Peerless Battle Spirit

Chapter 1850 - 'Danger' Everywhere

Chapter 1850 - 'Danger' Everywhere

A colorful stone statue of a demon tiger over ten zhang tall and three zhang wide, appeared on the other side out of nowhere.

It seemed to be staring at Qin Nan and Supreme Rudao disdainfully as if it was alive.


The old man that was drinking burst out cursing, “The disc of the Nine-Colored Killing Tiger Formation? It too is in the initial phase too?”

Supreme Rudao’s eyes glittered upon hearing the words. She said, “Qin Nan, quickly take it, the Nine-Colored Killing Tiger Formation is strong enough to inflict serious damage on a new Nine Heavens Supreme.”

Qin Nan was overjoyed. He immediately took the disc.

He and Supreme Rudao soon discovered an ancient fan carved with some kind of white jade floating in the air a few zhang away ahead.

“Damn it, the Deadly Wind Formation? How is it in the initial phase too?”

The two old men and the scarecrow kept cursing despite their formidable status.

Every time Qin Nan and Supreme Rudao took a few steps toward the three palaces, one or two ancient deadly formations would appear out of nowhere.

In addition to it, as the two ventured deeper, the formations were even stronger. Two of them could even trap and murder a peak Nine Heavens Supreme.

Normally, a place with so many deadly formations would be considered a great land of danger where ordinary people would not dare to enter recklessly.

But now, it had turned into a land of treasure instead.

Qin Nan and Supreme Rudao were currently around a hundred zhang from the three palaces. They were planning to enter the palace on the left first.

Suddenly, a blazing red badge around the size of a palm appeared in the air following a ripple.

“Another disc of a deadly formation?”

Qin Nan’s eyes flickered. He said, “Seniors, what about this badge?”

He had claimed thirty-six formation discs along the way. Supreme Rudao only recognized ten of them, thus he had to ask the old men about the others.

“(Sigh), kid, you’ve already taken so many of them, why would you bother taking more of them, they are only good against Nine Heavens Supremes, having more of them won’t really make a difference…”

The old man with thinly spread hair rolled his eyes. However, before he could finish, he caught a glimpse of the badge. His body tensed instantly as if he had just been hit by lightning.

The other old man and the scarecrow started breathing heavily too.

“Fk…fk fk fk…”

The old man with thinly spread hair cursed for some time before he spoke in disbelief, “Is that one of the Seven Great Primordial Formations?”

Supreme Rudao also speculated what it was. Her eyes flickered with astonishment as she asked, “What are the Seven Great Primordial Formations? Are they formations that can stand a chance against Masters of Dao?”

The old man with thinly spread hair took a deep breath after collecting his thoughts. He said, “That’s right, there are less than a thousand formations in the world that are effective against a cultivator in the Master Realm. This formation here is one of them, and it has a very high rank too.”

Supreme Rudao wore a wide smile. She said, “It seems like we are in luck today!”

She immediately reached her hand out to grab the badge for Qin Nan.


The old men’s expression shifted tremendously. The scarecrow warned with a stern look, “A formation of this level must contain the true will of the Great Dao. Even if it’s in the initial phase, apart from the person that refined it, it would attack anyone that touches it.”

Supreme Rudao wore a confused look, but Qin Nan shook his head after organizing his thoughts.

It did not matter if the old man with thinly spread hair was telling the truth. They had claimed enough formation discs still.

It was unwise to be too greedy to lay their hands on powerful artifacts that were related to the Master Realm.

“Mm, alright, let’s head inside the palace.”

Supreme Rudao said gently. It was as if the glow in her eyes could melt a person’s heart.

Qin Nan’s heart skipped a beat. He quickly moved his gaze away and continued forward.

Following it, thirteen formation discs showed up along the distance of a hundred zhang, each strong enough to take on an authority in the Master Realm.

The old men and the scarecrow that were trapped behind the demonic barrier swallowed mouthfuls of saliva. They simply had the urge to just charge forward to claim the formation discs.

If they could claim the formation discs and establish them in their own territory, they would no longer have to worry about being ambushed by their enemy.

“Kid, you should perform a few hand seals before entering the palace. That way, we’ll be able to see what’s inside the palace too.”

The old man that was drinking added as he suddenly thought of something, “So we can help you identify the things inside the palace if you can’t recognize them.”

He said after a slight pause, “Besides, if the tomb does belong to one of the Immortals, the things inside are surely not something you two can comprehend now.”

Qin Nan frowned. The tomb of the Immortal had something to do with his past life. He was reluctant to show it to the others. However, he agreed with a nod after a second thought.

If the mysterious Immortal was still alive, he would know everything that was going on. He could easily sever any form of communication with the outside world when they stumbled into him.

The old man transmitted some instructions to Qin Nan. Qin Nan quickly performed a few hand seals as he arrived before the entrance of the palace on the left.

The entrances of the three palaces were light golden, but each entrance had completely different patterns on them. The one before him had a pair of deep, evil eyes.

Qin Nan’s expression shifted slightly. He reached his hands forward to push the door open.

Following a squeak, wisps of pure immortal intent burst out from it.

Qin Nan and Supreme Rudao were startled. They immediately activated their eye-technique and looked inside.

They were stunned following a glance.

The spacious hall was empty, apart from some old drawings carved on the walls, the ground, and the ceiling.

The drawings consisted of humans, beasts, and demons fighting one another in battles. They were also drawings illustrating people having a blast. However, most of the drawings had worn out, making it impossible to tell what they were illustrating. Only a few were visible still.

“Why is there nothing inside the palace?”

Doom who had been quiet for some time finally had the opportunity to voice his opinion.

“What does a little beast like you know!?”

The voice of the old man that was drinking echoed in their ears and inside the hall. He said with a stern voice, “You might not know this, but there was once an epic battle during the era of the Ten Immortals, a battle that almost brought destruction to both the Primary Upper Realm and the Secondary Lower Realm.”

“The drawings here might be related to the battle.”