My Fantastic Chef Wife

Chapter 2 - He Is a Frank Fellow

Chapter 2: He Is a Frank Fellow

Translator: Flying Lines

Proofread by Claire.KK

“Little Ye, are you awake? Did you sleep well?” Li Hongmei wore a smile with a trace of apology showing.

Ye Xiaoxian had regained her energy and she was going to sit up.

“Little Ye, are you feeling rather sore? It’s your first time, so you know…” Li Hongmei put down the porridge bowl right away to help Ye Xiaoxian up.

“…” Ye Xiaoxian was kind of speechless.

Li Hongmei thought that Ye Xiaoxian was sulking so she acted piteously and said, “Little Ye, I know you’re blaming your ma, but think about it; since you came to our family, I treated you just as my own daughter. Didn’t I give you everything my Baozhu had? But now we really couldn’t afford to get Baoshan a wife, if not so, I wouldn’t make you and Baoshan do…you know…”

Li Hongmei said this vaguely, but of course Ye Xiaoxian knew what she meant.

Ye Xiaoxian came from the modern era and what she had been taught since was all about saving money and making money. Subconsciously she thought what Li Hongmei had done was not wrong and quite economic as well.

Just that she was the target this time, so she needed some time to digest it.

“Ma, you didn’t do anything wrong and I was obliged to you. After all little Ye was brought up by you,” said Ye Xiaoxian.

Hearing that Ye Xiaoxian didn’t hate her, Li Hongmei laughed heartily all of a sudden. She took up the bowl immediately. “Little Ye, drink the porridge first. Baozhu went grass-cutting and Baofeng went to chop some firewood. You just take a rest and no work for you today!”

Ye Xiaoxian was starving indeed, so she took up the porridge bowl, had a taste and knitted her eyebrows right away. It was made of Sweet potato and some wild greens with no meet or oil in it, and the wild greens were rather astringent, which made her want to throw up.

“Little Ye, why do you wanna throw up? Could it be that you’ve already…already conceived for just one night?” asked Li Hongmei with her eyes opening widely.

Ye Xiao Xian: “…”

“Oops, silly me! Even if you have, it’s way too early for you to be feeling that way. When I was pregnant with Baoshan and his brothers, I didn’t feel anything till the third month, ha-ha.” Li Hongmei patted her forehead.

“Ma, where is Baoshan?”

Xiao Baoshan was the guy who spent the wedding night with her yesterday, so now he has the right to be her husband.

“Baoshan…he…” Li Hongmei stuttered.

“He must be angry, isn’t he?” said Ye Xiaoxian calmly.

According to the memory of the body’s previous owner, Xiao Baoshan was a pretty stubborn guy and now he was forced by his own mother to do that with her, he must feel really angry.

“Baoshan, he…he is not that angry. He went to do some handyman job in the town and I reckon that he’ll be back in the evening, he-he.” Mrs. Xiao née Li sized Ye Xiaoxian up while she was talking when she felt that somehow the girl had been changed. If she were still the same as before, Ye Xiaoxian must have long been trying to kill herself yet now she was so calm like nothing had happened.

Li Hongmei said again, “Little Ye, you have my word. Baoshan was a frank fellow and since he had already been with you, he should accept his responsibility to you. If he doesn’t, I won’t let him call me Ma again!”

“…” Ye Xiaoxian smiled faintly, wondering what age she was in when she was able to find a mother-in-law who actually treated her daughter-in-law so well.

Nevertheless, according to the body’s memory, this mother-in-law of hers was indeed kind to her, not only raising her up but also having no air of authority.

Ye Xiaoxian was just about to take the bowl, holding back her disgust, and drink the porridge, when another woman came from outside the door. That woman standing with her arms akimbo began to hurl all kinds of abuse. “It’s almost noon, why are you not working already? Don’t think you’re free of working ’cause you had sort of a wedding night yesterday. You’re going to do what you have to do as usual!