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Chapter 1189 - Animal KAIZER -Part 2

Chapter 1189 - Animal KAIZER -Part 2

"Greetings everyone! Welcome to the first ever Animal Kaizer in Dungeons and Pandas Cultivation Zoo Instance! My name is Bear Cub One and I will be your host for today!" Bear Cub One nodded his head humbly within the stream as the Hovercrafts focused their eyes on the big screen in front of them. As it was the opening of Cultivation Zoo Instance, Jin had decided to open his zoo to online streams in order to garner views as well as exposure for his instance. He believed that other streamers within the instance would be doing the very same thing and he might as well allow Bear Cub One to be the official stream for his Dungeons and Pandas.

"And with me is my old friend Mr Patsu! A Virtual Streamer like me! In fact, he is kind of like my senpai in this. So please welcome him kindly!" Bear Cub One announced as a penguin came up to the screen and thanked Bear Cub One for his introduction.

"Thank you, Bear Cub One! You have grown so much that it humbled me to be your senior in this field of expertise." Mr Patsu said and some people at the Hovercrafts cheered as they knew the duo was the 'original generation' aka the OG gang of announcers in the dungeon supplier store.

To their surprise, Mr Patsu thanked them in the stream again and it made the visitors feel that they were still interacting with the announcers even though they were currently separated through multiple screens.

Needless to say, Jin had incorporated serious hardware into his speakers in the Hovercrafts to ensure that the crowd still had that live stadium feel without disturbing the animals in the wild. That was one thing the Zoo Staff appreciated a lot by separating the audience away from the animals.


There had been many cases of animal anxiety and were also one of the potential causes why the animals were to rampage through the zoos.

And despite the experiment like feeling where the animals might feel in this animal fighting, Kristin believed that it would also alleviate feelings of loneliness. Even by having a predator or an opponent to tough out against, it gave the animals something to look forward to, allowing them to forget about the current environment they were living in. Not to mention, with Jin's technology to replicate almost anything to even live food stock for the predators, it would not take long for the animals to acclimate to their perfect environment.

"For the first match, we would have Lizzie Vs Alex! An East Siberian Brown Bear against the Silverback Gorilla!" Bear Cub One said as pictures of the animals appeared on the screen. "Any Gorilla or Bear Cultivators, please take this match in mind as both of the animals seemed pumped to have an epic fight!"

"Wow, are they really using real animals for this fight?" Xia Mao asked and his question seemed to be resonating with the rest in the basement of the hovercraft.

"I heard they are 100% the real deal." One of the cultivators said out loud back to him.

"Really? But isn't this a dungeon instance? How did Jin even get all those animals if they are real." Another cultivator questioned.

"Any Bear or Gorilla Cultivators around to verify the authenticity of the animals?" Another guy shouted and slowly, a hand raised up. The female cultivator meekly showed her cultivator and two small little bears appeared right above her.

"Hey, nice! Tell us if it's true when the match starts!" Xia Mao called out and the rest agreed as well when Bear Cub One continued the introduction of the Siberian Bear and the Silverback Gorilla.

"Let's not bore our visitors too much about the facts. They can search it up on the Internet if need be." Mr Patsu subsequently stopped Bear Cub One not because he was being too dry in his explanation but because the Hovercrafts had all been accounted for and parked. This means the show can start!

"Yes! Yes! Thank you, Mr Patsu! Sorry, everyone. Without further ado, let's get the very first Animal Kaizer to begin!" Bear Cub One said as the big screen was suddenly split into two and they were dedicated each to the Siberian Bear and Silverback Gorilla.

Unlike a standard match, where two people face straight against each other, the Siberian Bear was teleported to the edge of the Silverback's jungle. This was to give some time for the 'invading' animal to adjust itself to the new environment. At the same time, it helps to get the ball rolling as both animals had already caught the scent of each other and they were already rushing to one another.

"It's …real." The female Bear Cultivator said as she suddenly felt her blood boiling when she stared at the movement of the bear with her binoculars. Even though it was a forested area and the animals were deep in the jungle, the provided equipment within the basement had been imbued with a customised spell "See Through Foliage", allowing them to see the movement of the animals rushing towards each other.

"The movement of the bear… Its breathing pattern and even its expression. It's the real thing. I cannot say for the Gorilla but the bear is 100% authentic. No doubts about that at all." The female cultivators replied and the people around her could see that her cultivation was shining fairly brightly as if it was near to a breakthrough.

Still, that comment alone startled everyone in the basement and they started to have a closer look at the fight. What the customers initially thought was that the animal Kaizer was something similar to NPCs fighting against NPCs but now that they knew it was real, they could not help but root for either one of them.

Furthermore, the hovercrafts were not the only ones going high in adrenaline. The Siberian Bear and the Silverback Gorilla finally locked eyes against each other and their animal aura was burning bright as if they finally met a worthy rival.