My Fantastic Chef Wife

Chapter 46 - The Taste of Pot Cleaning Water

Chapter 46: The Taste of Pot Cleaning Water

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Wong Mudan and Chen Ju slipped into the kitchen of the second household when the whole family was away.

The door of the kitchen was chained but not locked. The two of them pulled out of the door and went in with a portable torch used as a light source.

There was a wooden cupboard in which bowls, dishes and leftovers were placed. Wong Mudan opened the cupboard and didn’t find the pork leg.

They were searching other places in the kitchen but didn’t find a single trace of the pork leg but only saw a bowl of greasy thing on the third layer of the cupboard.

“They really ate up a whole pork leg. The whole family is really eating like a emperor and only left a bowl of juice!” scolded Wong Mudan furiously.

“Elder Sister-in-law, do you think it is the juice left from braising the pork leg?” asked Chen Ju holding the bowl of that thingy.

Wong Mudan smelled it and she smelled meat but other than that, there was also a trace of sour smell.

“Maybe it is…” Wong Mudan was not quite sure.

“Then I’ll have a drink. Didn’t we just say that if we can’t find the pork leg, some pork leg juice will do.” Chen Ju swallowed.

Chen Ju looked like a honest woman but she was actually very sly and gluttonous.

“Right, then go ahead.” Wong Mudan wanted to drink it herself.

Chen Ju took a mouthful of the juice first but it only tasted greasy and fishy which made her want to throw up.

“How is it? How is it?” Wong Mudan wanted to ask how it tasted but Chen Ju couldn’t open her mouth. Her mouth was occupied but that thingy and she was in a dilemma of spitting it or swallowing it.

Seeing that Chen Ju didn’t answer yet, WD thought it must be tasty so she almost downed it.

She was took so big of a mouthful and could not help swallowing it and just after that, Wong Mudan felt so sick and wanted to vomit!

Chen Ju finally swallowed the juice and the two sisters-in-law started to retch.

They put down the juice, ran away from the kitchen and reached the water vat in the courtyard, starting to ladle up water to wash their stomach.

They felt so awful that they never wish they would have another taste.

“Third Sister-in-law, it was disgusting. Why didn’t you tell me?” Wong Mudan blamed Chen Ju.

Chen Ju said, “I was going to say it but it was too late. Why should you drink that fast?”

Chen Ju asked again, “Elder Sister-in-law, what on earth is it? Is it really the juice of braised pork leg?”

“It probably is. I didn’t expect that they ate pork leg this way. How disgusting. Their cooked pork leg actually tasted like that, yucky!” Wong Mudan was in such an sour-grapes attitude.

“I’m afraid it is not pork leg but…pot-cleaning water.” Chen Ju said resentfully.

“Don’t talk nonsense. That is the juice of pork leg. I smelled meat!”

The two sisters-in-law were suppressing their sickness and going back home separately.

Li Hongmei and her family members came back not before long.

As they have to get up early in the next morning, Li Hongmei let Ye Xiaoxian and others go to their rooms first and she was staying to tidy up things.

Actually there were not so much work left and she was only have to do some tidy-up in the kitchen.

Li Hongmei was not going to dump that bowl of pot-cleaning water originally since it was left from the pork leg. She was thinking to add some water in it and save it to stir-fry some wild greens.

It got some oil in it anyway so she didn’t wish to waste it.

But Ye Xiaoxian was noticing this at that time and she asked Li Hongmei to dump it, saying that this was leftover stale oil which could do harm to their health.

And then Xiao Baozhu suggested that they go for a bath in the river so Li Hongmei had not got time to deal with it but inserted the bowl of stale oil in the cupboard.

And now Li Hongmei carried a oil lamp, entering the kitchen but found both doors of the kitchen and the cupboard opened and the bowl of stale oil was also taken away and put on the top of the oven.

‘How strange. Have I not put it away?’

No way. She remembered clearly that she chained the door before she left.

Li Hongmei pondered for a long while and came up with a thought: Burglars had burst into their home!

But they were still very poor and what could she steal in the kitchen? It could only be some food.

And the bowl of stale oil looked obviously less than it before. Was it drunk by others?

Li Hongmei suddenly chuckled.