Poison Genius Consort

zChapter 1273 - YeXi] Angry

Chapter 1273: [YeXi] Angry

Qin Min felt her world turn black at the sight of the leering fellow. Her expression tensed as she puffed up her cheeks and angrily ignored him. But the silkpants was very patient and smiled until his eyes were slits.

“Miss, what’s your name?”

At last, Qin Min had enough. “Name, your mother!” she cursed in a low, furious voice. It was completely at odds with her flower-like face, leaving the silkpants at a loss. He never expected such a gentle looking maiden to be so vulgar! But a beauty with a temper was such a tempting conquest! The man moved to sit by her side, squeezing her on purpose. Disgusted, Qin Min felt goosebumps break out all over her body as she hastily scooted away. But the man only drew closer and even bumped into her on purpose, forcing her to her feet.

When Shaoyao saw the man try his advances again, she stepped up to block him. How could she let her lady be bullied? If she could, she’d call for her master, but she didn’t dare right now! He was still chatting with the rest and hadn’t heard any ruckus here. Steeling her heart, Shaoyao came up with an idea on the fly.

“Miss, since there’s no way out, why not take this chance to run downstairs? This servant will cover for you!”

Meanwhile, the silkpants had seized the chance to approach Qin Min from the other side to ask, “Little woman, don’t hide. Do you know who I am?”

Qin Min was already willing to give it a shot. Ignoring the man, she quietly moved out of the way. When he tried to draw close a second time, mistress and servant exchanged looks before making a run for the exit. But who expected the silkpants to bring his own men as well? A few of them immediately moved to block the stairs.

“Heheh, little woman. I’ve set my sights on you. Even if you escape this teahouse, you can escape all of Ningzhou!” the man laughed.

Qin Min froze as her mind blanked. She had no time to worry about the man behind her when her focus was all on Gu Beiyue and the rest. She was afraid to look towards them, but she knew that most of the restaurant must be looking their way by now.

What to do?

Qin Min remained unmoving as she stared down at her flat stomach. She really wanted to cry. How she wished this was all a dream and that she’d wake back in her room with Gu Beiyue still away from home.

“Qin Min! It really is you!” Han Yunxi’s voice carried over while Qin Min shut her eyes in despair. She desperately wanted to know the expression on Gu Beiyue’s face, but she didn’t dare look!

Han Yunxi stared at Qin Min’s stomach, then at Gu Beiyue, completely confused. What’s going on?

Gu Beiyue had his back to Qin Min and was still clueless. But Han Yunxi had noticed as soon as the silkpants made his move. As she chatted with Long Feiye and Gu Beiyue, she had an inkling that the woman resembled Qin Min, but wasn’t certain until she had a clear look!

“Qin Min, you…you…” Han Yunxi didn’t even know what to ask. Shouldn’t Qin Min be in her late stage of pregnancy now? Where was her stomach? Where was the child?

Qin Min bolstered her courage to look back, only to see Han Yunxi, Long Feiye, and Gu Beiyue all looking her way at her flat stomach! Only little Rui’er was still slowly enjoying the tea and snacks. She wanted to cry but had no tears. Her anxiety, guilt, depression, and anger all built up inside her. But it wasn’t until she met Gu Beiyue’s cold, furious eyes that her heart grew stifled. She lost all emotions besides misery. He was always as gentle as jade. After knowing him for so long, this was the first time she’d seen any negative emotions in those eyes.

He was angry. Very, very angry.

What to do?

Qin Min was a little afraid. She guiltily lowered her eyes, afraid to meet his gaze or explain. What’s wrong was wrong, there was nothing to say. Nobody spoke. Gu Beiyue continued to look wordlessly at Qin Min. Time only stopped for an instant, but the silkpants was wanton as ever. He glanced towards Han Yunxi and the others, feeling a little doubtful. The trio over there looked exceedingly noble but didn’t look like Ningzhou natives. Most likely they were visiting nobles. Ningzhou was far from the capital, so he feared no outsiders. Instead, he swaggered towards Qin Min and chuckled.

“Little woman, you’re called Qin Min? What a pretty name!”

Qin Min hung her head and desperately thought of ways to help Gu Beiyue stave off his lies in the midst of her guilty conscience. But it was impossible for her to remain calm under such circumstances. She couldn’t figure out any solutions beyond getting irritable and palms full of sweat!

“Little woman, come back with me. I have words to say to you,” the silkpants said as he reached for her hand.

Annoyed, Qin Min slapped him away. “Get lost!”

“Stinkin’ woman, you hit me? You dare!” Stunned, the silkpants snatched Qin Min by the wrist. Before Han Yunxi could use her needles, Gu Beiyue had already appeared by Qin Min’s side and gripped the silkpants’ wrist to force him to let go. His speed was instantaneous. Both Han Yunxi and Long Feiye only felt a gust of wind blow past them. Heaven knows how tightly Gu Beiyue was gripping the hand, but the silkpants released Qin Min immediately and sank to his knees, mouth wide open in soundless agony.

“She’s not some little woman, but my wife.”

Despite being too pained to speak, the silkpants’ eyes blazed with fury. Gu Beiyue, however, remained polite as he stated, “Apologize and I’ll spare you an arm.”

Spare an arm? What about the other one?

“Help!” the silkpants finally screamed. His men all rushed forwards, but all of them fell before the flying daggers from Gu Beiyue’s hands. They cut so painfully into the assailants’ right hands that that all of them gave yelps and fell back in fear., dropping their weapons.

“If you apologize, I’ll spare both your legs,” Gu Beiyue said lightly.

Spare my legs? Then what about my arms?

Terrified, the silkpants began to struggle. “Who are you? How dare you strut around Ningzhou? I’m telling you now, my father is the governor of the prefecture! Let me go and I’ll forget about today, otherwise…”

Gu Beiyue’s voice was still gently as he interrupted, “Apologize and I’ll spare your life.”

Spare my life? What about my legs and arms? The silkpants realized that his wrist had stopped hurting, but he’d lost all sensation in it as well. It felt as if his hand belonged to someone else.

Gods, what just happened?

At last, he felt fear. “I apologize, I apologize! Spare me first, I’ll apologize immediately!”

Gu Beiyue released his hand but took up the other wrist. All he did was pinch it lightly, but the silkpants gave such a miserable wail that the listeners’ hair stood on end. All of them shot fearful looks at Gu Beiyue. How could such a scholarly looking gentleman be so terrifying? Just what kind of person was he?!

Qin Min was shocked most of all. She was witnessing such cruelty from Gu Beiyue for the first time. She never knew the man as gentle as an April spring breeze could be so brutal and ruthless. She realized that she didn’t know the man before him at all despite their close proximity. Gu Beiyue not only crippled the silkpants’ hands, but also his feet—again with the same gentle pinch that sent him screaming wretchedly until he nearly fainted.

Han Yunxi had see Gu Beiyue’s merciless side before, but realized she knew him less than she thought. She was planning to deal with the jerk herself but now settled back into her seat with a chuckle. “Heheh, our Grand Tutor Gu’s really angry now. Only Qin Min would make him this way.”

Long Feiye drank his tea silently. He was more curious over the state of Qin Min’s stomach. Gu Beiyue had just arrived today and didn’t seem to know either.

The silkpants was too crippled to move and remained sprawled on the floor. Still, Gu Beiyue simply stepped on his back and said, “Are you apologizing?”

“I was wrong, I was wrong!” the man was crying in pain. “Lady Qin Min, I was wrong.”

Only then did Gu Beiyue lift his foot. The man’s cronies hurried over to pick up their master and drag him out of the way. But the silkpants wasn’t resigned to such treatment. When he was about to go down the stairs, he ordered them to stop and snarled at Gu Beiyue, “You! Who are you? D-do you dare leave your name?”

Gu Beiyue turned to him with a voice as cold as ice. “If you can’t find a doctor to reconnect your bones, you can find me at Medical City. My name is Gu Beiyue.”

The silkpants was stunned witless by the revelation!

Gu Beiyue…

The famous Medical Academy Head, the head imperial physician of Great Qin, the Grand Tutor of the royal court, and the most beloved official of the kingdom! Gu! Bei! Yue!

Even his lackeys were shocked by the truth. Their grip wavered as they dropped their master, causing him to tumble down the stairs! They hastily hurried after the man, though it wasn’t clear whether they were trying to help him or make a hasty exit. Little Rui’er had started watching the show some time again and laughed out loud at the sight. Han Yunxi quickly muffled him and scolded softly, “Shh! The Grand Tutor’s angry, don’t laugh!”

Gu Beiyue turned to face Qin Min, leaving his back to the royal couple. His tall body completely shadowed her from their sight…