My Youth Began With Him

Chapter 4575 - Su Yu’s Additional Story (25)

Chapter 4575: Su Yu’s Additional Story (25)

Huo Mian had always been a girl with a high EQ and IQ. She had a feeling that this man was looking at her strangely.

The reason she found it strange was because she could see the devotion in his eyes.

But how long had this man known her?

He had been hospitalized for less than ten days. What deep feelings could there be?

Huo Mian never believed in love at first sight.

She used to tease Zhu Lingling that love at first sight wasn’t real, but just liking for someone’s looks.

As long as you were good-looking, most men would fall in love with you at first sight.

In Huo Mian’s heart, she believed that love grows over time.

Unfortunately… the person who could make her develop feelings for him over time did not appear.

From middle school to high school, she had been wooed by many boys but she would always reject them.

Huo Mian wasn’t the kind of woman who looked pretty at first glance.

But once you know her, you might be attracted to her personality and personal charm.

A straight-A student like her was like a goddess in the hearts of many boys.

Unfortunately, none of those men were Huo Mian’s type.

After she went to university, Ning Zhiyuan pursued her for three whole years. For three years, he helped her get water, food, and clean the classroom.

Huo Mian didn’t mind Ning Zhiyuan’s poor family background.

She thought that he was reliable…

But men were always like that. They would watch the ones in the pot and eat the ones in the pan.

Less than half a year after graduation, Ning Zhiyuan cheated on her with another nurse.

Huo Mian was glad that they didn’t have any physical intimacy.

In the end, they broke up… Even though he pestered her a few times, Huo Mian rejected him.

She had always thought of herself as an outstanding person, but in the world of relationships, she seemed to lack something.

In the past, she hated blind dates, but when she arrived at South Side, many patients took the initiative to introduce dates to her.

As time passed, Huo Mian slowly accepted it…

However, Su Yu’s appearance was like a sudden clap of thunder that disrupted her peaceful life.

“Su Yu, what’s your motive?” she asked.

“What motive could I have?”

“Did you come to South Side to get close to me on purpose?”

“No.” Su Yu shook his head.

“There are so many hospitals in the city, why did you come to South Side…”

“I heard your hospital has good facilities and a nice environment. It also has lots of girls.”

Huo Mian: “…”

“Haha, that’s enough. I came to South Side because of the best equipment and top-notch doctors.”

“Then why do you seem to be targeting me?”

Huo Mian wasn’t stupid. She had a feeling that Su Yu was up to something by asking her to do the injections.

“I’m not targeting you, I just like you…”

“I don’t believe you. What are you up to?”

“Miss Huo Mian, what do you think I’m after? Tell me, what do you have?”

Huo Mian couldn’t respond…

She really didn’t have anything, compared to Su Yu, who had a powerful background.

Huo Mian’s background couldn’t withstand a single blow.

“Did he ask you to look for me?” Huo Mian lowered her head. Her eyelashes looked really pretty from this angle.

“Who is he?” Su Yu was confused.

“Huo Zhenghai… He told Huo Siqian to contact me before, but my mom and I will never forgive him. He’s the modern version of Chen Shimei, a jerk.”

That was how Huo Mian commented on her biological father.

In the parallel world, Su Yu found out that Huo Zhenghai was Huo Mian’s biological father.

So there wouldn’t be the professor and Lu Yan here.

“Ah, it’s not him… I don’t care about that old man…” Su Yu smiled.