had to devise a plan.

He asked Shang’er if Goldy had woken up.

In less than fifteen minutes, a silhouette darted away from Peach Blossom House, heading in the direction of Jade Dragon Kingdom.

Lin Jin instructed Shang’er to bring Goldy over at once. Because among his team of powerful beasts, Goldy’s potential was second to none. When the rooster’s Golden Crow bloodline was activated, even Lin Jin couldn’t hold him down.

Apart from that, Goldy’s flames were different from Xiao Huo’s. As the enemy probably had another zombie in their ranks, having Goldy on their side was surely the right move.

If time permitted, Lin Jin wanted to get Zhao Jingyan over too.

Zhao Jingyan’s phoenix was just as strong as Goldy. If they were to join hands, no matter who came looking for trouble, they could just burn the enemy into oblivion.

Truth be told, Lin Jin was still frustrated about these zombies. Weapons didn’t work on them and spells had minimal effect on them. They might not even win if they had Goldy and Zhao Jingyan with them. Despite this, Lin Jin had run out of ideas.

As a wise man once said, ‘if you know yourself and the enemy, one need not fear the outcome of a hundred battles.’

Something else came to Lin Jin’s mind.

The zombie.

Lin Jin could now confirm that Daojun once had access to the Visitation Hall and even the Museum of Deadly Beasts. That was the only explanation for why he managed to become the world’s greatest expert.

The enemy must somehow be related to Daojun for them to be able to cultivate zombies inside the Visitation Hall.

This narrowed down the list of potential enemies considerably. Among those who were related to Daojun and had something to do with zombies and corpses, only one person came to Lin Jin’s mind. He was Corpse Taoist, a member of the Six Beast Taoists.

Lin Jin’s eyes lit up.

That’s right!

Finally, he was onto something. Now it seemed that only Corpse Taoist fit the bill since he was most probably someone who cultivated zombies. Lin Jin had once fought the Insect Taoist in the past. Thanks to his luck, he managed to kill the enemy before gaining the magic treasure, the immortal binding rope.

Since he was Daojun’s disciple, he must have lived for several hundred years now. Lin Jin couldn’t possibly underestimate such an opponent. He had to come up with a plan and prepare himself.

“Perhaps Daojun’s Hieroglyphic recorded information about his disciples. If that’s the case, I have to read it soon as possible,” mumbled Lin Jin to himself.

Before that, he had something else to do.

He had to inform Zhao Jingyan about the incident.

Lin Jin couldn’t wait until the Visitation Hall’s next opening as that would take a few more days. He had an idea. Since he could open doors number two and three, he might be able to open door number twelve too.

Door number twelve was Zhao Jingyan’s door.

Lin Jin had no idea what would happen after he opened it, but it didn’t hurt to try either.

Anyway, Lin Jin was now addicted to opening doors.

He returned to the Visitation Hall and put on his mask. He then stood before door number twelve and started pushing.


Blood-red flames emerged around his body. As he had gained experience from opening doors number two and three, Lin Jin easily opened door number twelve this time.

It really opened up.

Lin Jin was ecstatic.

He had accidentally found another secret. As Curator, he could actually open other visitors’ doors in the Visitation Hall. Although he had yet to learn the usage of this secret, Lin Jin felt it was a good start.

Behind door number twelve was a mysterious space. Lin Jin stepped inside. Although everywhere around him was pitch dark, Lin Jin could vaguely see something not too far away.

It was token number twelve.

Steadying himself, Lin Jin reached for it. Strangely enough, while there was nothing else in here, Lin Jin felt immense resistance when he extended his hand to grab it.

The force actually pushed Lin Jin back, preventing him from getting close to token number twelve. However, Lin Jin could see clearly now. There seemed to be a wall of glass ahead, which was shrouded by fog. On the other side of the glass was a human silhouette, and its figure looked very much like Zhao Jingyan’s.

Token number twelve was hidden in her skirt.

Lin Jin understood what he had to do now.

Summoning all his strength, he reached forward again, attempting to pierce through that transparent wall of air. After using all his strength, his body inched closer to the wooden token.

Finally, when he was only two feet away from the token, Lin Jin knew he couldn’t go further.

This was his limit.