My Fantastic Chef Wife

Chapter 6 - How Could I Despise You?

Chapter 6: How Could I Despise You?

Translator: Flying Lines

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Xiao Baoshan replied immediately, “I’m a coarse man as well and I don’t have any money or background. How could I despise you; it’s just…”

“It is said that people get married under orders from their parents and with the help of matchmakers. We have been ordered to marry by our mother, yet you’re making excuses trying not to marry me, and doesn’t this mean that you look down on me? Now I have given you my virginity, but what did you do? You picked up a knife and asked me to kill you. You may as well kill me!”

Ye Xiaoxian pretended to be sulky, picked up the knife and threw it down to the ground brutally in front of Xiao Baoshan.

“…” Xiao Baoshan didn’t expect that Ye Xiaoxian could be so eloquent; having been told off, he was unable to speak another word.

He originally came to atone for his sins in a righteous manner, but after her criticism, it seemed that it was he who was trying to shrink from his responsibilities.

“It’s all my fault, so I won’t kill you.” Xiao Baoshan found himself so confused that he almost forgot what he originally came to do.

“Just call it a day. It’s almost dinner time and I have to go and help others, or grandpa will begin to scold me again.” After she had finished speaking, Ye Xiaoxian left.

She went out of the door, finding Li Hongmei eavesdropping. Li Hongmei tried to run away but it was too late so she had no option but had the nerve to smile awkwardly to Ye Xiaoxian.

“Ye, why didn’t I find you so capable before? Baoshan has been left speechless after what you said to him,” said Li Hongmei as she was walking.

Ye Xiaoxian just smiled faintly and didn’t say anything.

Ye Xiaoxian pretended to be sulky, picked up the knife and threw it down to the ground brutally in front of Xiao Baoshan.

Xiao’s dinner wouldn’t start until all the families were present. When it didn’t rain, they set up a big table in the yard. Elders and men sat in front of the table having dinner while the women just stood at the side eating from their bowls. If there were minors in the family, the women would often chase their children and feed them. They could only start to eat after they had fed the children.

Now the yard was full of hustle and bustle. People were making quite a noise.

The current Ye Xiaoxian was from a single-parent family in her last life. Her father had another new family and her mother didn’t really care for her. She used to dream of living in a big family, but now her dream had come true and she only felt annoyed by it.

Old Mr. Xiao did not do any work but he made quite a fuss about the food. “Today’s sti-fried greens are too tough; the soup is not good either, too salty; and it doesn’t taste like there’s any meat in it, plus the eggplant is undercooked. Have you even thought about us old folk? All you think is about yourselves!”

Mrs. Xiao nee Wang quickly shifted the blame onto Li Hongmei. “These are all cooked by Sis Xiao nee Li. I said this to her and she was not willing to put one more spoon of oil in it. Who would know if it was because she wanted to rob some free oil from us and save it for her own people?”

Mrs. Xiao nee Chen chimed in, “The soup was cooked by the second sister-in-law as well. There are only two bones and I told her not to put too much water in it but she didn’t listen.”

Old Mr. Xiao had always disliked Li Hongmei and once he heard what the other two daughters-in-law said, he banged his chopsticks on the table and flared up. “Li, if it happens again next time, don’t think about eating anymore! Your people don’t hand in much money each month and you don’t even know how to cook!”

Li Hongmei was not satisfied, but she didn’t refute back. She just pursed her lips a little. But old Mr. Xiao happened to see this and he then said angrily, “According to our ancestors, women should always remember their female virtues of being cautious and respectful, but judged from your rebellious look, perhaps you would rather see me die soon so that no one will supervise you?”

Xiao Baoshan could not put up with it anymore. He put down his chopsticks and was about to speak for his mother when Ye Xiaoxian, who was standing aside, began to utter.

“Grandpa, elder uncle, elder aunt, third uncle and third aunt; there’s something I’d like to discuss with you!”

Although Ye Xiaoxian’s voice was not loud, she spoke in a dignified manner, and her gaze was firm. As soon as she opened her mouth, everyone looked at her. Still, their looks towards her were disdainful.

Ye Xiaoxian’s position was the lowest in this family. She had only shared one night with Xiao Baoshan yesterday and she really regarded herself as the granddaughter-in-law – did she say she wanted to “discuss”?

Ye Xiaoxian didn’t care what others saw her and just continued. “Grandpa is right. Truly, our second family handed in the least money each month and that’s why we’ve been working hard all these years; however, I don’t see that there’s much advantage in working hard since we are far behind those who hand in more money. I’ve been thinking that it only makes everyone unhappy as it continues like this. So may I suggest that from tomorrow onwards, our second family will live separately, on our own? What do you think?”