My 100-Day Secret Marriage With The Boss

Chapter 825 - Chapter 825 He Knew All Of Her Secrets (II)

Chapter 825: Chapter 825 He Knew All Of Her Secrets (II)

“You also think it’s feasible? You don’t have any objections?” Liu Ying’s eyes suddenly lit up. Since Wuyou agreed, it was definitely fine.

“Eh, I don’t have any objections.” Chu Wuyou nodded. She was very serious, but in her heart, she was holding back her laughter.

“Situ Murong, take your woman away.” Ye Lanchen gritted his teeth in hatred, but he could not do anything to them because one of the parties involved was his wife, and his wife was actually the mastermind.

However, he had sharp eyes and saw Situ Murong.

It was up to him to take care of the woman.

Situ Murong then walked over. His eyes kept on Liu Ying. When he walked over, he naturally reached out and pulled Liu Ying into his arms, then, he took the wine bottle in her hand with his other hand. “This kind of thing is not suitable for girls. If you really want to do it, you can tell me. I will get someone to do it.”

Situ Murong’s surprise was that if she wanted to blow up Third Young Master Ye’s head, she could get him to do it. There was no need for her to do it herself.

Chu Wuyou’s eyes flashed. This person was arrogant and willful. He was not inferior to Third Young Master Ye at all. This man was even more unruly.

He was Liu Ying’s man? !

“Why are you here?” Liu Ying’s previous flamboyance and vigor seemed to have disappeared in an instant. She suddenly quieted down and was held in his arms. Her body was obviously a little stiff.

Her eyes drooped slightly. She did not dare to look at Chu Wuyou. She did not want anyone to know about her relationship with Situ Murong, nor did she want Chu Wuyou to know.

“What? I can’t come?” Situ Murong took in her reaction. His eyes darkened slightly. She was so flamboyant just now. When he came out, she was so restrained and nervous?

Was she so afraid of him?

Was he a beast? Would he eat her?

Liu Ying pursed her lips and did not say anything. She just raised her eyes slightly and glanced at Chu Wuyou. There was a hint of worry on her face.

Chu Wuyou could naturally see the strange look on Liu Ying’s face. She looked at Situ Murong and saw Situ Murong’s hand on Liu Ying’s waist. Seeing the dark expression on his face, Chu Wuyou frowned slightly.

There was clearly something wrong with the way these two interacted.

“Wuyou, so you’re here. Your grandmother saw that you haven’t returned for such a long time and asked me to come over to take a look.” At this moment, Feng Miaomiao walked over and saw Ye Lanchen who was holding Chu Wuyou tightly, there was an obvious hint of a smile in her eyes. “Your grandmother said that she was afraid that you would be kidnapped, but I didn’t believe her. Now it seems that your grandmother really has foresight.”

Of course, Feng Miaomiao’s words were clearly meant for Ye Lanchen to hear.

Chu Wuyou laughed in her heart, and Ye Lanchen’s face darkened a little. She was his wife, why would she need to be kidnapped?

“Murong, you’re here too. Why didn’t I see you in the hall just now?” Feng Miaomiao walked closer and saw Situ Murong. She was a little surprised, and her eyes turned slightly. When she saw Liu Ying in Situ Murong’s arms, her face became even more surprised.

“Is she your wife? How could she hide such a big matter from me? Next time when I’m having tea with your mother, I must talk about this matter properly.” Feng Miaomiao and Situ Murong’s mother were close friends and had a very good relationship.

Situ Murong did not say anything, neither did he admit nor deny it. He just looked a little gloomy and his eyes seemed to be floating. No one knew what he was thinking.

Liu Ying saw that he did not say anything. She raised her head to look at him and saw that his face was obviously dark.