My Fantastic Chef Wife

Chapter 42 - He Came to Pick Her up

Chapter 42: He Came to Pick Her up

Translator: Flying Lines

Proofread by Claire.KK

The sun had almost set when Ye Xiaoxian came out from Lord Liu’s.

When she just stepped out of the gate, surprisingly, she saw Xiao Baoshan stand outside.

He was standing out of the gate and his face with chiseled features was full of anxiety but once he saw Ye Xiaoxian coming out, his knitted eyebrows loosened up.

“What are you doing here?” asked Ye Xiaoxian puzzledly.

“Ma told me that Lord Liu’s housekeeper had taken you away and let me have a look. If you didn’t come out before the sunset, I would…”

“What would you do?” asked Ye Xiaoxian smilingly.

“I would probably burst into the gate.” Xiao Baoshan wore a feeble smile.

“Really? For me? There are so many guards in Lord Liu’s house and you’re not afraid of getting hit?” Ye Xiaoxian teased him.

Xiao Baoshan didn’t answer but asked, “Were you doing okay there? Was everything alright?”

“Ma let you ask me this as well?” asked Ye Xiaoxian.

Xiao Baoshan paused in a daze first but then nodded.

As expected.

Ye Xiaoxian was somehow upset all of a sudden and then said sulkily, “I was perfectly alright there just now. Couldn’t be better.”

She then strode away.

Xiao Baoshan caught her up right.

“What? Five hundred coins per day?”

Li Hongmei’s jaw almost fell off out of surprise when she heard the price.

“Why on earth does Lord Liu’s youngest miss not eat anything? In my opinion, they must eat meat, fish and every kind of good meal everyday! I don’t understand why there are some people in the world don’t like eating!”

Li Hongmei felt so puzzled.

Xiao Baozhu felt shocked as well. “If only they could give out the food she didn’t eat to us. She eats no meat or rice. what a waste of food.”

“That’s right!” echoed Xiao Baofeng.

Only Xiao Baoshan and Ye Xiaoxian didn’t speak aloud their opinions.

Both of them seemed to have meet such people and they didn’t it so strange.

“So little Ye, did you say yes to them?” asked Li Hongmei again.

“I have to agree. From tomorrow on, I’ll get up early every day to bake flatbread. Baozhu and ma, you are responsible for making cold jelly. Didn’t I get a tale of silver already today? I’ll buy a cart tomorrow with that, and we don’t have to carry buckets to the town every day. If we have more money later on, let’s buy an ox and let the ox pull the car, or we may even rent a house in the suburb of the town. Then we won’t have to walk so far to sell things every day! ”

Ye Xiaoxian shared her plans of the future.

Li Hongmei and others were stunned once more hearing what Ye Xiaoxian said. They did not dare to imagine such things in the past but Ye Xiaoxian not only dared to imagine but dared to act.

This time, Xiao Baoshan was once again the first one to stand up for Ye Xiaoxian, “I think little Ye’s idea is very good. Although it’s our home here, we have a long history of grudges with uncles and aunties. Conflicts can’t be avoided if we keep living here. Once we have enough money and find a suitable place, we can move out, or… buy a new house somewhere else. ”

Ye Xiaoxian stared at Xiao Baoshan confusedly. She just wondered how strange that Xiao Baoshan and herself happened to hold the same view, but was interpreted by Xiao Baoshan as another meaning.

He added in time, “I will do my best to make money as well. I can’t let you shoulder all the burden of this.”

Seeing this, Li Hongmei couldn’t help her happiness. “Look at you. You must have been discussing over it, haven’t you? You must have chatted with each other behind my back, right? You are alright married and don’t hide it away from your ma. What’s the big deal?”

Ye Xiaoxian. “…”