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Chapter 640 - Another Godlike Figure is Coming to The Dormitory

Chapter 640: Another Godlike Figure is Coming to The Dormitory

For matters like this, the school would usually make the arrangements for the new student.

But because all of the girls in the dormitory had gone through military training, they had bonded with each other. The entrance of a new student would make it harder for them to communicate. The new student would also feel awkward.

Gu Mang did not really care. Tang Xiaoxiao and Zheng Miao were a little worried.

The instructor understood this. She comforted them. “Don’t worry, the new student is very approachable. You should have heard her name before. Her name is Shen Qianzi.”

This name was indeed a familiar one. Tang Xiaoxiao widened her eyes. “The Shen Qianzi who got popular in the entertainment industry when she was a teenager and then returned to school?”

The instructor nodded.

Zheng Miao knew Shen Qianzi too. She did not expect another star to come to their dormitory. “But teacher, doesn’t Shen Qianzi study music? She’s really good at the piano and she often performs publicly. Why would she come to Capital University and choose the traditional chinese medicine major?”

“I’m not too sure about it either.” The instructor was actually rather surprised that a music prodigy would come to the medical school as well. She smiled and answered, “Shen Qianzi is going to perform at the Royal Concert in Country K on Friday night.”

Tang Xiaoxiao and Zheng Miao understood now. She was coming to school a week late because she was preparing for her performance. The two did not know much about the concert, but they knew the importance of it just by hearing the words “Royal Concert.”

Another godlike figure was coming to their dormitory.

Seeing that the two girls were no longer against the newcomer, the instructor turned to Gu Mang. “Gu Mang, there’s another thing that I need your help with.”

The girl looked up. Her black hair brushed past her eyes naturally. She answered politely, “What is it?”

The instructor said, “You see, the welcome party will be held at the end of the month. The medical school needs to prepare an act. You shall take responsibility for it.”

Gu Mang did not answer. It was as if she were considering it. The instructor had heard that Gu Mang had a lot of things on her plate, but the welcome party was also very important.

The instructor looked at Gu Mang firmly and she seemed to be afraid that Gu Mang would reject the plea for help. “Gu Mang! The medical school depends on you! Help me out!”

Gu Mang looked at her for a few seconds and a faint smile broke on her face. She answered, “Sure.”

Country K.

Friday night.

The annual Royal Concert ended successfully. Master Bi was from Jijing Island and he had a distinguished reputation.

The concert site was almost full of celebrities from various industries. Anyone in the crowd had an amazing background. That night, Gu Yin understood the idea that there was always someone better. Even the highest ranked director of the medical organization had to be cautious around Master Bi.


An An and Shen Qianzi were both Master Bi’s students.

The two had made a big splash at the concert and everyone said they were the new stars in the piano world. Master Bi often mentioned Gu Yin. So much so that Shen Qianzi was also familiar with her name. Today, she had heard that Gu Yin was admitted to the medical organization and she couldn’t help but admire her.

Master Bi sat on a brown leather couch and looked at Gu Yin, who was seated across from the coffee table. “Yinyin, have you considered the apprenticeship?”

Gu Yin sat with proper posture and answered softly, “Master Bi, I would like to speak to my uncle about it first.”

That meant that she had agreed.

Master Bi’s eyes glowed instantly and he sighed in relief. Then, he smiled, “As you should. Not only do you have to speak to Mr. Lei about it, I should pay him a visit as well.”

An elder had to be around to witness the formation of the apprenticeship.

Gu Yin was taken aback. She did not expect Master Bi to be willing to visit a small time official like Lei Xiao in Ming City.

Shen Qianzi smiled and said, “That’s great, Teacher. Will you head to Country Z to attend Capital University’s Welcome Night party?”