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Chapter 652 - First From The Top or The Bottom! Sending the Master Mix

Chapter 652: First From The Top or The Bottom! Sending the Master Mix

When An An heard what Gu Yin had said, she scoffed. “She used your composition without asking you first. How is that different from stealing?”

Gu Yin had a sudden premonition. She regretted coming to Capital University’s Welcome Night. She glanced to the front. The back of the chair blocked her vision so she couldn’t see Master Bi’s expression. She wondered what he was thinking now.

The familiar tunes around made her feel flustered. She bit her lip and forced herself to calm down.

Once Welcome Night was over, she, Master Bi, and An An would leave. As long as there are no incidents at the party, no one would know that she wasn’t the actual composer.

Gu Yin calmed down, turned to An An, and said in a good-tempered voice, “She is my elder sister. It’s no big deal for her to use my music.”

An An couldn’t stand it but since Gu Yin seemed alright with it, she suppressed her anger. “You have such a big heart. If it were me, I would show her who’s boss!”

“You are my friend and she is my sister. If the two of you quarrel because of me, I wouldn’t know what to do,” Gu Yin said with a difficult expression. “Forget it, it’s just a piece of music.”

An An glanced at the performance. It was about to end. She snorted coldly. “Fine, we will count her lucky.”

Gu Yin smiled, but there was cold sweat on her palms. “Let’s just watch the show.”

At the same time. The first row.

When Master Bi heard the piano piece, he was stunned as well. He recalled Gu Mang and Gu Yin’s relationship and the doubt disappeared.

Gu Mang must have heard of Yinyin’s composition and used it for the performance.

Principal Ren knew from Yang Tianming that Gu Mang had been responsible for everything pertaining to the performance, ranging from music to costumes. When he heard the piano piece, he was amazed for a few seconds.

He regained his senses and turned to Master Bi with a smile. “Master Bi, this piece was also composed by the student who choreographed the dance. What do you think of it?”

When Master Bi heard that, his eyes shifted. “The student who choreographed the dance composed this piece?”

“Yes.” When Principal Ren mentioned Gu Mang, he was proud and grateful. He watched the medical school’s performance and said, “The most popular student among the freshmen. We managed to ‘snatch’ her from the medical organization with much difficulty.”

Master Bi’s attention focused on the last few words.

The piano piece came to an end.

Thoughts flashed in his mind. This piece was clearly Gu Yin’s original creation, why did Gu Mang claim it as her own?

He had heard Gu Yin play it with his very own ears. When he had heard the piece at the Gu family’s house, he had gone upstairs to meet Gu Yin. He had made her play the most difficult score he had. Although her playing lacked some liveliness, she had had talent. She just lacked practice.

Her parents had never mentioned that their elder daughter could play the piano.

Master Bi turned to Principal Ren. “The student’s style is very unique.”

Principal Ren smiled. “Haven’t you already taken in Gu Yin? Are you interested in Gu Mang as well?”

Master Bi answered calmly, “How are her piano skills?”

Principal Ren thought for a while. “I didn’t know she played piano until very recently.”

The key to the Instrument Room was kept by the Arts and Interests clubs. If Gu Mang played piano, the students would have known by now.

When Master Bi heard him say that, the expression on his face became a little odd.

At 10pm Welcome Night ended.

Lu Chengzhou, Gu Mang and Qin Fang left a few minutes early to avoid the crowds.

“Sister-in-law, just tell us what you are not capable of!”

Qin Fang really admired her. He was not very interested in music, so there were only two concepts in his mind: music that sounded good and music that didn’t.

Gu Mang’s song had subverted his impression of the piano. Yu Shu’s piano playing was also very famous in China. He arranged his own music and they had listened to him play before. He was pretty good.

But compared to the big boss he couldn’t hold a candle to her.

Lu Chengzhou held Gu Mang’s slightly cold hand and looked at her from the corner of his eyes.

Gu Mang looked down and played on her phone with a calm expression on her face. Without much emotions, she said, “Daddy’s invincible.”

She sounded obnoxious, wild, and snotty. Lu Chengzhou laughed lightly and pinched her fingers.

Qin Fang’s millions of emotions were summarized by one word: impressive!

Just then, a notification popped up on Gu Mang’s phone. Someone from the medical school had tagged her in a post in the WeChat group.

“Junior! My dormitory mate asked if you could send her the master mix.”

Gu Mang tapped on the keyboard. “Sure.”

“Great! Thank you Junior!!”

Gu Mang replied politely, “You’re welcome.”

Lu Yi’s car was already waiting on the side of the road for them just outside of the school gates. Lu Chengzhou and Gu Mang returned to the Royal Garden.

Qin Fang waited for He Yidu to exit.

Backstage of the event.

There were a lot of flowers on Shen Qianzi’s seat. All of them had been given to her peers and seniors.

Two girls in dresses walked backstage with their mobile phones in hand.

“Luckily I know people from the medical school and I got the original audio.”

“Then send it to me, quick.”

“Sure.” The girl sighed while tapping on the screen. “Gu Mang is such a big boss. She is only ever first from the top or from the bottom in her life. She is the first person to be able to play this style of music on the piano!”

“Gu Mang is really amazing. Lan Ting has a unique style so it always gets imitated but never surpassed. This song too. If this song gets out, it’ll probably blow up the trending page again.”

“The most important thing is that the big boss wrote it casually! Casually! Tell me, don’t you find it annoying!”

“I’m just jealous all the…”

Shen Qianzi heard their conversation and frowned. She asked, “Did you guys just say that Gu Mang composed the piano piece?”

When the two girls heard her voice, they looked over at her subconsciously.

They were quite familiar with Shen Qianzi’s face.

The two of them knew her so they answered, “Yeah, that’s what the people from the medical school say. Qianzi, aren’t you dorm mates with Gu Mang? I thought you would have known before all of us.”