My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots

Chapter 802 - Protect Us, Please!

Chapter 802: Protect Us, Please!

Zhong Nuannuan cocked one eyebrow above her forehead when she saw that.

“Little Girl, I know you’re extremely skillful. Protect us, please!” Elder Wu chuckled, revealing a sly and cheeky expression on his face.

Zhong Nuannuan merely responded with a smile.


Elder Wu instantly let out a breath of relief.

However, Elder Wu’s grandson, Wu Zongyang, had a slight frown.

He, too, learned taekwondo and was now a black belt in taekwondo. His self-defense abilities should have been ample. However, the main point was, should they not be seeking the protection of the military base now? Why Zhong Nuannuan’s protection? Although Wu Zongyang was aware that Zhong Nuannuan knew some moves, was it not proper for them to seek the protection of the military base at a time like this?

Although he had doubts in his heart, he and his sister had always trusted their grandfather’s judgment. After all, their grandfather was the head of the Wu family. If not for their grandfather’s acute judgment time and time again, the Wu family would not have become the top wealthy family in Sea District.

“Duke Eton, let’s go over.”

The Deputy Director of the Foreign Affairs Office, Xiao Wensheng, Union District Governor, Mu Xigui, and Jiang District Governor, Li Yunshen, also came to Duke Eton’s side the second they could. Although they were people put in leadership positions, they were responsible for receiving Duke Eton. If anything happened to Duke Eton, their time as officials would come to an end too.

“No need. It’s very safe for me to stay with my daughters. I advise you to do the same.”


When everyone received Duke Eton’s honeyed confidence in reply, everyone was a little dumbfounded.

Instead, Mu Xigui glanced at Zhong Nuannuan before stepping forward to stand next to Duke Eton.

“Alright, we will be there wherever the Duke is.”

Even Mu Xigui, as a governor, joined Duke Eton’s side. As a fellow governor, Li Yunshen could not possibly head to where the leaders of the military base were all by himself.

When the Deputy Director of the Foreign Affairs Office, Xiao Wensheng, saw this, he had no choice but to stand on Zhong Nuannuan’s side.

Zhong Nuannuan witnessed all that happened before her with a small smile. “Everyone, don’t worry. All of you will only stand on this side for the time being. We’ll listen to Chi Yang’s commands.”


Duke Eton was the most obedient. The other leaders could only follow suit.

In front of the French windows, all the leaders of the military base arrived, but everyone had horrible expressions on their faces.

Everyone held onto their phones as they attempted to make calls.

However, be it through the internet or the phone lines, there was no way to contact the outside world.

Soon, a horrific realization dawned on everyone.

The person behind this had probably already made all the arrangements. Therefore, not only did they cut off the power to the entire five-star hotel but they also blocked off the internet and phone signals.

“Deputy Commander Luo, you’re in charge of security today. How did this happen?”

Before Leng Jinpeng could ask, Peng Yaohua had already opened his mouth in anger.

Luo Shangyi was so anxious that beads of sweat covered his entire forehead. He did not answer Peng Yaohua’s question and kept on making calls but to no avail.

“Alright, stop calling. We can’t get through anyway,” Leng Jinpeng said coldly.

Peng Yaohua looked at Leng Jinpeng and said, “Commander, I suggest that we restrain Luo Shangyi first.”

“What right do you have to restrain my father? What did my father do wrong?”

Luo Shangyi’s daughter, Luo Mengying, attended the auction with Ling Pinyuan today. When she heard that Peng Yaohua wanted to restrain her father, she was shocked and immediately stood in front of Luo Shangyi.

Peng Yaohua answered angrily, “That’s because there is a mole in the military base, and this mole may very well be your father!”

“Then, why can’t it be you?” Luo Mengying asserted.