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Chapter 642 - There's Nothing Sister Mang Can't Do.

Chapter 642: There’s Nothing Sister Mang Can’t Do.

After listening to it once, everyone reacted after a few seconds.

Even an outsider like Shao Jin found it really good and addictive. “Gu Mang, what is this song?”

Everyone looked at Gu Mang in anticipation. The girl hooked her baseball cap on a wall hook casually and looked down. She unrolled her sleeves.

Then, she answered nonchalantly, “I came up with it randomly.”

Everyone’s expression became even more confused instantly.

Randomly written…

A girl suddenly thought of something. “Did you play the drums and piano for this piece?”

Gu Mang gave an indifferent hum and her voice was low as she spoke. “I’ll dance once first, then all of you will follow me.”

The group fell into an indescribable silence.

Is there really nothing that the big boss cannot do?

Shao Jin knew that this was a big boss who even Principal Ren respected. He was the first to react and he pressed the speaker calmly. The complicated feelings from the others did not last long. Their eyes were drawn to Gu Mang’s dance.

Not a single person spoke. They all stared at the thin and tall figure without blinking.

The twelve people selected had a foundation in dancing, so they learned quickly. In just one morning, Gu Mang managed to teach them until they could follow along flawlessly.

She did not return to the dance studio in the afternoon. She went to the library with Meng Jinyang and Qin Yaozhi instead. The two had been going to the library everyday these past few days.

Law students had a heavy course load and the teachers assigned case studies in every class for homework. School had barely started but the law students were already suffering.

Meng Jinyang felt like she was busier than in Year Three of High School.

Qin Yaozhi was smart so she learned faster than most people. However, english majors also had heavy homework loads so she did not have an easy time either.

Gu Mang had picked two majors and she still had to go to the research institute. Every day, she had a stack of Medical Informatics books to read and she was even busier than Meng Jinyang and Qin Yaozhi. It got to the point where Gu Mang had to pass on meeting up with Lu Chengzhou on Friday.

On Sunday afternoon, Gu Mang, Meng Jinyang, and Qin Yaozhi left the library and went to their classes for attendance.

At night, Gu Mang stayed in her dormitory. There was a test at Shadow League which required her help.

She was wearing headphones and tapping the keyboard quickly with her slender, pale fingers. A bunch of complicated and cumbersome code emerged on the screen.

She could hear Yun Ling’s voice from her headset. “Do the defense and attack concurrently. The server on your side isn’t working.”

In just a matter of seconds, a green icon appeared on the computer screen on Yun Ling’s end.

Test Success.

Yun Ling was stunned. The corner of her lips twitched. “Boss, whose computer did you hack into and use as a weapon?”

Gu Mang picked up her glass of water and took a sip slowly. Then, she answered calmly, “Shen Xie’s.”

Yun Ling was speechless.

Gu Mang’s phone rang once.

Shen Xie had texted her. [Arctic Fox, did you accept a mission to hack my company’s system? How much did the other party pay you?]

Gu Mang replied, “For testing purposes.”

Shen Xie went silent for a few seconds before replying. [I heard that you are in the Capital. I just arrived today and I will be here for some time. Wanna meet?]

Gu Mang replied rather coldly. [You would have to queue up until next year.]

On the other side.

The Shen Banquet.

Shen Qianzi saw that her elder brother seemed to be texting someone. He occasionally smiled as he looked down at his phone. She was amazed.

Her elder brother was the genius of the current generation of the Shen family. He had founded Xingmu International Corporation at the age of 21 and it had taken only five years for him to grow the company into one of the three giants in Country K’s financial circle.

The company’s market value exceeded one trillion.

Shen Qianzi had seen him as a role model since she was young. He was acting strangely, so she asked softly, “Brother, are you chatting with someone?”